The best workshop servants in the UK 2023

If you like to do-it-yourself like 77% of English people, you certainly want your tools to be well or better stored. Opting for a workshop trolley is a wise choice. Did your initial research on the Internet reveal that there are hundreds of models available? Don't worry: to help you make the right choice, here's a guide to the best workshop trolleys of the moment.


Best value for your money


The best workshop servo in 2021

This model is expensive, but you get what you pay for. Strong, handy and safe, this Facom workshop tool has all the features of a premium model.

297 £ on Manomano

This Facom workshop trolley is equipped with 6 drawers and can support a maximum load of 140 kg. This top-of-the-range model is distinguished by the presence of a large polypropylene fiber worktop, which allows it to support a static load of 700 kg and resist impacts and chemicals of all kinds.

Despite its weight of 53.50 kg, this Facom tool cabinet is easily maneuverable, especially thanks to the presence of 4 wheels, two of which are swivel. As a premium model, this workshop trolley has many safety features. In particular, there are safety hooks to avoid any risk of opening the drawers while moving.

TecTake Red 3 Tier Mobile Workshop Tool Stand 2

Best value for your money

TecTake Red 3 Tier Mobile Workshop Tool Stand

The best entry-level workshop servo

If you are on a tight budget, this model is your best bet. This workshop trolley has a few interesting features that are typical of high-end models.

39,92 £ on Manomano

Made of lacquered steel, this TecTake workshop trolley weighs approximately 12.6 kg. This is quite a heavy weight, which can be a disadvantage for some people, but an advantage for others. It is equipped with three large loading areas, which can accommodate a total load of 100 kg.

For an entry-level model, this workshop trolley is pleasantly manageable. This is due to the presence of 4 wheels, including 2 swivel wheels. Finally, thanks to its compact dimensions, you can easily move it from one point to another in your garage or workshop.

Workshop trolley with tools 1599 pieces Tectake 3

Best value for your money

Workshop trolley with tools 1599 pieces Tectake

The best high-end workshop servo

If you're looking for a tool shop maid, this model from Tectake is perfect for you. It has 1599 parts made for home DIY. Professionals will also find what they are looking for.

536 £ on Manomano

The manufacturer Tectake offers us here a tool shop trolley. Made of chrome vanadium steel, polypropylene, polychloride and thermoplastic elastomers, it is strong and durable. Each compartment can support a load of 20 kg. The drawers are equipped with ball bearing slides.

Its weight is 70 kg including tools. It is not really designed for frequent movement. However, if you need to take it somewhere, you won't have too much trouble. The mobility of this workshop trolley is ensured by 4 solid castors with rubber coating. A comfortable handle with non-slip material makes it easy to move.

Servante Caisse à Outils d'atelier 7 tiroirs Bleu Arebos 4


Servante Caisse à Outils d'atelier 7 tiroirs Bleu Arebos

The best mini workshop servo

This Arebos workshop trolley is made of solid metal. Mobile and versatile, this model will please both individuals and professionals.

110 £ on Manomano

This Arebos workshop trolley features 7 sliding drawers with glides. The inside of each drawer is covered with a non-slip mat that prevents tools from moving around when the trolley is in motion. The compartments of this cart close centrally at the same time.

The first drawer is 35 mm high and the last one 80 mm. The top shelf is 33 cm wide and 62 cm long, which gives you enough space to put your tools or necessary material. This model is easy to move thanks to its 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels with brakes.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best workshop maid

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The best workshop servo in 2021

The best entry-level workshop servo

The best high-end workshop servo

The best mini workshop servo

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Comparison table of the best workshop servants

TecTake Red 3 Tier Mobile Workshop Tool Stand 6
Workshop trolley with tools 1599 pieces Tectake 7
Servante Caisse à Outils d'atelier 7 tiroirs Bleu Arebos 8
TecTake Red 3 Tier Mobile Workshop Tool Stand
Workshop trolley with tools 1599 pieces Tectake
Servante Caisse à Outils d'atelier 7 tiroirs Bleu Arebos
This model is expensive, but you get what you pay for. Strong, handy and safe, this Facom workshop tool has all the features of a premium model.
If you are on a tight budget, this model is your best bet. This workshop trolley has a few interesting features that are typical of high-end models.
If you're looking for a tool shop maid, this model from Tectake is perfect for you. It has 1599 parts made for home DIY. Professionals will also find what they are looking for.
This Arebos workshop trolley is made of solid metal. Mobile and versatile, this model will please both individuals and professionals.
Large polypropylene worktop
Three spacious load compartments
Tool chest with 1599 parts
7 removable drawers
2 built-in handles
Swivel wheels
Five flat drawers and two large center locking drawers
2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels with parking brake
Ergonomic handle
Drawers open fully, even with heavy loads
Centralized locking of drawers

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Buying guide - workshop maid

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How to choose your workshop maid

You have a large quantity of tools that no longer fit in a single box, you need a workshop trolley. This small piece of furniture is designed to store all your parts. Currently, there are many varieties of tool cabinets available on the market. So, before making your choice, take the time to study the following parameters:

#1 - your habits

You can choose between two main families of workshop trolleys: the fixed and the mobile ones. If you want to have freedom of movement, it goes without saying that the fixed model is to be crossed out. It is designed exclusively for storing and not for transporting tools. On the other hand, the mobile servants such as those with wheels or even removable boxes will allow you to take your tools everywhere you go.

#2 - drawers and opening systems

Pay particular attention to the drawers of the workshop servant. The size, the dimension, the number of drawers and the interior lining of these are to be taken into account in priority. Don't forget to check the type of opening. There are models with or without key. We advise you to favor the servants equipped with a centralized lock to benefit from a maximum of security.

#3 - load capacity and maneuverability

Before choosing, make an estimation of the quantity of tools to store in this servants. Also calculate their dimensions to avoid ending up with drawers that are too narrow to hold certain types of tools. Once you get this info, look at the maximum load capacity of the drawers. If you plan to move your tool cabinet, make sure it has wheels and a strong braking system.

#4 - manufacturing materials


material of construction plays an important role in the maneuverability, strength and durability of your workshop tool cabinet. Chrome vanadium steel is preferred, but you can also opt for lightweight, stainless plastic. Also consider the work surface coating to prevent your tools from falling off during travel.

#5 - the design

Aesthetics is the last criterion to consider, but it does matter. Indeed, there is always a difference when you work with beautiful equipment. So, if you find two servants with equal performance and price, choose the one whose design and color inspire you. But in no case, the aesthetic aspect must take precedence over the robustness, the handling and the resistance of your workshop trolley.

How do I maintain a workshop toolkit?

To ensure that it lasts over time, perform regular maintenance. The most obvious and easiest first maintenance step is to regularly clean your workshop tool cabinet and the tools it contains. Next, place it in a dry area and make sure you don't stack too many heavy tools and equipment on it. Also, avoid placing your workshop cabinet in a place that is exposed to the sun too often, as metal is an excellent conductor of heat and this will wear out your equipment more quickly.

For proper maintenance of the drawers, you should lubricate the bearings inside with WD-40 (do not use any oil) to ensure proper operation when opening and closing the drawers. And do not use the drawers as a stepladder.

The different types of workshop servants

There are mainly three types of workshop carts on the market: workshop carts, workshop trolleys with wheels and workshop trolleys with removable boxes.

Workshop trolleys

These types of workshop trolleys have no drawers. They consist of one or more levels of trays on which tools can be placed. The tools are therefore easily accessible. The carts are usually equipped with wheels for convenient mobility

. And the larger the wheels, the smoother the movements, the less likely the cart will get stuck in carpets or other obstacles. TecTake's Red 3 Tier Mobile Tool Shop Stand falls into this category.

These cabinets do not take up too much space because they are small and compact. They can hold a lot of tools and they are easily accessible. They are also easy to move around, even if you have a small space. However, they lack compartments and expose tools to dirt and dust. This type of workshop servo is suitable for everyday use, so especially for professionals or DIY enthusiasts who need access to their tools as quickly as possible.

Workshop trolleys on wheels


type of workshop maid stand is the ultimate storage solution for people who have a large collection of tools and little floor space. They may take up more space than a cart, but with their high capacities and numerous drawers, they offer a very efficient solution for organization. Of course, they are equipped with wheels and can be easily moved.

They are sturdy, offer a high storage capacity and keep tools free of dust and dirt

. This type of tool cabinet costs more than others and takes up a lot of space. It is suitable for people who have tools that need to be kept dust-free or locked away. FACOM ROLL.6M3PB red, Tectake 1599 Piece Workshop Servant with Tools and Arebos Blue 7 Drawer Workshop Tool Chest Servant belong to this second category.

Workshop trolleys with removable containers

Removable pedestal workshop trolleys have a dual function: to store tools and to transport them easily when needed. In fact, the removable pedestals will allow you to take only the tools you need with you. Each box can function as a toolbox in its own right. They save a lot of space and are easy to transport


On the other hand, their telescopic handle is often fragile because it is made of non-durable plastic. This type of tool chest is suitable for people who need to work outdoors. Each removable cabinet can be used as a toolbox.

Mobile or stationary workshop trolleys?

Mobile workshop trolleys

Thanks to their low weight, but especially their compact size, mobile workshop trolleys with wheels can be taken almost anywhere. These mobile workshop trolleys often consist of several tool boxes or drawers stacked on a rolling box with a handle for easy handling. They can be pulled like a large suitcase. On the other hand, they offer a smaller storage capacity than stationary trolleys.

Stationary workshop trolleys

Stationary tool cabinets are usually too large to be easily moved. A stationary workbench may have several cabinets and usually has drawers that can hold a wide selection of hand tools, large and small, as well as other machining or fastening items. In addition, some models may have wheels for limited movement. Because of their size and weight, they are rarely moved except to clean underneath or behind.


It all depends on your work habits. Carpenters, plumbers, and mechanics appreciate the flexibility and functionality of mobile workshop stands, as they reduce the time and effort needed to reach different tools. On the other hand, an individual who only uses tools in their own garage might find it more convenient to gather their tools in something larger and more spacious.

Why buy a workshop trolley?

Saving time

When tools are not organized, time is unintentionally wasted trying to find the right one or wondering where it belonged. A workshop trolley has the space to properly organize the location of your tools.

Saves money

Tools can be easily misplaced or lost in a disorganized garage, workshop or other workplace, leading to duplicate purchases and unnecessary replacements.

Efficiency gains

Placing tools in hard-to-reach areas can prevent professionals and individuals who regularly work in their garage or workshop from moving around the space efficiently. A considerable amount of time and energy can be saved when tools are kept in a well-placed workshop tool cabinet.

Limit damage

When transporting tools from one place to another, the risk of damage will be higher. In order to avoid this damage and to maintain the quality of the tools in the best possible way, one can use a workshop trolley with wheels or trolleys with wheels. These types of workshop trolleys are available in many different sizes allowing us to choose the one that can accommodate all their tools without any constraints. Thus, by using these storage devices, the life of the tools will increase to a greater extent.


In order to transport the tools from one place to another, the use of a workshop trolley is very convenient. As they are available in very compact sizes, workshop trolleys will easily fit into very small spaces. Therefore, they can be perfectly placed in barns, garages and small workshops. They can even be placed in a vehicle to transport them to another location.

As they are practical, users will have no difficulty in using them. They can be taken anywhere to do work without any hassle. Since these workshop stands do not require any special maintenance, they are quite reliable and durable.

The best brands of workshop servants

In our opinion, the best brands of workshop servants in 2022 are :


The TecTake brand does not only manufacture workshop trolleys. It is a multinational company that offers a wide range of products for the home, decoration and leisure. TecTake is mainly known for offering cheap but high quality workshop trolleys.

Autobest is a brand specialising in the manufacture of tools and accessories for cars. Autobest's main objective is to offer the best possible value for money on all its products. It is one of the best manufacturers of workshop trolleys on the market today.

FACOM was founded in 1918 and used to manufacture mainly hand tools. Today, FACOM also manufactures tools for industrial maintenance, automotive repair, and even makes tools for the aeronautics industry. FACOM workshop tools are almost all top-of-the-range models and are mainly intended for professionals.

EBERTH is a German brand known for the manufacture of high quality handling tools. It manufactures premium workshop trolleys for all types of users, whether private or professional. EBERTH's tool cabinets are excellent.

AREBOS is a leading brand in the field of tools. It offers, among others, good quality routers, drills, air compressors and workshop tools at very affordable prices.

What is the price for a workshop maid

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 350 £
more than 350 £
Price range diagram


Sort out your tools.

Gather your tools, then sort them by type. Start by sorting small tools, large tools, power tools, etc. Screwdrivers all go in one pile, hammers in another and so on. Then sort by subcategory. For example, flathead screwdrivers go in their own pile, do the same with Phillips screwdrivers. Sort them with as much detail as possible.

Get rid of unnecessary tools!


everything is sorted, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What tools do you have in duplicate? If so, is it necessary or is there duplication?
  • Have you used this tool before? Does it work? Do you have a multipurpose tool that does the job of this tool more efficiently?

Once you have answered the questions for each tool, place it in one of three piles: keep, donate, or throw away. The goal is to keep only the tools you actually use and need.

Calculate the available space


would be a shame to choose a model that is too big for your workspace. If you're limited on space, it would be wiser to adopt a mini model workshop utility. If you are well organized, you will be able to get the most out of it.

Choose the ideal location for each tool.

Now that

everything has been sorted and you've determined which tools to keep and which ones to get rid of, it's time to think about where you want to store everything. Creating a centralized location will help you keep things organized. Sort the tools by their final destination, so you can decide what type of storage container you need and how much space you have.

Your workshop trolley must be easily accessible.


won't do you any good to have a workshop servant and still have trouble accessing your tools or even finding them. So, place your workshop servant in an accessible location, and more importantly, place your tools in it so that they are accessible there as well. Place them so that they don't overlap, and put the tools you use most often at the top.


What is the best workshop trolley?

The best workshop trolley depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

How do I maintain and clean a mobile workshop trolley?

It is quite easy to keep your workshop tool in excellent condition. The wheels should be lubricated every year. The compartments or pockets can be cleaned with wet towels. In case of oil or grease spills, you can use detergent solutions. In general, dust can be vacuumed or wiped off weekly.

Do all workshop trolleys have a locking system?

Some models come with a locking system, but only the top part.

Are the servo units waterproof?

Most steel roll-out or roll-in storage cabinets are. But those made of plastic may contain water to some degree. Of course, shop trolleys are not waterproof.

How to choose the right size?

This will depend on your needs, including the number of tools you have. If you only have light and practical tools such as screwdrivers or wrenches, you should choose a small workshop tool chest. However, if you need to store power tools, we advise you to get a workshop tool cabinet with large storage areas and boxes.


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TecTake Red 3 Tier Mobile Workshop Tool Stand 10
TecTake Red 3 Tier Mobile Workshop Tool Stand
Workshop trolley with tools 1599 pieces Tectake 11
Workshop trolley with tools 1599 pieces Tectake
Servante Caisse à Outils d'atelier 7 tiroirs Bleu Arebos 12
Servante Caisse à Outils d'atelier 7 tiroirs Bleu Arebos


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