The best compression stockings for men in the UK 2023

More than 18 million English people, 26% of whom are men, suffer from circulatory problems that often lead to swelling, tingling, reddish spots, etc. in the lower limbs. In these cases, wearing compression garments is the best option. If you are one of them, refer to our guide of the best compression stockings for men.

Danish Endurance Noir charbon

Best value for money

Danish Endurance black coal

Best men's support stockings in 2021

The Danish Endurance Carbon Black support stockings for men allow you to wear them comfortably in all circumstances. Note that they are Oeko-Tex certified.

19,16 £ on Amazon

Composed of 45% prolen and 44% polyamides, the Danish Endurance support stockings in charcoal black are mainly recommended in case of venous problems. The seams are only on the feet, which makes them quite soft. You will surely appreciate the ease with which you will put them on your legs. The compression effect is felt immediately.

Moreover, these compression stockings are available in sizes 39 to 47 and 12 colors. They can be worn during your sports sessions as well as during your professional or personal trips. Even after several hours, the Danish Endurance black charcoal do not cause pain or swelling.

Physix Gear Sport Black Blue

Best low cost

Physix Gear Sport black blue

Best entry-level support stockings for men

Physix Gear Sport black blue combines therapeutic effectiveness and aesthetics to perfection. They are suitable for both men and women (pregnant or not).

9,57 £ on Amazon

This is a pair of comfortable sleeves for men and women. Wearable in all seasons, the Physix Gear Sport black blue is a surefire way to relieve calf pain and muscle recovery. These compression socks can also prevent numbness, heavy legs and other conditions related to poor circulation.

Whether you're a frequent flyer or an athlete, you'll want to take advantage of the regulated compression technology offered by Physix Gear Sport black blue compression stockings. Sure, putting them on the first time can be tricky, but that only proves their effectiveness. Neither the seams nor the fabric will cause any discomfort.

Vitasox 444514

Best high end

Vitasox 444514

Best high-end support stockings

Vitasox 444514 will be essential if you want to improve your blood circulation or if you feel the first signs of venous insufficiency.

33,28 £ on Amazon
Cambivo NS54


Cambivo NS54

Best open-feet support stockings for men

Cambivo NS54 prevent and relieve plantar fasciitis, heavy legs, deep vein thrombosis and swollen ankles.

14,39 £ on Amazon

Cambivo NS54 are designed for athletes (running, basketball, soccer...) who want to improve their muscle recovery and sometimes their physical performance. Those who tend to work in a standing position will also find their account there. Lightweight, breathable and elastic, these compression stockings for men keep feet dry even when sweating.

The non-slip material used in their manufacture prevents slipping, so that they can be worn with open feet. The feet are optimally molded, which increases the compression effect especially in the Achilles tendon. Available in a variety of colors, the Cambivo NS54s have a rather original design, leaving the toes exposed.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best compression stockings for men

Any specific needs?

Best men's support stockings in 2021

Best entry-level support stockings for men

Best high-end support stockings

Best open-feet support stockings for men

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Comparison table of the best compression stockings for men

Danish Endurance Noir charbon
Physix Gear Sport Black Blue
Vitasox 444514
Cambivo NS54
Danish Endurance black coal
Physix Gear Sport black blue
Vitasox 444514
Cambivo NS54
The Danish Endurance Carbon Black support stockings for men allow you to wear them comfortably in all circumstances. Note that they are Oeko-Tex certified.
Physix Gear Sport black blue combines therapeutic effectiveness and aesthetics to perfection. They are suitable for both men and women (pregnant or not).
Vitasox 444514 will be essential if you want to improve your blood circulation or if you feel the first signs of venous insufficiency.
Cambivo NS54 prevent and relieve plantar fasciitis, heavy legs, deep vein thrombosis and swollen ankles.
45% prolen, 44% polyamides, 11% elastane
Nylon, Spandex
60% cotton, 26% elastane, 11% polyester, 3% polyamides
60% SBR (neoprene), 30% polyester fiber, 10% spandex
Charcoal black
Black and blue
35 to 47
L to XL
35 to 40
49.9 g
106 g
70 g
Package content
2 pairs of support stockings
1 pair of support stockings
6 pairs of support stockings
2 pairs of support stockings

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Buying guide - compression stockings for men

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How to choose your compression stockings for men

Whether it is to improve blood circulation or to relieve the tension of heavy legs, it is important to choose a model adapted to your needs. To help you make this choice, we inform you on the criteria to be taken into account.

#1 - Comfort

Most compression stockings for men are made of quality materials that provide effective compression. Choose them in polyester, nylon or lycra, to enjoy great comfort in use. Their flexibility does not interfere with leg movement, even in the most active men.

#2 - Discretion

Most men prefer discreet styles of compression stockings. Most men prefer discreet support stockings, which are made of very thin fabrics. Most men prefer discreet support stockings, which are made of very thin fabric and can be worn without stress under pants. Look for accessories with a non-slip tape in the neck area. This element ensures the best possible fit in the legs, even if you have a lot of hair. For discretion, you can also opt for a low-cut sheer stocking.

#3 - Length

Although many men prefer compression knee-highs to stockings, in some cases they have no choice but to wear a compression device that extends to the top of the thigh, especially for the treatment and prevention of upper leg venous disease or for those who are bedridden after surgery. Choose a thin, comfortable urban compression stocking or stockings with a band on the toe that prevents rubbing caused by non-slip silicone bands.

#4 - Meshape


their diameter exceeds 3 mm, tighter-knit stockings sufficiently press the lower limbs. Caution: if the mesh is very dense, it can lead to the formation of varicose veins in or above the popliteal fossa.

#5 - Containment level

Choose your support stockings according to the severity of your circulatory problems. Some models are offered by their manufacturer with different grades. These correspond to the degree of pressure the pantyhose exerts on the leg. Class 1 is 10 to 15 mmHg, class 2 is 15 to 20 mmHg and class 3 is 20 to 36 mmHg. If you are not sure which model will meet your compression needs, ask your doctor for advice.

When to use support stockings?

Compression stockings can be prescribed by your doctor, midwife, physiotherapist or specialist. A health professional may indicate that they should be worn in the event of venous thrombosis or phlebitis. This is particularly important when the risk of complications is higher. It is also recommended to relieve pain and heaviness in the legs.

On the other hand, these stockings may not be used in cases of latex allergy, open wounds or skin infection. There are other situations where more and more people feel it is better to wear support stockings. This is the case, for example, on a long flight or in a car, when you have to sit for longer than usual.

Putting on the support stocking while lying down

In the morning, before getting up, you should put on the support stocking while lying down. This will facilitate the use of these accessories, especially for people with swollen legs.

The different types of compression stockings for men

Before you buy your compression accessories, make sure they are right for you. So, please take two minutes to review the specific details of each type of compression stocking.

Tube or leg support stockings

If your ankles are sore from physical exertion, it may be muscle pain or contracture. This condition can be related to a lack of warm-up, stretching, hydration or excessive activity. What you may need are "tubular" compression stockings that do not cover the calves. They improve blood circulation in the muscles and deep veins.

In other words, increased pressure in the calf veins speeds up blood flow. These non-insoles also help you avoid heat on the soles of your feet.

Open foot support stockings

Open foot support stockings are indicated for varicose veins, leg heaviness and venous edema. Their use is also recommended after phlebological and sclerotherapy surgery, and in cases of venous disorders of the adipose tissue, to prevent venous thrombosis. They can also be worn during long trips. This type of accessory generally offers a compression between 15 and 20 mm Hg.

Open stockings are ideal for summer use. They provide comfort to the wearer during hot periods of the day, limiting the feeling of heat.

Closed foot support stockings

These closed foot support stockings are naturally soft and supple. They do not restrict the knee joint and thus preserve freedom of movement. They can reach the top of the thighs or the top of the knees.

Ideal for winter, their heels and arches are reinforced for better resistance. Built with antibacterial agents, these compression stockings are perfectly hygienic. They have an anti-slip fabric that holds them well on the feet.

Things to remember

When you put on your support stockings, don't take any risks! Remove your jewelry, rings and bracelets. This way, putting them on does not expose the fabric to tearing.

Compression stockings or compression socks?

Support stockings

Compression stockings tighten the leg with their elastic mesh. They have the advantage of exerting active pressure on this region, particularly on the surface veins that do not dilate with compression.

Facilitating venous return and preventing venous stagnation, these accessories are simply excellent for your health. They also protect against hypertension and the development of lower limb diseases.

Nevertheless, from a morphological point of view, socks that reach the top of the thighs are not suitable for small people.

Compression socks

The support sock improves the elimination of cellular waste and the diffusion of nutrients and oxygen in the blood and organs. However, it prevents the concentration of proteins due to its relatively high degree of tension.

In principle, we can say that by reducing the muscles, its compression helps the muscle mass to evacuate its toxins. These socks offer strong compression at the ankle and weaker at the knee, which improves blood circulation. Therefore, their use helps to recover very quickly after a physical activity.

However, these accessories are generally reserved for athletes, and it is not appropriate to wear them daily.


Opt for the degressive compression of a compression stocking. The pressure is maximal at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the thighs. This accessory not only improves waste transportation and the supply of oxygen and nutrients. It also promotes physical recovery.

Compression stockings reach the upper extremities of the thighs and provide enough compression to compress varicose veins to the point of resorption. They fully tone the legs by stimulating blood circulation.


Get your purchase reimbursed by your health insurance company.

Compression stockings and tights can be reimbursed by mutual insurance companies if prescribed by a doctor or specialist. The health professional's prescription can be used both for the purchase of the medication in the pharmacy and for its reimbursement by social insurance. Coverage is 65%, and some organizations offer an interesting supplement.

Be careful with the mesh during washing.

Daily washing is necessary for proper maintenance of compression stockings. It is best to wash them by hand, in cold water with soap. They can also be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C. However, you will need to use a gentle textile spinning program and a suitable washing agent, without softener. This is necessary to protect the fabric from being scratched by the drum. Then dry your stockings flat, away from any heat source. Tumble drying is not recommended, nor is ironing the stocking.

Repair frayed stockings

Dry soap is one of the most widely used methods of stopping a hole in a stocking

from getting bigger.

Like nail polish and hairspray, it does not completely restore worn stockings, but only limits expansion. To do this, apply dry soap to both ends of the hole so that the mesh does not expand. Don't forget to gently scrub your tights.

Keep your stockings in good shape


most important aspect of getting your stockings to stay on is to thoroughly clean the silicone bandage by running a damp cotton ball through it. If that's not enough, wipe with a cotton swab soaked in diluted alcohol or hydroalcoholic gel. Don't forget that the whole stocking should also be washed after each use, as this is the basis of its maintenance.

Buy men's stockings in the right size.


you don't know how to properly choose a size, opt for the standard compression stockings. However, you can accurately measure the circumference of your ankles and thighs as well as the height of your leg to determine the correct length of stockings you need.


What is the best compression stocking? What are the benefits of compression stockings? How do compression stockings work? Can you wear compression stockings at night? When can you skip compression stockings after surgery?

The best compression stocking depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Contention stockings relieve pain and heaviness in the legs. They reduce the risk of venous thrombosis and phlebitis. It is therefore the essential accessory for people who suffer from varicose veins and venous insufficiency.

Compression stockings like tights are made of very elastic materials. They strongly compress the lower limbs, which helps improve blood circulation.

Wearing a compression stocking at night is not essential, or even inadvisable, because stasis usually occurs during the day



prescription for wearing compression stockings may be valid for 3 to 6 weeks for both legs and an additional 2 to 3 weeks for the operated leg. You must follow the recommendations of your doctor or surgeon. On the other hand, it is necessary to stay in bed after the operation.


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Danish Endurance Noir charbon
Danish Endurance black coal
Physix Gear Sport Black Blue
Physix Gear Sport black blue
Vitasox 444514
Vitasox 444514
Cambivo NS54
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