The best cash registers in the UK 2023

Facilitating the management of payments, the cash register is a must have for merchants. But finding the model that fits your needs is far from being an easy task, given the alternatives and the different prices on the market. If you are looking for an efficient and ergonomic cash register, you are in the right place! Our guide will help you find the right one for you.

Casio SE-S100SB-SR-EN 1

Best value for money

Casio SE-S100SB-SR-EN

The best cash register in 2021

With the Casio SE-S100SB-SR-FR optimize the management of your business. It is an alphanumeric cash register, easy to use and allows the integration of up to 2000 items/PLU codes.

247 £ on Amazon

The Casio SE-S100SB-SR-FR is certified by an accredited and independent organization, namely the LNE (Laboratoire national d'essai). You can use it in any type of business. This cash register has a modern and functional design. The Casio SE-S100SB-SR-FR cash register makes it easy to record purchases and allows you to register up to 2000 items/PLU codes. For the configuration, you will have to go through a computer. You can directly use an SD card on the machine to save all your data.

This cash register has a medium-sized cash drawer that can store 8 types of coins and 4 types of bills. We will also highlight the excellent readability of the LCD display both on the seller's side and the customer's side. Finally, the keyboard has been designed to offer optimal efficiency thanks to an ergonomic design and many practical shortcut keys.

Olivetti ECR7790 2

Best value for money

Olivetti ECR7790

The best entry-level cash register

The Olivetti ECR7790 cash register has a stylish design and is suitable for small businesses. It should appeal to those looking for a cheap and easy to use cash register.

134 £ on Amazon

The Olivetti ECR7790 cash register is designed to help your business run smoothly, the ECR7790 can store up to 999 PLUs in up to 40 categories. It can also store 8 employee codes and the cash register offers 4 payment methods, including card and check. The cash drawer is small and compact and has 8 slots for different coin sizes and 3 slots for different bill sizes.

In addition, you should know that the Olivetti 7790 is packed with features and functions and can be customized to fit any environment. It also has a range of specialized keys and functions, such as calculator mode, management report mode and the ability to set the manager's password.

RoverCash RC-1327 3

Best premium value for money

RoverCash RC-1327

The best high-end cash register

Bring the RoverCash RC-1327 cash register to your business and take advantage of its ultra-advanced performance and features to make your business more rewarding.

1 031 £ on Amazon

Aesthetically pleasing and modern, the design of this touch-sensitive cash register will complement any business. Whether in a clothing store, bookstore, supermarket or restaurant, the RoverCash RC-1327 is designed to simplify your life. But its configurations are also open to other service sectors, such as hair salons, gyms and game rooms.

The RoverCash RC-1327 consists of a touch screen Android tablet combined with a large cash drawer and a 58mm Bluetooth printer. Fast and functional, the hardware package allows you to save all of your products, set up daily, weekly or monthly reports, record your sales and cash them out. Basically, inventory and revenue management takes care of itself.

CAS CT-100 4

Balance and cash register

CAS CT-100

A portable, multi-function cash register

The CAS CT-100 is a cash register scale. It is easy to use, has a high quality main display and prints tickets very fast. A must for butcher shops and food retail.

756 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best cash register

Any specific needs?

The best cash register in 2021

The best entry-level cash register

The best high-end cash register

A portable, multi-function cash register

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Comparison table of the best cash registers

Casio SE-S100SB-SR-EN 5
Olivetti ECR7790 6
RoverCash RC-1327 7
CAS CT-100 8
Casio SE-S100SB-SR-EN
Olivetti ECR7790
RoverCash RC-1327
CAS CT-100
With the Casio SE-S100SB-SR-FR optimize the management of your business. It is an alphanumeric cash register, easy to use and allows the integration of up to 2000 items/PLU codes.
The Olivetti ECR7790 cash register has a stylish design and is suitable for small businesses. It should appeal to those looking for a cheap and easy to use cash register.
Bring the RoverCash RC-1327 cash register to your business and take advantage of its ultra-advanced performance and features to make your business more rewarding.
The CAS CT-100 is a cash register scale. It is easy to use, has a high quality main display and prints tickets very fast. A must for butcher shops and food retail.
Number of PLUs
Security level

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Buying guide - cash register

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How to choose your cash register

Whether you are a restaurant owner, butcher, garage owner or owner of a commercial premises, the cash register must be one of your first purchases. In order to help you in the choice of this equipment, we make the point on the criteria to be taken into account:

#1 - Usage

It's hard to say on a whim if one cash register is more practical than another. The only way to know which model is right for you is to first define your needs. Of course, these depend entirely on your business sector, the number of products you sell and the number of users who will have access to the device.

Select yours according to their characteristics in order to get the most out of it. In any case, you should know that there are 3 kinds of cash registers, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • The digital cash register : traditional version, it is generally electronic and allows only to make calculations. Some references are sometimes equipped with a printer or a cash drawer.
  • The alphanumeric cash register: a much more modern version, it is used to make calculations, to manually enter products, to cash in and finally to extract management reports (cash-in times, prices, etc.).
  • The tactile cash register: a sophisticated version, it works with software and offers advanced functionalities to meet the needs of different business sectors. Also, it is a device that facilitates the integral management of the business.

#2 - Targeted features

Technology now allows merchants to benefit from a more accurate and functional cash register system. Indeed, the latest cash registers have options that are much more practical than simple payment management. When choosing your device, you can rely on features such as:

  • Ticket printing.
  • Online payment.
  • Payment by credit card.
  • Stock management.
  • Management of previous operations and transactions.
  • Recording of sales records.
  • Remote access via another device.
  • Reports (recorded losses or gains, cashiers' names, collection schedules, daily sales report, order returns, stock entries and exits, etc.).
  • Etc.

#3 - Ergonomics

Although a cash register is scalable and functional, it is also important to ensure that it is manageable, hence the need for ergonomics. Avoid at all costs models that seem complicated in terms of handling, at the risk of making registration errors or making customers wait at the cash register.

Choose a cash register that is fast and intuitive, but safe. Therefore, opt for a version that you can quickly get used to, whether it's entering information or opening and closing the drawer. Finally, don't minimizeaccess to updates, if you choose a touch cash register.

#4 - Safety level

As this is a payment and collection tool in which your daily takings will be stored, an excellent level of security is required. If multiple staff members are using the same cash register, make sure that all transactions are properly recorded. This will allow you to track them later and follow any errors in the accounts. To ensure security, password locks are highly recommended. In addition, on a classic cash register model, you can opt for a lock.

#5 - Related accessories

The majority of cash registers are equipped withrelated accessories aimed at simplifying and/or optimizing the use. Although they are not all indispensable, it is important to have the necessary elements for more efficiency, and to meet the requirements of your customers. Thus, the most recommended cash register peripherals nowadays are :

  • The cash drawer.
  • The invoice or ticket printer.
  • The product identification shower.
  • The barcode reader.
  • The bank card reader.
  • The loyalty card reader.
  • The video surveillance system linked to the screen.
  • An advertising display.
  • And so on.

How does a cash register work?

A revolutionary device, the cash register allows you to record and collect a customer's purchases. All cash registers have the same main function, although some models offer more advanced features.

In general, a cash register is equipped with a keyboard, a calculating machine, a printer and a cash drawer. The cashier or salesperson is in charge of the collection system. For the consumer, the machine issues a receipt that proves the transaction has been made. The merchant receives a cash register statement, which is entered into the accounting system.

The most modern cash register is the tactile cash register with its additional functions. It offers the possibility to manage a business in a partial or complete way. Among its various functions, you can manage orders, deliveries, personnel, appointments and loyalty programs. In addition, you can connect different peripherals to your touchscreen machine. You can also use a cash register software that is remotely controllable.

The analog cash register, which is also called a basic cash register, has fewer options. It offers basic functions such as, ticket printing, calculation and cash drawer. It is therefore the best choice for small businesses.

As far as the operation of a modular cash register is concerned, it has some interesting features thanks to its various connections and configuration. It is usually equipped with a central unit, a cash drawer, a screen, a barcode reader, a price display and a printer. The configuration can be adapted to the location, allowing you to take advantage of all the elements. Apart from that, a modular cash register has many computer ports and electrical outlets.

The different types of cash registers

The purchase of a cash register depends on several criteria, but to be sure to make the right choice, it is also essential to know the specificities of the different options. Discover below, the characteristics of the 3 types of cash registers that exist to help you decide more easily.

The digital cash register

With its classic and simplistic design, the digital cash register is the oldest surviving version. Originally, it took on the appearance of a calculating machine, allowing the total of a transaction to be calculated. It was only later that it was equipped with a cash drawer and an option that gives access to the various transaction reports.

All in all,it is practical and efficient, but its functionality is limited. In fact, it does not allow for credit card payments and is reduced to a simple calculation machine.

The alphanumeric cash register

Thealphanumeric cash register has a more progressive design. In addition to calculating the purchases made by the customers, it also allows to manually enter the products in question in order to register them in the database.

Moreover, it is equipped with an integrated printer that satisfies a good number of customers, as they have the possibility to receive an invoice, a receipt or a personalized receipt. We must admit that it is an efficient and functional machine, but the included options are more or less reduced, especially regarding stock management.

The touch screen cash register

It is the new generation cash register par excellence. Digital and revolutionary, it comes either as a compact computer or as a tablet. In the first case, the equipment is equipped with a keyboard. In the second case, the screen is always touch-sensitive. It is a functional machine, because connected to a software, the cash register is able to adapt to the activity in question according to the necessary data.

The cash register is also versatile, because it allows to register all the families of products in the database, to collect via different payment methods, to keep a sales journal, to manage stocks, to print all kinds of tickets and to access the information via another device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.).

Alphanumeric or tactile cash register

Alphanumeric cash register

The alphanumeric cash register is now widespread in businesses, for its ease of use combined with its functional design. Practical in all circumstances, it offers many advantages to its users sinceit is not limited only to the calculation of sales nor to a daily or monthly reporting. Indeed, customers who wish to have a receipt or an invoice can benefit from it. In addition, the cashier can record his sales manually, which is not the case with an ordinary model.

However, the scope of this type of cash register is limited, as the manager cannot, for example, install video surveillance cameras in his premises. Also, manual entry can be time-consuming and automatically complicates the task of stock management.

Tactile cash register

The touch register is the most popular version among today's merchants and professionals. Suitable for all circumstances, it has a wide range of features that satisfy all the needs of customers and merchants. In other words, it is a tool that both parties can benefit from: the customer benefits from a fast and complete service. The collection is done in less than a minute, the customer has the possibility to pay the bill according to his means of payment and he receives a ticket as a proof of his expenses.

The cashier has a complete record of sales and stock levels. He can request a daily, weekly or monthly report of the operations, and makes a complete follow-up of his receipts. The only drawback is that this type of cash register is sometimes more expensive than the other alternatives and requires a certain amount of time to adapt.


The alphanumeric cash register is designed for small businesses with more or less basic needs in terms of cash collection. It is an equipment adapted to grocery stores, supermarkets or even hair salons.

The tactile cash register is intended for professionals in large commercial chains. It is ideal for restaurants, supermarkets or ready-to-wear stores.

The advantages of a cash register

Better business management

With an efficient and intuitive cash register, merchants can actively manage their entire business. It is not only about accounting, but also about stock management. This is often where professionals struggle, as they need more resources to perform this task. With a cash register, this process is self-evident.

Fewer errors in the accounts

Merchants often have trouble getting their accounts straight after several days or weeks. Most of the time, this is due to a lack of follow-through and sometimes a failure to record. Entering transactions manually and one by one commonly results in oversights or errors. With a cash register, the work is done in a transparent way after each transaction and the follow-up is all the more accessible.

Speed assured

The use of a calculating machine makes the operation more complicated and time-consuming than one might think. In fact, the slightest error or change in the accounts means that you have to start again from the beginning, which takes more time than expected. On the other hand, a cash register in which all the products are already listed makes the task much easier. All you have to do is go back to the information you want to change and it's done. In addition, once all the products are registered, the software automatically calculates the total prices.

Evolution of the business

There is no harm in acquiring new knowledge on practical tools so that your business evolves at the same time. In other words, the more ingenious the cash register, the better! The options that come with it will allow the professional to adapt his market accordingly: multiple payment possibilities, creation of loyalty cards, creation of personalized invoices or receipts, installation of a video surveillance camera, registration of products via bar codes, etc.

The best brands of cash registers

In our opinion, the best brands of cash registers in 2022 are :


Casio Computer Co, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing company. Its products include calculators, cell phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments and analog and digital watches. Casio leverages superior technologies and innovation to create, among other things, cash registers that can satisfy any need and budget.

Olivetti S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, and other commercial products such as calculators and cash registers. Based in Ivrea, in the metropolitan city of Turin, the company has been part of the Telecom Italia group since 2003. One of the first commercial programmable desktop calculators was produced in 1964 and was a commercial success. Today one of the best machines of this brand is the ECR7790 cash register.

The RoverCash brand belongs to the company LUNDI MATIN created in 2007 in Montpellier. The company is best known for its online management software such as Lundi Matin Business, online business management software, and RoverCash, touch cash register software for tablet and smartphone. The latter comes with a sophisticated machine with a high-end design.

Founded in 1907, CAS officially became an autonomous division of the American Chemical Society. CAS specializes in the research and development of digital devices, which keeps innovating as technology advances. Its cash registers are particularly popular with professionals.

Sharp Corporation is a Japanese multinational company that designs and manufactures electronic products. The company is also known for its high-quality televisions. Currently thanks to a constantly expanded and renewed offer, the brand also offers cash registers whose quality has not yet disappointed.

What is the price for a cash register

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 600 £
more than 600 £
Price range diagram


Request training in the use of your touch-sensitive cash register

If you opt for a digital model that requires some time to adapt, do not hesitate to take a training course. Usually, designers put a manual at hand, but it is clear that these instructions are not always understandable by everyone. To make things easier for you, you can call on a professional who specializes in assisting businesses new to the market.

Hire a professional to guide you through the installations

Installing and using a digital or alphanumeric cash register should not be a problem. On the other hand, installing the data and programming the device can become a real maze for a good number of merchants. Consider hiring a technician to guide you through the first few steps, especially in registering certain products u in setting up the VAT.

Choose a secure location for your cash register


if your counter is already set up properly, it is crucial to proceed with a new layout if the location you choose is not secure enough. Remember, your cash register is the centerpiece of your business and should always be safe from prying eyes and theft.

Record all financial transactions


low revenues or negative figures, it is essential to record all transactions so that they can be traced


This will allow you to justify deficits or increases in your accounts.

Make a regular analysis of your sales journal


your cash register is managed by several members of your staff, it is always advisable to analyze it at intervals that suit you. If your time allows, a daily check is recommended. If not, you can set a margin of one week to follow up on the transactions. In addition to tracking the slightest error or discrepancy, an analysis of the sales journal will help you better manage your inventory and replenish your supplies if necessary.


What is the best cash register?

The best cash register depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to know the best products of the moment.

How to maintain a cash register?

Maintenance of your cash register is important for you to use it in the long run and for it not to lose its efficiency. Thus, you can clean it daily with a dry or damp cloth to remove any dust. Also, avoid using any kind of chemical substance that may damage the keys of the machine. To make the drawer easier to access, you can also oil the seals.

When to do updates?

Installsoftware updates for your cash register as soon as a reminder appears on your screen. Never delay this procedure so that your cash register continues to work quickly and efficiently, otherwise it may gradually fail.

How to reset a touch register?

After you've done the initial testing of your touch cash register, remember to reset it to zero to avoid recording erroneous data. To do this, hold down the "OFF" button or the programming button for a long time and wait for the screen to display the number 0. Then, a cash register receipt that includes the initialization code is automatically printed.

How to program a cash register?

Programming a cash register starts with setting the basic information such as time, date and access codes. To do this, immediately press the "PROGRAM" button. Once this is done, set up the VAT rate, payment methods, cash limit amounts, different user codes, etc. Finally, register your products and their prices, remembering to distinguish them.


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Casio SE-S100SB-SR-EN
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Olivetti ECR7790
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