The best adipometers in the UK 2023

To lose weight, keep your figure or build muscle, remember to monitor your body fat percentage. But how can you do this on a daily basis in a reliable and simple way? For this, nothing beats the adipometer. Very easy to use, this small accessory provides accurate measurements on your IMG or body fat index. To choose the right adipometer for your needs, consult our buying guide.

Renpho Smart

Best value for money

Renpho Smart

The best adipometer in 2021

Renpho Smart is a connected adipometer, very efficient to take your body fat measurements and follow the evolution of your training. The digital display enhances its accuracy.

24,79 £ on Amazon

Taking body measurements allows you to know your weight status. Have you lost weight? Gained muscle? Renpho Smart helps you answer these questions in seconds. Simply place the tape measure of this adipometer around the body part to be measured. The device will display the results directly on its digital display screen. Even better, the data will be transmitted via Bluetooth to the dedicated Renpho application, which will record and interpret them for you!

Therefore, you will have an analysis and tracking of your body changes throughout the workouts. You would not need the help of a second person to take your body measurements. This connected tape measure is very easy to handle. Moreover, it is a high quality adipometer that provides remarkably reliable results.

Outil de mesure MEDca

Best value for money

Adipometer MEDca

The best entry-level adipometer

The MEDca adipometer is straight to the point. This measuring tool, sold with a comparison chart, allows you to know your body fat percentage in a few steps.

9,59 £ on Amazon

The MEDca measuring tool is the ally of all those who want to lose weight. This adipometer can indeed provide with impressive accuracy your body fat percentage. Despite the absence of digital display, it is very simple to use. Just pinch, click and read the result. These 3 gestures summarize the daily use of this adipometer.

The clamp comes with a tape measure and a clear and easy to read comparison chart to interpret the results. Of course, you don't need any special knowledge on the subject to interpret the results. But a small guide is still provided. With this skinfold forceps, you will be able to listen to your body and follow its evolution day by day.

Eaglefit 1072

Best value for money

Eaglefit 1072

The best high-end adipometer

The Eaglefit 1072 takes the concept of adipometer to a whole new level. It is a connected device that measures body fat in a few steps with a monster accuracy.

82,40 £ on Amazon

You find the skinfold pliers too difficult to use? Try the Eaglefit 1072. You don't need the tweezers, the tape measure and even less the chart that you have to follow carefully. Just place the Caliper in several places on your body. The mobile application to which the adipometer is connected by Bluetooth then calculates the thickness and percentage of subcutaneous fat mass.

The results of the measurements are infallible since they are provided by an application specially designed for this purpose. Moreover, the latter includes several methods of calculation to eliminate any errors. With the Eaglefit 1072, you will follow in real time the results of your workouts and diets from your smartphone.

Bozeera Premium

A great choice

Bozeera Premium

The best professional adipometer

The Bozeera Premium is diabolically accurate. This adipometer for athletes and pros can be used at home to measure body fat percentage on a daily basis.

21,56 £ on Amazon

The Bozeera Premium is a professional adipometer accessible to the general public. It allows you to measure with a very high accuracy the IMG or fat mass index with a staggering accuracy. It uses a simple double spring clip, very easy to use. The measurements are interpreted via a free software to ensure the accuracy of the results.

The use of the Bozeera Premium is particularly simple. A free video tutorial is provided to help you learn how to use this professional tool. From now on, you will know with precision if you have lost fat after following a diet or a training program.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best adipometer

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The best adipometer in 2021

The best entry-level adipometer

The best high-end adipometer

The best professional adipometer

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Comparison table of the best adipometers

Renpho Smart
Outil de mesure MEDca
Eaglefit 1072
Bozeera Premium
Renpho Smart
Adipometer MEDca
Eaglefit 1072
Bozeera Premium
Renpho Smart is a connected adipometer, very efficient to take your body fat measurements and follow the evolution of your training. The digital display enhances its accuracy.
The MEDca adipometer is straight to the point. This measuring tool, sold with a comparison chart, allows you to know your body fat percentage in a few steps.
The Eaglefit 1072 takes the concept of adipometer to a whole new level. It is a connected device that measures body fat in a few steps with a monster accuracy.
The Bozeera Premium is diabolically accurate. This adipometer for athletes and pros can be used at home to measure body fat percentage on a daily basis.
Connected Adipometer
Mechanical fat meter
Connected fat meter
Mechanical fat meter usable with software
Body measurements
Body fat percentage measurements
Body fat percentage measurements
Body fat percentage measurements
Result interpretation tool
Android/ iOS mobile app
Printed chart
Android/ iOS mobile app
PC software
Unit of measurement

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Buying guide - adipometer

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How to choose your adipometer

To choose the right adipometer, it is important to consider the following criteria. This will allow you to find the model that meets your needs and that you could buy at a good price.
choisir adipomètre

#1 - The functions

The adipometer is initially used to measure the percentage of fat in the body. Other functions can be integrated into the device. It can be used to take body measurements. Connected models are used with a mobile app that includes a host of features such as tracking changes through statistics and graphs.

#2 - Ease of use

To ensure reliability and accuracy of results, you must know how to handle the adipometer. Mechanical models consist of a tape measure and a clip that must be placed at specific locations on the body. The same is true for electronic models, with the difference that the results are displayed directly on a mobile application. In any case, the adipometer must be easy to use. You should not need the help of a second person to take the measurements.

#3 - Interpretation of the results

On basic adipometers, the results are interpreted on a printed table. Other manufacturers offer software or sites to interpret the recorded measurements online. This reading can also be done through a mobile application. This one is the easiest since it is done on a smartphone connected to the adipometer via Bluetooth.

#4 - The unit of measurement

The adipometer takes the body measurements to then interpret them. To facilitate the reading of the measurements, it is preferable that they are expressed in French units such as centimeters or millimeters. You can opt for models that take measurements in inches if you are used to Anglo-Saxon units of measurement.

#5 - The price

The most basic adipometers cost a small ten euros. They provide reliable results, but the interpretation will be more complex. You should also find a good way to track. If you intend to equip yourself with more sophisticated models, you will have to count up to a hundred euros. The choice will therefore depend on the means you have to buy the adipometer.

How to use an adipometer?

Using an adipometer is relatively simple. First of all, you need to find the right places to pinch to take measurements. There are four main points to consider: the chest (subscapular area), the love handles (suprailiac), the thighs and the arm (bicipital and tricipital).

To ensure accuracy of measurement at each measurement, it is recommended to always place the skinfold forceps in the same places. Changing the pinched area may bias the results.

The actual use of the tweezers will vary from one model to another. Some adipometers are equipped with springs, others emit a small click when the necessary pressure is reached. The important thing is to follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid handling errors.

Formulas such as Durnin and Womersley's have been developed to calculate the IMG from the measurements taken. To simplify interpretation, a grid has been developed from the calculations. The measurements in mm at each fold are added together and compared according to the grid. The grid takes into account the age, sex and general physical condition of the person.

The different types of adipometers

There are two main types of adipometers: the mechanical adipometer and the more recent electronic models. Discover below the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Mechanical Adipometer

Adipomètre mécanique

This is the classic adipometer. It consists of a compass with hooks that grip the skin, hence the name of skinfold forceps. The clip is equipped with a manometer that measures the pressure exerted on the skin and a dial with graduations. The measurements displayed on these scales will serve as a basis for calculating the proportion of fat mass in the body.

The use of the mechanical adipometer is simple. However, you will need to master the formulas to interpret the recorded measurements. This may take some time to master. Nevertheless, the mechanical adipometer provides reliable and very accurate results. Moreover, it is particularly affordable since it costs about ten euros.

Electronic Adipometer

Adipomètre électronique

The electronic adipometer is more recent than the mechanical models. It is much easier to use. Indeed, it is enough to put the clip on defined places of the body and to exert a certain pressure. The adipometer will then automatically perform the calculation of the result which will be displayed on a screen placed directly on the device or on a smartphone via a dedicated mobile application.

In addition to this ease of use, there are features for managing and monitoring the results recorded throughout a weight loss program. On the other hand, you must be careful about the reliability and accuracy of the results. These will depend on the quality of the device, but also on the calculation method chosen by the manufacturer. Some offer several formulas on the same application. The choice is therefore left to the user.

Adipometer or impedance meter?


The adipometer is promoted as one of the easiest and most accessible ways to measure BMI in an individual. The small forceps can be purchased at a very affordable price. You just need to get used to the process of taking the measurement and the calculation that follows to get satisfyingly accurate results. Electronic models are even easier to use since they perform the calculations and interpret the results for you.

Although a margin of error must be taken into account, the adipometer allows you to have an almost exact estimate of the proportion of fat in the body. This tool is used by many health professionals, but also by athletes, including bodybuilders. It is also ideal for people who want to lose weight and follow their IMG throughout the slimming program.

The impedance meter

The impedance meter is a modern device presented as a means of measuring the body fat index. It takes the form of a scale that sends small electronic impulses into the body on the soles of the feet and palms. The body fat index is evaluated according to how long these electrical impulses return to the sensors of the impedance meter.

The impedance meter is particularly easy to use and provides results very quickly. It is also affordable in terms of price. However, its reliability is often questioned. Indeed, the results can be distorted by several variables such as the rate of hydration or the time of the last meal.


It is essential to have an accurate IMG to know your body's needs and the effectiveness of the weight loss or weight training program you are following. For this, it is best to use an adipometer. It offers more accurate results than an impedance meter. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with its use. Better yet, the adipometer is more affordable than the impedance meter.


Always pinch in the same places

Be sure to always take skinfold measurements in the same places to avoid errors in the data collected.

Get a second person to help

You can take body measurements with an adipometer by yourself. Nevertheless, you can solicit the help of a second person especially for the subscapular fold which is relatively difficult to reach.

Read the instructions carefully

Before using your adipometer, take the time to read the manufacturer's instructions well. You could then apprehend the manipulations and know the particularities of the device. All this will allow you to obtain more accurate results.

Compare all results

To know the evolution of your IMG, it is important to compare the results collected as your weight loss or weight training program progresses. The applications offered with connected adipometers usually embed a tool for comparing and tracking results.

Pinch the skin, not the muscle

To measure subcutaneous fat mass with an adipometer, you must pinch only the skin. Therefore, avoid grabbing muscle when taking a measurement.


What is the best adipometer?

The best adipometer depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Can the adipometer be used outside the medical field?

Yes, you can use an adipometer at home, without seeking specialist advice or having a medical prescription. The advice of a specialist may, however, be required in interpreting the measurements collected and in making decisions regarding the weight loss or weight training program.

Is the adipometer 100% reliable?

A certain margin of error must be taken into account whenusing the adipometer. In order to limit this margin of error as much as possible, measurements must be taken correctly and on very precise locations.

At what time of day should skinfold measurements be taken?

Unlike animpedance meter, the results provided by the adipometer are not biased by factors such as the time of the last meal or the level of hydration. You can therefore take measurements at any time of the day.

Is the electronic adipometer more reliable than the mechanical one?

No! Generally speaking, the reliability of the results will depend on whether the adipometer is used correctly or incorrectly. Mechanical models can be just as accurate as electronic adipometers if used properly.


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