The best insoles for flat feet in the UK 2023

Do you have flat feet? fragile, sensitive and wide feet? Do your feet hurt on a daily basis? insoles for flat feet are designed to rectify all the ailments and imperfections of your feet. And in this article in our buying guide, we are going to introduce you to the best insoles for flat feet to solve your problem and help you with how to treat the pain.

PCSsole Orthopedic Insole 1

Best value for money

PCSsole Orthopedic Insole

The best insoles for flat feet in 2021

The PCSsole orthopedic insoles for flat feet are insoles that support plantar fasciitis. They are anti-pain insoles, very adapted to treat your flat feet.

15,18 £ on Amazon

PCSsole orthopedic insoles offer anatomical support of the arch of the foot and comfort for people with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, overpronation or foot pain. They relieve pain effectively because they are made of EVA material which is very rigid and allows to preserve perfectly the foot and reduce the pressure exerted on the heel. Very sturdy insoles, you can be sure that you will not have to feel foot pain anymore.

Secondly, these insoles also have the power to adjust the correct overpronation of the feet (O/X Leg), this means that the structured heel helps to stabilize the foot in the right position and adjust your body to a normal alignment. And finally, these orthotics are designed to also support the high arch of your feet of 35 mm. Very soft and breathable insoles, PCSsole are therefore the perfect insoles to make your life better.

Orthopedic insole compass 2

Best value for money

Orthopedic insole compass

The best insoles for flat feet in 2021

These Valsole orthopedic insoles support the arch of the foot for heel pain, flat foot, plantar fasciitis and heel spur. They are lightweight and ergonomically designed for men and women.

12,91 £ on Amazon

Valsole insoles support the longitudinal arch and provide alignment to reduce overpronation. They also alleviate foot injuries caused by repetitive stress by absorbing shock, providing cushioning, and relieving pressure from high impact areas. They are therefore insoles with a three-point support mechanism. Made of soft velvet fabric, they are comfortable and breathable, keeping your feet cool by absorbing perspiration and moisture, ideal for summer. In addition, Valsole orthopedic insoles help you avoid the problem of collapse diffraction and provide a new arch for the flat foot. So most people can use these insoles especially in hot weather.

Thermic Power set Basic 3

Best value for money

Thermic Power set Basic

The best insoles for flat feet in 2021

NORTHWAVE Biomap Bike insoles are designed to give you comfort and power when pedaling. They are adaptable to most cycling shoes on the market.

79,96 £ on

The Thermic Power set Basic heating insoles are known for their high performance heating capabilities. Indeed, they are high quality heating insoles because they are equipped with a Powerpack heating kit that helps you maintain body temperature. With a thin thickness, they can fit many models and can be cut easily. This allows you to have the right size that fits you. They are mainly used for ski boots. And also in winter time, if you are cold or chilly, they are also made for you.

NORTHWAVE Northwave Summer 4


NORTHWAVE Northwave Summer

The best insoles for flat feet in 2021

NORTHWAVE Northwave Summer insoles are designed to provide comfort and power while pedaling. They are adaptable to most cycling shoes on the market.

27,19 £ on
Buying guide • November 2023

Best insoles for flat feet

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The best insoles for flat feet in 2021

The best insoles for flat feet in 2021

The best insoles for flat feet in 2021

The best insoles for flat feet in 2021

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Comparison table of the best insoles for flat feet

PCSsole Orthopedic Insole 5
Orthopedic insole compass 6
Thermic Power set Basic 7
NORTHWAVE Northwave Summer 8
PCSsole Orthopedic Insole
Orthopedic insole compass
Thermic Power set Basic
NORTHWAVE Northwave Summer
The PCSsole orthopedic insoles for flat feet are insoles that support plantar fasciitis. They are anti-pain insoles, very adapted to treat your flat feet.
These Valsole orthopedic insoles support the arch of the foot for heel pain, flat foot, plantar fasciitis and heel spur. They are lightweight and ergonomically designed for men and women.
NORTHWAVE Biomap Bike insoles are designed to give you comfort and power when pedaling. They are adaptable to most cycling shoes on the market.
NORTHWAVE Northwave Summer insoles are designed to provide comfort and power while pedaling. They are adaptable to most cycling shoes on the market.
Supports the arch of the foot
Supports the longitudinal arch
Equipped with battery heaters
Provides comfort and power to the pedal
Relieves heel pain
Provides the necessary alignment
Up to 18 hours of heat
Relieves pain on the soles of the feet
Soft and breathable
Cushioning and pressure relief for high impact areas
Heat can be managed manually
Eases blood return activity

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Buying guide - insoles for flat feet

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How to choose your insoles for flat feet

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a new flat foot insole. For this, consider:

#1 - The size

The size of an insole is usually referred to as a shoe size range, each manufacturer uses different sizes. For most long insoles, they are designed to be cut before use, this means that you are supposed to cut off any unnecessary length of the end of the insole when putting it into your shoes.

For 3/4 length flat foot insoles, the size range on the product indicates the shoe sizes in which the insoles can be used comfortably. For example, if you are in between sizes, wearing a size 9.5 while the insoles are size 8-9 and 10-11, you should purchase the next size up.

#2 - The placement

Ifyou buy a full-length insole, you will probably have to remove the existing insole from your shoe before placing the new one,because almost all full-length insoles are intended to completely replace the insole you are currently wearing.Only, very thin, flat full-length insoles can be worn comfortably in addition to your existing insoles. So if you buy 3 / 4 length flat foot insoles, you can place them on top of the sole of your shoe.

#3 - The type of your foot arch

Thereare 3 types of arches, neutral or medium arches, low arches, flat feet or dropped arches and high arches. If you have flat feet , you must choose pairs of insoles adapted to your feet. You must be careful, because wearing an insole that is not designed for your type of arch will probably be painful.

#4 - The material

Thefour most common materials from which insoles are made are foam,gel, cork and leather. Each has its advantages and the material you choose is largely based on your preferences. In general, foam works best for cushioning, support and pressure relief, gel works well for shock absorption, cork works for support and light cushioning and finally, leather works well for cushioning and feel (especially when worn with thin socks).

#5 - The type of insole

Thetype of insole you need depends heavily on why you are looking for an insole. There are 3 kinds of arch support insoles. There are rigid arch support, semi-rigid orthopedic arch support, cushion arch support. But then you need to make sure that you go through the products on the market with the type of insole that will meet your needs.

What exactly isflat feet?

Multiple causes

Flat feet can be caused by a number of factors, such as leg muscle dysfunction, degenerative disease, inflammation of the joints in the foot, age or physical activity. Flat feet can also be caused by a tear in the ligaments of the foot, resulting in significant trauma.

As a result of this trauma, the bones of the foot can become misaligned with each other. But, above all, flat feet can also be acquired at birth, a weakness of the ligaments and muscles of the foot prevent the arch of the foot from developing properly in the first year of life when the child begins to stand.

Just as many effects

Flat feet have many effects. Pain can occur in the arch of the foot or in the ankle joint, which can be present or amplified when standing or walking, especially in people who are overweight or have a gait problem.

In addition, the effect of flat feet can be at the level of the lower limbs, such as an inflammation of the membrane that covers the bones of the tibia, the knees or the hips, hallux valgus. But also, problems with the ankles or plantar fasciitis which manifests itself by the inflammation of the fibrous envelope of the heel.

Possible treatments

Wearing foot orthotics can prevent or greatly alleviate the pain caused by flat feet by supporting the arches of the foot because these foot orthotics limit deformities while providing a better muscular balance to the foot and ankle. But also, they soften the impact on the internal and external support points of the feet and reduce the risk of sprains or falls.

There are also orthopedic shoes that can bring relief from pain. But you must make the right choice because they must be deep enough, of an adequate width and the heel must not exceed 1 inch. To ensure good support when walking or during physical activities, lace-up or Velcro shoes are preferable and strongly recommended.

The different types of insoles for flat feet

Each insole is different in its shape, the material it is made of, the way it moves and the way it distributes the pressure on the ground. We will see below the types of insoles for flat feet.

Insoles with a more structured neoprene interior

The use of shoes with shock-absorbing soles is necessary because it is to meet this need for cushioning that manufacturers are striving to create ever more effective soles. The soles made of neoprene are ideal in terms of cushioning, it is a kind of synthetic rubber.


  • thick
  • light
  • rigid
  • elastic


  • Neoprene can harden and lose its elasticity in very hot weather.
  • In case of cold, it becomes rigid and breakable.

So the sole can be damaged easily but account for the cleaning, you need to keep it in the average temperatures to keep it.

Soles that support the arch of the foot

meilleure semelle orthopédique

Itis the orthopedic insole that supports the arch of the foot and prevents the ankle from becoming unbalanced outward .


  • Insoles indicated as therapeutic solutions
  • Useful for people with fragile feet and even diabetics
  • Shock absorbing


  • The orthopedic insoles that support the arches of the feet are more regulated and their use requires a specialist consultation.

Soles made of EVA

meilleure semelles chauffantes

Thismaterial has several characteristics that make it a material of choice for making foot orthotics .

Advantages :

  • Ability to absorb shocks and its resilience
  • resists wear and tear


  • Heavy to wear
  • Very tiring
  • Not practical for sports shoes

The outer soles or the inner soles?

The outer soles

The outer soles are mostly made of leather and others of rubber for the city shoes. To ensure an irreproachable solidity, it benefits from a vegetable tanning requiring several months of treatment. If they are made of rubber, they are above all non-slip, hard and resistant. And they can resist to heat up to 300°C. On the other hand, the outsoles are more expensive, heavy and can easily get dirty.

The insoles

The first advantage of insoles is that they provide you with comfort, especially if you spend many hours standing. Wearing insoles allows you to have a soft layer in order to stand in comfort. If you have flat feet, they allow you to treat the problem and provide the necessary support to modify this problem. But if you choose poorly, they can lead to physical problems such as aches and cramps, plantar and joint pain, muscle tension or other deformities.


For the outsoles it is mainly the design of the shoe that matters. It depends on the type of shoe and its use. The insoles are mainly designed for the treatment of diseases and also to avoid moisture and odor, so if you have problems with foot deformities, opt for insoles.


Check the material of your insoles

You should check carefully if you have an allergy to latex for example because some insoles contain it. So always ask about the material of the insole. This will avoid you other problems.

Choose according to your size

Itis essential to choose an insole according to your shoe size, but don't forget that some insoles are fitted large or small so don't forget to ask about this. Always opt for an insole of your size or a little bigger because like that, you can cut it so that you can have the ideal size for your feet.

Check the insoles if they are for flat feet

Infact, if you have flat feet don't forget to check the insole you buy because there are several kinds of insoles that are not made for flat feet. And if you choose one that is not suitable for your flat foot, for example insoles for hollow, it will cause another problem to your feet.

Apply lacquer on the insoles

Toproperly secure your insole, it's best to apply a little hairspray so it doesn't slide around in your shoe. Hairspray allows a better fixation to your sole, so it will avoid a lot of discomfort during the whole day.

Clean the insoles well

Infact, you have to maintain your soles if you want to guarantee their durability. For that follow this tip:

Take out the soles of your shoes, then, remove all the dust and dirt with a brush. Mix detergent and warm water and dip a brush in the solution and scrub the soles with it. Then remove the residue with a clean cloth. And finally, let them air dry. Doing this regularly can keep your soles' consistency intact and also ensure their longevity.


What is the best insole for flat feet?

The best insole for flat feet depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

How to choose your insole?

Itdepends on the problem you have, both having flat feet and also having problems with sweating and bad odor. Ask yourself, which insoles are right for your foot?

What are the different types of insoles?

On themarket, there are two types of insoles for flat feet: the outsole and the insole. Both have different materials from which they were made, their consistency and quality. But also, they can provide the necessary treatment for your flat feet problems.

How much does an insole for flat feet cost?

Theinsoles for flat feet can reach in the 99euro see 100 euro the high end. But there are also between 7 and 50 euro for the cheaper products.

What shoes to wear when you have flat feet?

High boots like ankle boots to better maintain your ankles, sneakers with a leather upper and not light fabric and preferring laces rather than velcro. And all this regardless of the model, as long as you have a removable or orthopedic sole these shoes will not only help with the treatment but also keep your feet comfortable for life.


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PCSsole Orthopedic Insole
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Orthopedic insole compass
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