The best wood stoves with oven in the UK 2023

The wood stove with oven is still a very popular appliance nowadays. This is due to its 2-in-1 function, because apart from heating us in our homes, it also lets us enjoy the cooking of yesteryear to allow us to have a tasty wood-fired kitchen. In this article, in our buying guide, we will present you the best wood stoves with oven, to help you choose well.

Prity FGR 14 Kw 1

Editor's Choice

Prity FGR 14 Kw

The best wood stove with oven in 2021

The Prity FGR 14W wood stove with oven is a retro model with legs. This stove is ideal for heating and cooking in your home.

392 £ on Amazon

The Prity FGR steel wood stove is an energy stove with an efficiency of 74%. The combustion chamber of this stove is lined with firebrick. And the door is equipped with an air wash system to keep the glass clean. This will make cleaning easier for you. The glass in the firebox is made of fireproof ceramic which makes it so sturdy and incredibly durable, as it is treated to be temperature resistant. This stove is suitable for spaces of 80 m² or 240 m². It has a heat output of 14 kW.

In addition, it is also equipped with adjustable combustion gas outlet and adjustable oxygen supply from the ash drawer. Also, it has a spacious oven for comfortable cooking with the unique aroma and taste of the wood oven. So with this stove you will enjoy delicious wood-fired cooking. The stove is certified according to BDS EN 13240, so Prity FGR is the perfect stove for your home.

Prometey 7 Kw 2

The best cheap

Prometey 7 Kw

The best wood stove with oven in 2021

The Prometey 7 Kw wood stove with oven is a very efficient stove with an elegant design and finish, ideal to fill your decor.

303 £ on Amazon

The Prometey wood stove with oven is a modern style stove with a rectangular shape. It has a dimension of 80 cm for the length and 450 cm for the width and 810 mm for its height. It is also equipped with an oven with a dimension of 400 X 400 X 195 mm, which means that it can be used as a stove, but also as an auxiliary heater. This stove stands out on the market thanks in particular to its design, because the manufacturers have paid particular attention to its finish.

In addition, its connecting pipe is 130 mm in diameter. It is easy to install, because its size allows it to be installed anywhere. You won't have any problem at all on this side. In order for you to enjoy it from the very first day, it also has a user's manual where you will find all the necessary instructions that allow you to use it safely.

Bronpi Murano-L 3

The best high end

Bronpi Murano-L

The best wood stove with oven in 2021

The Bronpi Murano-L wood stove with oven allows you to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and to prepare delicious meals.

463 £ on Amazon

The Murano-L stove from Bronpi is a steel stove with an anthracite grey paint finish resistant to a temperature of up to 650°C. Its interior is made of vermiculite and the door of this stove is made of cast iron with glass ceramic, which means that it is very resistant, as it can withstand temperatures up to 750 ° C.

In addition, it has an oven with refractory brick and a stainless steel tray of 595 X 377 mm, the grid is 597 X 372 mm. The oven is also equipped with a thermometer of 500 ° C to control the temperature. The rails of this stove are removable with a removable ash drawer, which will make your work easier when cleaning. Bronpi Murano-L has a log storage to help you store your wood. Its heating power is 14 kW. The Bronpi Manura-L wood stove with oven is a safe and well equipped stove for your comfort.

Prity 95 LTD 4

The best excellent choice

Prity 95 LTD

The best wood stove with oven in 2021

The Prity 95 LTD wood stove with steel oven is a stove designed for the comfort of your home. Very powerful, ideal for both heating and cooking.

359 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best wood stove with oven

Any specific needs?

The best wood stove with oven in 2021

The best wood stove with oven in 2021

The best wood stove with oven in 2021

The best wood stove with oven in 2021

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Comparison table of the best wood stoves with oven

The best Inexpensive Highest quality Excellent selection
Prity FGR 14 Kw 5
Prometey 7 Kw 6
Bronpi Murano-L 7
Prity 95 LTD 8
Prity FGR 14 Kw
Prometey 7 Kw
Bronpi Murano-L
Prity 95 LTD
The Prity FGR 14W wood stove with oven is a retro model with legs. This stove is ideal for heating and cooking in your home.
The Prometey 7 Kw wood stove with oven is a very efficient stove with an elegant design and finish, ideal to fill your decor.
The Bronpi Murano-L wood stove with oven allows you to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and to prepare delicious meals.
The Prity 95 LTD wood stove with steel oven is a stove designed for the comfort of your home. Very powerful, ideal for both heating and cooking.
14 kW
7 Kw
14 Kw
12 Kw
Between 70 and 80%
Maximum log size
480 mm
500 mm
620 mm
120 mm
Cast iron or steel
Green flame label
Only for stoves with + 75% efficiency
Eligible for tax credit
Equipped with an adjustable combustion gas outlet
Removable cast iron top
Oven equipped with a 500°C thermometer to control temperature
With manual damper at flue outlet

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Buying guide - wood stove with oven

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How to choose your wood stove with oven

Searching for the perfect wood stove with oven to meet your needs turns out to be more complicated than you think because making the right choice is very important to have a good stove that will last and be very practical. To do this, consider these few criteria:

#1 - The design

This is one of the criteria not to be neglected, because when choosing, you must see the right stove according to your preference, but which is compatible with your home. Indeed, some stoves are beautiful, but not functional, and others are functional, but not really beautiful. Also, there are wood stoves that have both beauty and functionality, so choose this kind of stove. Because in addition to satisfying you at home, they will also have the role of decorating your home.

#2 - The size

Yes, before you buy you should ask yourself this question, will the stove fit into the area you have planned? Indeed, when you buy your stove, you must check the space needed to install it and choose the right size compatible with this space. You have to plan the installation. And for some stoves, this means even adding a fireproof base and fire board to nearby combustible surfaces to make sure the area is well prepared for the stove's arrival. So measure before you buy.

#3 - The oven size

One question to ask yourself as well is whether the stove is large enough for your family's needs. If you cook a lot, you should also check the size of the oven well so that the food you concoct for your family is well enough in one go. This will save you a lot of time re-doing between dishes several times.

#4 - The price

Perfect wood stoves are an investment that will reward you over time in energy savings for cooking, heating and water heating. But be aware that they are more expensive than a conventional wood stove and expect to pay more than double. But also, additional costs can include shipping, crating and add-ons like a warming cabinet and water tank. All in all, if you're on a tight budget, there are still affordable, good quality wood stoves with ovens, but you have to choose them carefully.

#5 - The size of the combustion chamber

Thesize of the firebox determines how often you need to put in extra wood. Some stoves advertise that they have an overnight burn. This means that under ideal conditions the wood will continue to burn all night giving you the advantage of heating your home. Some wood stoves that have small combustion chambers or inefficient catalytic converters will only burn long enough to cook your food. So you'll need to start a fire in the morning first. So when choosing a stove, the size of the burn is also very important.

Installation and maintenance of a wood stove with oven


It is strictly recommended that you use a qualified professional who can perform an installation that meets all the requirements to install a wood stove with oven. Why? Because it is an appliance that can involve certain dangers. And during its operation, its temperature can reach high levels, which can multiply the risks of malfunction if you do the installation yourself. This requires many precautions such as the safety distance between the flammable elements, the air supply, the smoke exhaust duct. And it is also necessary to respect the standards of installation of the heating systems imposed by the insurance contracts.


Good maintenance is essential to optimize its capacity and prolong its life. To do this, it is necessary to clean the steel or cast iron plates cold and without using water. This can prevent oxidation. But also, the surfaces of wood stoves with oven are mostly stainless steel, cleaning can be done cold or with water, because stainless steel does not oxidize. Use sandpaper if scratches appear, and to remove dirt from surfaces, a rotary brush adapted to stainless steel is very effective. And finally, you must protect the plates with creams and maintenance oils.

The different types of wood stoves with oven

There are various types of wood stoves with oven on the market. For this, there are:

The boiling wood stove

The wood stove with hydro jammer is a stove that is connected to a heating circuit. It can supply your radiators, your floor heating and can also produce your domestic hot water. It can also achieve a performance greater than 80% through the principle of post-combustion or double combustion. It can adapt very well to your existing installations and can be installed in an autonomous way. The disadvantage with this stove is that the airtightness is not always there also, the heat control is tricky.

The storage wood stove

Also known asa slow heat release stove or masonry heater, it is the combination of the bread oven system and other traditional European heating techniques. It was designed to first of all, to recover the calories produced by the smoke and also to accumulate the heat produced by the combustion of wood. Its maintenance is generally easy, and its performance is excellent. Moreover, it is very ecological and very economical. But it takes up space and is quite heavy. But also, the storage of wood from this stove can be a problem in small houses.

The double-burning wood stove

It isa material that combines economy and ecology, because it reduces pollution and generates more than 40 grams of smoke per hour and releases only 5 grams in an hour. This type of stove is also incredibly practical. But for its installation, it requires a certain safety perimeter that must be respected around the stove to avoid accidents. And its view of the fire is limited compared to closed or open fireplaces.

Wood stove with oven or classic wood stove

Wood stove with oven

The first advantage of the wood stove with oven is that it is a double function equipment, that is, it serves on the one hand as a heating unit and on the other hand it is an equipment for cooking two units that work independently. Then, in addition to cooking tasty food, the oven maximizes the heat produced by the stove, and this safely. On the other hand, the choice of this model is limited, which means that there are not various choices to make when buying and also they are more expensive on the market.

Classic wood stove

The advantage of the wood stove is first of all its energy saving. It is also less expensive on the market and its output is lower. Also, the wood stove respects the environment. Its disadvantage is that its installation requires more space. And the cleaning of this stove requires a lot of time and regular refueling. And it only heats your home and nothing else.


If you like to cook and more precisely, you like a good dish cooked in the wood fire, opt for the wood stove with oven, because it is designed for a double function. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of this, but just want heating in your home, opt for the classic wood stove, because they are both economical and ecological, plus with a very affordable cost on the market.


Use dry wood

It is advisable to always use dry wood with the wood stove, as this can optimize the performance of your stove. And the higher the moisture content, the less efficient the performance if you use wet wood. So the result depends on the condition of the fuel.

Keep the chimney clean and free of creosote buildup

Schedule chimney maintenance for your wood stove in the spring and fall so you don't have to climb on the roof in the snow or in bad weather. If you burn dry hardwood, it will be enough to keep the chimney clean and give you good draft and perfect fireplaces.

Allow a layer of ash to build up in the firebox to retain heat

While you want to clean the ashes regularly, keeping the ashes cleaned, prevents the fire in the firebox from building up sustained heat. You need an inch or two of ash to insulate the burning logs and allow them to maintain stable cooking temperatures. Once a layer of ash between 2 inches and 4 inches is achieved, there is optimum sustained combustion for long periods of baking bread or roasting meats. It will also improve your overnight burn.

Clean out the ash pan when the layer of ash begins to affect the air intake into the firebox

Finally, the ash layer is too deep and chokes off the oxygen the fire needs to burn. You'll notice smoke coming out of the firebox through the pan lid and damper knobs. At this point, cleaning the ash pan when the fire is cool will improve draft, give you more efficient fires, and allow your oven to maintain its even cooking temperatures.

Avoid spillage on the cooking surface

Avoiding spills in the first place will make your cleanup job easier. Don't let pans overflow onto the cooking surface, as any spills will leave a mark when minerals and starch char on the cooking surface.


What is the best wood stove with oven?

The best wood stove with oven depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

How to start a fire in a wood stove with oven?

Likeany wood stove, in order to start the fire properly, you need to have the right items to do so. For this, you need to have fuel briquettes or other fire starters. Also, you must have very dry logs of wood weighing 1Kg. And also a match to make fire.

What kind of wood should you use?

Anytype of wood you can get according to your geographical location can be used for the operation of the machine. The only important thing you need to be aware of is the moisture content of the wood used. If the wood logs are too wet or green, it can cause several problems with the performance of the stove due to the high water content of the wood.

How to properly fill the stove with wood?

Theideal time to refill the stove is when the fire is almost out and only embers remain. You should open the stove door with the oven mitt provided and place the logs of wood over the embers.

How much wood should you put inside the wood stove with oven?

Eachmachine comes with an instruction guide, where you can find the recommended amount of wood. This amount can vary between 2 and 3 kg, it is advisable not to exceed this amount to avoid irreversible damage to the machine.


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Prity FGR 14 Kw
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Prometey 7 Kw
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