The best wood pellets in delivery in the UK 2023

Wood pellets are an interesting sustainable alternative for heating your home or for cooking. They are also fuel from forest production. It is the most popular fuel of all, but what are really its advantages and uses? In this article, we will present the best wood pellets in delivery to help you see more clearly.

PINI Wood Pellets 1

The Editor's Choice

PINI Wood Pellets

The best wood pellets for delivery in 2021

PELLETS wood pellets are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are ideal for grilling, smoking and for use in pizza ovens.

21,52 £ on Amazon

These wood pellets from PINI PELLETS are made from oak and beech that are 100% pure without bark. They are very convenient for all types of grills and smokers, smoker tubes, pellet pizza ovens and all types of pellet ovens. These pellets burn slowly and provide not only heat when grilling, but also an intense smoke that gives your food a golden color and also gives your dishes a unique taste. They are very good for pork, poultry and lamb. The bag contains 15 kg of pellets.

In addition, these pellets are made from untreated wood without resin or pesticides and without adding binders. They are 100% natural and have a low residual moisture content that allows for a clean and uniform combustion with very low ash residues. This will facilitate your cleaning tasks. But they should always be kept dry. These pellets are supplied with shovels free of charge. With PINI PELLETS, you can enjoy your barbecue to the fullest.

HRB wood pellets 2

The best cheap

HRB wood pellets

The best wood pellets for delivery in 2021

The HBR brand wood pellets are made from 100% din wood. This fuel is therefore reliable and safe for the environment. For this price, you will not regret your purchase.

15,19 £ on Amazon

These pellets are made of Din wood that comply with the EN Plus, A1 standard. They are made without binders or chemical additives to guarantee the health of the user. This means that they are 100% natural pellets. They are therefore very ecological, respectful of the environment. Note that the heat production of this fuel is higher and better for home heating applications.

The residues left by HBR are also very easy to clean as these pellets have less residual ash when used. In addition, they are suitable for automatic combustion operation, perfect for a closed renewable energy system. With these 30 kg of wood pellets offered by the company, you can have optimal heat for your home heating.

Suinga wood pellets 3

The best high end

Suinga wood pellets

The best wood pellets for delivery in 2021

Suinga wood pellets are 100% natural. They are practical and efficient for your heating.

67,96 £ on Amazon

Suinga is made up of 5 bags of granules of 15 kg each, which makes a total of 75 kg delivered. These pellets are of superior quality and entirely natural. Also, the pellets are certified EN PLUS A1. This catalog of pellets is made of solid biomass composed of very small cylinders of 6 mm in diameter. They are especially ideal for heating because its heat production is high. With pellets without chemical ingredients and in very large quantities, you will have enough to heat for a long time.

iapyx pellets en bois 4

The best excellent choice

iapyx pellets en bois

The iapyx wood pellets are pellets that can be adapted to ecological materials. They are ideal for heating your pellet stove, fireplace etc..

19,89 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best wood pellets in delivery

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The best wood pellets for delivery in 2021

The best wood pellets for delivery in 2021

The best wood pellets for delivery in 2021

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Comparison table of the best wood pellets in delivery

Editor's Choice Inexpensive High-end Excellent selection
PINI Wood Pellets 5
HRB wood pellets 6
Suinga wood pellets 7
iapyx pellets en bois 8
PINI Wood Pellets
HRB wood pellets
Suinga wood pellets
iapyx pellets en bois
PELLETS wood pellets are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are ideal for grilling, smoking and for use in pizza ovens.
The HBR brand wood pellets are made from 100% din wood. This fuel is therefore reliable and safe for the environment. For this price, you will not regret your purchase.
Suinga wood pellets are 100% natural. They are practical and efficient for your heating.
The iapyx wood pellets are pellets that can be adapted to ecological materials. They are ideal for heating your pellet stove, fireplace etc..
15 Kg
30 Kg
75 Kg
30 Kg
Super convenient pellets for all types of grilling
Granules for heating
Very efficient for heating
for pellet stove or fireplace
100% natural
100% natural according to EN Plus A1
Superb pellets certified EN Plus A1
100% natural

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Buying guide - wood pellets in delivery

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How to choose your wood pellets in delivery

The wood pellet is one of the least polluting and most economical fuels. However, before buying take into account these few criteria to be able to choose the ideal wood pellets for you.

#1 - The package of pellets

Indeed, the first criterion when buying is to choose the right package of the product. A thin and cheap bag can tear easily dispersing and destroying the wood pellets in the process and leaving them exposed to moisture. On the other hand, if the bag is too thick, opening the pellet may take time and effort. But the best thing is to choose the latter, because the important thing is that the pellets are always safe from moisture.

#2 - The type of smoker

Thisis the second criterion not to be overlooked when buying, because you need to make sure if the wood pellets you intend to buy are compatible with your smoker. If it is not, you need to choose the right one to avoid wasting your money.

#3 - The ash

Itis also important to consider the level of ash produced during processing, as this can affect cleaning after use.

#4 - The raw material

Wood pellets can be made of many materials. But when choosing, always opt for all-natural wood pellets without chemical components that can be bad for health and the environment such as additives, glues, binders, resins and pesticides, etc.

#5 - The price

Theprice varies mainly depending on the distance of delivery, the quality of the product and the packaging. Buying in bulk costs less than the average 65-bag pallet. And buying non-certified pellets will also cost less than certified pellets. So the choice will depend on your preference.

Certification of pellets

There are several certifications for wood pellets. Among these, there is the DINplus certification which is one of the most demanding European references. DINplus certified wood pellets are monitored throughout the manufacturing process to obtain an optimal product and offer a high level of performance.

You can also rely on the NF and EN Plus certifications which guarantee rigorous manufacturing processes. But you have to be careful, because some producers in certifications play on the name such as DIN+ or EN+, to make believe in this certification. The best thing is to always look for the official logo and the certification number to be sure of its authenticity.

The different types of wood pellets in delivery

There are 2 types of wood pellets, each reserved for a particular use that we will present below.

Wood pellets from virgin wood

It is a wood that has not undergone chemical treatment and contains no additives in its composition that can increase the risk of clogging your heater and is also very polluting. They are obtained from sawdust, woodwork scraps or wood chips. Their production is therefore from the waste of the exploitation of virgin wood.

Wood pellets from softwood

Forthese pellets, their combustions are immediate and offer a bright and strong flame instantly. This is made possible thanks to the resin of these trees that have the function of natural binder. This rapid combustion is very effective, but not very durable over time. And the fire obtained with softwood pellets will not maintain the heat in the fireplace for very long. They are generally used to start the fire and in addition to another fuel.

Wood pellets or logs

Wood pellets

The first advantage of wood pellets is the price. They are often stable, because they do not depend on exogenous factors such as fossil fuels. Also, wood pellets are small in size and boilers can be fed by an automated system. They are easy to store and produce a minimal amount of ash. Wood pellets are environmentally friendly. The disadvantage with wood pellets is the storage. The storage of wood pellets requires a large storage space. They are affordable on the market, but the cost of supplies is not.


Heating it with logs can be very economical. Its use of logs makes use of a truly renewable energy. Its use also opens on more energy autonomy. The disadvantage with the logs is that they require cleaning and a lot of physical work. They emit fine particles into the atmosphere which can be pollutants. And finally, they are not suitable for very urban areas.


These two fuels are both very economical, but if you don't really have time in your house, opt for wood pellets, as they are very easy to maintain. On the other hand, if you have a lot of time, you can turn to logs.

Why buy wood pellets?

They are self-contained

Heaters that run on this fuel can operate automatically without the need for regular monitoring of the fireplace.

They can meet your needs

These wood pellet heaters can also be adjusted according to your needs.

They are very ecological

At the environmental level, wood pellets offer the possibility of recovering the waste from the wood industry. But also, they are very environmentally friendly.

They have a better combustion rate

Indeed, they have a better combustion rate, because they produce less ash. So very easy to clean.

They have a low humidity rate

When it comes to heating, it is strictly recommended to use dry wood. Wood pellets are the best, because they have a low moisture content, which is usually less than 10%.

The best brands of wood pellets in delivery

In our opinion, the best brands of wood pellets in delivery in 2022 are :

Alpin pellet
Bio Pellet

It is a manufacturer of good quality wood pellets. It is the first French producer to have obtained the ENPLUS A1 certification.

It is a very large supplier of wood pellets. Their pellets are DIN plus certified.

Thewood pellets of BIO PELLET brand are certified EN PLUS A1. These pellets are, as its name indicates, 100% organic and natural.

It is also a manufacturer of quality wood pellets. These pellets are economic and ecological certified NF and DIN.

Itis a manufacturer of compressed wood pellets. These wood pellets are also DIN certified.

What is the price wood pellets in delivery

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 80 £
80 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Clean your wood pellet ash well

Although it may seem obvious, a flashlight that you can wear over your head or attach to the side of the stove is a must. Without the proper light, it's impossible to see all the nooks and crannies where the ash is hiding. While the headlamp allows you to use your hands for other tasks, it casts a decent light wherever you turn your head to look.

Avoid moisture at all costs

Pellets can be stored indoors or outdoors, but they must be kept away from moisture. A garage or shed works well, as long as it doesn't leak! Some people store indoors, like in a closet or on the porch. It's also wise to avoid humidity, so basement storage is not ideal unless you keep a dehumidifier running. The drier winter air is ideal for storing your pellets outside.

Don't open until you're ready to use

Plastic bags that the pellets come in are great for storing pellets. They will keep the moisture out and make stacking easier. If you have multiple bags of the same type of pellet, be sure to use the first in/first out method, and this also applies to the first use of any open bag of the flavor of pellet you are cooking with.

Keep your pellets off the ground

Somepeople stack their pellets on a pallet in their storage area, but you can also put a few 2 × 4s on a shelf or even on the floor. The idea here is again to avoid any moisture buildup under your pellet bags.

When buying wood pellets in bulk

Ifyou prefer to have specific storage for your bulk pellet purchase, there are plenty of options. A five-gallon bucket with a lid allows you to store your pellets in an organized manner, and the lid keeps moisture out. Many people use commercial food grade buckets like these to store their pellets.


Do I have to store the wood pellets in a certain way?

To ensure the best results, you should always store unused wood pelletsin a cool, dry place. Do not allow unused pellets to remain in the grill hopper for more than a few days.

Are the pellets safe and clean?

Sincethe wood pelletsdesigned for pellet grills are made only from hardwood products, they burn much cleaner and produce a much more flavorful type of smoke and heat.

What types of cooking can I do on a pellet grill?

The pellet grillis a very versatile outdoor stove, it allows you to grill, bake, braise, roast, broil and smoke with the same appliance.

What are the pellets made of?

Thefood grade wood pellets used for pellet grills are made from 100% hardwood sawdust. They use select sawmills to obtain the materials and do not add any fillers that could compromise food safety.


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PINI Wood Pellets
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HRB wood pellets
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Suinga wood pellets
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iapyx pellets en bois


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