The best hallux valgus correctors in the UK 2023

in the UK, the deviation of the big toe affects 30% of the elderly population. It is called hallux valgus and, without treatment, it evolves into a significant deformity. The use of orthotics will help prevent this subluxation. Nevertheless, only the right products will limit the progression of the pathology. For you, we have created this guide to the best hallux valgus correctors.

Sports Laboratory - Hallux valgus corrector kit 1

Best value for money

Sports Laboratory - Hallux valgus corrector kit

The best hallux valgus corrector in 2021

This kit proposed by Sports Laboratory is composed of 2 types of hallux valgus correctors to put on. Easy to care for, these medical devices will not give you a hard time.

17,59 £ on Amazon

The orthotics and bunion separators in this Sports Laboratory kit can be used day and night. They relieve pain and correct the shape of the big toe. The sleeve is particularly comfortable and is ideal for use at night. It acts on the muscle of the big toe. Nevertheless, the separator can also be worn with shoes without causing pain. The manufacturer provides devices with adjustable size to fit feet of British size 3 to 12. These hallux valgus correctors are used by health professionals, athletes and individuals. You can easily wash them by hand.

MengH-SHOP - 9 toe correctors 2

Best value for money

MengH-SHOP - 9 toe correctors

The best entry-level hallux valgus corrector

It is a set of 9 ultra complete and cheap toe correctors. It includes all the necessary accessories to have pretty feet while limiting the pains.

9,59 £ on Amazon

You will not feel any more discomfort with this set of 9 hallux valgus correctors. Ultra complete and effective, they will help you realign your big toe, but also the rest of the foot. Some of the toe correctors in the set separate them, others stretch them. Very comfortable, these models are made with soft and high quality materials. They have an adjustable size, so are suitable for everyone. All joints are put back in the right place with these devices. The kit includes 2 one-hole toe separators, 2 two-hole toe correctors, 2 five-hole toe separators, 2 bunion relief sleeves, a stretching belt.

Epitact - Onion corrective orthosis size S 3

Best value for money

Epitact - Onion corrective orthosis size S

The best high-end hallux valgus corrector

Guaranteed effectiveness with this corrective bunion brace. It can be worn during the day to correct the deformity and relieve pain. This product is easy to put on and use.

24,80 £ on Amazon

Being a daytime corrector, this bunion corrective orthosis can be worn in shoes for the left or right foot. If your feet are affected by hallux valgus, we advise you to buy 2 because there is only one corrector per box with this Epitact model. You can wash it in the washing machine, and the manufacturer already provides the washing bag to do so. Note that its effectiveness is impeccable. All those who have used it have experienced a noticeable change. Provided you read the instructions carefully, this concealer is very comfortable. It does not hurt and can be used at the first stage of the deviation. The results are visible after a few days.

Promifun – Lot 10 protecteurs et correcteurs d'oignons 4


Promifun – Lot 10 protecteurs et correcteurs d'oignons

The best flexible hallux valgus corrector

10 pieces of bunion pads await you when you purchase this kit. They protect the big toe while wearing shoes that can compromise the look of your foot.

12,79 £ on Amazon
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Best hallux valgus corrector

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The best hallux valgus corrector in 2021

The best entry-level hallux valgus corrector

The best high-end hallux valgus corrector

The best flexible hallux valgus corrector

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Comparison table of the best hallux valgus correctors

Sports Laboratory - Hallux valgus corrector kit 5
MengH-SHOP - 9 toe correctors 6
Epitact - Onion corrective orthosis size S 7
Promifun – Lot 10 protecteurs et correcteurs d'oignons 8
Sports Laboratory - Hallux valgus corrector kit
MengH-SHOP - 9 toe correctors
Epitact - Onion corrective orthosis size S
Promifun – Lot 10 protecteurs et correcteurs d'oignons
This kit proposed by Sports Laboratory is composed of 2 types of hallux valgus correctors to put on. Easy to care for, these medical devices will not give you a hard time.
It is a set of 9 ultra complete and cheap toe correctors. It includes all the necessary accessories to have pretty feet while limiting the pains.
Guaranteed effectiveness with this corrective bunion brace. It can be worn during the day to correct the deformity and relieve pain. This product is easy to put on and use.
10 pieces of bunion pads await you when you purchase this kit. They protect the big toe while wearing shoes that can compromise the look of your foot.
Plastic, fabric
Silicone gel
Silicone gel
S (20 to 21.5 cm)
Corrected toes
Big toe
All toes
Big toe
Big toe
Sleeve, separator
Splitter, sleeve, stretch belt

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How to choose your hallux valgus corrector

To choose a corrective orthosis for hallux valgus, you should already rely on the advice of your orthopedist. In fact, it's always best to ask your doctor's advice before picking up any orthopedic equipment. Once you get the necessary recommendations from this health professional, all you have to do is choose your orthosis by taking into account the parameters below. They will help you determine the right ratio between performance and quality of a corrector.

#1 - The materials

The material of the orthosis must be of medical quality. Therefore, textile models must be breathable, hygienic and strong enough to provide good support for the toe. Orthopedic gels should be soft and non-irritating. Regardless of the type or material of the corrector, resistance to abrasion and constant wear is also required. In addition, the material should be easy to wash and dry.

#2 - The size

When buying an onion corrector, always make sure it is the right size. The notch should not be too small or too large compared to your big toe. So measure the circumference of the thumb of your foot when choosing a bunion corrector. Of course, most manufacturers list the dimensions of their equipment on the product data sheet. If this information is not given, you can always refer to feedback from customers who have purchased the same model before confirming your purchase.

#3 - The fit level

Gel and silicone orthopedic devices offer a perfect fit. They just need to be the right size. As for the sleeve models, they are adjustable with their velcro straps. You can choose between two or four straps. The two-strap braces are suitable for minor corrections. However, more straps are needed to treat a major deformity.

After surgery, it is also advisable to use this type of corrector. In addition, some hallux valgus orthoses come with a pair of adjustment brackets. This type of orthotic is perfectly suited and ideal for people with a very prominent bunion.

#4 - The comfort


also need to think about the comfort of your foot while wearing the orthotic. Note that the best correctors usually come with pads that cover the arches of the feet. Some use adjustable padding. These orthotics are ideal for gentle bunion correction. They make it comfortable to wear an outsole.

#5 - The hygienic issues

The best corrective orthotic is designed for repeated use over several months. It should therefore be washable and come with a hygienic carrying case. In addition to being easy to clean, and suitable for daily use (day and night), your orthosis can be supplied with a wash net that will facilitate machine cleaning at 40°. Alternatively, you can wash it by hand and air dry it away from heat sources.

What is the consultation process for hallux valgus?

The first thing to do is to consult a doctor or podiatrist who can examine a hallux valgus. This health professional will refer you to an orthopedist if surgery is required. In all cases, the diagnosis will be made around the affected feet while lying down and then standing. The health care professional may ask the patient to take a few steps.

The clinical examination can be completed by a podoscope check. This requires the patient to stand on a lighting device and apply pressure to certain parts of the arch of the foot. In this way, the footprint will be visualized and areas of abnormal support will be identified, especially in the forefoot.

The radiographic evaluation is important and includes images of both feet. It allows us to quantify the degree of deformity and the effect of the hallux valgus on the bones and joints.

Once the origin of the problem has been determined, the orthopedist or physician will recommend the most appropriate treatment. If there is inflammation, he or she may prescribe an injection of cortisone or an anti-inflammatory agent. He or she may also indicate orthopedic care in addition to orthotics. Finally, when the deformity is too severe, the patient should turn to surgical treatment.

Did you know?

Medical professionals disagree on the cause of hallux valgus. Some believe that the condition is caused by prolonged use of shoes, especially narrow, pointed shoes. Others believe that the problem is caused by genetic factors that are exacerbated by the use of shoes.

The different types of hallux valgus correctors

There are three main types of braces that can correct hallux valgus. The first one is a sleeve with an extension for the thumb. The second is a splint and the last type is a toe separator. Discover these three main categories of corrective orthosis.

The sleeve corrector

The sleeve support completely wraps around the midfoot, leaving all 4 toes free and keeping the thumb in the right position. It is made of soft, breathable textile and fits the foot with Velcro.

Its sleeve allows for easy and smooth movement. As for the sleeves, they create a kind of barrier between the shoes and the metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP). This prevents discomfort caused by friction.

The splint corrector

A hallux valgus brace is one of the most common ways to relieve the pain associated with bunions. It can delay or even negate the need for surgery.

There are many different styles to choose from. Regardless of the size, these orthotics generally work by correcting the deformity of the foot's thumb, returning it to a normal position.

The toe separator

Separators are flexible, easy-to-use devices. They are placed between the toes to keep them separated. This is one of the most recommended types, as it offers almost instant pain relief.

This equipment, by presenting smoothers, is also very effective in straightening the affected toe and realigning it by gently pulling it.

Bunion surgery or hallux valgus corrector?

Bunion surgery

If the deformity of the bunion is very significant, the health care professional may assess the need for surgery. Surgery will correct the deformity in no time. However, wearing orthopedic supports will be essential in the long term.

Hallux valgus orthesis

For people who prefer non-surgical approaches, orthotics are a good solution. It is non-invasive and comfortable. Toe spreaders and gelatin pads can be effective for a very moderate bunion problem. For patients with more significant hallux valgus, they will likely need a toe and pain regulator. These correctors are prescribed for medical reasons or purchased over the counter.


A corrective orthotic is usually recommended by the podiatrist for patients with a deformity of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP). It is only when the bunion causes a significant deviation that surgery may be considered. It is therefore preferable to use the orthosis immediately rather than wait for the surgery stage, which will be much more expensive. Also, the sooner the problem is resolved, the better.

Why buy a Hallux valgus corrector?

To avoid pain when walking

A person with Hallux valgus may experience pain when wearing shoes. The right protection protects you from the friction that causes this pain. By wearing a Hallux Valgus corrector, you also reduce the pressure caused by walking. There are models that are very soft and will not distort the way you walk.

For its adaptability and comfort

In general, a Hallux Valgus corrector is very flexible. It is also reversible and fits both your left and right foot. Once your feet are in the shoe, you won't even feel it. It saves you from having to resort to surgery, which is both very stressful and very expensive.

For its easy maintenance

You can use your Hallux Valgus corrector many times. For its maintenance, you just proceed to a hand wash, with warm water and soap and let it dry in the open air. This method will optimize its life span. You can also machine wash it to avoid wasting time. Moreover, you don't have to iron it.

For its versatility

A Hallux Valgus corrector can be worn in everyday life and in your sports activities. If you practice a sport, it offers protection while gradually putting your toe back in its place. However, the correction is ineffective in case you have severe Hallux Valgus. It is also a very practical device to relieve foot pain and help your feet to relax properly.

For its ease of use

A Hallux Valgus corrector is very easy to put on. All you have to do is position it properly and make sure your big toe is well covered. Once in place, it guarantees optimal support.

The best brands of hallux valgus correctors

In our opinion, the best brands of hallux valgus correctors in 2022 are :

Sports Laboratory

Based in the UK and established in 2016, Sports Laboratory aims to produce the next generation of braces, fitness equipment and nutrition. Each of Sports Laboratory's products is the embodiment of intensive research, design and testing to ensure not only product quality but also consumer health.

EPITACT is a brand dedicated to offering biomechanical and cosmetic interfaces to the field of podiatry, with over 10 years as a benchmark in the industry. The brand is committed to offering quality and performance products that is not a danger to the health of consumers. This brand is reliable.

Promifun is a manufacturer of health protection products that is dedicated to helping you relieve various problems with your feet and hands. Such as overlapping toes, hammertoes, bunions, blisters, carcked heels and trigger finger, etc. This brand is professional in its business and always aims at the wellbeing of consumers with effective products.

The product that launched this brand the most was compression socks. They were popular for a treatment for tired legs and calf swelling. It was a little later that the brand focused on podiatric treatments like the hallux valgus corrector. This new product seems to have success with consumers and are rather good quality.

Podorex is a company that specializes in the manufacture of podiatry and orthopedic items. It offers quality products at low prices. This is in fact the basis of its commitments, an assured quality/price ratio combined with a product that is safe for users.

What is the price for a hallux valgus corrector

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

7 £ to 14 £
14 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Relieve pain before bunion treatment

Choose shoes that are wide and comfortable enough to reduce pain from external friction. If possible, avoid walking barefoot, wearing heels and/or shoes with pointed toes. Finally, reduce friction by using protective products available in pharmacies, such as gel pads.

Prevent bunions by wearing the right shoes


keep the toe deformity from progressing, forgo pumps and pointed shoes. Instead, you'll want to opt for well-fitting sandals. You can also wear sneakers with a slight, soft, wide heel, and any models that give your feet a lot of freedom.

Massage toes with lavender oil


your toes as often as possible with a few drops of lavender oil previously heated in a water bath, focusing on the joint at the base of the thumb. This solution reduces inflammation and prevents the formation of bunions. If it has already appeared, together with your corrector, it will help slow down the deformation process.

Aspirin and iodine treatment


is also an aspirin and iodine pain reliever, a classic "grandmother's remedy": simply grind up 5 aspirin tablets and mix them with 10 ml of iodine. Apply the mixture every night to the bunions. In addition, the podiatrist may prescribe an orthosis.

Reduce pain naturally

When the inflammation worsens, you can apply ice several times a day for 20 min to the painful area. Lift the affected foot to reduce swelling and try massaging it with your anti-inflammatory essential oil. In addition to lavender drops, you can opt for incense or mint solution.


What is the best hallux valgus corrector?

The best hallux valgus corrector depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

A corrective orthosis for hallux valgus: what is it?


corrective brace is an orthopedic device. Its main purpose is to restore the first metatarsophalangeal joint or MTP. By reorganizing the thumb joint of the foot, the brace reduces the size of the bunion in stages. However, the correction takes some time, and the brace must be worn for as long as the doctor recommends.

Why should hallux valgus be treated?

Hallux valgus creates a visible bump in the foot and causes temporary or permanent pain, depending on the patient's condition. In addition to being unsightly, this condition causes the patient to experience intra-articular throbbing and even corns on the surrounding toe.

When should hallux valgus correction support be worn?

Corrective support for hallux valgus is worn to correct the bunion at all stages of its development. Orthopedic surgeons also recommend these orthotics for people who have just had surgery. In this case, the brace supports the joint to prevent further deformation. It is therefore a restorative solution. In extreme cases and sometimes even after surgery, the correctors can be worn day and night.

Can hallux valgus correctors be worn in going-out shoes?

Whatever the

type, the orthotic can be worn in out shoes, preferably wide ones. Not only will it correct the deformity, but it will prevent friction between the protrusion and the inner surface of the shoe. It is therefore a two-in-one orthopedic instrument.


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Sports Laboratory - Hallux valgus corrector kit 9
Sports Laboratory - Hallux valgus corrector kit
MengH-SHOP - 9 toe correctors 10
MengH-SHOP - 9 toe correctors
Epitact - Onion corrective orthosis size S 11
Epitact - Onion corrective orthosis size S
Promifun – Lot 10 protecteurs et correcteurs d'oignons 12
Promifun – Lot 10 protecteurs et correcteurs d'oignons


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