The best Christmas garlands in the UK 2023

For the end of the year celebrations, 8 out of 10 English people use garlands to decorate their homes. Classic garlands, baubles or string lights, it's all a matter of taste and creativity. If you have trouble choosing, our guide to the best Christmas lights will make it easier for you.

GuirLED Arlequin

Best value for money

GuirLED Harlequin

The best Christmas garland in 2021

This Christmas garland with colored balls will help you create a warm and harmonious atmosphere in your home or garden. You will have 32 balls of fine woven cotton offering up to 16 different colors.

47,99 £ on Amazon

Made of ultra-resistant plastic, the 32 multicolored balls that make up the GuirLED Harlequin can be used outdoors: patio, terrace, walkways and even by the pool. Such a model can only create a warm and friendly atmosphere. You will benefit from an ecological lighting since this Christmas garland is supplied with its XL solar panel and its 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery.

The energy consumption of the Harlequin GuirLED does not exceed 4W. It is completely autonomous and prevents the risk of overheating thanks to its LEDs. The switch ensures the variation of the intensity level on 2 positions. Intelligent, the garland turns on and off automatically.

Guirlande Tinsel EBoot

Best value for money

Tinsel EBoot

The best entry-level Christmas garland

Economical, safe... the Tinsel EBoot Christmas garland offers only advantages. This holiday decoration accessory is very easy to use. It does not require any electrical connection, but remains sparkling and beautiful.

13,59 £ on Amazon

Beautify the interior of your home with the Tinsel EBoot Christmas garland. Brightly colored, it comes in 8 different colors. This accessory has nothing to envy to the garland lights since it is just as sparkling and shiny under the light. Better still, its use avoids the risk of electrocution! This model can be easily hung on the wall, the Christmas tree, the ceiling, the railings...

The Tinsel EBoot garland can also decorate the trees in your garden. Made of tinsel, it is relatively durable and can be reused as much as you like. Odorless, light, easy to store and reliable, these are some of its many advantages. This Christmas garland will also remind you of your best childhood Christmas parties.

Bomcosy S14

Best value for money

Bomcosy S14

The best high-end Christmas garland

Equipped with low power LEDs, this Bomcosy S14 string light will enhance your Christmas decoration. Its warm white light of 2700K creates a soft and pleasant atmosphere. Ideal for indoor or outdoor installation.

60,79 £ on Amazon

The 30 m long Bomcosy S14 is distinguished by its 30 low-energy bulbs. Their consumption does not exceed 1 W, which is really very satisfactory. Such a light garland guarantees a life span of 30,000 hours. For a personalized Christmas decoration, you can combine it with up to 10 other garlands.

The Bomcosy S14 will give you a relaxing and warm atmosphere, whether you place it indoors or outdoors. In addition to Christmas, this garland is also used as an additional lighting during an evening with friends or in a bistro, a restaurant ... Thanks to its waterproof nature, it is effectively resistant to weather.

Creashine 300leds

Practical and stylish

Creashine 300 LED

A stylish and practical Christmas garland

The light curtain is becoming trendy and it is not the Creashine 300 LED that will contradict it! Apart from adding volume to your decoration, this Christmas garland will brighten up the outside of the house. The perfect accessory to get into the holiday spirit!

15,99 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best Christmas garland

Any specific needs?

The best Christmas garland in 2021

The best entry-level Christmas garland

The best high-end Christmas garland

A stylish and practical Christmas garland

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Comparison table of the best Christmas garlands

GuirLED Arlequin
Guirlande Tinsel EBoot
Bomcosy S14
Creashine 300leds
GuirLED Harlequin
Tinsel EBoot
Bomcosy S14
Creashine 300 LED
This Christmas garland with colored balls will help you create a warm and harmonious atmosphere in your home or garden. You will have 32 balls of fine woven cotton offering up to 16 different colors.
Economical, safe... the Tinsel EBoot Christmas garland offers only advantages. This holiday decoration accessory is very easy to use. It does not require any electrical connection, but remains sparkling and beautiful.
Equipped with low power LEDs, this Bomcosy S14 string light will enhance your Christmas decoration. Its warm white light of 2700K creates a soft and pleasant atmosphere. Ideal for indoor or outdoor installation.
The light curtain is becoming trendy and it is not the Creashine 300 LED that will contradict it! Apart from adding volume to your decoration, this Christmas garland will brighten up the outside of the house. The perfect accessory to get into the holiday spirit!
Indoor and outdoor
Indoor and outdoor
Indoor and outdoor
9 m
About 10 m
30 m
3 m
Power mode
Number of LEDs
32 balls

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Buying guide - Christmas garland

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How to choose your Christmas garland

Like any other decorative element (wreaths, candles, baubles, lanterns, trees...), it is not always easy to make the right choice for a Christmas garland. To help you, here are the main parameters to take into account:

#1 - The space to be decorated

The type, length and type of power supply depend mainly on the space you want to decorate. Christmas tree, doors, stairs, festive table, living room... You can embellish them all with decorative garlands. You can choose between classic garlands, electric garlands, LED garlands, homemade decorations, sparkling balls...

For your interior decoration, we recommend you to usegarlands that are resistant to humidity and that meet the IP44 standard. For outdoor decorations, choose models that are resistant to humidity and dust and, if possible, opt for a waterproof garland. Solar garlands can also be an interesting option.

#2 - The style or theme to be addressed

Most households prefer to decorate their homes according to a specific theme or a predefined style. This is how they choose their type of decorative elements. If you bet on a rather festive atmosphere (for example on the Scandinavian style), full of simplicity, favor the light, pastel and neutral tone.

On the other hand, if you particularly like bright colors, shiny and reminiscent of Christmas Day, multicolored LED garlands, glitter balls, bright colors such as red, green, orange, yellow ... will do very well. Soft colors will allow you to decorate your home on a romantic atmosphere.

#3 - The type of bulbs

The quality of lighting and the level of intensity are influenced by the type of bulbs used on each Christmas garland. With so-called classic or incandescent bulbs, the heat emitted is relatively strong. They consume much more energy than LEDs. On the current market, they come in various shapes: round, square, spiral, long...

#4 - The material of construction

The models of garland lights put on the market are generally designed with materials such as copper, plastic, ABS... If you are looking for a more flexible model, skip the plastic and opt for copper and ABS instead. Indeed, they have the particularity of being easier to handle. Folding and unfolding will prove to be easy. In addition, there are garlands made of reflective paper or recycled materials.

#5 - The options

You have the choice between a simple or more sophisticated Christmas garland. While traditional garlands don't offer many options, the bright and solar ones can give you a lot of options though. The most interesting features often found on current models are:

  • Speed
  • Flashing
  • Color variation
  • Music box
  • Mobile or fixed lights

Make your own lighted garland!

A Christmas decoration accessory par excellence, the light garland is one of the easiest to make. For indoor or outdoor use, you can use your imagination and your creative spirit for an original Christmas.

If the method does not change, you can use the materials of your choice: fabric, paper, plastic ... In short, here is how you will make your own Christmas garland:

To start, you will need:

  • A pencil
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue varnish
  • Several plastic cups
  • A brush
  • A cutter
  • A few pieces of fabric
  • And a LED light garland

Once you have gathered all the materials, cut out the cups and fabrics. To do this, remove the bottoms of the cups and then flatten them. Place a flattened cup on top of each piece of fabric and cut to shape. Don't forget to leave an extra 5 mm so that you can glue them at the end. The number of fabrics should be the same as the number of cups.

Using the brush, cover each cup with glue varnish and place the fabric pieces. Let them air dry. Finally, cut a notch in the bottom of the cups to accommodate the LED bulbs.

The different types of Christmas garlands

The best Christmas lights can be distinguished by their size, the type of bulbs they have, their lighting option and of course their power supply. We have classified them in 3 distinct categories to make your choice easier.

Classic Christmas garland

The classic garland comes in the form of a ribbon of varying length, decorated with various elements such as pine cones, cones, artificial flowers... Some models are even decorated with artificial snowflakes for a natural effect.

Easy to install, it requires no connection, no electrical outlet and remains very safe. This type of garland comes in different models ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. If before, it was only next to the Christmas balls on the tree. Now, they can be hung on the wall, on doors, railings ... and even make an original decoration for the garden.


  • Very good quality/price ratio
  • Available in different colors for more possibilities
  • Natural effect
  • Durable
  • Easy to install


  • Requires strings of lights for optimal brightness
  • Cords are not always very sturdy

Who is it for?

The classic Christmas garland is intended for a public wishing to save energy. Indeed, nearly 6% of the expenses of a household in December concern only the energy consumption.

Luminous Christmas garland

A very subjective choice, the purchase of a light garland is dependent on your personal tastes. It is usually installed indoors, but some models, waterproof, can also be placed outside. These Christmas lights are made of incandescent bulbs or LEDs and can decorate the Christmas tree, the fireplace, the doors, the furniture...

Available in different shapes (stars, balls, curtains, flowers, snowflakes, etc.) and colors, the garland light is the most popular decoration. It is usually accompanied by a remote control that allows you to adjust the intensity of brightness, music (if it is equipped with a music box), and the style of lights (fixed or mobile).


  • Easy to install
  • Soft and soothing light
  • Versatile (personal or professional use)


  • Bulbs can fail in some places
  • LEDs are more durable than traditional bulbs

Who is it for?

The light garland is perfect for those who want to create a colorful atmosphere. Some models can even be used all year long (wedding, birthday...). Lighting garlands intended for outdoor use are effectively resistant to temperature variations and water.

Solar garland

You want to save energy while enjoying all the benefits of a lighting garland? This option is available to you. Solar string lights use the heat of the sun, as the name suggests, to power LED bulbs.

This type of garland is particularly suitable for outdoor use, but nothing prevents you from using it inside your home. Low energy consumption and using a solar panel, it does not produce any heat. For example, you can choose the Lumi Jardin Yogy Solar or this GuirLed Guinguette.


  • Can be used everywhere without any geographical restriction (no need for electricity)
  • Economical and ecological decoration
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great autonomy


  • The lighting provided depends on the intensity of the sunlight

Who is it for?

Solar string lights are ideal for those who don 't have access to electricity often or those who want to save more energy.

Light garland or classic garland ?

Light garland

A particularly spectacular decoration, the light garland attracts the eye of the guests, the guests and the members of the family. It is equipped with small lamps in which are usually LED lights. It can be of transparent color or other, it highlights the object on which it is placed. You can use it for interior decoration or your garden: Christmas tree, staircase banisters, railings...

Classic garland

The classic garland is quite exceptional. Its biggest advantage is that it does not represent any risk of short circuit or possible electrocution. However, available in different colors, it consists of a ribbon or a disheveled cord designed with reflective material. It can be deployed on trees, walls, doors... and can even be used as a decoration for the garden.


String lights can be used all year round, but not only at Christmas. Indeed, they will help you to create a muffled atmosphere and a very particular atmosphere. The waterproof garland light will even be used to decorate your garden, especially if you have a small party planned.

The classic garland is ideal if you are looking for a cheaper party decoration. Its use, both indoors and outdoors, does not present any great risk. However, it can be complemented with a string of lights. You will have a better result in terms of brightness thanks to its reflective materials.

Why buy a Christmas garland?

LED string lights

The LED garlands, equipped with light-emitting diodes, are very well known for their ability to consume very little energy. Their lighting quality is very good despite their low voltage. In addition, LED garland also has the characteristic of not overheating. It is therefore ideal for home use and especially if you have children.

Their lifetime is also a huge advantage. Indeed, LED bulbs are relatively resistant and more solid. They can withstand temperature variation. In addition, LED string lights are very easy to handle. Storing and unfolding will be child's play.

Battery powered string lights

With a battery-operated string light, you don't have to plug it in to make it work. It is made up of LED bulbs, offering a sufficient and warm luminosity. You have a wide choice depending on the space to decorate. Moreover, they can be connected to each other to cover more spaces.

Light, easy to handle, equipped with many bulbs of low light intensity, the battery-operated garland can be used as main or secondary lighting. It is also perfect if you want to decorate your furniture and walls.

The garlands guinguettes

The garland guinguette is perfect for a warm atmosphere with a rustic style. Walls, balconies, trees... here are some ideas of places where you can easily install it. Very economical too, this type of garland can work with electricity or solar energy.


Decorate things other than the tree and doors!

Forget about doors, furniture and walls... instead decorate smaller objects such as jars or lanterns. For this, choose mini-LEDs and place them in the glass jar. You can also use them as a centerpiece. Simply place the thousand-colored garland in the middle of your dining table. And to give your mirror a new look, place the garland around it.

Light up trees in the backyard.

The staircase becomes magical if you place garlands on the whole railing and even on each step. If you have trees in your garden, illuminate them with waterproof garland lights. Among other things, you can create small paths of lights for a festive atmosphere.

Put away your Christmas lights after the holidays.

Storing your Christmas lights properly will save you a lot of trouble. And to do this, simply roll them up on a piece of cardboard. You can also wrap them around a coat hanger.

Make gold, silver or flashy colored pasta garlands.

You want to invest a minimum in Christmas decorations? In that case, we have some cool ideas for you. Take farfalle (bow-shaped pasta), coffee capsules, pine cones..., string and paint (gold or silver). Color them with the paint and let them dry. Tie them at a regular distance and you're done.

Beware of fire and electrocution!

Even if the type of garland you have is in no way risky, you still have to be careful. When you have an electric light garland, it is advisable to always check the condition of the transformer as well as the end of the cable. We advise you to never leave your Christmas light unattended.


What is the best Christmas garland?

The best Christmas garland depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

How to hang a garland light on your tree?

Are you used to horizontal installation? This is the easiest way to get all the bulbs into the branches of the tree. To remedy this, we recommend you install it vertically and in a pyramid shape. Start at the top of the Christmas tree and work your way down and up as you go. This method makes it easier to unfold and store the garlands in January. Be sure to choose the ideal length of garland according to the size of your Christmas tree. For example, for a tree measuring 120 cm, count on about 6 m of garland.

How to fix Christmas garlands outside?

Be creative! Why not use a fishing line to hang the garlands? Similarly, they can also be hung from the gutter with clip fasteners. It is possible to use the reliefs of your facade to avoid piercing it.

How to put traditional garlands on a Christmas tree?

The installation of a classic garland on the tree is very easy. It is only necessary that it is placed uniformly and around the tree. Either you start at the bottom and work your way up little by little while circling the tree, or you go from top to bottom. Don't hesitate to vary the color of the garlands to create a more festive atmosphere.

How to repair Christmas electric garlands?

Presumably all Christmas garlands have bulbs connected to each other. So, if one of them is burned out, the whole garland might not light up anymore. In this case, plug it in and then look for the defective bulb. Find an equivalent model and replace it. To avoid the risk of short circuits, make sure that the amperage of the old and new bulbs is the same.


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