23 elegant and decorative headboards

The elegance of a headboard determines the elegance of the entire bed. Indeed, it is the most visible part of the bed, a little extra soul. The surface, size and color of the headboard must match the rest of the room. And beyond the decorative aspect, it is an essential part of the bed's comfort.

In fact, the headboard plays a similar role to the footboard. Isolating the sleeper's head from the cold bare walls, it guarantees peaceful nights. Of course, it is not as important as the sheets or the comforter. It is nevertheless a piece that embellishes the sleeping space.

The star of the room, the headboard can be a touch of modernity, a decorative element, but also a sophisticated and interesting touch to the room. Customizable to your heart's content, it has many advantages. To help you find what suits your taste and budget, check out this selection of 23 stylish and decorative headboards.

Oedim - Headboard with white PVC leaf print 1

Oedim - Headboard with white PVC leaf print

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Measuring 135 x 60 cm, this decorative headboard features a beautiful PVC-based extruded rigid sheet print. You can modify this print to better suit the look of your room.

Oedim - White PVC imitation wood headboard 2

Oedim - White PVC imitation wood headboard

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3D printed, this imitation wood headboard measures 100 x 100 cm. Its white color and the quality of the 3D printing make it look like wood and 10 mm thick Pegasus Light Force plastic. A smart choice, both economical and decorative.

IDMarket - Fabric upholstered headboard 3

IDMarket - Fabric upholstered headboard

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Measuring 160 cm long and 58 cm high, this IDMarket headboard has clean lines. We appreciate its anthracite grey linen fabric covering and the 8 cm upholstery.

IDMarket Alta - Scandinavian upholstered headboard 4

IDMarket Alta - Scandinavian upholstered headboard

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Scandinavian style headboards have always combined minimalism and elegance. And it is not this model in dark gray fabric that will affirm the contrary! Made of 17 buttons upholstery and raised by 2 wooden feet, it measures 140 x 60 cm.

MarcKonfort Carla 5

MarcKonfort Carla

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Of pine wood structure with synthetic leather upholstery and HR foam filling, this headboard is available in black, chocolate and white. It measures 150 x60 cm.

MarcKonfort Oslo 6

MarcKonfort Oslo

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With a thickness of 8 cm, the MarcKonfort headboard is made of beige quilted fabric. It has beautiful measurements, 140 x 100 cm. We appreciate the embroidered upholstery with a beige thread and the internal structure in plywood and wood.

Intense Deco Romy 7

Intense Deco Romy

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It is a headboard of black color. The upholstery is made of simili (PU). Note that the set measures 140 x 120 cm. This headboard from Intense Deco will bring to your room a touch of elegance.

MarcKonfort Oslo Anthracite 8

MarcKonfort Oslo Anthracite

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This MarcKonfort headboard measures 150 x 100 cm. It is upholstered in anthracite fabric, with an internal structure in plywood and wood. Note the beautiful Scandinavian style legs.

MarcKonfort Berlin 9

MarcKonfort Berlin

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Sober but elegant, this MarcKonfort Scandinavian headboard measures 150 x 100 cm, for a thickness of 8 cm. This piece is upholstered in grey quilted fabric with HR foam padding.

Elixir Furniture Rio 10

Elixir Furniture Rio

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This footless headboard has a rare elegance. Made by Elixir Furniture, it stands out with its crushed velvet covered panels. With its successful finishes, it will only embellish your bedroom.

MarcKonfort Leonor 11

MarcKonfort Leonor

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It is an upholstered headboard of 140x60 cm in mustard color. The front part hosts a HR foam and the back is lined with black breathable fabric. A beautiful piece for a bright sleeping area.

Pengfei Wedge Pad Pillow 12

Pengfei Wedge Pad Pillow

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Pengfei Wedge Pad Pillow is made of linen. Stuffed with high elasticity terry, it offers softness and comfort to users. Note that this headboard measures 120 x 72 cm.

Menzzo Luxor 13

Menzzo Luxor

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Menzzo is known for the quality of its headboards. And this Luxor model lives up to its name! It is a decorative fabric headboard of 120 cm high and 160 cm wide. The upholstery is very successful.

Pengfei - Headboard with soft cushion 14

Pengfei - Headboard with soft cushion

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Measuring 200 cm wide, this XXL headboard has a beautiful beige color. The flannel and pearl terry upholstery includes a small storage compartment for a smartphone.

Mob-In Ugo 15

Mob-In Ugo

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It is a headboard made of wooden pallets. It has a length of 165 cm. The structure is in acacia FSC oak veneer. Very sturdy, it will naturally bring a touch of elegance to your room.

Paris Amor Price 16

Paris Amor Price

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Hard to resist this headboard in wood and velvet Amor. Made of wood, it is 180 cm long and 122 cm high. Its upholstered design will be a little extra for your decoration.

Menzzo Premium Luxor 17

Menzzo Premium Luxor

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A more refined version of the Menzzo Luxor seen earlier in this selection, this black wooden headboard has a classic and chic upholstery. It measures 160 x 123 cm.

Ogi Diseno 137-160 18

Ogi Diseno 137-160

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Give your bed a king size feel by adding this Ogi Diseno headboard. The synthetic leather upholstery exudes quality, with a particularly good upholstery and a thickness of 6 cm. This piece measures 170 x 120 cm.

Zagot Kubu 19

Zagot Kubu

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This grey tinted rattan headboard is made from a large banana vine. Suitable for a 160 cm bed, it will definitely make your bed stand out.

Cuadrato - Light blue solid wood headboard 20

Cuadrato - Light blue solid wood headboard

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This light blue headboard is made of solid wood. Designed for 120 and 140 cm beds, it is very easy to install. Indeed, you just have to position it between the bed and the wall.

Declik Deco - Upholstered headboard 21

Declik Deco - Upholstered headboard

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It is a headboard with a pine structure and wenge birch legs. Available in 140, 160 and 180 cm wide versions, it is also available in different colors: taupe linen, anthracite linen and beige linen.

Ogi Diseno - Leatherette headboard 22

Ogi Diseno - Leatherette headboard

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Here is a headboard that will not go unnoticed. Suitable for beds 180 cm wide, it measures 190 x 120 cm for a thickness of 8 cm. The upholstery in white imitation leather is particularly successful.

Menzzo Flora 23

Menzzo Flora

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This carved vintage wood headboard attracts at first sight. Its floral motifs run the full width of the room, 180 cm. Very decorative, the Menzzo Flora will add style to your bedroom.


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