The best eccentric sanders in the UK 2023

Hobbyists, woodworkers and carpenters, get an eccentric sander to complete your DIY arsenal. Equipped with a circular abrasive and capable of working on wood, metal or PVC, this technological jewel gets rid of roughness to smooth, brush, polish and strip the surface to perfection. Electric or pneumatic? Here are our tips for finding the perfect eccentric sander!

Bosch PEX 400 AE

Editor's Choice

Bosch PEX 400 AE

The best eccentric sander in 2021

This corded electric sander delivers 350 W and comes with a practical storage case. In addition, you will receive a set of 25 sanding sheets with grits from 80 to 140.

97,12 £ on Amazon

Whether you plan to grind or polish wood, plastic, metal, varnish or putty, this Bosch PEX 400 AE eccentric sander will be your best friend. It adapts to all surfaces, flat or curved. One of the most powerful of the brand, this model guarantees a remarkable finish while offering you the highest abrasion capacity.

The Bosch PEX 400 AE is both robust and powerful. It has a 350 W motor and is very discreet thanks to its compactness. The additional handle makes it easy to hold. This simplifies the work to be done. Your work surface will remain clean since the device is equipped with an efficient micro-filter vacuum mechanism. In addition to the electric sander, you will also receive a storage box, G 80 sanding paper and 25 additional pieces of 80-140/125 mm sanding paper.

Einhell TC-PE 150

Best cheapest

Einhell TC-PE 150

The best entry-level eccentric sander

Equipped with a 150 mm diameter plate, this pneumatic model is very well suited for small sanding jobs. In addition to its affordable price, it also easily reaches all corners.

38,65 £ on Amazon

This compressed air eccentric sander has nothing to envy of the electric models. Indeed, it can perfectly accomplish a large number of tasks such as sanding and smoothing. Thanks to its lightness, it will accompany you everywhere: in your garage, in your workshop or for renovation work in your house. Note that the self-gripping strip gives you the possibility to change the sanding paper in no time.

Suitable for different types of surfaces such as wood, plastic or metal, the Einhell TC-PE 150 is equipped with a sanding disc with a diameter of 150 mm. You will also have a variable speed control that you can adjust via a lever. The anti-vibration handle, for its part, ensures better comfort of use. It's a pity that it doesn't have a vacuum system. However, it is interesting to know that a suction cup or vacuum cleaner can be connected to it using its adapter.

Menzer ETS 150 2.5

Best high-end

Menzer ETS 150 2.5

The best high-end eccentric sander

The Menzer ETS 150 2.5 is low noise and requires no major maintenance on your part. It is equipped with a powerful 350 W motor which allows it to offer a sanding stroke of 2.5 mm.

175 £ on Amazon
Makita DBO180Z


Makita DBO180Z

The best cordless eccentric sander

The Makita DBO180Z stands out for its great maneuverability and compact design. It easily reaches all difficult places and promises optimal freedom of movement.

79,63 £ on Amazon

The Makita DBO180Z measures only 17.5 x 12.3 x 15.3 cm and weighs 1.4 kg. This compact profile, combined with a low center of gravity and a handle with a soft-grip coating, makes it easy to hold. Its best asset compared to a corded eccentric sander model is that it reaches all inaccessible areas without difficulty. Helping you to work in the best comfort and in the position that suits you best is the main objective of this model.

This cordless orbital sander has 3 precisely adjustable speeds. At speed 1, the number of oscillations goes up to 7000 rpm. Speed 2 offers 9500 rpm while the3rd speed goes well over 10,000 rpm. The tool is sold alone, but it is compatible with the BL1830 and BL1840 batteries.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best eccentric sander

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The best eccentric sander in 2021

The best entry-level eccentric sander

The best high-end eccentric sander

The best cordless eccentric sander

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Comparison table of the best eccentric sanders

Bosch PEX 400 AE
Einhell TC-PE 150
Menzer ETS 150 2.5
Makita DBO180Z
Bosch PEX 400 AE
Einhell TC-PE 150
Menzer ETS 150 2.5
Makita DBO180Z
This corded electric sander delivers 350 W and comes with a practical storage case. In addition, you will receive a set of 25 sanding sheets with grits from 80 to 140.
Equipped with a 150 mm diameter plate, this pneumatic model is very well suited for small sanding jobs. In addition to its affordable price, it also easily reaches all corners.
The Menzer ETS 150 2.5 is low noise and requires no major maintenance on your part. It is equipped with a powerful 350 W motor which allows it to offer a sanding stroke of 2.5 mm.
The Makita DBO180Z stands out for its great maneuverability and compact design. It easily reaches all difficult places and promises optimal freedom of movement.
Power supply type
Compressed air
Lithium-ion battery
Built-in dust collector
Power rating
350 W
350 W
Platen diameter
75 mm
150 mm
150 mm
125 mm
Swing speed
4,000 to 21,200 rpm
10,500 rpm
4,000 to 10,000 rpm
7,000 to 11,000 rpm

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Buying guide - eccentric sander

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How to choose your eccentric sander

Whether you're stripping, roughing, polishing, sanding or buffing a surface, an eccentric sander is not something you choose on a whim. In order to target the ideal model, taking into account the criteria below could certainly be useful.
choisir ponceuse excentrique

#1 - Power supply

The eccentric sander can be powered in different ways: electric (corded and cordless) or pneumatic. If you are looking for performance, we advise you to choose a corded model. This one promises unlimited autonomy, but its range of action remains limited because of the length of the power cord.

Handymen who prefer mobility will opt for a cordless sander, which is more manageable and very practical. Often, the battery is not included in the purchase. You must therefore purchase it separately. Finally, the pneumatic sander is adapted to the needs of professionals. It resists to perfection to intensive uses.

#2 - Power output

The choice of the power of an eccentric sander is made according to the extent of the work to be done and the practicality sought. In the corded version, it ranges from 350 to 500 W. The cordless models are designed to be coupled with 14 to 18 V batteries (3 to 6 Ah). Despite their limited autonomy and their lower power, we must admit that they are exceptionally flexible and ergonomic.

If you want to benefit from a correct power, bet on a battery being able to generate 2,5 Ah at least. In most cases, these batteries are also suitable for other DIY tools such as jigsaws, drills, or grinders.

#3 - Platter diameter

Like power, this criterion depends on the scope of the work. The most common platens measure 125, 150 and 225 millimeters. However, you can find smaller sizes, either 90 or 115 millimeters. The latter are especially appreciated when processing a smaller area to be more efficient. Just keep in mind that the larger the diameter of the plate, the more time you will save and the fewer passes you will have to make.

#4 - Spindle speed

The rotation speed varies from 4,000 to more than 20,000 rpm, with an average of 10,000 rpm. Thanks to it, you will be able to adapt the oscillation of the plate as well as the abrasive paper used according to the type of surface to be worked. To be more precise, you should know that a slow speed is ideal for materials that tend to be more sensitive to heat. Finishes and resistant materials, on the other hand, are compatible with a fast speed.

#5 - Comfort options

Many additional features can be included to ensure a high level of comfort in use. Depending on your case and your needs, it might be essential to look at these few parameters:

  • Noise level : the average is around 85 dB.
  • The dust collection tray and the vacuum system : the tray may already be integrated in the device or you may need to install a dust collection bag. For the vacuum mechanism, you can choose between the integrated model and the one that requires the connection of a vacuum cleaner.
  • The handle : with two handles, the eccentric sander offers greater stability despite the vibrations emitted.
  • The speed variator : the speed variator is imperative if you want to do both roughing and finishing with the same machine.
  • The anti-vibration system : allows a good comfort of use.
  • The motor coal : you should know that the models without coal consume very little energy. They are durable, but expensive.


It influences the ease of handling of the appliance. Make sure that the weight of the chosen model does not exceed 2.5 kg.

Operation and Maintenance of an Eccentric Sander

principale ponceuse excentrique

The eccentric sander is easily recognized by its rotating and oscillating sanding disc. It is both light and easy to handle compared to other styles of sanders today. Depending on the weight of the device, you can even work at height. But how does an orbital sander actually work and how do you maintain it properly?

How it works

The tool turns and vibrates simultaneously. The base, usually round, holds the sanding disc which produces friction effects when the sander is running. The rotary movements of the plate ensure the sanding of the material (wood, metal, plastic, plaster, glass ...). This plate will be connected to the motor shaft via a ball bearing. The latter, in turn, is placed on a central plate equipped with fins.

The centrifugal force, finding its place at the time of the starting of the apparatus, produces the speed of operation. These phenomena drive the spiral stroke of the eccentric sander while providing the assurance of a clean and precise work. In addition, a good choice of sanding paper is required depending on the material to be sanded.

Maintenance steps

Maintaining your eccentric sander is essential to ensure its longevity. However, the process can be more complex and requires you to spend a little more time on it.

Like a cutting tool, the dust produced can get inside the eccentric sander. Therefore, a quick cleaning is essential, if not mandatory, after each use. Start by removing the platen. Use a blower to get rid of the material residue on the wings. Do the same with the ventilation conditions. Note that if you do not clean in this area, the motor of your unit could easily overheat. A few strokes with a brush or a clean microfiber cloth will suffice for the rest of the device.

Preferably, never apply grease or other products with an oily texture. These tend to retain dust and have the opposite effect, which would be disastrous.

The different types of eccentric sanders

Currently, there are two main categories of eccentric sanders: the electric models and the pneumatic ones. We will give you more details to better guide your choice.

Electric eccentric sander

Ponceuse excentrique électrique

The electric eccentric sander seems to be the most popular model among DIYers. As the name suggests, it runs exclusively on electricity. It is equipped with a motor that allows the base to rotate or oscillate. Depending on the model and the brand chosen, the power of the motor varies between 300 and 800 W. The speed of the work is particularly dependent on this power.

As with other appliances equipped with an electric motor, the eccentric sander is not immune to the risk of overheating. This is often the case with those running at full speed for too long.

  • Wired : With its high power, this type of model requires a power cable to function properly. The only drawback is that you must stand near a power outlet when using it or use an extension cord. The corded eccentric sander is quite bulky, but lightweight.
  • Cordless : With such a tool, you can move around freely without the constraint imposed by electrical wires. Nevertheless, the autonomy of this eccentric sander is rather limited. A backup battery should therefore be provided.

Pneumatic eccentric sander

Ponceuse excentrique pneumatique

Unlike the electric model, the pneumatic eccentric sander works only with compressed air. The fact that it does not overheat at any time is one of its best features. It is the ideal type of eccentric sander if you plan to use it intensively. The higher the power of the air compressor, the better the tool works the material.

Note, however, that an air compressor is required to use this equipment. If you want mobility, for example, to access difficult areas, the pneumatic eccentric sander is not recommended.

Eccentric or orbital sander?

Eccentric sander

The eccentric sander is equipped with a round rotating sanding plate. It generates a circular motion and at the same time can oscillate to be more efficient. The device can work on all types of materials, be it wood, plastic, metal and is also capable of sanding bodywork. It perfectly reproduces the movements that you can perform when working by hand, but without the fatigue.

By taking advantage of the round shape of its plate, you can easily tackle convex surfaces. This type of model, like the belt sander, is suitable for large-scale work, ranging from classic sanding and roughing to finishing work.

Orbital sander

The orbital sander allows you to do coarse sanding as well as semi-finishing. It is equipped with a circular sanding plate that rotates under the action of the electric motor. The diameters of this plate can differ depending on the model and the type of work to be done. The orbital tool takes into account both the polishing foam and the polishing skin to complete its mission. There, it will have the ability to convert into a polisher or a buffing machine.

If you use it with ultra-fine grit sandpaper, the orbital sander will help you achieve various degrees of finish. It should be noted that this tool is relatively easy to handle and light, making it easy to work on different types of surfaces.


We sometimes tend to put these two tools in the same basket, but they have many differences in terms of operation. The eccentric sander performs rotations to which it adds oscillation movements in order to limit the appearance of scratches on the treated surface. The orbital sander, on the other hand, moves in circular motions in a predictable manner.

So if you want to get a good finish, choose an eccentric sander. The movements are random, which greatly reduces the risk of scratching. The orbital sander, on the other hand, was not designed to give the best finish, but is very suitable for corner sanding jobs.

Why buy an eccentric sander?

pourquoi acheter ponceuse excentrique

Ideal for curved surfaces

The eccentric sander differs from other types of sanders in the way it operates. It accomplishes sanding, polishing and buffing by coupling rotational and oscillating movements. This means that the tool is more suitable for treating curved, convex and non-flat surfaces.

More efficient

Unlike the triangular sander, the eccentric sander, with its round sanding disc and plate, can easily tackle any surface, large or small. Its performance does not diminish at all despite its compact size and light weight. These are even significant advantages that will increase its comfort of use.

Excellent versatility

The major advantage of the eccentric sander lies in its versatility. With such a device, you can do roughing work or finish, polish, buff and sand. Of course, you can adapt the sanding disc to the activity you want to perform, as well as the speed of rotation and oscillation.

Easy to handle

The eccentric sander can have one or two handles. No matter which style you choose, the unit has an unmistakable ease of grip. This little extra allows you to better manage the level of pressure on the tool. The palm sander (with one handle) is light and compact. It is recommended for finishing and semi-finishing.

Easy to use

This device usually comes with instructions for use. Be sure to read the instructions before you start working on a given surface to avoid damaging it. It is worth mentioning that even if the DIY tool is not recommended for sanding wet material, it is still easy to use. Once the sanding disc has been chosen and installed, simply start the sander in the air and start gently on the material. If the material is sensitive, we advise you to start directly while increasing the speed gradually.

The best brands of eccentric sanders

In our opinion, the best brands of eccentric sanders in 2022 are :

Black & Decker

Talking about DIY tools without mentioning the Bosch brand is totally impossible. The German firm, founded in 1886, is the market leader in this field and is highly appreciated by French DIYers and building experts. Eccentric sanders are among its best-selling items due to their performance and sturdiness.

Behind Bosch, there is also the Makita brand, the specialist in tools for DIY and gardening. The Japanese company is established in more than a hundred countries around the world. It is one of the most popular brands among professionals. Its range of products is aimed primarily at the general public. For this reason, its powerful appliances, such as its eccentric sanders, are sold at reasonable prices.

DeWalt was founded in 1924. It is a subsidiary of the giant Black&Decker. The brand enjoys a world-class reputation thanks to the quality of its power tools, which are as efficient as they are reliable. As for its eccentric sanders, you will really be seduced by their ergonomics and comfortable grip.

A must-have, this giant has conquered the DIY tool market since its creation in 1910. Black & Decker's handheld power tools stand out mainly for their unparalleled reliability and sturdiness. Always in search of innovation, the brand focuses more on the ergonomics and performance of its products in order to fully satisfy its customers.

This Japanese brand is not left out. It has managed to make a place for itself among the biggest leaders of the moment thanks to its well-made power tools. Its goal? To target in particular a clientele with a tight budget that wishes to enjoy the advantages of a high-performance DIY device. Buying a Ryobi eccentric sander will save you time and money.

What is the price for an eccentric sander

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 175 £
more than 175 £
Price range diagram


Choose the right type of sanding discs for the job

It is possible to use different types of abrasive discs depending on the work to be done. The eccentric sander being versatile, you have the choice between :

  • The sanding disc : the most classic, the sanding paper is suitable for work on wood. The coarse grits help you achieve a coarse sanding while the small grits offer a perfect finish.
  • The foam disc : is mainly used for polishing work.
  • The polishing disc : ideal for furniture and floors.

Test the eccentric sander before each use

Once the sanding paper is securely in place, start your eccentric sander, place it at a right angle on a small area of the material and set it to low speed. Proceed to control the speed according to the result you wish to obtain. Increase the speed if necessary for a clean finish. If the vibration seems too strong, turn off the machine immediately and find the source of the problem.

Work in a safe, clean area

Before you start, make sure your working environment is as clean as possible. Remove anything that might be cluttering it. Even if the eccentric sander already has a vacuum system and a dust collection tray, always have a rag or small brush nearby to clean up residue. Don't hesitate to keep your children away and work in a place far from any source of flame.

Don't forget the safety guards

Projectiles and material residues can cause disastrous consequences on your eyes and face. Also, too much noise will damage your ear canal. And since prevention is better than cure, wear protective equipment when using an eccentric sander: goggles, earmuffs and a respirator.

Take breaks from time to time

You may be working with a large area of wood, glass, plastic or metal. The repeated movements associated with the effect of vibration are not always good for your joints. In the event you feel any pain or discomfort in your hands and wrists, take a break.


How to use an eccentric sander? What is the difference between eccentric and orbital sanders?

Yes, it is! The eccentric sander is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to do different types of work. You just need to install a polishing disc, which is more appropriate for this activity (polishing a body, a floor...). Among the types of discs currently available, we have the models made of sheep wool, felt or polishing sponge.

According to thework to be performed, choose the abrasive paper most suitable for the material to be worked and attach it to the plate. Take the eccentric sander in your hands and turn it on. Place the unit on the surface and test it. If it works for you, use light circular motions. Don't press too hard, and adjust the speed to the desired renderings.

Visually, there is no difference between the eccentric and orbital sander. It's how they work that is their biggest dissimilarity. Indeed, the latter is content with a circular rotary motion, where the former adds oscillating movements for more satisfactory results.

Whether you use it for precision work, stripping, finishing or polishing, the power of the eccentric sander must accommodate it. As a general rule, it should not be less than 200 W. A maximum power of 300 W is perfect for simple finishing. Also, if you want to strip the material, look for a powerful sander.


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Bosch PEX 400 AE
Bosch PEX 400 AE
Einhell TC-PE 150
Einhell TC-PE 150
Menzer ETS 150 2.5
Menzer ETS 150 2.5
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Makita DBO180Z


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