The best GSM hunting cameras in the UK 2023

You are a hunting enthusiast and are looking for a tool to capture in photo/video your exploits or to follow the movements of the game at a distance? The GSM hunting camera is the ideal equipment. Alerting you on your smartphone when an animal is detected, this jewel of technology is capable of filming in low light and even replaces a surveillance camera. But which one to choose? Save time with our guide to the best GSM hunting cameras.

Coolife H881 1

Editor's Choice

Coolife H881

The best GSM hunting camera in 2021

Commissioning is simple and its programming is very intuitive. You have a maximum detection range of 125 °, a lateral induction angle of about 60 ° and an impressive detection time of 0.2 seconds.

76 £ on Amazon

You have here a digital camera of 2.4 inches with 21 megapixels. It uses the thermosensitive technology and detection of the man. An infrared illuminator comes with the camera. The 8 megapixel CMOS sensor can use infrared photography to obtain black and white images and videos in the dark. 49 IR LEDs provide the necessary light to take pictures or videos, without overexposing the object.

As a special feature, this hunting camera goes into power saving mode when no animal or human body is detected. This latent period can last for a long time and as soon as an animal or human body surfaces in the detection zone, the camera starts to take pictures and/or videos, with a start time of 0.2 seconds. The power adapter supplied with this device has a power of 6 V or 1.5 A. The device has an effective waterproof (IP67) and dustproof protection that can completely prevent dust and rain intrusion.


Best cheapest


The best entry-level GSM hunting camera

A 16MP GSM hunting camera, the DIGITNOW! BR693 captures images with a significant resolution of 1080p. It is very effective during the day and at night thanks to its infrared night vision technology.

47,25 £ on Amazon

Whether you use it day or night, the DIGITNOW! BR693 will deliver unmatched performance. Its 16MP sensor ensures high definition images at 1080p. In night mode, the 42 low-glow infrared LEDs of 940 Nm help you to make videos of a breathtaking quality. Note that these LEDs, not needing to emit a bright flash, have a range of about 25 m in the dark.

The camera has a PIR sensor that allows you to take pictures or videos in record time (0.3 seconds). In addition, a wide-angle lens provides a wide view extending to 120 °. Rest assured! Despite its low price, this GSM hunting camera is not less waterproof. With its IP65 rating, it can easily withstand extreme temperatures (between -20 and +60 °C). Its 2.4-inch LCD screen will be used to display the battery life, view all the images you have recorded and make custom settings.

SecaCam Raptor

Best high end

SecaCam Raptor

The best high-end GSM hunting camera

The SecaCam Raptor GSM hunting camera has something for every adventurer. Its batteries can last up to 4000 hours on average. It offers the fastest triggering time in addition to the effectiveness of its night vision.

123 £ on Amazon

The SecaCam Raptor is very versatile. It is not only a GSM hunting camera, it can also be used as a surveillance camera, which is very useful for store owners or simply to monitor what is happening outside the house. The device is very easy to use and set up, especially since its night vision function is excellent. Usable day and night, this waterproof model (IP54) comes with a battery and an SD card.

The SecaCam Raptor GSM hunting camera is very discreet. This is reflected in the sober design of its housing with camouflage pattern. In addition, it does not diffuse any flash or light when taking pictures. It should be noted that it is thanks to the Dark Motion Freeze technology that it manages to capture images in high resolution. With such a model in your hands, you will enjoy a super fast response time and a motion sensor at the top of performance.

GardePro A3S

Excellent choice

A3S GuardPro

A great GSM hunting camera

We appreciate this GSM hunting camera precisely for its trigger speed of only 0.1 seconds, for its IP66 waterproofing, its display resolution of 1080 p and its great versatility.

62,39 £ on Amazon

The GardePro A3S takes full advantage of the Sony Starvis image sensor. Indeed, the camera benefits from a wide aperture lens, automatic exposure and blur reduction system allowing it to shoot videos and capture high color photos (up to 24 Mpx), even in low light. The night vision flash has a nominal range of 30 meters.

With a frame rate of 30 fps, the GardePro A3S records video in the H.264 MP4 compressed video encoding format, which is ideal if less storage space is required. The hunting camera also excels in other areas, including trigger speed of 0.1 seconds, recovery time (0.5 seconds), detection distance (25 m) ... We put a point of honor on its detection angle of 120 ° which gives him the opportunity to capture every moment and movement, regardless of your speed of movement or that of the animal you want to film.

Coolife PH700A 2

Very good

Coolife PH700A

Performance at a low price

It is a camera with a 16 megapixel sensor and a 2.4" TFT-LCD color display. The camera comes with an AV and USB cable, a user manual, a mounting belt and a fixed metal stand.

57,60 £ on Amazon

This hunting camera produces an image with 16 Megapixels. It has a night vision range of up to 20 m, a fast shutter speed of 0.2 s and a wide angle of 90 °. Therefore, every animal that appears near the hunting camera will be captured in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the latest 940 nm technology, this camera can be completely hidden in the dark and emit no light at night that will be likely to scare animals or people you want to photograph.

The particularity of this camera is that, when the PIR sensor is activated, the sudden change in ambient temperature caused by the movement of the game in a region of interest is detected by the camera. This triggers the taking of photos and/or videos. As a result, the camera is equipped with a 27 LED infrared night light, more uniform light filling with no local overexposure problem.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best GSM hunting camera

Any specific needs?

The best GSM hunting camera in 2021

The best entry-level GSM hunting camera

The best high-end GSM hunting camera

A great GSM hunting camera

Performance at a low price

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Comparison table of the best GSM hunting cameras

Coolife H881 3
SecaCam Raptor
GardePro A3S
Coolife PH700A 4
Coolife H881
SecaCam Raptor
A3S GuardPro
Coolife PH700A
Commissioning is simple and its programming is very intuitive. You have a maximum detection range of 125 °, a lateral induction angle of about 60 ° and an impressive detection time of 0.2 seconds.
A 16MP GSM hunting camera, the DIGITNOW! BR693 captures images with a significant resolution of 1080p. It is very effective during the day and at night thanks to its infrared night vision technology.
The SecaCam Raptor GSM hunting camera has something for every adventurer. Its batteries can last up to 4000 hours on average. It offers the fastest triggering time in addition to the effectiveness of its night vision.
We appreciate this GSM hunting camera precisely for its trigger speed of only 0.1 seconds, for its IP66 waterproofing, its display resolution of 1080 p and its great versatility.
It is a camera with a 16 megapixel sensor and a 2.4" TFT-LCD color display. The camera comes with an AV and USB cable, a user manual, a mounting belt and a fixed metal stand.
Power source
8 1.5V alkaline AA batteries
8 AA batteries
8 batteries type LR6 (AA)
8 AA lithium batteries at low temperature
8 high performance AA alkaline batteries
Detection angle
125 °
120 °
52 °
120 °
Firing speed
0.2 seconds
0.3 seconds
0.4 second
0.1 second
0.2 sec
Image quality
21 Mpx
16 Mpx
5, 8 or 12 Mpx
24 Mpx
Protection index

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Buying guide - GSM hunting camera

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How to choose your GSM hunting camera

To choose the best GSM hunting camera for your needs, there are many criteria to consider. Here are the main elements to consider.

#1 - Robustness

A hunting camera is usually placed outdoors. The camera must therefore be quite robust and withstand harsh weather conditions, such as high or very low temperatures, rain, wind, etc. This device is often used in the forest. This exposes it to the risk of falling branches. It is also not spared from high humidity, dust and corrosion.

It is important to focus your choice on a GSM hunting camera with a solid, waterproof and weatherproof housing. The robustness of the mounting system is also an element to consider. Before being turned on, the hunting camera must first be fixed on a suitable support (a tree, a promontory ...) with a mounting strap. It must be strong enough and resistant to wear.

#2 - Autonomy

Most hunting cameras work with at least 4 LR6 batteries. Most cameras on the market require 8 batteries to give them a longer standby life. Some manufacturers have developed hunting cameras with a battery life of up to 6 months or even 1 year in standby mode for the most powerful models.

However, this autonomy decreases considerably (1 to 3 months only) for devices equipped with a GPRS or GSM module, this type of device being particularly energy consuming. As your camera will have to be left in the wild, so that it can accomplish the task that is dedicated to it in optimal conditions, choose a long-lasting device.

Don't automatically select an entry-level camera that will cost you less to buy. This is a miscalculation. The savings are likely to be quickly eaten up by the frequent acquisition of batteries, which are known to be expensive.

#3 - Motion detection and fast triggering

A hunting camera is equipped with a motion detection system capable of detecting the slightest rustle in its range at any time (day or night). The accuracy of the sensors depends on the quality level of the camera. In any case, you should avoid placing the camera in a place where "parasitic" movements could spoil the capture of images or videos.

For example, do not place the hunting camera on a branch that is likely to move in the wind. The trigger speed is also a key criterion for choosing a hunting camera. It can vary from simple to double depending on the model. It is 0.3 to 0.7 seconds for a good quality camera and can go up to 2.5 seconds on the less efficient models.

A trigger time that is too long exposes you to the risk of missing interesting photos or videos.

#4 - The angle of view and the range

Most hunting cameras offer an average of 60° horizontal viewing angle. However, for some ultra-sophisticated models, this angle of view can reach 100°, thus increasing the chances of photographing or filming an animal. As for the range, it reaches 20 to 25 m during the day and 15 to 20 m at night for the vast majority of devices available on the market.

Some manufacturers are developing cameras with a range that goes beyond 25 m at night.

#5 - The quality of the images and videos

The quality of the photos and videos captured depends on two factors: the resolution of the camera lens and the HD (high definition) option. Resolution is stated in megapixels (MP) and is simply the number of pixels recorded in a digital image.

The more megapixels, the better the image quality, but with the drawback that a high number of megapixels will allow you to use up storage memory faster. Most modern GSM hunting cameras have a lens of 5MP or more. So don't go below that.

Remember to check the video resolution. It's best to opt for a camera that provides Full HD (1080p) images, a much higher quality than a GSM hunting camera that only allows HD (720p) video. The Full HD resolution will guarantee you sharp and perfectly detailed images.

It should be noted that despite their high quality, Full HD images have a slight disadvantage: because they are too large, they take up a lot of space in the storage memory.

#6 - Night vision

Hunting is not only during the day. Some game only come out of hiding at dusk. Always prefer a GSM hunting camera that can be used day and night, able to adapt to a low light situation.

For night recording, you can choose between two technologies: infrared with red LEDs and invisible lighting with black LEDs. The existence of LEDs offers the possibility of obtaining a particularly interesting night vision.

The camera switches to "passive" infrared mode and can capture images or videos even if it is dark. Don't forget to check the brightness level of the LEDs that power the selected camera. Red light remains visible to both humans and animals with standard 850 nm (nanometer) LEDs. The red light is slightly brighter in the surveillance area, so it won't scare off surrounding wildlife.

On the other hand, no light will be visible if you opt for 940 nm LEDs. Black LEDs provide invisible illumination to humans and animals. Because they don't give off any brightness that could betray the presence of the GSM hunting camera, they are the ideal solution for getting sharp night images. However, their range is limited.

What is the purpose of a GSM hunting camera?

As the name suggests, the main purpose of the hunting camera is to track prey during a hunt. You no longer need to waste a lot of time scouring every corner of a forest to find out where the animals are hiding. All you have to do is install the hunting camera in a carefully chosen location to detect the movements of the game.

To do this, you attach the camera to a tree with a strap. The motion detector triggers the camera at the slightest movement in the area covered by the camera. The camera takes a picture or a video of the animal or animals whose presence and movements it has detected. The night vision system is automatically activated. All you have to do is wait and view the captured images.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, the latest generations of hunting cameras are increasingly sophisticated and accurate. A SD card or micro SD card is usually inserted to store all the pictures and videos captured. The images can be sent directly to your smartphone.

The market currently offers a multitude of models of GSM hunting cameras. This type of device is no longer of interest only to safari enthusiasts and hunters. Its use has expanded and it is popular with a growing number of people who use it as a home surveillance tool. It can detect all movements around the secured area.

GSM hunting camera or local area hunting camera

GSM hunting camera

These hunting cameras have the technology to connect to a phone network. They can send messages via MMS or other systems, which leads to receiving an image directly on one's smartphone. This is obviously advantageous, as you are alerted to any animal activity even if you are hundreds of miles away from the hunting area.

However, you usually have to sign up for a cellular data rate plan, which quickly adds a lot of operating costs. They also need to have an excellent signal, which can be difficult in the middle of a forest.

Standard wireless hunting camera

These hunting cameras connect to a smartphone app, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Unlike GSM hunting cameras, you don't need to have a cellular network available or subscribe to a data rate plan. But you will need to be much closer to the camera itself. The maximum range of a standard wireless hunting camera tends to be 10m for Bluetooth and 15m for Wi-Fi.

However, you still have the option of browsing the photos captured by the camera on your smartphone without physically touching the camera. By sticking around, but not too far away, you're keeping your scent away from an area where you hope to attract animals.


Your choice will have to be made according to two important criteria: the budget at your disposal and your needs. Obviously, GSM hunting cameras are much more expensive than standard wireless models, because of the GSM technology that allows you to be hundreds of miles away from the hunting area and still receive alerts on your smartphone.

It's very convenient, but you'll have to pay for it. On the other hand, if you are on a budget and have time to stay close to the hunting area, a standard wireless hunting camera will be sufficient.


Avoid GSM hunting cameras with "interpolated" resolution

Beware of interpolated resolutions because these refer to a lower resolution than indicated, but where the camera processor has estimated what an image at a higher resolution would look like. So a 12MP interpolated image will not be as good as a fully 12MP image.

Mount the hunting camera safely and strategically


hunting camera must be secure enough to stay in place despite the weather. The lens should not be obstructed, and you should take a few test shots as soon as it is mounted to make sure you get the shot you want. It's best to mount the camera slightly higher than eye level, and you may want to put it in a lock box specifically designed for hunting cameras. Record the GPS coordinates of the camera's location and point it north or south if it's outdoors to avoid sunny shots.

Be patient


the urge to visit your GSM hunting camera too often. You can track individual targets and groups over time to learn their habits. It can take weeks for your camera to produce useful results. If you get impatient, you run the risk of contaminating the area with your scent.

Eliminate smells and sounds


advantage a tracking camera gives you is negated if you are not careful during setup and spot checks. Try to get to the location on rainy days to mask the noise of your walk. Always wear clean clothes that have been washed with a fragrance-free detergent. Ideally, wear rubber boots, as they do not absorb odors easily.

For deer hunting, place your camera near litter areas and scratches

How do

you know your GSM hunting camera is in the right place? Look for fresh litter areas or scratches near food sources. You can also create your own. It's important not to leave your scent when you visit the area.


What is the best GSM hunting camera?

The best GSM hunting camera depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How many GSM hunting cameras do I need?

Depending on your use and the size of your hunting area, you may need one camera or several. For hunting, the more the better. Full coverage of an area may require many cameras.

Can I use a hunting camera to monitor my home?

GSM hunting cameras are an excellent choice for home security. They are easy to hide and, thanks to their motion detector, can detect any person or animal crossing the detection zone.

Can hunting cameras capture images through glass?

GSM hunting cameras can take pictures and videos through a glass window. This is not a good idea, however. A clean window will always reflect some light.

What is the best way to protect my GSM hunting camera against theft?

If you are worried about someone stealing your hunting camera, you can always use a lock or use a waterproof hunting camera and hide it in a bush.


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