17 elegant and comfortable beds 140x190

Are you looking for a new bed with a 140 x 190 cm bedding? Faced with the many brands and models available, it is not easy to choose. As for other beds, those in this size often have a box spring, slats, and even a mattress. Depending on the size of your bedroom and the level of comfort you are looking for, the size of the bed, its type (chest, bunk, etc.) and whether or not it has a mattress are essential. Obviously, a young child will not have the same needs as a teenager or an adult couple.to make your life easier, we have selected 17 beds 140 x 190 cm. To make your life easier, we have selected 17 beds 140 x 190 cm. You will surely find one that will be to your taste or that will fit in your budget.

Homifab Memo HR Hbedding 1

Homifab Memo HR Hbedding

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Signed Homifab, the headless bed Memo HR Hbedding offers a foam mattress and box spring with wooden legs. The set is simple but comfortable. Easy to assemble, this bed weighs 45 kg.

DecolnParis Lizzy 2

DecolnParis Lizzy

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The Lizzy bed from DecolnParis has a beautiful metal structure, with rounded lines in black. It is ideal for 2 people, not necessarily 2 adults, and shines by its ease of assembly.

Hevea Selection 3

Hevea Selection

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The Hévéa Sélection box spring is covered with ecru fabric. Simple and trendy, it is made of white wood with a thickness of 20 cm. Note that this box spring has 4 basic feet.

TecTake - Metal bed 4

TecTake - Metal bed

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TecTake offers us this beautiful metal bed of 140 x 190 cm. Its timeless design and its sober colors will embellish any bedroom. Its frame has a slatted base and can support up to 250 kg.

Dorafair 5


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Despite its simple lines, this bed has a certain modernity. Note the total absence of noise when you lie on it despite a structure made entirely of metal. In total, it measures 197 x 99 x 88.5 cm.

DecolnParis Cary 6

DecolnParis Cary

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Offered by DecolnParis, the Cary attracts by its blue velvet covering, not very common but really elegant on this model. By the size of its base (140 x 190 cm), this bed is made for 2 persons.

Thomas double futon bed 7

Thomas double futon bed

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The Thomas is probably not the most comfortable among those offered in this selection. But as an extra bed, this futon bed in solid pine with a white stain will do the job.

Homy Casa double bed 8

Homy Casa double bed

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With a maximum load capacity of 130 kg, the Homy Casa double bed is made of solid wood. We love its rustic structure. It has a slatted base with a single headboard.

Corium - LED Upholstered Bed 9

Corium - LED Upholstered Bed

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It is a modern bed covered with black synthetic leather. The LED lighting placed on the headboard of the bed gives it a special charm. You can vary the color to suit your mood.

Kosmi slatted bed base 10

Kosmi slatted bed base

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Kosmi delivers this bed base with 7 steel legs and 40 natural wood multi-ply slats. Once installed, you just need to find a 140 x 190 cm mattress, and it will become a super comfortable bed.

H.J WeDoo Double Bed 11

H.J WeDoo Double Bed

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The H.J WeDoo is a metal bed frame with hearts drawn into its frames. Suitable for adults, this reinforced iron model comes in black, white and gray. The bed sits 32.5 cm off the floor, allowing you to store things underneath.

Corium Valencia 12

Corium Valencia

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This double bed will be a great choice for your bedroom, thanks to its faux leather upholstery and rounded shapes. LED lighting is integrated into the headboard, which enhances the ambiance with 6 available colors.

DecolnParis Brooks 13

DecolnParis Brooks

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At DecolnParis, we love trunk beds. This 2-seater model with linen fabric upholstery has a beautiful gray color. The Scandinavian style brings out its beautiful solid wood legs.

Bellavista Senator 14

Bellavista Senator

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Sold with a 20 cm thick viscoelastic hotel comfort mattress, the Bellavista Senator bed frame has a box that can accommodate numerous storage spaces. Note that the mattress is reversible.

Spirit trunk bed 15

Spirit trunk bed

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The spirit makes in the sobriety. This bed box is compatible with mattresses 140 x 190 cm. Note its taupe color covering, which decorates the whole very well.


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