The best boat blinds in the UK 2023

Boat shades are an elegant and functional addition to the living space. When closed, they filter light to provide both privacy and shade for your living space. With a wide variety of boat shades on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right boat shade for your needs. This guide highlights a selection of today's best boat shades and our tips for making the right choice.

HongYa boat blind 1

Editor's Choice

HongYa boat blind

The best boat blind in 2021

This HongYa boat shade will add a fresh and refined touch to any living space or decor. It is made from premium quality polyester and can be machine washed at 30°C.

28,47 £ on Amazon

This HongYa boat blind is perfect for windows 140 cm high and 120 cm wide. It is a model that works with a system of eyelets. Made of polyester, it has great durability and excellent elasticity. This boat blind also has pretty green stripes on a white background. This HongYa model has the added advantage of a very short cord. It is a safe and practical solution when you have pets or young children.. Finally, it is important to note that this boat blind is machine washable up to 30°C.

BelleMax boat blind 2

Best entry-level

BelleMax boat blind

The best entry-level boat blind

The BelleMax boat blind is made of translucent polyester. It has a thermal support to add a layer of insulation to the window of a room. Its main advantage is that it offers 2 assemblies.

18,87 £ on Amazon

The BelleMax boat blind is made entirely of polyester. From top to bottom, it has a succession of solid and translucent strips. The awning is 150 cm high and 40 cm wide, but the fabric itself is 36 cm wide. The support allows 2 different types of mounting: without and with drilling, according to your preferences. However, mounting without drilling is only possible if your window frame is between 17 and 25 mm. This easy-to-use model is suitable for any room in your house: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and any room with a window.

Blind boat Blinds Deco 3

Best high-end

Blind boat Blinds Deco

The best high-end boat blind

Made with a very thin fabric, this boat shade can be used on large windows and doors. It is also versatile and will bring a touch of warmth to any room in the house.

45,92 £ on Amazon

The fabric used for this Blinds Deco boat blind is composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This gives the fabric a translucent, thin and light appearance. This model has quite huge dimensions, with 175 cm high and 180 cm wide. It will fit perfectly in large living room windows or bedroom windows. You can operate it via a drawstring and it has an anti-lock feature for easy use by children. The fabric of this boat shade can be washed in the washing machine, but only on a cold wash. You can then iron it gently.

Store bateau Joyswahl 4


Store bateau Joyswahl

A great clear boat blind

The classic design with a mitered header allows this clear boat shade to hang easily and neatly. The lightweight material used in its construction gently filters light.

16,10 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best boat blind

Any specific needs?

The best boat blind in 2021

The best entry-level boat blind

The best high-end boat blind

A great clear boat blind

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Comparison table of the best boat blinds

HongYa boat blind 5
BelleMax boat blind 6
Blind boat Blinds Deco 7
Store bateau Joyswahl 8
HongYa boat blind
BelleMax boat blind
Blind boat Blinds Deco
Store bateau Joyswahl
This HongYa boat shade will add a fresh and refined touch to any living space or decor. It is made from premium quality polyester and can be machine washed at 30°C.
The BelleMax boat blind is made of translucent polyester. It has a thermal support to add a layer of insulation to the window of a room. Its main advantage is that it offers 2 assemblies.
Made with a very thin fabric, this boat shade can be used on large windows and doors. It is also versatile and will bring a touch of warmth to any room in the house.
The classic design with a mitered header allows this clear boat shade to hang easily and neatly. The lightweight material used in its construction gently filters light.
Dimensions (W x H)
120 x 140 cm
40 x 150 cm
175 x 180 cm
80 x 140 cm
65% polyester, 35% cotton
Cream green
Fastening type
Indoor and outdoor
Machine washable

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How to choose your boat blind

Boat shades come in different colors, fabrics and styles. They also feature different lift mechanisms and offer a variety of mounting options. Understanding all of these features will help you choose the best boat shade for your budget.

#1 - The fabric of manufacture

Roman shades can be made from a wide variety of fabrics. And depending on the weight and thickness of the fabric, the look will be different. Lightweight taffeta or faux silk are great for achieving clean pleats that show off the smooth, shiny sheen of the fabric. Cotton and linen fabrics work beautifully, and thicker fabrics also make excellent Roman shades, although the pleats are not as crisp. Fine fabrics such as silks are beautiful, but these delicate materials are prone to fading and sun damage. As a result, artificial silk such as polyester is a good alternative.

#2 - The lining

Boat blinds are often lined, which improves the fall of the pleats. Not only will the lining help divert more light, but it will also prevent ribbons and cords from showing on the right side of the blind. Choose a blackout liner if the boat shade is for a bedroom. A thermal liner will help keep the heat in and the cold out, and for extra help against drafts, opt for interlining as well. Inserted between the fabric and the lining for added warmth, this extra layer will give the blind a more lavish look.

#3 - The color and patterns

When it comes toboat shades, solid color, semi-plain or patterned fabrics can be used to coordinate or contrast with your room's color palette. Illustrated and patterned fabrics can also be used to add visual interest to a window and complete the theme of a room, while solid color blocks can be used to add a pop of color. It is also possible to use the same patterns or colors as other upholstery fabrics in the room to create a totally coordinated and matching look.

#4 - The room where the boat blind will be installed

Because of the range of fabric and color choices available for boat shades, they can be used in virtually any room in your home. Roman shades are masters at providing sophisticated and elegant window treatments and are most often used to adorn windows in living rooms, dining rooms, master bedrooms, guest rooms, children's rooms, sunrooms and offices. In verandas and south-facing windows that are subject to intense sunlight, it's best to choose light colors to help reduce visible signs of fading over the years.

#5 - The style

Whetheryou're going for a casual exotic look or a more formal effect, you'll find a boat shade to match. Dressy enough for a living room, boat shades can also bring a calming effect to a bedroom, brighten up a kitchen and even add a softer touch to a bathroom, as long as they're splash-proof. To bring more texture and warmth to a casual living room, these blinds can be layered with curtains.

#6 - The positioning

Aboat blind can be installed in or outside the window recess. Hanging the blind above the frame will maximize light, since the top fold will not block the window. It is best to leave at least 45mm of fabric overlap on each side and the base (about 75mm would be even better), so that the light does not slip around the blind edges. Custom blinds are supplied to your own measurements, so use a metal tape and be precise.

Can we install boat shades in the kitchen or bathroom?

Typically, boat shades are not made with moisture resistant or washable fabrics that are often used for the moist atmospheres found in kitchens and bathrooms. However, with careful fabric selection and proper care, there is no reason why you can't use a boat blind in these humid rooms. It is advisable to avoid completely plain fabrics, as they are more fragile to splashes, especially on luxury fabrics such as velvet, taffeta and faux silks.

Polyester/cotton and 100% cotton blends are a better choice for wet environments, as they are more durable and much easier to maintain. When using a blind in a room subject to high humidity, it is advisable to mount it so that the fabric does not touch glass or tiled walls, which are subject to condensation and moisture. Mounting the blind slightly forward in the window recess, rather than backward, will help limit this problem.

When you order custom boat shades, all you need to do is choose the type of fabric and lining, provide the measurements, and say which side you want the shades to be placed. You don't need to make hem and seam allowances, nor do you need to provide clearances if you're going to install the blind inside the window recess. There is also no need to assemble the blind, as the cords are already threaded, fitted and with a safety retainer.

The different types of boat blinds

When you research boat blinds, you will see many variations in the way the fabric drapes or folds. There are four main types of boat blinds to choose from:

Flat pleat boat blinds

A boat shade with flat pleats offers a simple, contemporary look. When fully lowered, the shade appears flat. When raised, the fabric stretches upward in a nice bunch of pleats reminiscent of cellular hues. This standard type of boat shade complements curtains that are flush with the floor. Working together, they offer homeowners more convenient light-filtering and privacy options without having to close the curtains.

Uniform pleat boat blinds

Solid pleated boat blinds have a simple, clean pleat style that brings more texture and body to the window covering. The pleats are visible even when the blind is fully lowered. When raised, the pleats become more pronounced. They are also heavier and wider pleats than the standard flat style. When you think of boat blinds, this is probably the look that automatically comes to mind.

Soft pleat boat blinds

Sometimesreferred to as "hindered pleat boat blinds," this type of boat blind has softer, rounder pleats while maintaining a straight edge along the window. When raised, soft pleated boat shades will look bulkier than any of the other pleat types on this list. When lowered, you will still be able to see the curved pleat shape.

European pleat boat blinds

Alsocalled a "relaxed pleat boat blind," this style of blind is what interior designers call "the soft smile." Unlike other styles of boat shades, which are more constructed or custom options, this style does not have a sewn-in rod serving as support. The rod creates a straight, stiff line through the entire length of the blind. Without it, the fabric of this type of boat shade can drape into a natural soft curve.

Boat blind or roller shutter?

Boat blind

Boat shades are becoming increasingly popular because they strike the right balance between traditional and contemporary design. They can be operated with either a traditional cable or chain drive mechanism. When open, their pleated fabrics form neat folds, and when closed, they lie flat across the entire window without any overlap or creases. Roman shades provide a timeless look to interiors. Available in a range of styles and fabrics, they are quite versatile and suitable for almost any type of interior design.

Boat blinds are often made of thick fabric with one or more liners that offer excellent thermal insulation. So whether you're looking to keep the heat out or in, these window coverings are perfect for all seasons. Roman shades don't usually come in different sizes and shapes, so you often have to customize them to fit your window openings. It should also be noted that the amount of incoming light cannot be precisely controlled with a Roman shade, especially those that come in a solid color.

Roller shutter

A roller shutter or blind is essentially a long piece of fabric that is mounted on a wooden or metal roller and when attached to a window, the fabric can easily be removed from the roller to cover the window. Unlike Roman shades, roller shades are installed very close to the window and are not very thick. They are also available in a wide range of fabrics. Cotton or linen roller shades reduce glare, while silk or polyester ones add a touch of elegance.

While roller shades are not as inexpensive as curtains and some other types of blinds, they are more affordable than boat shades. Roller shades are one of the easiest and safest window embellishments, thanks to the choices you have in their operating mechanisms. In fact, they can be fully motorized so you don't have to worry about loose cords. Unlike boat shades that don't require any special cleaning or treatment, some roller shades require professional dry cleaning to last.


Roman shades and roller shutters do the same job, but look and work differently, but their subtle differences make it difficult to choose one over the other. Consider your needs and budget to make the best choice. In addition, objective criteria such as the space you have available, ceiling height or the overall look of your home should be considered before investing in any type of window embellishment.

5 reasons to buy a boat blind ?

A boat blind guarantees a luxurious interior

If you don't make a mistake in your choice of fabric, a boat blind will always stand out in the best possible way. Like a beautiful seam on a suit, materials matter a lot. Whether you choose a soft linen, a more structured linen or a subtle pattern, a boat blind will always display a luxurious look.

Boat blinds are elegant

If you're worried about choosing old-fashioned window treatments, boat shades could be your new best friend. They have a long history and a timeless style. This means that even ten years from now, the boat shades you choose today will still be relevant.

Boat shades are customizable

When you research buying boat shades, you'll notice that you have many options to choose from. Because they are made of fabric and come in a variety of pleat and drape styles, you can create just about any look you can imagine. You can choose models with two light filtering options or models with different blackout liners.

Boat shades are easy to use

A tilt rod can be difficult for some people to manipulate, making traditional blinds very inconvenient. Boat shades use either pull cords or continuous loop cords. These can be easier to handle, even for children.

Boat shades add light to low-ceilinged homes

Many older homes and apartments have lower ceiling heights than today's standards. This makes rooms look dark and cramped. However, smart window arrangements can create an optical illusion that works in your favor. You can hang externally mounted boat shades at ceiling height. This lengthens your windows, making your ceiling appear larger and the room appear larger.

The best brands of boat blinds

In our opinion, the best brands of boat blinds in 2022 are :

Stores Deco

Add a touch of elegance to your living space with boat blinds from the high-end curtain brand HongYa. In particular, it offers boat blinds that come in a range of fabric options from cotton to polyester to sheer and even timeless weaves.

Enhancethe beauty of your home with the exclusive BelleMax brand of boat blinds. Whether it's your living room area or your shower, you can enjoy privacy with BelleMax's elegant boat shades that come in a plethora of colors to match your home decor as well as your personality.

Introducethe perfect blend of style and elegance to your home with this good brand of window embellishments. Whether it's bright prints or elegant monotone colors, you'll be spoilt for choice when you browse the Blinds Deco boat blinds catalog.

Assimilateyour home with your unique personality with the stylish Joyswahl brand of boat blinds. Whether it's your windows or your doors, you can easily find your perfect match in the exclusive Joyswahl line of boat blinds.

Giveyour living room a chic new look with the durable range of boat blinds offered by Simpvale. Their boat blinds usually come with a series of grommets that make it easy to hang them from curtain rods for a stylish and sophisticated look. The high quality polyester that goes into the construction of Simpvale's boat blinds makes maintenance very easy.

What is the price for a boat blind

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 35 £
35 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Avoid boat blinds with thick fabric

Most upholstery fabrics, especially heavy fabrics, should be avoided for boat shades. Upholstery fabrics are usually thick to give them durability and strength, but they are also treated with flame retardant chemicals. This makes the material very stiff, which prevents the blind from folding properly.

Avoid colored liners

Thereare two main reasons not to choose a boat shade with a colored lining. First, the sun can create a faded, striped effect on the back of the blinds. Second, white or cream ribbons or seam channels are not attractive compared to dark or bright colored fabrics when the blind is viewed from outside the window.

Eye-catching or invisible boat blinds

Becauseboat shades lend themselves to simplicity and extravagance in design to fit any decorating style, you can decide whether to make them the center of attention or not. In a minimalist or ultra-contemporary home, shades of a color close to the walls blend into the decor for a clean look. Shades of color or pattern that contrast with the walls or furniture bring more interest to a room.

Combine Roman blinds with sliding curtains

Supposingyou're in a room that's directly exposed to the sun's rays, you can use this technique to block out excess sunlight. This is a smart idea to enhance the appearance of the room and also find protection from UV rays.

Add a contrasting color to the blind fabric

Thismay be the oldest trick in the interior design book. Don't just use one color on the blinds. You can choose a light or medium fabric as the predominant color. Satin or velvet ribbons can be used to frame the blinds.


How to install a boat blind?

The way you install a boat shadewill be slightly different depending on whether you are hanging it on an indoor or outdoor support, but in general the process is very similar and simple. Once you have measured and marked the brackets, you can install the brackets using the screws provided, and then the blind should easily fit into the brackets and "snap" into place.

How to make a boat blind yourself?

Tomake your own boat shade , you will first need the following:

  • Mini blind to fit the window
  • Medium weight upholstery fabric cut 15 cm wider than the window and 30 cm longer
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • Cutting board
  • Foam brush
  • Clothespins

And here are the steps to follow:

  • Define the length of the blind
  • Remove extra blind slats
  • Lay the slats on the fabric
  • Tie the fabric around the support
  • Attach fabric to blind
  • Attach the bottom of the shade

What to do if my boat blind doesn't fit perfectly on the window?

Whileyou can customize your blinds to include a blackout linerand increase the amount of overhang, a boat blind still won't fit your window perfectly. That means a beam of light sliding between the wall and the blind could wake you up before your alarm does. But, most of the time, this is not an insurmountable problem.

How to measure my window to install a boat blind?

It'svery important to have the right measuresin place foryour blinds to work properly. The first step is to choose an indoor or outdoor mount. Inside-mounted blinds fit "inside" the window frame or opening. Exterior mount blinds extend 3-8 cm above and beyond the sides of the window frame.


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HongYa boat blind
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BelleMax boat blind
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Blind boat Blinds Deco
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