The best 7mm wetsuits in the UK 2023

A 7mm wetsuit is ideal if you want to venture into waters with a temperature between 10 and 20°C (diving, spearfishing, snorkeling, freediving...). Generally made of neoprene, it will ensure optimal thermal insulation, compression level and wearing comfort. Waterproof, wet or semi-waterproof? Here is our guide to the best 7mm wetsuits.

Omer Master Team 7 mm

Editor's Choice

Omer Master Team 7 mm

The best 7mm wetsuit in 2021

The Omer Master Team 7mm wetsuit will move naturally with your body. Its stretch and flexibility allow for a high level of comfort during your diving sessions.

176 £ on Cdiscount

Unlike the other models in this comparison, the Omer Master Team 7mm wetsuit is easy to put on. It is actually composed of overalls and a jacket. No closure will be visible. It opens and closes with a velcro strap. The equipment ensures maximum protection and freedom of movement during your dives underwater because of its composition in neoprene. It is also a material endowed with an incredible softness, a good elasticity and a perfect adherence to the body.

In addition to neoprene, the Omer Master Team 7mm wetsuit has a nylon fabric cover. The reinforcements are made of Dulatex. They are located precisely at the knees, chest and elbows. This wetsuit is best used when the water temperature is between 12 and 18°C.

Subea SCD 100

Best cheapest

Subea SCD 100

The best entry-level 7mm wetsuit

It is a one-piece wet suit. The Subea SCD 100 has an integrated hood and is particularly suitable for women divers in cold waters from 10 to 18°C.

112 £ on Decathlon

The Subea SCD 100 is characterized by its simple look, but also by its great robustness. Its 100% stretch neoprene design promises a comfortable fit. It is perfect for women who want to start diving, especially in cold waters with a temperature of 10 to 18°C. This wet suit has a high degree of thermal insulation and smooth-edged cuffs and ankles.

Even though the Subea SCD 100 is body-hugging, the infiltration of a thin film of water is always to be expected. But don't worry, it won't impact your comfort. The quality of the seams provides a good seal. Moreover, the latter are finished with GBS or Glued and Blind Stitched. The reinforced kneepads prevent the risk of abrasions.

Subea SCD500

Best high end

Subea SCD500

The best high-end 7mm wetsuit

This 7mm semi-waterproof wetsuit was designed for experienced divers. Effective and practical, it will protect you from the freezing cold of water between 10 and 18 °C.

224 £ on Decathlon

If you want to explore the underwater world in the best conditions, get a quality 7mm wetsuit like the Subea SCD500. This model, made of stretch neoprene panels, has thermospan shoulders that will only increase your heat gain. The resistance of the kneepads will increase thanks to the printed Supratex reinforcements. There are no seams under the armpits, ideal for freedom of movement.

The smooth Glideskin sleeves will avoid the inconvenience of potential water infiltration. They are conveniently placed on the neck and the ends of the suit. Of course, you can simply turn them inside out if you want to have a double layer and obtain optimal protection. There are also several fully waterproof T-Zips: one at the back, two at the ankles and two at the wrists.

Beuchat Espadon Prestige Long John

Excellent choice

Beuchat Swordfish Prestige Long John

A very good alternative

The Beuchat Espadon Prestige Long John is suitable for very cold water conditions. It is made of neoprene that will keep you warm during your underwater expedition.

116 £ on Cdiscount

The Beuchat Espadon Prestige Long John wetsuit is designed for all water activities. Made of high quality Elaskin X8.8 neoprene, it fits perfectly to your body shape and assures you unmatched performances. The flexibility of this material will not hinder your movements. The combination of its neutral colors ensures total discretion both on the shore and in the water.

The Beuchat Espadon Prestige Long John is suitable for all levels of aquasport skills, whether you are snorkeling, hunting or spearfishing. With its rugged design, Braca concept and PreCut system (exclusive to Beuchat), it will last you for years. The 7mm wetsuit has no zipper. It is easy to put on and take off.

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Best 7mm wetsuit

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The best 7mm wetsuit in 2021

The best entry-level 7mm wetsuit

The best high-end 7mm wetsuit

A very good alternative

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Comparison table of the best 7mm wetsuits

Omer Master Team 7 mm
Subea SCD 100
Subea SCD500
Beuchat Espadon Prestige Long John
Omer Master Team 7 mm
Subea SCD 100
Subea SCD500
Beuchat Swordfish Prestige Long John
The Omer Master Team 7mm wetsuit will move naturally with your body. Its stretch and flexibility allow for a high level of comfort during your diving sessions.
It is a one-piece wet suit. The Subea SCD 100 has an integrated hood and is particularly suitable for women divers in cold waters from 10 to 18°C.
This 7mm semi-waterproof wetsuit was designed for experienced divers. Effective and practical, it will protect you from the freezing cold of water between 10 and 18 °C.
The Beuchat Espadon Prestige Long John is suitable for very cold water conditions. It is made of neoprene that will keep you warm during your underwater expedition.
Two pieces
Split neoprene inside and nylon lined outside
100% rubber foam, chloroprene, neoprene, 100% polyamide lining
100% rubber foam, chloroprene, neoprene, 100% polyamide lining
Soft Elaskin X8.8 Neoprene
Hood included
Yes (attached)
Yes (separate)
Recommended use
Fishing, hunting and scuba diving
Scuba diving, snorkeling
Scuba diving
Scuba diving and hunting, heavy snorkeling and spearfishing
Velcro strap
Front zipper closure
Dorsal T-Zip, arm and leg zippers

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Buying guide - 7mm wetsuit

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How to choose your 7mm wetsuit

Have you ever dived, at least once, in cold water? Even though you have enjoyed it, you know that choosing diving equipment is not easy, especially when it comes to a wetsuit. To guarantee your comfort and a satisfactory isothermal quality, these parameters must absolutely be taken into account:
choisir combinaison de plongée 7mm

#1 - The material

Almost all 7mm wetsuits are made of neoprene. It is appreciated for its many advantages, including its flexibility and waterproofing. Thanks to its elasticity, it will easily fit the curves of your body. Apart from the great freedom of movement it offers, this material avoids any possible exposure to the intense cold of the water.

However, it is possible to find 7mm wetsuits in trilaminate. As the name suggests, it is composed of 3 layers of material through which you will enjoy better thermal insulation. The trilaminate wetsuit is more expensive than the neoprene one, but you will be able to use it at any time, regardless of the temperature.

#2 - The size

Please consider your body shape to find a well-fitting 7mm wetsuit. It should follow your curves while giving you the opportunity to move as you please. If it is too big, you will lose heat. If it is too small, the suit will compress your neck, arms, legs and chest, leading to poor circulation.

The information below will certainly help you find the right size for your body size:

  • Size XS (size 36) : between 168 and 170 cm
  • Size S, M and L : up to 179 cm
  • Size XL, 2XL and 3XL (48 to 60) : over 180 cm.

#3 - The opening

In this area, manufacturers are bursting with originality. The opening of the suit can be placed on the front as well as the back. There are also models with a diagonal opening.

  • The back opening : the most common to date, it makes it easier to put on the suit.
  • Front opening : the wetsuit can be put on quickly and from underneath.
  • Diagonal opening : its advantages are the same as those of the front opening. In addition, it will bring a little more fun to the design of the 7mm wetsuit.
  • No visible opening : some models do not have any opening. They offer a higher degree of thermal insulation and waterproofing, but will be complicated to put on. The 2-piece models have a Velcro opening/closure.

#4 - The reinforcements and sleeves

Many elements come into play when we talk about reinforcements. They are for the improvement of the comfort of the wearer, but also of the waterproofness of the 7mm wetsuit. If you are a fan of underwater hunting, make sure that the model of your choice has a reinforcement on the abdomen. This will allow you to carry your weapon easily.

If you are scuba diving with a tank, make sure that the suit has a reinforcement in the back to absorb the weight of the load. As for the sleeves, you should know that they reduce the risk of water intrusion. They are most often found on the extremities.

#5 - The hood

Did you know that the human body loses between 40 and 80% of its heat through the head? This is why wearing a diving hood is highly recommended. A point to check knowing thatit may or may not come with the wetsuit when you buy it. Of course, you can complete your diving arsenal with booties and a pair of gloves.

How to put on a 7 mm wetsuit ?

In order to be effective, the wetsuit must be very close to the body. In a way, it is like a second skin that sticks to your body. There will be very little air between the suit and the body. The same is true for the water that may seep in. The insulation of your body temperature depends on this. A well-fitting suit will better prevent cold snaps. However, a perfectly fitting suit will also be more difficult to put on. Don't worry, the following tips will make it easier to put on your wetsuit.

Put on your pads

If you are wearing lycra pads, put them on before you put on your wetsuit. These pads are especially recommended when diving in cold water. However, this step is not mandatory. You can perfectly well wear a wetsuit with a simple bathing suit underneath.

Putting on the wetsuit starting with the feet

A wetsuit is put on at the feet with the zipper fully open. Open the suit at the hips and put your feet in, one after the other. If your feet are wet, it may be difficult to get them through the heels. Wear plastic bags or socks on your feet to limit friction. Then stretch your ankles and knees and pull up to your thighs and then to your hip.

Get help from a buddy

As you go, smooth out the surface to eliminate folds and air pockets. The crotch should fit your body perfectly like the rest of the suit. When you get to the torso, put on the arms one after the other and adjust so that each seam is where it should be in relation to your body. You can then ask your partner to pull up the zipper.

Wetsuit 7mm wet or dry ?

7mm wet suit

The 7mm wet suit is made of neoprene. The material is shaped to allow water to seep into the suit. This infiltration is, nevertheless, controlled. Indeed, only a small quantity of water manages to enter. This water will be quickly heated by contact with the body, which avoids a cold snap when you are under the sea.

This type of suit is mainly designed for warm water diving (15°C to 25°C). It is available in thinner versions to be chosen according to the water temperature. In any case, the 7mm wetsuit remains particularly affordable in terms of price.

Wetsuit 7mm

Like the so-called "wet" models, the 7mm drysuit is made of neoprene. However, the material is treated so that it is completely waterproof. The seams, zipper and openings are also made so that water can never seep into the suit.

This is a big advantage in terms of maintaining body temperature. The limited contact with the water prevents temperature drops. Thus, the 7mm wetsuit is ideal for venturing into cold waters or for diving in winter. Their price, quite consequent, is its main disadvantage.


The choice of waterproofness level depends on the diving conditions. Choose a wet suit when the water temperature drops or when you dive in winter. Choose a wet suit in the summer, when the water is warm or rather hot. There are also semi-waterproof wetsuits that are ideal for warm water.

Why buy a 7mm wetsuit?

pourquoi acheter combinaison de plongée 7mm

Equipment that meets all needs

The 7 mm wetsuit meets all needs. Indeed, at this thickness, the neoprene wetsuit can be wet, semi-waterproof or totally waterproof, contrary to thinner models which are more rarely waterproof. Thus, you can find this type of wetsuit for all situations, whether in warm, temperate or cold water.

Optimal protection against external aggressions

Diving and other underwater activities are not without danger. Jellyfish and other underwater animals can attack you when you enter their environments. The 7mm wetsuit is thick enough to protect you from their attacks while leaving you completely free to move. With this type of wetsuit, you could go scuba diving with more peace of mind.

Freedom of movement

Some wetsuits are made of 3 mm thick neoprene. One might be tempted to think that the 7 mm models are thicker and heavier and can therefore impede your movements. This is not the case. On the contrary, the 7mm wetsuit remains as flexible as the thinner models when it is the right size. This means that you will still have a lot of freedom of movement.

An ideal suit for cold seasons

Diving is not an activity practiced exclusively in summer. You can very well discover the sea bed when the temperatures are cooler. But be careful not to let your body get cold quickly. The 7mm wetsuit is designed for this purpose. Thanks to its greater thickness, it is able to better protect your body against the cold.

The ideal wetsuit for novices

For novices, a first-ever 7mm wetsuit makes sense. As it is more versatile, it will respond better to a variety of weather conditions. It can be used all year round and in all regions, whereas a 3 mm wetsuit, although more affordable, can only be worn in summer or in regions where the water temperature remains high.

The best brands of 7mm wetsuits

In our opinion, the best brands of 7mm wetsuits in 2022 are :


The Omer brand is the great specialist in equipment and material dedicated to underwater hunting. It is positioned as the market leader and enjoys a very strong reputation among enthusiasts of the discipline. In its catalog, you can find a wide choice of high quality 7mm wetsuits designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Subea, specialized in the manufacture of equipment, gear, and accessories dedicated to water and underwater sports and activities, is a young brand created in 2017. It is not a novice in the field despite its young age. Indeed, Subea is a subsidiary of the Decathlon group. These wetsuits display a quality worthy of the group's reputation as the leader in outdoor activity equipment in the world.

Bare is among the great leaders in the wetsuit market in the world. It is a subsidiary of the Huish Outdoors group and has made supplying scuba diving equipment its core business. Bare wetsuits are appreciated for their reliability achieved through the use of high quality neoprene.

Cressi is an Italian brand specialized in products for the sea. Its catalog consists of equipment, accessories and materials dedicated to the practice of activities and sports disciplines related to the big blue. With 75 years of experience in its sector, Cressi manages to provide the best wetsuits on the market.

Founded in 1963, Scubapro is a subsidiary of Johnson Outdoors Inc. The brand provides professionals and amateurs alike with a rich catalog of scuba diving products, accessories and equipment. Subapro is known for the high reliability of its products and for the innovations it regularly brings to the field. The brand's wetsuits are highly appreciated and widely used by professionals.

What is the price for a 7mm wetsuit

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 275 £
more than 275 £
Price range diagram


A plastic bag on your foot

Putting on a wetsuit is not always easy, especially at the heel. A plastic bag can be very useful. Put the bag around your foot so that it covers it completely. You can then put the wetsuit on. The neoprene and plastic slide over each other, which will make it much easier for you.

Breathing in your arms to adjust

You've managed to get your wetsuit on, but it doesn't seem to fit perfectly? The neoprene does not make it easier for you since the material sticks to the skin. In order to make the adjustment, you can ask another person to blow in your arms. The air will make the wetsuit come off your skin and you could adjust it much easier.

Accessories to protect you from the cold

The 7mm wetsuit is ideal to protect you from the cold. But be careful, it is not enough. Your body can, nevertheless, suffer the effects of low water temperatures in winter. In order to enjoy optimal protection, wear other neoprene tops (shorts...). Also wear accessories such as gloves, booties and a hood that is thicker than 6.5 mm.

Check your wetsuit for wear and tear

Some parts of a wetsuit wear out much faster than everything else. This is especially true of the crotch and underarms. Before a session, remember to check that these parts are still in good condition especially on a waterproof model. If the wear is advanced, it is possible that the wetsuit will tear, which will let the water in and lower your body temperature very quickly.

A perfectly fitting wetsuit

It is always recommended to wear a wetsuit that fits your body perfectly. This makes it easier and smoother for you to move around and helps protect you from the cold by limiting the amount of air in the suit. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size of wetsuit. Do not hesitate to adjust it so that it is close to your body.


How to know if a 7mm wetsuit fits?

7mm wetsuits are generally classified into several categories. There are wetsuits for men, for women and for juniors. You then have to find the right size in the category that suits you. In general, each brand has several size charts that list the height, chest size, waist size and thigh size for each size. Refer to these charts so that you can find the wetsuit that fits you.

How to take back a 7mm wetsuit that is too big?

If your 7mm wetsuit is too big, you can always try to return or exchange it with the distributor. If this is not possible, you can resize it. Some tailors specialize in custom wetsuit alterations. They will be able to adapt the garment to your measurements without affecting its waterproof qualities.

Is a 7mm wetsuit suitable for surfing?

Surfing wetsuits are generally thin. Their average thickness is 3 mm. This allows for optimal freedom of movement especially for paddling. Therefore, the 7 mm wetsuit is less suitable unless you intend to surf in cold waters. In the latter case, the thick wetsuit will be excellent for keeping you warm.

How to relax a 7mm wetsuit?

After a long time of storage, the 7mm wetsuit may stiffen. You can relax it very well. A bath in warm water for an hour to four hours will do the trick. Washing in the washing machine is not always recommended. In addition, it is recommended that you always wash your wetsuit in lukewarm water after each use.


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Omer Master Team 7 mm
Omer Master Team 7 mm
Subea SCD 100
Subea SCD 100
Subea SCD500
Subea SCD500
Beuchat Espadon Prestige Long John
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