The best CD players in the UK 2023

In this era of dematerialization, the use of CDs has declined somewhat. Nevertheless, there is still a demand, and to satisfy it, manufacturers have updated their features. Many models are now available on the market. Which model to choose? With which features? For what price? Read our guide to the best CD players to find out.

Yamaha MusicCast MCR-N470D 1

Editor's Choice

Yamaha MusicCast MCR-N470D

The best CD player

The Yamaha MusicCast MCR-N470D is a mini system with a Bluetooth CD player that lets you enjoy all your audio sources for fun.

395 £ on Amazon

Yamaha MusicCast MCR-N470D is a MusicCast for streaming via Bluetooth or Air Play technology. It has several features, including CD, USB, FM/DAB radio, and Wi-Fi. The MusicCast Multiroom technology gives it audio performance and convenience at the same time.

The Yamaha MusicCast MCR-N470D features a 22-watt, 6-ohm amplifier on its two main channels for stereo sound. This microchain allows the reading of text and audio CDs via Bluetooth. In addition, its digital amplifier allows support for various devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Sony DVP-SR760H 2

Best value for the money

Sony DVP-SR760H

The best cheap CD player

Sony DVP-SR760H is a technological device designed to provide moviegoers with a unique audiovisual experience right in the middle of the action.

46,39 £ on Amazon

Very elegant player, Sony DVP-SR760H embeds an advanced technology in terms of image quality and colors (PAL/NTSC). It benefits from HDMI and USB connectivity to give a picture quality close to HD. In addition to that, it can also play DVDs and other content stored on a USB device in many formats. Multimedia device, it is also compatible with other equipment.

Sony DVP-SR760H can be connected to the TV through an HDMI cable, subject to a power of 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz. This player is classified as CL3 equipment because it was designed with low-smoke materials, making it highly resistant to fire. Better still, it is very energy efficient with a consumption of less than 0.5 Watt in standby mode.

Pioneer PD 3

Best top of the line

Pioneer PD

The best high-end CD player

Pioneer PD-10 is a stylish and powerful home player. With a solid power supply, this model is designed for a better home experience.

1 440 £ on Amazon

During its manufacture, Pioneer PD-10 benefited from a rigid chassis and 192 kHz/24-bit DAC technology. It is equipped with a Silent-Drive mechanism and a high-capacity EI transformer, giving it the ability to play various disc formats, including CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 (CD-R/CD-RW). It is compatible with other multimedia devices.

It embeds a display with dimming and automatic standby. As for its connectivity, Pioneer PD-10 has a stereo line output in RCA. Its conversion board houses an AKM-DAC 4482VT D/A converter. Its high precision clock guarantees more or less 10 ppm of deviation from the nominal value, resulting in a natural and precise sound for this player.

Sonoro Prestige 4

Walnut color

Sonoro Prestige

Walnut color

Sonoro Prestige is an all-in-one hi-fi system that combines various audio technologies in a single device for a unique listening experience.

639 £ on Amazon

Sonoro Prestige Hifi System is a device combining FM, DAB+, internet radio or Spotify and CD tuner. With multiple compatibility, it has various technological ports and optical digital input (TV). It also has numerous connectivity options, including RCA, AUX, USB (MP3), LAN, headphone jack and Bluetooth to optimize the listening experience.

With its compact and elegant design, this multimedia device turns a room into a concert hall at the touch of a button. Indeed, it integrates a 2-way sound system thanks to 2 coaxial speakers and a 4-inch subwoofer. In addition, it has an equalizer function to provide a powerful but balanced sound.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best CD player

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The best CD player

The best cheap CD player

The best high-end CD player

Walnut color

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Comparison table of the best CD players

Yamaha MusicCast MCR-N470D 5
Sony DVP-SR760H 6
Pioneer PD 7
Sonoro Prestige 8
Yamaha MusicCast MCR-N470D
Sony DVP-SR760H
Pioneer PD
Sonoro Prestige
The Yamaha MusicCast MCR-N470D is a mini system with a Bluetooth CD player that lets you enjoy all your audio sources for fun.
Sony DVP-SR760H is a technological device designed to provide moviegoers with a unique audiovisual experience right in the middle of the action.
Pioneer PD-10 is a stylish and powerful home player. With a solid power supply, this model is designed for a better home experience.
Sonoro Prestige is an all-in-one hi-fi system that combines various audio technologies in a single device for a unique listening experience.
Wi-Fi, MusicCast, AirPlay and Bluetooth connection
DVD Player / CD Player (HDMI, 1080p Upscaling, USB-Eingang, Xvid Playback, Dolby Digital)
Auto dimming and standby display
Easy to use: CD, FM, DAB+, Internet radio, Spotify Connect, AmazonMusic, Deezer, TiDAL, Napster, Qobuz
with Radio
Graphic Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels
Stereo line out (RCA)
Optical digital input (TV), AUX, RCA, USB, headphone jack and Bluetooth
Hi-Fi microphone
3D Compatibility
Silent drive mechanism
7.1 cm display
44 Watts
Audio Return Channel
DAC 192 kHz/24-bit
Lithium-manganese dioxide battery
83 dB of noise
CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 format (CD-R/CD-RW)
Excellent sound experience

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Buying guide - CD player

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How to choose your CD player

Many models of CD players are offered by manufacturers on the market. To optimize the choice, discover the criteria to retain for a CD player.

#1 - The sound quality

Sound quality remains one of the main criteria in choosing a CD player. Players with Dynamic Bass Boost are very popular. Some are equipped with a DAC that significantly improves audio quality.

#2 - The battery life

If you're going to get a portable player, you'll need to consider its battery life. Battery-powered players give you good battery life, but ideally you should find a rechargeable CD player.

#3 - The design

According to how you're going to use it, choose a CD player that would fit in your home, if it's going to stay there. If you want to take it everywhere, choose a portable player with a slightly more original design. You could, for example, wear it on your shoulder.

#4 - The compatibility

Thanks to advances in digital technology, many CD player models are equipped with Bluetooth or WiFi. Some are compatible with many types of files, such as MP2 or CD-Rs.

#5 - The connectivity

Current CD players still attract music lovers, as they have been able to adapt to the digital age. You might as well take advantage of this and choose a CD player with a USB port or one that can be connected to other devices and benefit from online music services.

How does a CD playback work?


In order to better enjoy the music and appreciate your relaxing moments while listening to your CDs, it is also advisable to know how the device works. As such, find out how a CD player works.

The details of how a CD playback works

CD playback is done via a laser beam. The reading is done after the CD is inserted into the player. From this moment, the disc is applied against the turntable which rotates thanks to a motor. At the same time, a diode emits a laser beam in the form of a coherent and directional infrared light invisible to human eyes, and with a wavelength of 780 nm.

The lens, which is on a carriage near the CD, groups the rays onto the dimples in ways that follow the groove during playback. The laser beam is reflected when the laser beam hits the disc. A semi-reflective mirror deflects the beam so that the reflected light hits the photocell. Upon receiving the light, the photocell converts the light signal into an electrical signal.

The effect of destructive interference and bit

The reflection of light from the troughs differs from that of the CD flats. This is a result of the fact that when the laser passes through a dimple, destructive interference occurs as a result of the wave and reflection being half-wavelength out of phase. A signal drop then results from the passage of a hollow to a flat, and without light, the photodiode emits no electric current so as to create bits forming a sequence of 0s and 1s. A converter transforms the digital signal into an analog signal, and then thanks to the audio amplifier, broadcasts the music on the CD player.

The different types of CD players

Decided to buy a CD player again, it's important to remember that the technology industry is changing fast. So, find out what types of CD players are out there right now.

Home CD player

The home CD player is the oldest of these players, and it has the advantage of being easily integrated into a system or mini-system. It works with a mains power supply, and can be connected to various devices and speakers depending on its compatibility.

Computer CD player

The computer CD player can be integrated or external. It allows you to play various media with an optical drive for smooth playback. This can be a drawer-loading player, with a mechanism that operates by motorized tray, as well as it can be a slot-loading player, equipped with motorized rollers built into the interior.

Car CD player

The car radio CD player is a portable equipment reinforced with a shock absorber to adapt to various travel. The player is also equipped with a stabilizer that prevents the CD from coming out or stopping in case of shaking.

Portable CD player

As for the portable CD player, it is battery operated for more autonomy. It comes in various shapes to suit the needs and tastes of users. It often has a reinforced shell to better resist the aggressions it may face during travel or outdoor use. It can be associated with other connected devices insofar as it can also operate via Bluetooth.

In any case, it is possible to connect the CD player, of any type, with external speakers to share your passion for music.

CD or mp3 player

CD player

It is clear that if during all these years you have been able to build up a rich CD library with titles that you still enjoy listening to, invest in a CD player. Especially since the latest models have nothing to envy from other devices in terms of sound quality.

Unfortunately, the production of CD players is decreasing, so you may not be able to find spare parts in case of repair. Portability is also an issue, as it is difficult to take all your CDs with you when you travel. In addition, they have a storage capacity of no more than 80 minutes of music.

MP3 player

The MP3 player is distinguished by its small size and large storage capacity of up to several thousand minutes of music. Lighter than a CD player, it is excellent for those who travel a lot. With all online music services, you have the possibility to buy an unlimited amount of music.

However, it is recognized that the MP3 player does not provide as good quality as a CD player. While it is possible to buy digital music albums online, you will not be able to resell or trade them. Finally, to date, the cost of an MP3 player is higher than that of a CD player.


Some people like to enjoy their favorite music in their armchair, or they are nostalgic of their youth. For them, we recommend a CD player. People who move around a lot will prefer the portability and lightness of an MP3 player.


Protect the player from dust

To prolong the life of your CD player, make sure the case is always closed to protect the optical lens and moving parts. This will also protect the optical lens of the player. Keep in mind that dust is the main cause of wear and tear on a CD player.

Beware of compatibility!

If you invest in a CD player, first decide if you want to connect it with other devices in your home. If so, be sure to check compatibility with each one before making your choice. It's not a good idea to bring the player home and find out that it's not compatible with your PC. With a little patience, you'll find the right CD player.

Save your CD library

Even with the wide choice of CD players on the market, remember to back up the files contained in your CDs, because sooner or later, CD players will disappear. So use your CD player to digitize your CD collection while the players still exist. This is also why you should just buy a CD player without a burner.

Cleaning tips

The outer case of the CD player can be cleaned with a soft cloth, preferably microfiber. To clean the inside of the player, use a cleaning CD. Just insert it and let it spin. You can also clean the lens with a piece of absorbent cotton soaked in alcohol, or you can use a pocket air blister to expel dust and other impurities.

The vintage CD player and connectivity

While you're looking for a CD player, there are some models that come with the latest features. For example, they support MP3, WMA, or ACC files. They also have USB ports and they have the connectivity to connect to Bluetooth speakers or a smartphone.


How to find the best CD player?

It is possible to do it, thanks to the Internet. Use the various comparisons on specialized sites. You can also read the comments of users on their satisfaction. You will find descriptions of each model, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the price on the market. You can already make a first filter on these comparisons.

Can you play a DVD on a CD player?

If the device is only a CD player, it is not possible to read a DVD, the storage of information being managed differently. On the other hand, there are combined players, which can read CD and DVD. The reverse is possible in some cases, but the sound quality could suffer.

Is it possible to prevent the CD on a portable player from jumping?

This phenomenon is frequent, especially when the CD player is portable and the user moves a lot. The system in general is very sensitive to shocks generated by moving. However, there are models with anti-shock devices to avoid track jumps.

Can the laser of a CD player harm your health?

The laser beam coming out of the CD lens is indeed dangerous if it is directly directed to the eyes. The protection to take is to not take the lens out and not put it in contact with the eyes. Many CD models do not let the lens show anymore, thus avoiding the risk for the eyes.


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Yamaha MusicCast MCR-N470D
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Sony DVP-SR760H
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