The best electric barbecues in the UK 2023

Barbecuing is a popular leisure activity for the French: three quarters of them claim to own a barbecue or a plancha. Their favorite remains the charcoal barbecue, but 23% have opted for electric barbecues. It must be said that this is a very interesting alternative if you don't have a garden or if you only have a small outdoor space. Easily transportable, often dismountable or even foldable, they are very practical, both indoors and outdoors.

Weber Q1400 1

Best value for money

Weber Q1400

The best electric barbecue in 2021

The Weber Q1400 is an efficient and sturdy electric grill. It is large enough to grill for six guests: it can handle hotdogs, skewers or meat.

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The Weber Q1400 is a 63 x 44 x 37 cm electric grill, available with or without legs. It brings the best of both worlds: it's both a great tabletop grill (although it may be a bit too big for some) and a great portable grill for most people (its size is perfect for a balcony or patio).

Ideal for 6 guests, the Weber Q1400 has a cast aluminum bowl and lid, enameled cast steel grill and all the essential features (like a thermostat). It is efficient, sturdy and convenient to use. It is, in our opinion, the best quality/price ratio on the market for an electric barbecue.


Best value for money

Tefal Easygrill Adjust BG90A810

The best entry-level electric barbecue

Powerful but very affordable, this barbecue will allow you to make your best grills with its 2 300 W. It is also easy to clean, 100% detachable.

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Thanks to the Easygrill concept, this electric barbecue ensures even cooking over its entire cooking surface. Its adjustable thermostat allows you to perfectly control the cooking. It is also equipped with a windshield that facilitates the control of the projections. It is a very powerful barbecue with its 2,300 W and moreover perfectly dismountable for an easy cleaning. The cooking surface is also non-stick.

Klarstein Tafelspitz 1600 W 2

A great choice

Klarstein Tafelspitz 1600 W

The most convenient

Easy to assemble and use, lightweight with a stable hold, this grill is a great option. It is also the most practical of this list thanks to its side tables.

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This folding electric barbecue is very mobile, it has a folding design that takes up very little space. It is even more practical as it has a power supply of about 3m and a thermometer that allows you to have a convenient temperature control. It also has a removable grease tray and two side tables that allow you to have your ingredients within easy reach. It also has two different cooking surfaces: a grill and a plancha. When it comes to safety, the Tafelspitz 1600 W barbecue is equipped with a sturdy safety hook, so your barbecue won't accidentally shut down.

Senya Barbecue électrique 2 en 1 3

Very good

Senya Barbecue électrique 2 en 1

A good value for money

This barbecue is small in size and thoughtful enough to occupy a very small area. It is as powerful as practical.

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The Senya 2 in 1 electric barbecue is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use: it makes an excellent table barbecue, and thanks to its legs it will also work very well for a family barbecue in your garden or patio. This barbecue has a power of 2200 w, it has 5 different temperature positions, two of which allow you to keep your grills warm. It allows a fast and regular cooking thanks to its lid which gives a revolving heat effect. It is also equipped with a removable cooking plate with non-stick coating that is dishwasher safe. And finally, it also has a very practical removable grease tray.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric barbecue

Any specific needs?

The best electric barbecue in 2021

The best entry-level electric barbecue

The most convenient

A good value for money

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Comparison table of the best electric barbecues

Weber Q1400 4
Klarstein Tafelspitz 1600 W 5
Senya Barbecue électrique 2 en 1 6
Weber Q1400
Tefal Easygrill Adjust BG90A810
Klarstein Tafelspitz 1600 W
Senya Barbecue électrique 2 en 1
The Weber Q1400 is an efficient and sturdy electric grill. It is large enough to grill for six guests: it can handle hotdogs, skewers or meat.
Powerful but very affordable, this barbecue will allow you to make your best grills with its 2 300 W. It is also easy to clean, 100% detachable.
Easy to assemble and use, lightweight with a stable hold, this grill is a great option. It is also the most practical of this list thanks to its side tables.
This barbecue is small in size and thoughtful enough to occupy a very small area. It is as powerful as practical.
Cooks for 6 people
Very affordable
Folding frame
Removable baking sheet
Easy to assemble and disassemble
Powerful barbecue
Side tables
Nonstick surface
Easy to handle
Easy cleaning (100% removable)
Safe and stable hold
Removable pan
Thermostat difficult to adjust
Non-stick cooking surface
5 temperature settings
Does not allow for height adjustment
Hard-to-clean cooking plate
Heat-insulated carrying handles

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Buying guide - electric barbecue

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How to choose your electric barbecue

These days, they come in different styles and sizes, and whether or not you're an expert cook, your decision will depend on your individual needs. With that in mind, here are some factors to consider when buying a new electric grill.

#1 - The timer

Timers on electric barbecues are ideal for monitoring the cooking time of your grill to ensure that it is perfect. Some appliances come with preset timers for the most popular grills (meat, fish, etc.). So, always check that an electric grill comes with this feature before you buy it.

#2 - Temperature control

Check that the electric grill you want to buy offers good temperature control options to make it easier for you. You will be able to easily regulate the cooking temperature. If possible, go for electric barbecues with thermostats and high temperature settings, you will have a better result when cooking certain dishes like steaks.

#3 - A non-stick cooking surface

The advantage of such a surface is that it removes all the unwanted grease and oil without making the food stick to the surface. Electric barbecues equipped with such a cooking surface are easier to clean. And this is even more true if it is removable, as you can then simply put it directly into the dishwasher.

#4 - Power consumption

Make sure you

only choose the least energy-consuming barbecues. Always remember to check the energy rating of the barbecue. The most energy-efficient appliances are rated A+++, and the most energy-intensive D (check the energy label).

#5 - The size

You don't cook often and only for yourself and one or two other people? In this case, opt for a fairly modest-sized barbecue. On the other hand, if you cook often and for a larger number of people, you will need a barbecue with a large cooking surface. Size is not only important for the amount of food you want to cook, but also for the space you have available.

Are electric barbecues worth it?

They have many advantages over gas or coal:

  • Faster: electric barbecues heat up quickly, faster than charcoal or gas barbecues. This will save a lot of time during the preparation.
  • Less messy: electric barbecues do not require charcoal briquettes, so you will not have to empty and clean up after cooking.
  • Safer: electric barbecues do not use open flames (gas) or embers (charcoal), which limits the risk of fire.
  • More convenient: no gas or charcoal tanks to carry and store.
  • More efficient: at least in terms of even temperature distribution over the entire cooking surface. This is a feat that charcoal and gas barbecues can rarely achieve. Not only that, but electric power also allows you to set it to a specific temperature, depending on your needs. This feature is great for grilling pork and large portions of chicken.

It's all about flavor

Electric grills offer the least authentic grill flavor. If flavour is important to you, choose a charcoal (or gas) barbecue, because during the cooking process, the meat (or fish, or even vegetables) will sweat, releasing grease that, once in contact with the embers, will produce smoke. This smoke will then envelop the meat and this is what will give it that inimitable grilled flavor.

Take care of your electric barbecue

If you want your electric barbecue to last a few good years, don't neglect its maintenance:

  • Clean the appliance after each use

Every day if necessary, to avoid the accumulation of cooking grids. Let it cool down a bit after use, then clean it while it's still a bit hot. This will make things easier for you. Also, use the right tools to make the job easier: a good grill brush, dishwashing liquid, etc.

Be aware that the heating element of an electric grill cannot be immersed in water and must be unplugged when cleaning.

  • Do regular checks

Regularly check that the cables and sheaths of your barbecue are still in good condition. If possible, replace them as they wear out. Your safety is also at stake.

Electric or gas barbecue?

Electric barbecue

The electric barbecue requires only a power outlet to operate. Once plugged in, you have to wait a few minutes for it to heat up. Compared to gas or charcoal barbecues, electric barbecues come in different forms. There are some with a plancha, which is practical for cooking various foods at the same time. There are also electric barbecues with stone, to preserve the flavor of food.

But apart from that, its most important advantage is a healthier cooking than with a coal or gas barbecue. In addition, it is easy to use and is a safer way. On the other hand, meat cooked on an electric barbecue does not have the characteristic grilled taste of a barbecue. Also, you can't use it in the garden unless you connect it to an extension cord.

Gas barbecue

The gas barbecue is much more powerful than the electric barbecue. Its temperature is very easy to control: the fires light up quickly and each burner has independent settings. As it works like a stove, you only need to turn off the burners once the cooking is over. In addition, the temperature rise is almost instantaneous, with a larger cooking surface.

Although its qualities seem convincing, a gas barbecue also has drawbacks. Indeed, you need more space for the tank. It is more difficult to clean and maintain than the electric model. Moreover, it can cause a fire if it is not well controlled. And most importantly, it is expensive, sometimes more than 1000 euros.


Buy a gas barbecue if you plan to use it outside (in the garden, on the terrace, when camping...). If you live in an apartment, opt for an electric barbecue: it doesn't give off smoke, it doesn't take up too much space and it's not expensive.

Why buy an electric barbecue?

Easy to move

Electric barbecues are generally portable, as long as you have access to a power outlet. They are lighter and easier to move and store than their gas and charcoal counterparts. You can take it with you on family outings: camping or picnics.


A fuel-powered electric grill is more convenient because there's no need to store propane or charcoal. It's also safer because you won't have to keep fuel in the house. You'll never run out of fuel, aside from the occasional power outage you may experience in your area.

Easy Temperature Management

Temperature management is easy with an electric grill. The smaller models come with basic low, medium and high settings. Some models have a linear rotary dial that allows you to switch between low, high and everything else. Temperature management is much easier than gas or charcoal, because an electric grill always stays at the target temperature it's set to.


Most electric grills are affordable. You could save money by choosing electricity over gas or charcoal. On the market, the monthly operating cost of an electric grill will be similar to or slightly cheaper than gas or charcoal.

Easy to maintain

Cleaning is easy, as there is no carbon build-up from the gas or charcoal. Most electric barbecues can be partially disassembled for easy wiping of the interior. Cooking grates can be cleaned with water and a grill brush or sponge, depending on the material used.


Clean before using

Before using your new electric grill, it is best to clean it with hot soapy water. You can also use a scrubber or plastic brush to remove any factory dirt or grease.

Prepare the barbecue before the first cooking


your first cookout, lightly spray your cooking surface with the oil and then preheat it so that the plate absorbs all the oil. If you have a grill with a removable cooking surface, put it in a 300° oven for 30 to 60 minutes. Your cooking will go all the better.

Do not use your fingers to place food on the grill


could burn yourself more or less severely. Remember to always use a special barbecue utensil: a fork, tongs or a spatula.

Easy cleaning after cooking


the barbecue while it is still hot. Soak several paper towels with water and roll them together like a cigar. Using a pair of tongs to hold the paper towels, scrub the cooking surface to remove residue. If your cooking surface is removable, let the grill cool before removing it to the dishwasher.


Which electric barbecue to choose?

In our opinion, the electric barbecue for most people is the weber Q1400. This product offers the best value for money on the market. However, depending on your needs, this product may not be right for you. To find the best electric barbecue for you, we invite you to read the relevant section in our buying guide.

Are electric barbecues easier to clean?

In general, the electric barbecue will not be fundamentally different from the other options as far as cleaning is concerned. However, prefer barbecues made with non-stick materials as these make the cleaning process much easier. The electric barbecue has an advantage in that it does not contain charcoal or other such materials that are messier and require more work to clean.

Are electric barbecues as good for grilling as charcoal or gas barbecues?

There are heated debates among grilling enthusiasts around the world about the best grilling method. Some believe that charcoal imbues meals with unique flavors that can't be replicated using other methods, while others swear by gas.

Electric barbecues - since they cannot reach very high temperatures - are sometimes considered a poorer option, but what they lack in power they make up for in convenience and portability. In the end, it all depends on the buyer's preferences.

Can electric barbecues be preheated?

Electric barbecues can indeed be preheated, and many experts recommend preheating as much as possible to compensate for the fact that they cannot reach as high temperatures as gas or charcoal options. It is also recommended that as much cooking as possible be done with the lid closed to retain the heat most effectively.

Can all electric barbecues be used indoors?

No - there is a difference between the models. When considering which model to buy, you should specifically check if it is certified for indoor use. Just because a barbecue is electric doesn't mean it won't cause smoke.


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