The best wood stoves in the UK 2023

Highly prized for its high energy efficiency, the wood stove is one of the most interesting heating equipment. In addition to the excellent thermal comfort it offers, especially in winter, it is economical, ecological and energy efficient. Back in fashion, it is now a great success with households. Convection, hydro, ducted: which one to choose? Rely on this guide.

Godin 388117 1

Best value for money

Godin 388117

The best wood stove in 2021

This wood stove will keep you warm all winter long thanks to its many promises both on paper and in practice. Indeed, efficiency and thermal comfort are the key words of the brand.

708 £ on Amazon

The Godin 388117 is a contemporary stove with a low energy consumption due to its energy class A. With its 6.5 kW of power, it can heat a volume of 80 to 220 m³ depending on the insulation level of your room. Measuring 38.5 x 65 x 66 cm and weighing 123 kg, this model has an efficiency of 78.2%. It is regulated and manually loaded with logs of 50 cm maximum length.

This type of stove has a heating body and a cast iron cladding giving it a great inertia. Its glass remains clean thanks to the low amount of dust/ash it emits (22.5 mg/Nm³), thus favoring heat transmission by radiation rather than by convection.

Wolfpack 22021240 2

Best value for money

Wolfpack 22021240

The best entry-level wood stove

The Wolfpack 22021240 is the cheap and efficient wood stove from the mixed range of the wood stove manufacturer THECA.

175 £ on Amazon
Flam Energie poêle à bois et granulé 3

Best premium value for money

Flam Energie poêle à bois et granulé

The best high-end wood stove

The Flam Energie stove is a multi-function stove. It is efficient and very economical, ideal for both heating your home and for a good wood fire cooking.

1 839 £ on Amazon
Prity 95 LTD 4

The most convenient

Prity 95 LTD

A great all-purpose unit

The Prity 95 LTD wood stove with steel oven is a stove designed for the comfort of your home. Very powerful, ideal for both heating and cooking.

359 £ on Amazon
Aduro 9.6 5

Very good

Aduro 9.6

A great value

The Aduro 9.6 is a stove with an exclusive and very refined design. The three glass fronts allow a good view of the flames in any room.

952 £ on Manomano

The Aduro 9.6 combi stove is equipped with an effective cleaning system that prevents soot deposits on the glass. This will make your job easier when cleaning it. The finish of this stove is well done in every detail with a molded vermiculite firebox, nice curves, hidden hinges and a cast iron grate that guarantees its durability. The simple details and soft curves of its beautiful finish give it a perpetual look. This means it has a clean design that will complement your home decor.

Moreover, this stove has a nominal power of 6,0 Kw and a mini/maxi power of 3 to 9 Kw. Its power is therefore not negligible. Its heating surface is 30-140 m² with primary, secondary and tertiary air supply. It has a possibility of extension with guarantee. The Aduro 9.6 is a very practical stove that can be placed anywhere in your home.

Godin 388114 Silinda 6

Best value for money

Godin 388114 Silinda

A great compact model

The Godin wood stove has the advantage of being uncluttered thanks to its vertical design and is ideal if you want to heat and have a very nice decoration at home.

911 £ on Amazon

Suitable for heating confined rooms up to 240 m³, this wood stove from Godin has a power of 7 Kw to perform its role. Its black color combined with its beautiful design honors elegance. It is therefore not likely to stain your interior decoration. Thanks to its well thought handle, particularly easy to handle, the Godin avoids you to force to the opening.

With its 105 cm x 45 cm x 42.2 cm dimensions, this wood stove with manual regulation can accommodate large logs of 33 cm. Its transparent door allows you a wide view of the fire for a warm and friendly atmosphere. It also has a cast iron heating body and offers a heating volume of 90 to 270 m3 for an efficiency of 76%. Finally, it has a great inertia thanks to its cast iron heating body.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best wood stove

Any specific needs?

The best wood stove in 2021

The best entry-level wood stove

The best high-end wood stove

A great all-purpose unit

A great value

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Comparison table of the best wood stoves

TOP OF THE TOP NOT EXPENSIVE EXCELLENT Very good Ratio quality/price
Godin 388117 7
Wolfpack 22021240 8
Flam Energie poêle à bois et granulé 9
Prity 95 LTD 10
Aduro 9.6 11
Godin 388114 Silinda 12
Godin 388117
Wolfpack 22021240
Flam Energie poêle à bois et granulé
Prity 95 LTD
Aduro 9.6
Godin 388114 Silinda
This wood stove will keep you warm all winter long thanks to its many promises both on paper and in practice. Indeed, efficiency and thermal comfort are the key words of the brand.
The Wolfpack 22021240 is the cheap and efficient wood stove from the mixed range of the wood stove manufacturer THECA.
The Flam Energie stove is a multi-function stove. It is efficient and very economical, ideal for both heating your home and for a good wood fire cooking.
The Prity 95 LTD wood stove with steel oven is a stove designed for the comfort of your home. Very powerful, ideal for both heating and cooking.
The Aduro 9.6 is a stove with an exclusive and very refined design. The three glass fronts allow a good view of the flames in any room.
The Godin wood stove has the advantage of being uncluttered thanks to its vertical design and is ideal if you want to heat and have a very nice decoration at home.
Maximum log size
45 cm
50 cm
40 cm
40 cm
39 cm
33 cm
6.5 kW
14.5 kW
12 kW
12 kW
6 kW
78.2 %
63 %
81.3 %
Stove materials
Steel plate
Carbon steel
Combustion type
7 stars
Green flame label
Eligible for tax credit

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Buying guide - wood stove

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How to choose your wood stove

Since the purchase of a wood stove is a substantial investment, here are some criteria to consider:

#1 - The use

If you wish to use wood heating intermittently or to supplement your existing heating system (gas, electricity, oil), a closed fireplace, an insert or a wood stove will meet your expectations. In the case of continuous use, choosing a pellet stove will be more consistent since you can program it and regulate the temperature according to your needs and your lifestyle. On the other hand, if your heat needs are punctual, turn to a log stove which is less expensive and quickly diffuses heat.

#2 - The power

The power of a wood stove must be in line with the dimensions of the room to be heated. It is necessary to count approximately 0,1 kW/m² for a well insulated room with a wall height of 2,5m or 0,04 kW/m3 if we reason by unit of volume. For your information, the power of wood stoves on the market varies between 3 and 20 kW. Choose your stove according to the volume of your room.

#3 - Performance

The higher the efficiency, the lower the wood consumption. In this sense, opt for a wood stove labeled Flamme Verte which has the particularity to make you benefit from an efficiency of 70% at least. Also use dry wood (humidity less than 20%) to increase the heat output and air your room to ensure better combustion. If you use pellet heating, it is characterized by its very high efficiency between 85% and 95% and this variation depends on the quality of the pellets (humidity, etc.) and the combustion conditions (aeration, etc.).

Good to know

To know if the wood is dry, you just have to knock two logs together. If the sound is muffled, it's good!

#4 - The material


on a cast iron model that is again very trendy and is the subject of interior decoration for better retention and restitution of heat at home. This model also helps prevent a rapid rise in temperature when heating. On the other hand, if you are looking for an appliance capable of rising quickly in temperature, choose a steel stove which is lighter and is made with more finesse, but which retains heat less long than cast iron. If you are looking for good performance and inertia, a steel stove clad in brick, earthenware, terracotta or soapstone will do the trick because the material it is made of stores heat and releases it for a few hours even when the fire is out. However, it is solid and is generally intended for fixed installations.

#5 - The fuel

The wood burned in a wood stove can be in the form of logs or pellets. The logs are cut into 33, 40 or 50 cm sections in relation to the size of the fireplace. For log stoves, they are loaded by hand, continuously and the humidity of the wood must be less than 20% to ensure optimum performance. If there are plenty of logs at home and you have a large property far from the city and electricity, then turn to the use of logs as fuel. Pellets are made of compacted sawdust, with more calorific value than logs. They automatically feed the fireplace, requiring a connection to the mains. Packaged in bags, they are easy to store. Their use is recommended for families living in the city. Note that the manufacture of pellets follows standards such as EN 14 961-2, NF biofuel pellets etc. to ensure a high performance. Note that there are also mixed wood stoves that use both logs and pellets or that can alternate between the two.

Green Flame label and tax credit

The Green Flame label

The Green Flame label is a guarantee of reliability and high quality of your wood stove. This label is awarded to stoves in the 6 and 7 star categories. The stars are awarded according to 3 criteria:

  • the efficiency (as an indication according to the power of the device)
    * at least 75% for a log stove
    * 86% or more for a pellet stove (> 87% for class 7)
    * 87% or more for a boiler
  • the rate of carbon monoxide emissions
    * less than or equal to 0.15% (at 13% O2) for a log-burning appliance (< 0.12% for class 7) * 0.03% or less for a pellet stove (or < 0.02% for class 7)
  • The rate of particle emission (between 40 and 80 mg/nm3).
    * Wood log: < or = to 50 for class 6 and 40mg / nm³ for class 7 * Pellets: < or = to 40 for class 6 and 30mg/Nm³ for class 7

Since 2018, two other measures related to VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions are added to these 3 criteria. The labeled devices (or corresponding to these criteria) are entitled to aid like the tax credit and the VAT rate at 5.5%.

The tax credit

The State encourages the use of wood which is recognized as a clean energy and grants a tax credit of 30% under certain conditions:

    • energy efficiency ≥ 70% ;
    • average carbon monoxide concentration ≤ 0.3%;
    • environmental performance index ≤ 1 ;
    • particulate emissions ≤ 90 mg/Nm³ ;
    • the stove must be installed by a professional certified RGE (recognized guarantor of the environment).


Wood stoves previously rated 4 or 5 stars and having not evolved since their last laboratory test, can no longer claim to be Green Flame approved.

Log or pellet stove ?

Log burning stove

This type of stove is fed manually and regularly by logs except for the mass stoves with great inertia. Its output varies from 70 to 85%. A drawback largely compensated by the low cost of logs. This type of heating does not risk stopping even in the event of a power failure. However, the heat produced with this type of equipment is not always homogeneous, and the storage of logs requires a large, dry and ventilated space.

The pellet stove

Wood pellets are environmentally friendly as they are made from sawdust waste. This stove is more autonomous than the log stove. Its firebox is automatically fed with pellets by means of an auger. The heat is then transmitted by hot air communication and by radiation through the glass. The efficiency of a pellet stove can exceed 90%. However, it requires a continuous power supply, which is not really advantageous in case of a long power outage.


The log stove offers excellent heat maintenance while a pellet model is fully automated and therefore, provides a comfort of use exemplary. Therefore, for seniors, it is better to turn to the pellet model to avoid the chore of wood that becomes heavy over the years. On the other hand, the log stove is recommended for people who live in a neighbourhood that is frequently subject to power outages.

Why buy a wood stove?

For easy heating

A wood stove is a heating system that works with natural fuel. You simply place the wood in the combustion chamber. The heated air then diffuses into your home either by radiation or convection. Convection heating involves natural air circulation, while radiation heating allows the warm air to reach your body directly.

To preserve the environment

Wood stoves are environmentally friendly. Indeed, dry wood that has not undergone any special treatment is a clean and renewable energy. You can therefore enjoy a heating system that does not produce greenhouse gas pollutants. Even better, if you use logs from an ecologically managed plantation, the felled trees will be quickly replaced by young shoots. The young trees will then absorb all the CO2 released during the combustion process.

To complete your interior decoration

Wooden stoves come in different shapes with beautiful finishes. They can be integrated harmoniously with the decoration of your interior. They are also suitable for small spaces or large areas. You can use them as a backup heating system or as a main heating system.

To save money

You can find wood stoves with double combustion. This system recovers the gas that escapes from the wood as it burns. This gas is then used as fuel. This allows you to obtain optimal heating while reducing the consumption of logs.

To simplify the maintenance of the device

Wood stoves operate with logs or pellets are very simple, but compact. Indeed, they do not have pipes or pumps. This makes them extremely easy to maintain. In addition, they save you the trouble of frequent chimney sweeping.

The best brands of wood stoves

In our opinion, the best brands of wood stoves in 2022 are :

Hunter Stoves

The Prity brand is specialized in the production of domestic fireplaces, cookers, boilers, fireplaces to be built in, which use solid fuels. It also produces accessories for them and everything is always offered under the Prity brand. This brand is robust and quality with incredible longevity.

Based in Exeter, England, Stovax Ltd was established in 1981 to design, manufacture and distribute wood burning stoves and fireplace accessories. This brand is committed to giving quality products that are value for money and meet the needs of consumers. This brand is reliable.

The Hunter Stoves Group (Mells) was originally founded in 1970 in the South West of England and is widely regarded as the leading UK based wood burning stove manufacturer. Initially producing steel stoves with integrated boilers to run small to medium sized central heating systems, the brand is now a professional in wood burning stoves.

The Godin Cast Iron Foundry, located in Guise, northwest of Paris, has been manufacturing cast iron stoves, cookers, fireplaces and other heating products since 1840, and has become one of the oldest and most respected companies in Europe. Its products are of outstanding design combined with impeccable quality.

Invicta has manufactured a range of cast iron stoves with a unique design. These are efficient wood burning stoves that have the 'green flame' certificate for low particulate emissions. Unlike many other stove manufacturers, Invicta does not appear to have based most of its designs on existing models. This brand is interesting.

What is the price for a wood stove

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 500 £
500 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Install your wood stove in the right place.

To optimize heat transfer, place the stove in the middle of a room or against a wall so that the front of the stove is unobstructed and facing the interior of the room. Ideally, the stove should be oriented in the direction of the air flow so that the heat can spread efficiently. To accommodate this, place your stove not far from the fuel storage area.

Take care of it properly.


maintain the performance level of your wood stove, please empty the ash pan of the device daily and clean its outer and inner walls. Also, make sure that air is flowing into the stove's interior, and seal the pipes as best you can if this is not the case. Use only good quality, dry fuel to limit corrosion and increase the longevity of the stove. Also be sure to sweep your chimney once or twice a year.

Remember to store the fuel for your wood stove properly.


logs, once cut, split and dried, should be kept under cover (under a tarp or roof) in a well-ventilated area. They should also not be placed directly on the ground to limit any appearance of mold. As for the pellets, they must be preserved in a suitable place (dry and protected from moisture) and accessible to facilitate the handling of the bags that contain them. As for the wood chips, store them in a silo.

What to do when the wood stove backs up.


stove that backs up can be harmful to your health because of the smoke that spreads throughout your home. It is important to note that to avoid any backdrafting problems with your wood stove, carefully follow the maintenance procedures already mentioned above. If this has not been sufficient, consider raising and thermally insulating your chimney. Also opt for the installation of a smoke-evacuating device such as an electric forcing vacuum, a smoke extractor, or an exhaust fan.

Equip yourself with useful accessories.


handle your wood stove safely, equip yourself with a few handy accessories such as a chimney and stove servant that is used to hang a poker, wood tongs, a shovel, or a broom. Then there is the ash vacuum cleaner, which is mainly used for the regular maintenance of pellet stoves. A chimney sweeping kit will also be useful to clean your chimneys and pipes. Chimney and stove cleaners will remove tar and blackness from the glass and walls of your installation. Stove or fireplace screens will keep your children away from the fire and burning areas. Finally, the log holders are also practical and design to prevent your fuels from scattering all around the stove.


What is the best wood stove?

The best wood stove depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How long does a wood stove last?

A pellet stove generally lasts between 15 and 20 years, a little less than a conventional wood stove that can operate up to 20 to 30 years depending on the manufacturer.

Will a wood stove overheat?

Yes, this can happen if you heat the stove too much and for too long. Avoid overloading your stove. Use the right fuel and the right size, because small pieces of wood give off a lot of heat. Use a smoke extractor to regulate the draught.

My wood stove doesn't heat up anymore, what can I do?

It may be a draft problem. If the draft is too high, most of the heat will escape into the flue pipes. In this case, get a draught moderator, which is nothing more than a flap valve placed in the flue. There may also be a problem with the air flow generated by the fan, which is either too high or too low. In this case, refer to the fan's user manual to change the fan speed. Finally, for pellet stoves, the fuel flow rates may be poorly managed. Try moving the thermostat, which is probably too close to the stove. If you have trouble, call a qualified technician.

Can you cook with a wood stove?

Yes, you can cook food with wood-burning stoves equipped with a baking tray or oven heated by the waste heat from the smoke.


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Godin 388117 13
Godin 388117
Wolfpack 22021240 14
Wolfpack 22021240
Flam Energie poêle à bois et granulé 15
Flam Energie poêle à bois et granulé
Prity 95 LTD 16
Prity 95 LTD
Aduro 9.6 17
Aduro 9.6


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