The best Godin wood stoves in the UK 2023

You want to install a good wood fire in your house, but you don't know which one is ideal? Make your choice for the Godin wood stove. The Godin wood stove is a classic wood stove, which has earned its reputation for its small size and lower energy consumption.In this article, in our buying guide, we will introduce you to the best Godin wood stoves to help make the right choice.

Godin 388114 Silinda 1

Best value for money

Godin 388114 Silinda

The best Godin wood stove

The Godin wood stove has the advantage of being uncluttered thanks to its vertical design and is ideal if you want to heat and have a very nice decoration at home.

911 £ on Amazon

Suitable for heating confined rooms up to 240 m³, this wood stove from Godin has a power of 7 Kw to perform its role. Its black color combined with its beautiful design honors elegance. It is therefore not likely to stain your interior decoration. Thanks to its well thought handle, particularly easy to handle, the Godin avoids you to force to the opening.

With its 105 cm x 45 cm x 42.2 cm dimensions, this wood stove with manual regulation can accommodate large logs of 33 cm. Its transparent door allows you a wide view of the fire for a warm and friendly atmosphere. It also has a cast iron heating body and offers a heating volume of 90 to 270 m3 for an efficiency of 76%. Finally, it has a great inertia thanks to its cast iron heating body.

Godin 388117 2

Best value for money

Godin 388117

The best entry-level Godin wood stove

The Godin 388117 is a stove with a simple and aesthetic design, and its four legs allow it to be in optimal stability at all times.

644 £ on Amazon

This model of stove has a handle that fits perfectly in hand and avoids any risk of burning. It has a power of 6.5 Kw and is ideal for heating small rooms of 350 m3 with a dimension of 38.5 x 65 x 66 cm.It is also designed to accommodate logs of 55 cm in length.This Godin stove is black and discreet but moreover goes through everything.You will not have any worries about respecting your interior decoration. And its glass door lets you easily see what's going on inside. You will be able to easily control the state of your wood fire.

Godin Le Villeteau 369130 3

Best value for money

Godin Le Villeteau 369130

The best high-end Godin wood stove

The Godin Le Villeteau 369130 is a wood stove with an impeccable design, which can fill your interior decoration.

4 515 £ on Amazon

This model of wood stove has a heated volume of 130 to 330 m3 which is manually adjustable. It can accommodate fuel from logs up to 40 cm and the loading is in front. The smoke outlet is above and behind. Its power is 9,5 Kw. Its cladding is made of sanded Hainaut blue stone which is very resistant to wear and tear and compression. Its dimensions are H 127,9 x W 71,1 x D 41,2 cm. Moreover, its heating body is made of cast iron which contributes to the resistance of this stove. The starting nozzle is Ø 153 mm int which is ideal for the evacuation of smoke.

Godin 310105 G 4

A great choice

Godin 310105 G

The best choice Godin wood stove

The Godin 310105 G stove is ideal especially for fans of vintage with its traditional design. It will bring a vintage touch to your decoration.

1 478 £ on Amazon

This Godin stove 310105 G is a stove of dimension H 98 x W 53 x D 53 cm. It has a heated volume of 90 to 240 m3 and it is also manually adjustable. Its power is 7 Kw. This stove can accommodate fuel logs up to 25 cm and is still possible with 50 cm in vertical. The fuel loading is done in front and above. The smoke outlet is at the back with an outlet nozzle of Ø 125 mm ext. The stove has an all cast iron hearth and is made of enamelled steel which allows its resistance and durability.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Godin wood stove

Any specific needs?

The best Godin wood stove

The best entry-level Godin wood stove

The best high-end Godin wood stove

The best choice Godin wood stove

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Comparison table of the best Godin wood stoves

Godin 388114 Silinda 5
Godin 388117 6
Godin Le Villeteau 369130 7
Godin 310105 G 8
Godin 388114 Silinda
Godin 388117
Godin Le Villeteau 369130
Godin 310105 G
The Godin wood stove has the advantage of being uncluttered thanks to its vertical design and is ideal if you want to heat and have a very nice decoration at home.
The Godin 388117 is a stove with a simple and aesthetic design, and its four legs allow it to be in optimal stability at all times.
The Godin Le Villeteau 369130 is a wood stove with an impeccable design, which can fill your interior decoration.
The Godin 310105 G stove is ideal especially for fans of vintage with its traditional design. It will bring a vintage touch to your decoration.
Stove materials
7 Kw
6.5 Kw
9.5 Kw
6.5 Kw
Maximum log size
33 cm
50 cm
40 cm
25 to 50 cm
Combustion type
Green flame label
7 stars
4 stars
7 stars
6 stars
Eligible for tax credit

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Buying guide - Godin wood stove

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How to choose your Godin wood stove

You must take into account these criteria to choose your Godin wood stove so that it is both ecological, economical and comfortable.

#1 - Quality material for a robust wood stove

Between cast iron and steel, it is difficult to choose the ideal material for your wood stove. It provides a good temperature rise but is less efficient than cast iron. But choosing a cast iron stove is a guarantee of quality. It is a robust material, heavier than steel of course, but it has an excellent thermal inertia and a homogeneous diffusion of heat, thus allowing to realize good fuel savings.

#2 - The right heating capacity for optimum comfort


calculate the right power, we count 0,1 kWh for 1 m². For 50 m², it is advisable to choose a wood stove of 5 Kw which is at a heating power of 5000 watts. There is no point in choosing a stove that is too powerful, which would have to be operated at idle speed, resulting in reduced performance and clogged flues. The power of a stove is necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

#3 - Optimal efficiency for economical heating

Efficiency is the ratio of the energy produced by the stove to the energy that is consumed during combustion in the fireplace. It is expressed as a percentage. A wood stove with an efficiency of 70% is already considered an efficient heater. At 80%, it is excellent because depending on the model of the wood stove, the efficiency usually varies between 50 and 80%. The higher the efficiency, the lower the consumption, the less wood the stove consumes so the more economical and ecological it is.

#4 - An installation that complies with safety standards


wood stove must be located away from walls and all combustible surfaces. The floor must be solid enough to support the weight of the appliance.The evacuation pipes must respect certain constraints in terms of diameter or even passage because the installation requires respecting some safety rules.Calling on a certified professional is highly recommended to enjoy an installation that complies with standards and regulations. And before proceeding with the purchase , it is necessary to check the main criteria related to the installation of a wood stove.

#5 - A designer or authentic wood stove for every taste

Calling on a professional is a solution, to comfort you in your choice. Because according to your needs and desires, there is a wide range of wood stoves on the market. You must therefore take into account the design and authenticity of the stove. Indeed, the wood stove is perceived as a centerpiece in the house.

Maintaining your wood stove

For routine maintenance, clean the glass of your wood stove regularly with newspaper or a damp cloth. Whenever necessary, empty the ashes from the fireplace. Do you have a garden? Use the ashes as fertilizer and place them at the foot of your plants. To limit the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire, chimney sweeping is mandatory and must be done at least once a year. Plan on two annual appointments if you use your appliance day and night.

The different types of Godin wood stoves

There are several types of wood stoves, each with their own specificities:

Hydraulic stove

This system is connected to the central heating network and allows you to benefit from the free calories produced when the stove is in operation. Behind the burner is a water tank that heats up at the same time as the air in the room. This hot water then exchanges its calories with the heating network and saves fuel for heating the house. Its advantage is double function as heating the room by heating the air but also heating the rest of the house by irrigating in hot water the radiator network.

Log burning stove


system is the most classic that everyone knows. Just place some logs inside, turn on and off you go. Very simple and doesn't waste your time. The disadvantage of this system is its uncontrollable fuel which, once lit, will have to burn completely. It will therefore release a large amount of energy which sometimes causes discomfort due to overheating for the users of the room where the stove is installed.

Mass stove


is a large log stove, the weight is between 500 and 2000 Kg.which allows to store a huge amount of heat that will then be returned to the house mainly in the form of radiation. If it is well located in the middle of the house, it can heat the house alone.Because most homes are often built around the mass stove that is not movable.

A Godin wood stove or a pellet stove

A wood stove

The wood stove has several advantages, on the one hand, with its operation for energy saving, ease of maintenance and use and practicality. And on the other hand, with the fuel it uses which is ecological, comes from a local resource and is renewable. But the wood stove requires a relatively large floor space for its installation and for the storage of the wood that will be used as fuel.

A pellet stove

The pellet stove is a very efficient device and offers a very good performance. The wood pellets allow a perfect combustion. But a pellet stove costs about twice as much as a conventional wood stove and the emission of smoke and or odors from the stove ignition is a source of discomfort.


For this, opt for wood stoves as they are affordable and can be both cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.


Adjust the temperature of the equipment according to the needs of the room to be heated

Depending on the desired temperature of the room in which the stove is installed, it is recommended to estimate the ideal consumption. In this way, it is possible to avoid excessive consumption of logs.Unless the wood stove is intended to heat the entire dwelling, it is not necessary to set the temperature to the maximum.

Insulating your home

In order

to get a good performance, a good insulation of the house is the best solution.Because this is very important when it comes to wood stoves


Always use perfectly dry and hard heating logs


it seems obvious, many people make the mistake of using logs with too high a moisture level, which considerably reduces the efficiency of their wood stove. While the moisture content and hardness of the wood have both an impact on the release of soot and pollutants, and also on the thermal efficiency of the equipment.For combustion to therefore offer optimal efficiency, it is indeed advisable to use sufficiently dry wood.

Maintain your equipment regularly

It is

necessary to do at least two sweeps per year if you really want to improve, or even maximize the performance of your stove, although you can't do without a serious and regular maintenance. It is also necessary to check the condition of the lining, mechanical parts, pipes and all components whose malfunction is likely to cause significant heat loss. In order to improve the efficiency and life of the system, regular cleaning of the combustion chamber and ash pan should also be performed.

Removing soot from the glass of your stove

Infact, to clean the glass of your Godin wood stove, use moistened newspaper dipped in the ashes of your appliance or paper towels. If you opt for ashes, make sure they come from dry wood first.


What is the best Godin wood stove?

The best Godin wood stove depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What are the air inlets to be respected when installing a stove in a house?

It is necessary to create new air inlets in the dwelling in order to prevent it from being under pressure, because a wood stove consumes 10 to 15 m3 of air for the combustion of 1 kg of wood. The air inlets must therefore be, in general, at least 100cm², which gives a minimum diameter of 114 mm for a circular inlet.

How much space can a wood stove heat?

The surface area that a wood-burning stove can heat is a sensitive subject. It is important to avoid making generalizations, to consider the comfort of use, i.e. how the wood is loaded into the stove by the users, and also to consider the problem of overheating due to radiation in the room where the stove is installed.

Is it necessary to sweep a wood stove every year?

Yes, even twice a year. The legislation requires the first sweeping at the beginning of the heating period and the second at the end of the heating period.

Which stove is the most economical?

Whether Godin or other, the wood stove is often used as a back-up heater. With an average cost of only 40 euros/MWh, it is clearly the most economical on the market.


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Godin 388114 Silinda 9
Godin 388114 Silinda
Godin 388117 10
Godin 388117
Godin Le Villeteau 369130 11
Godin Le Villeteau 369130
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