The best barbecues in the UK 2023

Which barbecue should you choose to have a good time with friends or family? 76% of English people own a barbecue (charcoal, gas or electric) and 29% would have liked to be better advised before buying. We have searched for the best barbecue on the market today, and according to our research it is the Weber Classic Kettle, read our guide to find out more.

Weber Original Kettle E-5710 1

Best value for money

Weber Original Kettle E-5710

The best barbecue in 2021

The Weber Original Kettle E-5710 is the must-have charcoal grill! It has a cooking surface of 57 cm in diameter. Note the One-Touch system and the deeper ash catcher for easy cleaning.

183 £ on Amazon

The Weber Original Kettle E-5710 offers a 57 cm diameter cooking space that will allow you to cook for up to 12 people. This model has chrome plated steel grates and an enameled steel hearth and lid. This beautiful charcoal barbecue on a stand This beautiful free-standing charcoal grill can withstand the elements, extreme conditions and the ravages of time.

The Weber Original Kettle E-5710 is also convenient for afternoon barbecues. You can hang the barbecue utensils on the hooks on the handle of the charcoal barbecue. So you always have them at hand. The stainless steel One-Touch cleaning system of the Weber Original Kettle E-5710 barbecue will help you get rid of grease and ashes very easily.

Weber Compact Kettle 47 cm 2

Best inexpensive

Weber Compact Kettle 47 cm

The best entry-level barbecue

The Weber Compact Kettle is a great starting point for those who want a charcoal grill at a generally very competitive price. It is built on the same solid foundation as the other Weber Kettles.

63,92 £ on Amazon

The Weber Compact Kettle's 47cm diameter triple plate chrome cooking grid is a slightly thinner than the Original Kettle range. This probably means that the grill will not last as long, but will cook your steaks or roasts beautifully. The grill is not hinged. This means you have to pull the entire grill out to replenish the charcoal logs if the temperature drops too low.

The 2 aluminum charcoal baskets that come with the Weber Kettle Compact keep your hot logs or charcoal in place. Just like the Original Kettle, the centerpiece of the Compact Kettle charcoal grill is the one-touch cleaning system. With literally one touch, you move the lower vent handle left and right, which pushes the ashes down into the aluminum ash catcher.

Weber Genesis II E-310 3

Best high-end

Weber Genesis II E-310

The best high-end barbecue

The Weber Genesis II E-310 is for the experienced user. You'll appreciate the rugged construction and thoughtful design of this gas grill. It's built to last, easy to clean and has powerful burners.

719 £ on Boulanger

The Weber Genesis II E-310 is based on what the American brand calls the "GS4 high performance grilling system", which includes 3 propane burners. The main cooking area of the Genesis II E-310 consists of 2 porcelain-covered enameled cast iron grates with a total surface area of 68 x 48 cm. This cooking surface combines the exceptional build quality for which Weber is known with optimal heat retention to provide a superb grilling experience..

This gas grill takes about 8 min to reach a preheat temperature of 260 °C, but due to its construction, it maintains a high temperature using less energy than other models in the same price range. The Weber Genesis II E-310 is one of the few connected barbecues. Thanks to a dedicated app, it is possible to monitor your cooking wirelessly from a distance of up to 9 meters.

Tefal TG900812 4

Best electric

Tefal TG900812

The best portable electric barbecue

With the Tefal TG900812, grill your meats and vegetables indoors with nearly 70% less smoke. This model allows you to enjoy delicious grilled meats directly in your kitchen in all seasons.

92 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best barbecue

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The best barbecue in 2021

The best entry-level barbecue

The best high-end barbecue

The best portable electric barbecue

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Comparison table of the best barbecues

Weber Original Kettle E-5710 5
Weber Compact Kettle 47 cm 6
Weber Genesis II E-310 7
Tefal TG900812 8
Weber Original Kettle E-5710
Weber Compact Kettle 47 cm
Weber Genesis II E-310
Tefal TG900812
The Weber Original Kettle E-5710 is the must-have charcoal grill! It has a cooking surface of 57 cm in diameter. Note the One-Touch system and the deeper ash catcher for easy cleaning.
The Weber Compact Kettle is a great starting point for those who want a charcoal grill at a generally very competitive price. It is built on the same solid foundation as the other Weber Kettles.
The Weber Genesis II E-310 is for the experienced user. You'll appreciate the rugged construction and thoughtful design of this gas grill. It's built to last, easy to clean and has powerful burners.
With the Tefal TG900812, grill your meats and vegetables indoors with nearly 70% less smoke. This model allows you to enjoy delicious grilled meats directly in your kitchen in all seasons.
Cooking grid dimensions
57 cm diameter
47 cm diameter
68 x 48 cm
43.2 x 27.2 cm (L x W)
Cooking grid material
Chrome-plated steel
Plated steel
Enamelled steel cast iron
Nonstick coating
Bowl material
Enamelled steel
Enamelled steel
Aluminum cast iron
Fuel used
Cooking type
Grill, oven
Grill, oven
Grill, oven

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Buying guide - barbecue

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How to choose your barbecue

In addition to the type of cooking (coal, gas, or electricity) that we will discuss in a dedicated section, here are the criteria to take into account to choose your barbecue.

#1 - The dimensions

Where do you want to put your barbecue? How much space do you have? There are 4 main barbecue sizes:

  • Table barbecues, which are the smallest and often look like simple planchas. They are only available in an electric version and are the only barbecues suitable for use in apartments.
  • Portable barbecues, which are perfect for camping or for a balcony.
  • Classic barbecues, which are medium-sized and suitable for use on a terrace or in a garden.
  • Large barbecues, which are the equivalent of kitchen pianos. They can be either mobile or integrated into a solid structure.

Once you have chosen the type of BBQ that best suits the space you have, it is important to check the actual dimensions of the BBQ you want to buy.Indeed, barbecues are often bigger in real life than the impression they give in pictures. This is not a problem if you have a lot of space at home, but if you have a small terrace or a small garden, this is a consideration.

Also be aware that many barbecues have side shelves. If these shelves are removable, they are not always counted in the dimensions of the barbecue. Make sure to check this out or you might not be able to install the side shelves once you get home.

#2 - The cooking surface

In addition to the dimensions of the barbecue itself, it is important to also take into account the dimensions of the cooking surface. To keep it simple, count on a minimum of 250 cm2 per guest.

#3 - The cooking surface coating

The cooking surface is usually stainless steel, but this is not always the case. Here's a quick rundown of the different types of liners you can find:

  • Stainless steel: this is the classic coating. It does not rust, is very resistant and keeps the heat for a long time. But stainless steel is difficult to clean and can turn brown depending on the quality.
  • Porcelain : easy to maintain and can be cleaned cold.
  • Cast iron: retains heat particularly well. But can rust and is very sensitive to acidic foods like tomatoes.
  • Porcelain coated cast iron. This is the best of both worlds for heat management and maintenance. However, the lifespan of this lining is quite limited, as the porcelain layer is too thin and becomes easily brittle.

#4 - The design

The most important thing is to have a barbecue that is sturdy and stable enough. This is both better for cooking your food and better for obvious safety reasons. Other design elements that can be considered:

  • The lid should lift up completely (or be removed) to provide easy access to food and avoid the risk of burning.
  • The handle should be far enough away from the lid so that you don't get burned while using it.
  • The pan or walls should be thick enough to retain heat well.
  • The edges and corners should not be too protruding to avoid hurting yourself.
  • Wheels are a must on a classic or large barbecue. Make sure they are large enough not to sink into the grass in your garden.

Check the space between the grill and the coals. For charcoal barbecues, check that there is at least 10 cm between the grill and the coals to avoid grease sparks and the formation of carcinogens.

#5 - The structure of the barbecue

In addition to the grill coating, you should also consider the materials your BBQ is made of:

  • Aluminum is light, does not rust, and is easy to clean. It is not a good material for a cooking surface, but it is ideal for BBQ shelves.
  • Chrome steel is often used for entry-level shelves and barbecues. It cleans as easily as aluminum, but does not last as long.
  • Stainless steel has all the advantages of aluminum and chrome steel without the disadvantages. However, it is generally more expensive.
  • Cast iron is both cheap and durable, but rusts easily.

All BBQs eventually age. The beauty of aluminum and stainless steel is that instead of rusting, these materials will become beautifully colored in response to heat.

For charcoal barbecues

For charcoal BBQs, you also need to make sure:

  • That there is a good air flow and that it is easy to control (especially with adjustable openings).
  • That it is possible to adjust the height of the grill and/or the charcoal.
  • That it is easy to add charcoal, if possible without opening the lid.

For gas and electric barbecues

For gas and electric BBQs, the most important thing is to check that they are powerful enough.For gas BBQs, their power is expressed in BTUs. Divide the number of BTU by the total cooking surface. The BBQ must have a minimum of 15 BTU per cm².For electric BBQs, you need at least 2000 Watts to be able to sear the meat well enough.

What accessories to have for your barbecue

When you buy your barbecue, you should also consider buying a number of accessories and utensils to make your life easier. Whether they are made of wood, stainless steel or silicone, choose utensils with long, heat-resistant handles to avoid burns:

  • A pair of tongs, a spatula and a long-handled fork for handling food.
  • A potholder for handling dishes.
  • A wire brush to clean the barbecue grill.
  • Skewer picks for cooking cut-up vegetables and small pieces of meat.
  • A temperature probe to make sure your large pieces of meat are cooked exactly the way you want them.
  • Fire starters For lighting charcoal barbecues, opt for a fire starter, which is more efficient than matches. Some even have a flame adjuster and a childproof safety mechanism.

You can also purchase a number of useful, but more optional accessories such as a spit, a roasting pan, a plancha or a pizza stone.

Protect your barbecue

If you leave your BBQ outside after the season is over, it's important to protect it with a cover or tarp. If you don't have one, you can buy a cover for 30 to 100€ depending on the model or a simple tarp for about 20€.

The features

In addition to the selection criteria we mentioned at the beginning of this article, some features are welcome for all barbecues.

  • A temperature gauge integrated into the lid or body of the barbecue. Make sure it is placed where it is clearly visible.
  • Wheels to move the barbecue. If there are wheels on all the legs of the BBQ, check that there is a locking system so that the barbecue does not move when you use it.
  • Interior hooks and drawers to hang your tools, put your spices, store your utensils, etc.
  • Shelves or side shelves for a larger work surface.

Other features are specific to each type of barbecue. Here are the most important ones:

  • An easy to clean ashtray (charcoal BBQ) by simply opening a drawer.
  • A charcoal access door or drawer (charcoal BBQ) to easily reload the barbecue without removing the grill while cooking.
  • Several adjustable vents (charcoal BBQ) to precisely control the temperature of the barbecue.
  • A built-in smoker (charcoal BBQ) if you intend to smoke meat or fish.
  • A light (electric BBQ) for easy use at night.
  • A side burner (gas BBQ) on which you can prepare sauces or side dishes in a pan.
  • A rear burner (gas BBQ) for rotisseries, ideal for cooking chicken or meat pieces on a spit
  • A gas gauge (gas BBQ) so you know when to change the gas cylinder (if your BBQ does not have a gas gauge, you can purchase a separate one).

Check the strength of the side extensions

When you receive your barbecue, check the strength of the side extensions (shelves or racks). Remember, however, that it is normal for them to be less stable when they are removable or foldable.

Maintenance of the barbecue

Scrub the hot grill with a wire brush before and after cooking to remove any residue. Then, wipe the grill with a paper towel or an old tea towel soaked in oil.

Clean the pan and lid by scraping off excess grease, then cleaning with a sponge and soapfrom time to time. Empty the grease and water tray regularly to avoid overflow and flashover.

Empty the ash pan when the ashes are cold before re-firing.

Good to know

In a garden, ashes can be used as fertilizer (after sifting and burying), as a barrier to snails and slugs or in the compost, to raise the pH.

The different types of barbecues

There are 3 main types of barbecues that correspond to their cooking method: charcoal BBQs, gas BBQs and electric BBQs.

Other types of barbecues and grills exist, such as planchas, fixed stone barbecues, smokers, infrared grills and pellet BBQs. We will discuss them in dedicated articles.

The charcoal barbecue

The charcoal barbecue is a great classic. It seduces its users by the incomparable taste it gives to food and by its conviviality.

If it was still more rustic than other BBQs a few years ago, the situation has since changed. Modern charcoal BBQs are now equipped with many features that will make your life easier (integrated thermometer, trap door to add fuel during cooking, side shelves, etc.).

Since some municipalities prohibit the use of gas barbecues on apartment or condo balconies, charcoal barbecues can be an interesting alternative. It can be used outdoors only, but is not recommended for use in strong winds.

Their main advantage is that they offer an unmatched smoky taste, user-friendly cooking and are less expensive than other types of barbecue. They are also ideal for smoking food.

On the downside, there is a risk of burns (or even fire). Lighting and managing the embers can be complicated, and they take time to heat up (at least 40 min). Finally, this type of barbecue is very dirty and produces a lot of smoke.

The charcoal barbecue is ideal for those with a small budget and those who like to get together with friends or family. It is also a good choice if you want to have a BBQ on your balcony (in cities where the town hall forbids the use of a gas BBQ outside).

Reconciling taste and health

Cooking with charcoal meets all the conditions to cause the formation of harmful compounds, in particular benzopyrene (which is a carcinogen). To reconcile taste and health, it is advisable to set the grill at least 10 cm from the embers, to avoid any flames touching the food, and to minimize the fall of grease on the coal.

Gas barbecue

The gas barbecue is very easy to use: it allows instant lighting, quickly reaches the desired temperature, and the heating power is adjustable with a simple button. In short, everything works just like with a gas stove except that the BBQ has a grill, a lid and features specifically dedicated to grilling.

For the gas: a single 6 kg gas bottle lasts from 10 to 15 hours for a 2-burner barbecue. Propane is preferable to butane, which can freeze in winter. Gas barbecues are easy to light and to stop, and they heat up quickly. Not to mention the easy management of the cooking and its practicality. This type of barbecue is also very clean.

On the downside, gas barbecues do not have the smoky taste of a charcoal BBQ. They are also more bulky, heavier and more expensive than other types of BBQ. Moreover, the management of the gas bottle can be quite complicated: control of leaks, closing after use, replacement.

This type of barbecue is perfect for those who barbecue regularly and need a large device. It is the best type of barbecue to serve large groups (families, friends...) in the best conditions.

Check that this is allowed.

The use of a gas BBQ indoors (house or apartment) is both dangerous and often prohibited. Also, in some cities, the use of a gas BBQ on balconies is prohibited as well. So always check that you will be allowed to use your barbecue before you buy it.

The electric barbecue

These fuel-less barbecues have the advantage of being able to be used almost anywhere. They are the only ones that are allowed in most buildings whether indoors or outdoors (balcony, terrace...).

They are the best barbecues for your health: they cook the food by radiation and sometimes have a collecting tray (in which you just have to pour water) for the fats. As the grease and food juices fall into the water, no smoke or toxic fumes are generated.

Finally, barbecues also offer the widest range of sizes: from table barbecues to the largest barbecues. Not to mention that they are not messy and offer easy management of the cooking process.

Unfortunately, once again, they don't give the smoky taste of a charcoal BBQ and require a power outlet. This makes them quite cumbersome because of the cables and extension cords.

We advise you to choose an electric barbecue mainly if you live in an apartment or if you are looking for a small size model.

Gas or coal barbecue?

Gas barbecue

If you want to enjoy a good tasty grill, only a charcoal barbecue will produce the smoky taste we love so much! This type of barbecue is also appreciated for its durability. They generally last longer than gas barbecues because they have fewer small, fragile or removable parts.

Charcoal barbecue

If you are in a hurry, you should choose the gas barbecue. Indeed, it will be able to cook your grilled food quickly, whether it is vegetables or meat. Moreover, if you like to grill large pieces of meat, this is ideal. Note that opting for a gas barbecue means thinking about the environment since it reduces fumes.


Either one will do the trick if you want to cook vegetables. However, if you are in a hurry and prefer to eat large portions of meat, the gas barbecue is for you. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the good taste and atmosphere of a barbecue session, the charcoal barbecue is the best choice.

Why choose a barbecue?

A quality cooking

A barbecue is used in summer as well as in winter and most often outdoors. There are 3 types: gas, charcoal and electric. They all guarantee good cooking conditions while preserving the taste of your meat. The little extra of the charcoal barbecue is that it provides an excellent smoked taste.

Easy to use

Equipped with gas burners, the lighting of a gas barbecue is fast and instantaneous compared to a charcoal barbecue which takes a lot of time. It also distributes the heat evenly to ensure even cooking. In addition, it offers various useful features and is sometimes equipped with a storage or accessory holder.

Convivial moments guaranteed

The barbecue is the perfect ally to enjoy good moments of conviviality with friends, neighbors or family. It allows you to get closer to each other around good grilled food. It is installed in the garden and in the open air during the nice days to take advantage of the open air and the sun. Moreover, you can grill several varieties of food to satisfy everyone's cravings.

A practical design

A barbecue, whether gas, charcoal or electric, can be easily adapted to any environment, whether it is small or large. There are small models that can be placed on a table without being too bulky. There are also larger models with legs that will fit in your garden.

Easy to maintain

A barbecue is easy to maintain. All you need is a sponge, hot water and suitable products to clean the grill. For a charcoal barbecue, simply empty the ash tray. Once it is clean and dry, it is advisable to cover it with a cover to avoid the effects of bad weather.

The best brands of barbecues

In our opinion, the best brands of barbecues in 2022 are :


Of American origin, the Weber brand has been offering barbecues since the 1950s. It is the world leader in this market and manufactures innovative, ergonomic and resistant models. We especially appreciate its charcoal barbecues which all offer an excellent quality/price ratio.

Napoleon is one of the great barbecue brands along with Weber, Char-broil, broil king and the others. We particularly appreciate the ingenuity and technical quality of their products, as well as their finish.

Landmann is one of the leading barbecue brands and is active worldwide. With the marketing of Canadian barbecue appliances, the company's founders laid the foundation for the barbecue boom in Germany in 1966. This iconic brand makes excellent quality products.

Campingaz has over 70 years of experience. Although it is not a brand that specializes in barbecues, it makes good quality gas barbecues.

Tefal does not specialize in barbecues, quite the opposite. However, the brand does offer some interesting entry-level barbecue models and planchas. For the same price, their products are safer than obscure Chinese brands.

What is the price for a barbecue

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Season the meat before cooking

Mix salt, pepper, garlic powder and roasted onion in a bowl. Then sprinkle this mixture on your meat and let it sit for an hour before cooking. This way, your meat will be much tastier.

Make a beer marinade

The beer marinade will give your food more flavor. Take a 33 cl bottle of dark beer, 75 ml of olive oil, 6 chopped garlic cloves, some aromatic herbs and mix it all together. Then let your meat marinate in this mixture overnight, before grilling.

Remember to add wood to the coals

If you're using a charcoal grill and want to give your meat a smoky flavor, add a few small pieces of wood in addition to the charcoal. Beech wood, for example, is most commonly used to smoke food, but that doesn't mean you can't use another kind of wood.

Take the meat off the grill at the right time

Be aware that when you remove the meat from the grill, the heat remains trapped inside and continues to cook it. So, to avoid overcooking your meat, it is a good idea to remove it from the grill when it is not yet fully cooked.

Avoid turning your meat several times

During cooking, it is advisable to turn your meat only once. If you turn it over several times, it will lose its juices. So make sure you cook one side completely before turning to the other side.


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