27 beds for children of all ages

In order to choose the best bed for your child, you will first need to ask yourself what your child really needs. A child's bed is not just about the mattress, but the whole bedding. The important thing will be, in fact, to make sure that he is safe during the nap.For the child to be safe, then he will need to be laid in a special comfortable bed with the right dimensions. Babies and toddlers should never be put to sleep in an ordinary bed, sofa, let alone an armchair.Many models of children's beds are available on the market today. Do you need a bunk bed, a loft bed, or an evolving bed? The choice of the bed for child will vary according to its taste as long as the model remains safe. Here is a selection of 27 beds for children of all ages.

Carellia Fairy and Butterfly 1

Carellia Fairy and Butterfly

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Dedicated to little girls, this white and pink bed features beautiful fairy and butterfly designs. It has a safety barrier, a slatted bed base and drawers.

Interbeds Luki 2

Interbeds Luki

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This bed made of solid pine wood will please many little girls. The bed measures 160 x 80 cm, which is big enough to accommodate a teenager. Note also that this bed has a large gray drawer and a sticker to choose from according to your taste.

Leomark The Bear Friends 3

Leomark The Bear Friends

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Here is a white bed with a bear motif. Besides the beautiful design, it offers a bed of 140 x 70 cm. A bed more dedicated to boys than to little girls.

Leomark Hearts Love 4

Leomark Hearts Love

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This beautiful bed with drawers features irascible heart motifs. The entire structure is made of solid wood painted in white. Note the bedding of 140 x 70 cm.

Leomark Toddler Footballer 5

Leomark Toddler Footballer

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Is your little boy a soccer fan? A passion that you both share. Give him this Leomark Toddler bed in white with a soccer player design. The cut is similar to the two other beds seen above. The sleeping surface measures 140 x 70 cm.

Idimex Jessy 6

Idimex Jessy

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This white pine unisex bed has 2 tiers of storage under the box spring. On the lowest level is a large drawer that runs across the entire sleeping surface. And just above it, you will find 3 identical drawers. The bed measures 200 x 90 cm.

Leomark Sport Car 7

Leomark Sport Car

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No little boy could resist this supercar-shaped bed. The red color and the car's cutouts clearly evoke a Ferrari, even though the manufacturer swears it doesn't.

In Casa Tipi 8

In Casa Tipi

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It is an Indian teepee style bed. You don't have to worry about safety because the wooden structure is perfectly stable. This model measures 148 x 76 x 138 cm and is available in colors other than pink.

Velinda 2-in-1 with bars 9

Velinda 2-in-1 with bars

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With this bed, your child will have a playground and a large sleeping surface. Unisex, it has a wooden structure with varnished finishes. As for safety, this bed has protective bars on the sides for the youngest. The bed measures 160 x 60 cm.

Vipack Malia 10

Vipack Malia

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Offered by Vipack, this pine wood bed fits a 90 x 200 cm mattress. Shaped like a small house, it also includes a black roof and safety gates to protect the little one from falling while sleeping. Finally, you can use the drawer underneath the bed as storage.

Lullaby store 11

Lullaby store

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This Lullaby store bed is especially appreciated for its evolutionary character. No need to think about a crib and then a bed for children, this model will do the job. In the baby bed version, it comes with an aloe vera foam mattress and protective rails. Once transformed into a child bed, it can be adjusted on 3 positions and offers a sleeping surface of 120 x 60 cm.

AT4 Essential 12

AT4 Essential

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At first glance, this bed in varnished beech is dedicated to a young child. However, it is indeed an evolving bed of 60 x 120 cm adapted to a bigger child. It includes, moreover, a base with adjustable slats on 3 heights and removable sides as well as 2 melamine headboards.

VS Venta-Stock 13

VS Venta-Stock

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Very easy to assemble, this evolutive bed is very robust thanks to its structure in massive pine married by wood fibers. You can adjust it on 3 positions adapting perfectly to the age of the child. It will be able, of this fact, to accompany your child, throughout its growth.

Weber Industries 39289Z Toby 14

Weber Industries 39289Z Toby

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Why buy a custom bed if you can already choose a model that will grow with your child? This Weber bed is simply THE solution. Very sturdy, it measures 203.6 x 99.5 x 62.8 cm and fits a 90 x 200 cm mattress. It also has a box spring and 2 safety rails.

WNM Group Dino 15

WNM Group Dino

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With an attractive design, the Dino bunk bed is very robust, because with a solid wood structure. It can support a load of 150 kg. This bed offers 2 beds of 1 place each. The ladder is fixed indistinctly on the left or on the right.

Wickey CrAzY Jungle Safari 16

Wickey CrAzY Jungle Safari

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Your children will probably find the Wickey CrAzY Jungle Safari original and attractive. Already, its colors evoke nature and its cut has been thought to evoke a tree house, a kind of Tarzan house. Note the wooden structure made of 18 mm thick boards.

Interbeds Max 3 17

Interbeds Max 3

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Design and functional, this bunk bed offers 3 beds thanks to the drawer bed underneath, but also to gain in storage space. Indeed, the Interbeds Max 3 has several drawers integrated in its staircase. As far as child safety is concerned, the ends are rounded and the top bunk has safety rails although it is not recommended for children under 6 years old.

FurnitureByJDM Sonoma 18

FurnitureByJDM Sonoma

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Offered by FurnitureByJDM, this imitation oak wood bed allows you to optimize the space in a child's room. An all-in-one model, it includes a bunk bed, a wardrobe, a desk, shelves and storage drawers. The MDF bed measures 90 x 200 cm.

Paris Pino Spring Award 19

Paris Pino Spring Award

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Made of solid pine, this bed slide in white color is for princesses and knights in the making. Suitable for 6 years old and up, as it measures 114 cm high. 3 pockets and a tent are delivered with this bed.


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