The best gas barbecues in the UK 2023

Everyone loves an afternoon of grilling. Do as 76% of English people do and treat yourself to a plancha or a barbecue. Among the different models, the Alice's Garden Treville 6-burner gas barbecue is attracting more and more people thanks to its ease of use and efficiency. Practical, it offers a large cooking surface, 6 burners, 12.9 kW of power and an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

Campingaz Adelaide 3 burners 1

Best value for money

Campingaz Adelaide 3 burners

The best gas grill in 2021

The Campingaz Adelaide allows you to grill on the terrace or in the garden on a beautiful afternoon. This gas barbecue is distinguished by its simplicity and exceptional build quality.

223 £ on Amazon

The Campingaz Adelaide has 3 cast iron burners that offer independently adjustable heat. These burners are combined with a large cooking grid, also made of cast iron, which offers an excellent distribution and retention of heat over its entire surface for perfect cooking. For added convenience, this gas grill has a piezoelectric ignition. Note the flat steel lid that protects the cooking surface when not in use.

2 sturdy side tables are ideal for keeping plates or utensils handy while cooking. It's worth noting that the Campingaz Adelaide gas grill comes with a durable beechwood cart with a canvas screen that protects the propane tank from view and hands. The cart also incorporates 2 sturdy wheels that make it easy to move the barbecue around the garden.

Alice's Garden Aramis 2 burners 2

Best value for money

Alice's Garden Aramis 2 burners

The best entry-level gas grill

Alice's Garden is known for its excellent entry-level gas barbecues. With the Aramis, the brand offers an excellent 2-burner model. Not the most powerful, but very efficient!

63,99 £ on Amazon

With a steel frame and heat resistant paint, the Alice's Garden Aramis is a reliable and inexpensive gas grill. The two independently adjustable burners are made of stainless steel for maximum durability. Moreover, you can easily move this barbecue thanks to its 2 large wheels. And for storage, it doesn't take up much space.

This gas barbecue has an electronic piezo ignition. In order to cook the dishes at different temperatures, the cooking temperature is permanently adjustable. The Alice's Garden Aramis comes with an enamelled cooking grid and a warming rack on top. In addition, the bowl has a thermometer to regulate the temperature without having to open the lid. Finally, note the basket in front for accessories or spices.

Greaden Phénix 3

Best value for money

Greaden Phénix

The best high-end gas grill

The Greaden Phenix is a professional gas barbecue, ideal for grillers looking for a robust model with a large cooking surface. However, it is expensive.

575 £ on Amazon
Campingaz Class 2 LX Vario 4


Campingaz Class 2 LX Vario

The best alternative

With the Campingaz Class 2 LX Vario, you have enough space to grill for all your guests at a garden party. Space is the key word here.

195 £ on Amazon

On the 60 x 35 cm gas barbecue cooking surface you can prepare enough grilled food for 10 people at the same time. The 2 independent burners light up in no time thanks to the piezoelectric system. This means you no longer have to play with matches. The lid thermometer lets you monitor the temperature inside the grill while you prepare side dishes on the side tables.

When you're done grilling, fold up the side tables of the Campingaz Class 2 LX Vario and hang the barbecue accessories on the hooks. With the 2 large transport wheels at the bottom, you can easily transport this mid-range gas barbecue to the shed. Thanks to the lid thermometer, you can closely monitor the temperature inside the barbecue.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best gas barbecue

Any specific needs?

The best gas grill in 2021

The best entry-level gas grill

The best high-end gas grill

The best alternative

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Comparison table of the best gas barbecues

Campingaz Adelaide 3 burners 5
Alice's Garden Aramis 2 burners 6
Greaden Phénix 7
Campingaz Class 2 LX Vario 8
Campingaz Adelaide 3 burners
Alice's Garden Aramis 2 burners
Greaden Phénix
Campingaz Class 2 LX Vario
The Campingaz Adelaide allows you to grill on the terrace or in the garden on a beautiful afternoon. This gas barbecue is distinguished by its simplicity and exceptional build quality.
Alice's Garden is known for its excellent entry-level gas barbecues. With the Aramis, the brand offers an excellent 2-burner model. Not the most powerful, but very efficient!
The Greaden Phenix is a professional gas barbecue, ideal for grillers looking for a robust model with a large cooking surface. However, it is expensive.
With the Campingaz Class 2 LX Vario, you have enough space to grill for all your guests at a garden party. Space is the key word here.
Cooking area (L x W)
60 x 46 cm
47 x 40 cm
70 x 45 cm
60 x 35 cm
Number of burners
4 + 1
14 kW
5.5 kW
14 kW
7.5 kW
Stability and ease of movement
Gas consumption
1019 g/h
393 g/h
815 g/h
546 g/h

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Buying guide - gas barbecue

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How to choose your gas barbecue

#1 - The number of burners

For uniform cooking, specialists recommend appliances with 4 burners. The example of a rib of beef with indirect cooking helps to justify this choice. Indeed, by putting the 2 central burners at low heat and the 2 side burners at maximum, both sides of the meat will be better cooked. This result will not be the case with a 2-burner barbecue, as one side will be more cooked.

#2 - The cooking surface

Get to know the cooking surface of the gas barbecue you are interested in. Especially if you're used to entertaining a lot of people. This is because a large cooking surface allows you to grill huge amounts of meat and will save time. A small family might be satisfied with 1,600 cm², while 10 people would need 2,500 to 3,000 cm². Beyond that, opt for a 3,500 cm² cooking surface.

#3 - The materials used

Quality gas barbecues have an enameled steel or stainless steel frame and body. The grill is often made of cast aluminum or enameled cast steel. Most wheeled models have a special compartment with doors. Make sure that the doors are sturdy enough and will not bend when hit. If possible, buy a gas grill with heat-resistant paint.

The handles

Apart from the portable versions, few gas barbecues are equipped with handles. However, they work together with the wheels to make it easier to move the appliance, which often weighs over 30 kg.

#4 - The size and weight of the barbecue


customary to barbecue in the backyard, which is why it's a good idea to choose a lightweight unit that's easy to move

. Some high-end barbecues weigh 50 kg or more. It is rare to find a mobile barbecue with a handle to make it easier to move. And after use, you have to take the device back to the garage to store it. So choose a model that isn't too heavy or bulky.

#5 - The grill

Avoid barbecues with porcelain-coated steel grates. Their fragility will cause you many problems. Indeed, simple temperature variations are enough to tear them apart. The best choices are enamelled steel, enamelled cast iron or cast aluminium grates. They are exceptionally strong and rust resistant. Grills made from these materials are easier to clean.

#6 - The price

Gas grills are expensive. Often you'll have to buy the hose and regulator, as they are not included. Not to mention the propane, butane or LPG tank. These appliances are intended for long-term use. There is no need to buy a high-end model with more than 4 burners if you are mainly grilling for 4 or 6 people. Besides, the brand of a gas grill directly affects its price.

#7 - The accessories

Other than the burners and cooking grates, you need to consider a number of accessories. Starting with the gas cylinder. Sometimes manufacturers provide the regulator and gas hose, but this is rare. In addition, electric piezo ignition should be a priority. And make sure there is a knob and a thermometer to control the temperature. Some gas barbecues have LED illuminated controls, which are useful after dark. The gas gauge is also useful, as is the sliding tray for easy bottle changes. Finally, there are dual fuel valves for conversion to natural gas. They allow you to connect your barbecue to your home's gas line.

How to use a gas barbecue properly?

The best gas barbecues 9

Preparations before lighting

If your barbecue is new and you are using it for the first time, read the instructions carefully. The layout of the grills and the main safety rules are described there. In addition, install the appliance on a flat, stable, ventilated surface, 1 m away from any flammable substance. Good to know, use a gas barbecue only outdoors. And avoid tampering with it!

If the appliance has already been used, but has been stored for months, make a few checks. Make sure there are no leaks by applying a soap and water mixture to the valve and gas tank. Inspect the burners and hoses, and replace them if they are worn. Then, clean the barbecue of insects and other debris. Finally, check the drain covers and grease trap.

Lighting the gas barbecue

Place the barbecue in the shade. Open the lid, the valves and finally the burners. Note thatyou should never move a lit barbecue, especially when food is cooking on it. Also, avoid lighting in strong winds. And if the fire goes out, close the burners and the cylinder valve. Wait 15 minutes before lighting again.

Turning off the gas barbecue

After use, turn off the gas barbecue. As with lighting, there are safety rules to follow. First of all, follow the order of shutting down: turn off the gas cylinder pressure regulator and then the burner. Close the lid only when the grill has cooled down. Clean the appliance regularly. Store the appliance in a place protected from the weather, 3 m away from any heat source.

Keep children away

Gas is a highly flammable, even explosive product. Keep your children away from your gas barbecue, especially when it's in use. And always check the connections before each use to make sure children haven't played with them.

How to clean a gas barbecue?

Dismantle the cooking elements

After each use, the gas barbecue must be cleaned. For those who are not so regular, this will be at the end of the summer, when the appliance is put away. To do this, wait until the cooking grates have cooled down completely and the valve or gas line is closed. Remove the grates, heat shields and grease trap. Fill a few buckets with warm water and pour in dishwashing liquid. Soak the cooking elements in the water.

Clean the various elements and clean with water.

After soaking, loosen debris and dirt from the gaps in the grates with a clean cloth. Treat any hard, burnt material with a wire brush. Clean the grease trap with a cloth or sponge. After cleaning, place the cooking elements in the open air to dry. Then put it back in place and store it away from moisture and dust. The more you clean, the longer it will last.

The coating and the structure

To save time when cleaning, choose a gas barbecue with a stainless steel or enamelled steel structure and coating. The former offers great resistance to heat and corrosion, but is expensive. The latter is more affordable but also more fragile. However, enamelled steel rusts less than the entry-level cast iron.

The different types of gas barbecues

The price and the cooking surface of a gas barbecue often depend on its size. Also, we can distinguish on the market 2 types of devices.

Mobile gas barbecues

Most gas barbecues are of this type. They are large cooking appliances, weighing at least 25 kg. The weight of the top models can reach 50 kg, some even 100 kg. The mobile barbecues get their name from the presence of 2 wheels allowing them to be moved. These appliances can be stored in a garage and usually have a folding tray on each side for ingredients and tools.


  • Large cooking surface
  • Smoking function for some models
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Many accessories

Disadvantages :

  • Price is often high
  • Heavy weight

Who is it for?

If you like to grill in the garden or on the terrace, the mobile gas barbecue is the ideal choice. Choose the number of burners based on your guests or family size.

Portable gas barbecues

Many users take their barbecue with them on camping or picnics. If the model in question is a mobile barbecue, not only will it be bulky, but the vagaries of the road could damage it. So manufacturers have come up with portable gas barbecues. These are a smaller version of the mobile gas barbecues, with a nozzle for small gas bottles. They also have 2 smaller side trays.


  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Incorporate most of the options found on mobile gas barbecues
  • More affordable price

Disadvantages :

  • Reduced cooking surface
  • Low autonomy because only adapted to small gas bottles

Who is it for?

Portable gas barbecues are perfect if you are used to camping or picnicking. Those who have a small family can also use it for grilling at home.

Grill or griddle?

Most gas barbecues have stainless steel or enamelled cast iron grills on which the food cooks. Some models use a flat top as a cooking surface. This is more like a hotplate. It provides even heat and can grill huge amounts of meat quickly.

Butane or propane gas for the barbecue?


In most cases, the gas barbecue draws its heat from propane. This is a refined by-product of natural gas. Propane cylinders are commercially available and can be attached to the barbecue with a hose and a regulator or nozzle. Be sure to always secure the nozzle to the receptacle on the grill to avoid propane leaks and harmful emissions.

Natural gas

Many homes are connected to a natural gas line. You can use it to fuel your barbecue via a special valve. This will save you money on gas bottles. There are also butane gas cylinders available on the market. Some appliances even run on LPG or liquefied petroleum gas. Finally, there are conversion kits to quickly switch from natural gas to propane.


Using the right fuel for a gas barbecue will depend primarily on the appliance. However, using butane is much more economical if your home is already connected to natural gas.

Do the right thing

Be careful when storing propane cylinders. Always keep them in an upright position. And keep spare cylinders away from a running barbecue.

Why buy a gas barbecue?

Cooking quality

We won't lie to you. Charcoal grills are unmatched in terms of taste. But over the years, the gas grill has come a lot closer to its charcoal counterpart in this regard. In addition, the gas model offersuniform cooking, whereas the charcoal must be constantly monitored to avoid burning the meat. Finally, the gas barbecue often has a dial to control the temperature. Something you can never do with a charcoal barbecue.

Simple and clean lighting

The success of gas barbecues also lies in the ease of ignition. Whether you use an electronic piezo system or a manual lighter, it only takes a few seconds. With a charcoal barbecue, you'll have at least 10 minutes to do it, much more if the fire refuses to take! Moreover, handling charcoal or wood pellets is very messy. And if you think you can avoid this problem with an electric barbecue, the problem of connection will arise and the lack of power will make you change your mind.

Convenience of use

The gas barbecue doesn't require much effort to cook good food. It is agood compromise between heating power and speed of ignition. For all these reasons, it offers increased comfort to the user. For more convenience, there are different types, adapted to the needs and requirements of users. There are fixed, mobile and portable models.

Good for your health

Since there is no risk of charring your meat or having raw parts in the middle with charred corners, the gas barbecue gives a healthier and more delicious result. Moreover, itgives off less smoke, unlike the charcoal barbecue. Beyond satisfying your taste buds and keeping you clean, the gas barbecue also preserves your health.

Use in apartments

For obvious safety reasons, do not use a gas barbecue if you live in an apartment. An electric model is ideal, whether you're grilling on the patio or indoors. This type of device does not explode or cause fires. Plus, it emits little smoke.

The best brands of gas barbecues

In our opinion, the best brands of gas barbecues in 2022 are :

Alice's Garden

This brand is specialized in the manufacture of outdoor equipment. The common point between all its products is their affordable price. These include barbecues, garden furniture, trampolines, umbrellas, Christmas decorations, outdoor rugs, garden sheds and inflatable spas. The most famous Alice's Garden gas barbecues are the Athos and the Treville.

Weber specializes in the manufacture of barbecues. It offers charcoal, gas and electric models. The world-renowned American brand marketed its first charcoal barbecue, the Original Kettle, in 1952. The first gas Kettle appeared in 1972. Good to know, Weber is positioned on the top of the range.

As its name indicates, Campingaz manufactures only gas barbecues. Its appliances are mostly high-end. Over the years, the French brand has diversified. It now offers other products such as stoves, lamps, inflatable mattresses, water bottles, coolers... Campingaz guarantees all its barbecues for 2 years.

It's no surprise to see Klarstein in this ranking. The German brand does a little bit of everything, from air conditioners to refrigerators, wine cellars, fans, food processors, dishwashers, ovens, barbecues or even sous vide cookers. Klarstein always tries to offer quality products that are accessible to the greatest number of people.

Greaden is a more discreet brand than the others present in this section. Yet it offers very interesting products. In particular, it manufactures heated umbrellas, garden furniture, tents, trampolines, lighting and of course barbecues. Note that these devices are high-end, but Greaden also has a cheap brand called Essencie.

What is the price for a gas barbecue

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Preheat your grill.

Most gas barbecues work by lighting one burner to start the gas, then pressing the ignition button to create a flame. Once the heat is on, light the other burners as needed. Preheat for about 10 minutes or until the grill is hot enough for indirect cooking.

Prepare your grill.


you have preheated the unit, use a wire brush to scrape off any dough left over from the previous baking. Lightly oil the grates to prevent food from sticking to the surface. Use a high smoke point oil such as canola or peanut oil.

Keep your grill clean.


you're working with a grill that isn't cleaned regularly, leftover grease and bits of food from your last grilling will flare up as soon as you light the fire. You'll also get a lot of smoke as the leftover food stuck to the grill burns. The flare-ups will burn the outside of the food and the smoke will give a bad taste.

Heat and sugar.

Sugar burns easily, so don't use too many sauces containing sugar, you'll burn or blacken your grilled food. Keep your cooking temperature below 130°C to avoid charring. It may take much longer to cook, but it will ensure a successful result.

Watch your grill.


make your grilling successful, don't walk away from your grill. Especially if you are preparing burgers, chops or steaks, which are usually cooked very quickly at a high temperature. Do all your prep work before you put the food on the grill and keep an eye on what you're grilling.

Cook carefully to retain flavor.


avoid losing excess juices from your food, turn it over with tongs. Using a fork will draw out the juices from your meat. Also, never press on the food, this will draw out the juices and flavor. Flip once per cooking session or it will result in uneven cooking.

Introduce an indirect grilling method.


larger pieces of meat like a rib roast, it makes sense to use the indirect method of grilling. You can do this by placing your food on an unlit or lit burner. For those who like to peek under the hood, remember that when you lift the lid, you add 5 to 10 minutes to the overall cooking time.

Let your meat rest.


cooking, let your food rest before serving. Meat, fish and poultry will continue to cook even after you remove it from the grill. Resting allows the cooking to finish and distribute the flavor evenly.


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Campingaz Adelaide 3 burners
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