The best scales in the UK 2023

A scale can be a device that simply measures your weight or a more advanced device that measures other things like body fat or BMI. Analog scales are often the simplest and most affordable, while digital scales offer more accuracy and functionality. Through our guide, discover the best scales of the moment.

Withings Body+ 1

Best value for money

Withings Body+

The best scale in 2021

The Withings Body+ connected scale displays comprehensive information about your weight. It also saves your measurements and tracks your diet.

79,99 £ on Amazon

The Withings Body+ scale offers everything you'd expect from a state-of-the-art model in terms of technology. Much more than a simple scale, it analyzes body composition to reveal weight, along with BMI, body fat percentage, muscle weight, bone weight and water weight. It can store up to 8 user profiles simultaneously and save their measurements in the Heath Mate application. It even gives you the weather forecast when you get on it!

Renpho ES-26M 2

Best value for money

Renpho ES-26M

The best entry-level scale

The Renpho ES-26M scale provides detailed information about your health status. It can also sync with various fitness applications.

See price

A true technology powerhouse, the Renpho ES-26M scale can help you monitor your health. In addition to your weight, this smart scale can measure BMI, body fat, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and much more. In fact, this model is capable of providing up to 13 data about your body. The Renpho ES-26M also allows you to save and share your information while offering the possibility to sync to Google Fit, Apple Health or Samsung Health apps.

Kern MPD 250K100M 3

Best value for money

Kern MPD 250K100M

The best high-end scale

Easy to use and ergonomic, the Kern MPD 250K100M is a professional Class III scale. This device has been medically approved and can support up to 250 kg.

See price

Simple, yet very sturdy, the Kern MPD 250K100M scale offers everything you need to effectively monitor your weight. With a touch of this smart scale, you'll already be on your way! The footrests are made of non-slip rubber and adjustable in height for real comfort. Rated III and medically approved to 93/42/EEC, the Kern MPD 250K100M is a professional scale capable of carrying a maximum load of 250 kg. Good to know if you are planning to diet.

Beurer MS 50 4


Beurer MS 50

A great mechanical scale

This mechanical scale will not need a battery or smartphone app to display your weight. Sturdy and easy to maintain, it has a non-slip and comfortable surface.

24,90 £ on Cdiscount

If you like reliability and vintage objects, the Beurer MS 50 mechanical scale will not disappoint you. This time, you won't need batteries or any other power source to start it up. Just stand on it and see how much you weigh. The real plus is the analog display, which offers great accuracy even after 10 years of use. It shows very clear measurements. Note the non-slip footrests, which promise real comfort in use. All in all, the Beurer MS 50 is of outstanding build quality.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best bathroom scale

Any specific needs?

The best scale in 2021

The best entry-level scale

The best high-end scale

A great mechanical scale

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Comparison table of the best scales

Withings Body+ 5
Renpho ES-26M 6
Kern MPD 250K100M 7
Beurer MS 50 8
Withings Body+
Renpho ES-26M
Kern MPD 250K100M
Beurer MS 50
The Withings Body+ connected scale displays comprehensive information about your weight. It also saves your measurements and tracks your diet.
The Renpho ES-26M scale provides detailed information about your health status. It can also sync with various fitness applications.
Easy to use and ergonomic, the Kern MPD 250K100M is a professional Class III scale. This device has been medically approved and can support up to 250 kg.
This mechanical scale will not need a battery or smartphone app to display your weight. Sturdy and easy to maintain, it has a non-slip and comfortable surface.
Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected scale
Synchronization with fitness apps
Professional scale with approval class III
Vintage look with analog display
Complete weight, BMI and body composition information
13 data provided on your health status
Supports up to 250 kg
Battery-free mechanical scale
Save weight data in the Health Mate app
Unlimited number of users who can save their data
Non-slip rubber surface and adjustable height
Rugged model, capable of holding up to 135 kg

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Buying guide - bathroom scale

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How to choose your bathroom scale

#1 - The maximum range

As we have just explained,this is the main criterion for differentiating between scales. The scale will differ from one model to another in terms of its maximum load. The more your scale allows for a certain margin in relation to the average weight of the people who are going to use it, the more your scale will resist wear and tear while supporting other uses than weighing the members of your family, even if you should not abuse this possibility at the risk of damaging your scale.

#2 - The shape of the tray

The scale comes in different shapes brought to the level of its plate. The latter can then be round, square, oval, rectangular... The choice will then depend on the taste of each one, this criterion coming more from the aestheticism than from the functionalities that we can find in a bathroom scale. We will also put it in parallel with the color you choose for your device. However, the most practical shape will be the one that allows the person to position himself well on the scale and to place his weight on the scale. A wide platform offers more comfort since the balance will be there.

#3 - The material of manufacture

The material of manufacture will condition the resistance and the durability of your scale. Since your device will generally be intended for indoor use, an ABS design with possibly a stainless steel tray can perfectly suffice to have a solid device. For those who are really demanding on this criterion, we will tell them that stainless steel is currently the strongest material for a bathroom scale insofar as it resists most oxidation.

#4 - Waterproofing


you plan to place your scale in a wet environment such as the shower, you will be well advised to choose a waterproof device, that is to say, one designed to counteract water penetration. Scales that are placed in a very humid environment should be waterproof to between IP43 and IP67, the latter being chosen in extreme cases. While this range excludes protection against immersion, it will protect your scale from dust and splashing water.

#5 - Display mode and technology

Checking the display mode associated with a bathroom scale is like choosing between a mechanical or electronic scale. Indeed, in the first case, the display will be made through a needle that will indicate the weight of the person while in the second case, it will be a display made possible through liquid crystals. The screen of your scale can also use different technologies such as LCD or LED display. If the latter is suitable for use in dark places, the LCD display will require reasonable lighting of the room in which your scale will be used. In this case, it will be more practical to choose a display with a backlighting system.

#6 - Presence or absence of an impedance meter

The scale models available on the market will offer you a different degree of accuracy depending on the type of device you decide on. Whatever it is, the impedance meter scale is still the only model capable of distinguishing between your fat mass and your lean mass. The presence or not of the impedance meter technology is thus a criterion to highlight and to look for if the accuracy of your weighing tool is what matters most to you.

#7 - The scale's memory

Generally, electronic scales are those that allow you to keep in their memory the previous results of your weighing. This is a feature that will not be found on all models of scales and that you should also look for given the ease it offers to track the evolution of your weight.

#8 - Food

If the mechanical scale does not require any power source, this will not be the case with the electronic scale whose display mode is most often digital. In this case, the power supply is one of the criteria to consider when choosing the right model. Thus, your scale can work with batteries or be equipped with a rechargeable battery. It is also possible to find scales that run on solar energy.

#9 - Other options

Of course,

getting a scale is an opportunity to find an elaborate model since it is a device that manufacturers do not stop evolving, especially in terms of functionality. Thus, you can still turn to options such as the display of the battery level of your electronic scale, the communication of the air quality in its environment ... The possibilities are endless when it comes to the scale, as it is a device that becomes more intelligent as time goes by.

If the mechanical scale does not require a power source, this is not the case for the electronic scale, which is usually displayed digitally. In this case, the power supply is one of the criteria to consider when choosing the right model.

Thus, your scale can work with batteries or be equipped with a rechargeable battery. It is also possible to find scales that run on solar energy.

How does a bathroom scale work?

A very practical device, the bathroom scale measures a person's weight. It is therefore a scale that indicates the mass of a person when he puts his feet on the tray. The older models work on the same principle as the Roman scale. In principle, it is the system of the moment of forces.

In fact, to define the mass, a counterweight is slid along a bar until the latter is horizontal. Since the counterweight system compares the mass to be measured to a reference mass, it does not measure a weight but a mass. The most common models are the needle scales, which work by means of a spring, which deforms according to the weight. The needle moves to give the result.

Some models of scales, such as the impedance meter scale, offer the possibility of knowing the body mass index (BMI, indication of a person's corpulence), the fat mass index (FMI) or the muscle mass index (MMI). In fact, it combines a body impedance measurement to estimate the user's body fat index. In principle, when the user climbs on the scale, a very low intensity electric current runs through his body from head to toe to estimate his body fat.

There are also models connected to the Internet to transmit information to the main computer. Some models offer an automatic detection system for each user. There are also scales that have a memory to save the results of previous weighings and various information such as sex, height or age.

The different types of scales

Mechanical scales

The mechanical scale, also called needle scale, is probably the oldest model on the market. However, its usefulness is still relevant today because of its many advantages. Its operation is based on a spring that, once it supports the person, rotates a needle to the number corresponding to its weight.

Advantages :

  • Easy to use because of its simple mechanics
  • Robustness and longevity
  • Existence of many design models
  • Inexpensive

Disadvantages :

  • Some models have a very rudimentary design
  • A setting may be useful before each weighing

When to choose a mechanical scale?

Mechanical scales are still available on the market, but are used less and less since the advent of electronic scales. Nevertheless, it remains practical if you use it on an occasional basis and without the need for accuracy in your weighing results.

Electronic scales


its name indicates, the electronic scale calculates the body mass of its user by operating on an electronic mode, which allows it to display more reliable and accurate results. Its display is digital. In any case, it is the most sought-after and best-selling model on the market.

Advantages :

  • No need to set parameters
  • More reliable and accurate results to within a hundred grams
  • Some models offer various features in addition to providing the weight
  • An elaborate design
  • Available in a wide range of prices

Disadvantages :

  • Runs on batteries or on another energy source such as solar, which implies a low autonomy
  • Its electronic components are often fragile and are particularly sensitive to humidity in the bathroom

When to choose an electronic scale?

The electronic scale should be preferred to the mechanical model if you weigh yourself to have an accurate weight. It is a more reliable tool and will serve people who want to closely evaluate the extent of their efforts in terms of weight loss or gain.

Impedance scales


impedance meter scale is probably the most elaborate piece of equipment out there when it comes to having a lot of detail about your weight


It works by sending a small electrical shock to the person weighing themselves.


  • It captures the difference between fat, muscle, water


  • Constitutes the type of equipment used in the medical
  • fieldPresents


  • as the most modern and technologically advanced bathroom scaleThe
  • accuracy of the result is there since the margin of error is only a tenth of a gram awaySome
  • models allow you to use only the weighing functionAllows for
  • the best follow-up thanks to the memorization of previous weighingsDrawbacks


  • Works on the basis of electrical stimulation, which prevents people with pacemakers from using
  • itCannot be effective for people under 7 years old or with a height of less than 1m10.
  • Ineffective for pregnant womenWhen to

choose an electronic scale?

The impedance meter scale is intended for high-level athletes or people whose weight variations must be closely monitored. If you want to know your weight and your body mass index, there is no more accurate scale.

Connected bathroom scales


we don't stop progress, the bathroom scale also comes in a connected version that can be used with a Wifi or Bluetooth connection to be able to pair with your smartphone or tablet



  • Allows the synchronization of data between the scale and the smartphone or tabletEvents
  • manual note takingAllows
  • easier monitoring of the evolution of its weightSome
  • applications allow multiple use through different accountsDisadvantages


  • Need to ensure the compatibility of the scale with the
  • smartphoneNot
  • all
  • models can include multiple usersWhen to

choose a connected scale?

The connected scale will suit people who like to rely on the latest technology in their weight loss journey. The connected scale is distinguished from other models by its practicality.

Electronic or mechanical bathroom scale?

Electronic bathroom scale

Equipped with a solid-state weight gauge and a digital display, the electronic scale is the most reliable tool for measuring weight. Characterized by a more modern and compact design, it offers an almost zero margin of error. Its main advantage? It is easy to use. All you have to do is press a button or put in the batteries.

However, the electric scale is not without its faults. It can give misleading results, as calibration is quite difficult. In addition, its maximum load often stops at 120 kg. And since it runs on batteries, its autonomy is limited.

Mechanical bathroom scale

Featuring a large analog display with needle, the mechanical scale offers a solid base and sufficient support. It has a spring mechanism, so when you stand on the scale, your body weight is already displayed. Its use is very interesting, as it does not incur any additional costs as it can work without batteries.

Although durable, the spring mechanism of this type of scale can wear out quickly. This will lead to many reading errors. Moreover, the non-LCD display is not backlit, so it is not readable in the dark. In addition, a mechanical scale rarely shows graduations in 50 to 100 g increments.


These 2 scales perform the same task, but in different ways. A mechanical scale is considered a traditional way of measuring weight. An electronic scale, on the other hand, is a modern instrument that makes measuring easier. You will be able to make a better choice according to your needs.

Why buy a bathroom scale?

To monitor your weight

The purchase of a bathroom scale can be done without any specific reason. This equipment will allow you to do simple monitoring of your weight and detect any excess fat.

By opting for a healthy diet, you can effectively maintain an excellent physical shape. However, you must regularly monitor your weight and the scale remains the most suitable solution.

When monitoring your weight, you can opt for a basic mechanical scale. However, because of the sometimes poor accuracy of this type of scale, we recommend an electronic model with or without options.

To monitor the effectiveness of a diet

If a scale can be useful for simple monitoring of your physical condition, it is essential if you plan to evaluate the effectiveness of a diet.

Have you opted for a hypocaloric, ayurvedic, vegetarian, hyper-protein or dissociated diet? You must meticulously monitor your weight. For a better evaluation, choose an electronic scale with an impedance meter. You will have more precise information about your fat level.

In some cases, we recommend a model that can connect to your mobile device to access richer data about your weight gain and loss. A BMI scale can also be useful, as it will quickly determine whether or not you should continue to diet.

The body mass index of a normal person is between 18.5 and 25. If your BMI is below 18.5, you should consider stopping your weight loss program to avoid becoming skinny.

If your BMI struggles to fall below 25, it could be that your diet is not effective or that you have missed some details that can affect weight loss.

To track the effectiveness of muscle building workouts

Are you planning to do some training to build muscle mass? A scale can be a great help in monitoring the effectiveness of your workouts.

Like a person on a diet, invest in a scale that can accurately assess your weight, but also your fat content.


Pay attention to the floor covering.

Place the scale on a flat surface, but not on a carpet - a tiled floor is ideal! The data provided by your scale may differ due to the instability of the carpet surface.

Weigh yourself as soon as you wake up.

Preferably after your first bathroom break. Also try to make it a daily routine. This way you will collect consistent data since it will be taken under the same conditions.

Wear only light clothing.

Don't go on your scale with hiking boots and heavy jeans. You can even go in your underwear.

Use only your scale.

This way

, you'll be sure to weigh yourself in optimal conditions: scale on a tiled floor, light clothes, and early mornings. You won't have any of these conditions if you weigh yourself in people's homes.

Beware, of your hormones ladies.


you weigh yourself every day, don't worry about your weight fluctuating throughout the month. Hormones can affect your weight. Some women can gain 3 pounds during their period. Don't panic too much about sudden changes, at least don't panic until you check your calendar.


How to weigh yourself effectively?

To get accurate information about your current weight, you need to step on the scale when you get up and fast. If you want to know your body fat mass, you have to wait one hour after waking up. Generally speaking, a person's weight can vary by 2 kg during the day depending on meals and hydration. Also, don't trust the figures obtained if you weighed yourself 2 minutes after a heavy meal.

What factors can affect the measurement of body fat?

Anatomical variations, muscle training status, health status of the user, sweating, leg bruises, fevers, pregnancy, implants, calloused skin on the soles of the feet, leg edema are factors that can affect body fat measurements. Pay attention to these parameters every time you step on a scale.

What does the tare mean?

Tare adjustment is used to bring a scale into balance. On a scale, tare is a compensating quantity used to bring a measuring instrument to a certain balance, the value of which is eliminated in the measurement itself. For example, the tare function is used to subtract the total weight to obtain the net weight during a weighing operation.

What does "Lo" mean on a bathroom scale?

"Lo" is a contraction of "Low". So, if your scale displays "Lo", it simply means that you need to charge the battery or change the batteries. If it continues to display even after adding new batteries, it means that there is a malfunction in your scale and that the data obtained may not be reliable.


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