The best car speakers in the UK 2023

Does your car radio sound too bassy or too high-pitched? The solution is to get better car speakers. You won't have to spend a fortune to upgrade your system significantly. Our buying guide can help make your choice easier.

Pioneer Ts-G6930F 1

The best choice of the editors

Pioneer Ts-G6930F

The best car speaker in 2021

Pioneer's G-Series line of speakers offers premium and powerful audio quality at an excellent value. Their rigid design has been optimized with multi-bolt patterns, making it easy to install all G-Series speakers.

45,61 £ on Amazon

Unlike other models using OEM standards, these 300-watt speakers can carry sound. With Pioneer's TS-G6930F, you'll find quality materials and durable design for a much better listening experience. Your music will have more impact and presence, thanks to a sensitive but strong polypropylene woofer and rubber-coated cloth.

A large dome tweeter ensures high range accuracy for rich reproduction of all the details of your favorite vocal and instrument performances. Because of the structure, you get the full power of the drivers without distortion from ambient vibrations. Featuring full mesh grilles, they are not prone to collecting dust and stay in fighting form for an impressive amount of time.

JVC CS-J420X 2

The best cheapest


The best car speaker in 2021

This is a user-friendly offering with impressive bass and clarity for the price. Despite a budget offering, JVC has not compromised on the use of high quality materials to provide a soothing audio experience. It comes with multiple mounting points.

24 £ on Amazon

JVC's new CS-J speaker range is designed as the perfect upgrade to your car's standard speaker. Designed to be lightweight and efficient to achieve maximum output from your audio system. In all the perfect solution for those of you who need more clarity and bass to feel a part of the music. This series of speakers has no speaker grills.

These speakers are designed to work on anything from an amplifier to a base head unit, making them ideal for any installation. In addition, a wide frequency range, from 30 Hz to 22 kHz, makes it ideal for listening to different types of music genres. They're designed to deliver up to 210W of peak power, so you can be sure you'll enjoy the powerful mids and clear highs they hit.

JBL Stadium Gto 600C 3

The best high end

JBL Stadium Gto 600C

The best car speaker in 2021

For decades, JBL has been creating high-quality speakers. Here, Gto 600C features carbon-injected cone materials with patented technology plus a woofer-cone one, helping to increase production without the need for additional power.

See the offer

The GTO 600C series dual channel component system is rated at 150 watts RMS each or 300 watts per pair. These speakers havevented magnet assemblies on the woofer/midrange driver, keeping the voice nice and cool. A special aero-cooling design keeps the voice coil cool, even at high output levels. This feature combined with oversized voice coils increases power handling and ensures long term reliability.

More power, more reliability, more flexibility and no compromise. When you're ready to take your sound to the next level, Stadium GTO 600C is your subwoofer. JBL believes that sound quality should never be compromised, and Stadium subwoofers ensure that flexibility is not compromised either. That's because these high-performance subwoofers feature SSI (Selectable Smart Impedance), a proprietary impedance switch that lets you select the optimal 2 or 4 ohm impedance, offering multiple system configurations and flexibility.

JL Audio C1-650X 4

The best excellent choice

JL Audio C1-650X

The best car speaker in 2021

C1 speakers offer real substance and superb audio performance in a format designed for easy adjustment of factory grilles. This product has been selected as one of the best car speakers of 2021.

93,49 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best car speaker

Any specific needs?

The best car speaker in 2021

The best car speaker in 2021

The best car speaker in 2021

The best car speaker in 2021

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Comparison table of the best car speakers

Editor's Choice Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent selection
Pioneer Ts-G6930F 5
JVC CS-J420X 6
JBL Stadium Gto 600C 7
JL Audio C1-650X 8
Pioneer Ts-G6930F
JBL Stadium Gto 600C
JL Audio C1-650X
Pioneer's G-Series line of speakers offers premium and powerful audio quality at an excellent value. Their rigid design has been optimized with multi-bolt patterns, making it easy to install all G-Series speakers.
This is a user-friendly offering with impressive bass and clarity for the price. Despite a budget offering, JVC has not compromised on the use of high quality materials to provide a soothing audio experience. It comes with multiple mounting points.
For decades, JBL has been creating high-quality speakers. Here, Gto 600C features carbon-injected cone materials with patented technology plus a woofer-cone one, helping to increase production without the need for additional power.
C1 speakers offer real substance and superb audio performance in a format designed for easy adjustment of factory grilles. This product has been selected as one of the best car speakers of 2021.
300 watts
210 W
300 watts
100 watts
Sound quality
High range accuracy
Powerful and clear highs
Long-term power and reliability.
Loud and smooth
Strong, sensitive polypropylene woofer
No speaker burnout
SSI(Selectable Smart Impedance)
Maximum installation versatility
Durable design
Lightweight and efficient
Special aero-cooling design
High-end design
Loudspeakers free of ambient vibration distortion
Versatile and standard
Multiple system configurations and flexibility.
Silk surround suspension

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Buying guide - car speaker

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How to choose your car speaker

When shopping for the best speakers for your car, there are some important criteria to consider.

#1 - Build quality

Many OEM speakers are made with relatively poor quality materials that degrade over time. Upgrading only the speakers can provide superior sound quality, even if you leave everything else out. Your investment will last longer if you look for speakers made of high-quality materials.

For example, rigid, lightweight woofer materials like polypropylene mixed with mica or metal-coated synthetic fabrics last a long time and provide excellent bass response. And tweeter materials such as polypropylene, silk, ceramic, and metal are often aesthetic considerations.

#2 - Sensitivity

Sensitivity refers to the power the speakers need to deliver a given volume level. Speakers with higher sensitivities require less power. If you have an anemic factory stereo system, get speakers with a high sensitivity level.

On the other hand, low-sensitivity speakers tend to work well with powerful external amps.

#3 - Power management

When looking at speakers, pay more attention to the RMS power rating than the maximum power rating. While the latter refers to the continuous power a speaker system can handle, the peak rating refers to the maximum power a speaker can deliver in short bursts.

If you're also buying a new head unit, you have more room to make sure your power levels don't exceed what your alternator can deliver.

#4 - Size and configuration

If your car or truck came from the factory with full-range speakers and you're considering replacing those speakers with new full-range speakers, it's especially important to know the size and configuration.

#5 - Mountability

When we look at speaker fit, we're not just talking about the diameter of the speaker opening. We also consider the allowable depth of that opening, sufficient space for the tweeter in front of the driver, and several other factors.

Filling out your audio system

Building a car audio system can be daunting, but the finished product is almost always worth it. When choosing great speakers, also consider choosing the best head unit for your system and deciding whether or not you need an external amplifier.

The different types of car speakers

Car speakers can be divided into two main types: full range speakers and component speaker systems.

Full-range speakers

Full range speakers contain all the speaker components in one basket.

In their simplest form, they consist of a woofer for bass and a tweeter mounted on the woofer to produce high frequencies. Some models will have additional drivers, such as a midrange and/or super tweeter, these are called "3-way" or "4-way" speakers.

You should choose full-range speakers if you are looking to replace the factory speakers with minimal effort. In most cases, you simply remove the old speaker, connect the new speaker with a free Crutchfield wire harness and mount it.

You'll find full-range speakers in almost every price and power range.

Component speakers

Component speaker systems use superior speaker design to give you the best sound possible.

A typical component system includes separate woofers, tweeters, and external crossovers. External crossover networks are often included with component speaker packages.

In a component system, the tweeter is separated from the woofer so it can be mounted higher in the car. If your car has factory tweeters, you can usually mount the new one there.

The external crossover network in a component system uses high-quality components to ensure a clear delineation between the frequencies sent to the woofer and tweeter. Your music will sound more realistic, more live and have greater depth.

Car Speaker or Portable Speaker

Car speaker

There are many ways to add new life to your music in the car, but new speakers offer one of the fastest and most economical ways to improve your sound. There is no standard for the number of car speakers that are factory installed in a vehicle.

In fact, they seem to be getting more numerous every year as automakers introduce high-end factory audio systems with benefits such as noise cancellation and simulated engine noise.

On the other hand, the larger car subwoofers need a lot of space, which makes them not ideal for smaller vehicles and also harder to position in the best places for bass. They are also much heavier.

Portable speaker

In addition to a radio, the portable speaker allows you to amplify the sound in your vehicle. Ideal for ensuring a pleasant musical atmosphere, this accessory has become a must-have for music lovers and song fans.

Like any other audio speaker, the portable speaker amplifies the sound in the vehicle's interior, offering an absolutely incomparable listening experience to the driver and passengers. Small and discreet, it can easily be installed in various places in the vehicle. Its music can then be diffused according to the desires of the occupants of the car. Note that the portable speaker is characterized by its ease of installation and its simplicity of operation.

Most of them are equipped with a Bluetooth system and often work without any power cable. They can usually be connected directly to a smartphone, tablet or computer in order to play the music chosen with the above-mentioned devices in the vehicle. However, the reduced autonomy is one of the major constraints of this type of device. The integrated battery of the portable speaker is not always adapted to an intensive use.


It's true that you can use a portable speaker in your car. Because they allow drivers to comfortably use their hands-free phones and also enjoy music thanks to their excellent sound quality.

This comfortability is limited in portable speakers, because as mentioned before, the built-in battery of the portable speaker is not always suitable for intensive use. But if you like to put the pedal to the metal while listening to some of your favorite tunes without a problem, then it's essential to have the best car speakers that are ideal for heavy use.

Finally, component speakers have separate drivers, which means you can configure them differently via an equalizer.

Why buy a car speaker?

Long life and improved performance

Brand name speakers are made from advanced materials that withstand the extreme temperatures and humidity that car speakers are exposed to. These materials are not only durable, but also have superior sound performance. You'll enjoy deeper, more accurate bass, crisper, clearer highs, and the confidence of knowing your speakers will stand the test of time.

Better design and sound

Car audio manufacturers are always experimenting and pushing the envelope to make better speakers. You'll hear the difference commitment makes when you install brand-name speakers instead of the factory-installed originals. Brand name speakers are built from more sophisticated designs than the speakers that come with your car.

Most feature multiple drivers - woofers and tweeters, midrange or even super tweeters, for exceptional sound reproduction. Each one is designed to accurately reproduce a specific segment of your music's sound, such as the woofer for bass, the tweeter for treble, etc.

Affordable option

There are many ways to expand and improve your vehicle's audio system, but adding new car speakers is one of the most effective and affordable. Even a modest investment in new speakers will improve the entire range of sounds you hear. So make sure speakers are part of your audio improvement plans.

Whether your project is large or small, better speakers will make a difference you can hear.

Modular system

A complete speaker system includes tweeters and woofers among other components. The modular nature of this setup means you can add additional components or upgrade specific components incrementally and cost-effectively.


Soundstage is the perceived width and depth that the speakers project. Instead of music sounding like it's coming from inside or near your head, a properly configured component speaker system will sound more "spacious."

The best brands of car speakers

In our opinion, the best brands of car speakers in 2022 are :

JL Audio

Pioneer's history dates back to 1937, when its founder, Nozomu Matsumoto, developed Japan's first dynamic speaker after years of trial and error. It was the culmination of his passion and dedication to emulating high-quality speakers imported from abroad. Today, Pioneer, true to its name, is at the forefront of innovation to bring the world's first products and services to people around the world.

JBL is an American audio electronics company currently owned by Harman International. It was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing. Their main products are speakers and related electronics. JBL is the best manufacturer of standard audio equipment, as It offers wireless Bluetooth speakers, Android and iOS headphones, soundbars, subwoofers, home theater systems, computer speakers, iPod and iPhone docks and other products.

JVC is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation. JVC is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated audio and video products that use superior technologies to deliver high-quality sound and images. JVC is among the top manufacturers offering professional electronic products and distributes a full range of broadcast, professional, presentation and security equipment.

JL Audio is an independent, privately held U.S. company in the private company active in the Home, Mobile, Powersports and Marine Audio markets. They focus on providing unique engineering, superior quality and high performance audio. This brand truly creates the difference with its strong belief in having real value seen by customers.

Sony Corporation is one of the most well-known names in consumer electronics. Since its inception shortly after World War II, Sony has introduced a series of groundbreaking products, including the transistor radio, Trinitron television, Betamax VCR, CD player, Walkman portable cassette player, and PlayStation game console. Sony is ranked among the best in sound improvement in all their designs.

What is the price for a car speaker

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Woofer, tweeter, and surround materials

Factory speaker cones are usually made of paper, which degrades over time. Aftermarket speaker cones are made of durable materials that are stiff, yet lightweight. They are designed to move easily while maintaining their shape for more accurate sound production.
The material and design of a tweeter has a significant effect on the type of sound it produces. Generally, tweeters made of soft materials like poly, textile blends or silk will give you a refined, somewhat mellow sound. If you like bright, crisp highs, opt for hard materials like metal or graphite.
And the surround on a woofer also plays a vital role, allowing the woofer cone to move freely and deliver bolder bass. It must be durable to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity.
Rubber surrounds offer the best overall performance and durability. Foam and cloth surrounds cost less, but still work well.

Installing sound deadening materials

Road noise is the not-so-quiet killer of excellent sound quality in your car. If you know where to place them, you can add soundproofing material to quiet your car's interior. By adding sound deadening materials to your car, you can improve the acoustics inside. With the bumps and rumble of the road dampened by sound deadening material, you can keep the sound quality high even when you reach higher speeds.

Tone control

Tone control is like tuning your musical instrument. Although the factory-level tone control can be boosted and sound good when the car is static, there will still be interference while driving. To increase your sound, try boosting your bass less and lowering the high and mid levels. Finally, increase the overall levels.

Car receiver

A great car audio system must have an equally great car receiver to effectively monitor and enrich the quality of sound produced by the car's speakers.

Grade speakers

You're going to have to start by investing in a nice set of quality car speakers. The model and design of your car will determine the type of speakers that are right for it, as most factory audio systems don't provide top-notch sound that is enjoyable to listen to.


Can you put regular speakers in a car?

What to look for in car speakers?

Check the size of your current speakers, then choose replacement speakers of the same size. 6 x 9 is one of the most common sizes.

What's the best way to install car speakers?

As long as you're not a stranger to DIY, you should be able to do this fairly easily without needing a lot of tools. All you have to do is remove the old speakers, wire up the new ones, and then mount them in the space left by the old ones.

What kind of difference do new speakers really make?

You'll find that the replacing your factory speakers can make a noticeable difference. Music sounds crisper, more dynamic, and closer to the way it was recorded and better than it would with a worn or poor quality speaker.


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Our selection
Pioneer Ts-G6930F 9
Pioneer Ts-G6930F
JVC CS-J420X 10
JBL Stadium Gto 600C 11
JBL Stadium Gto 600C
JL Audio C1-650X 12
JL Audio C1-650X


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