The best road approved buggies in the UK 2023

A buggy is an interesting combination of versatility and fun: it can go almost anywhere, and it's perfect for enjoying a ride on the coast with your hair in the wind, or even a long ride on the roads. But beware, not all buggies are alike and not all are road legal. Read our guide to help you choose your road legal buggy.

Polaris - General 1000 EPS Deluxe ABS 1

Editor's Choice

Polaris - General 1000 EPS Deluxe ABS

The best road-legal buggy in 2021

Are you looking for a versatile and all-round buggy? The General 1000 EPS Deluxe ABS is for you. Its power will suit the ultimate off-road adventure and it can handle any type of terrain.

19 192 £ on Polaris

The Polaris General 1000 EPS Deluxe ABS is an off-road SSV, although it also has many ready-to-use features. It has a starting price of 23,990 euros. This buggy has 100 horsepower thanks to a 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 999 cc and liquid cooling. It is equipped with an automatic transmission and a true 4WD/2WD on demand all-wheel drive system with VersaTrac turf mode.

The front suspension is a double wishbone with a stabilizer bar and the rear is a double-link IRS with a stabilizer bar, all coupled with FOX Podium shocks that will help the General 100 EPS absorb all the imperfections of the track, ensuring you maximum comfort. Its braking system includes four-wheel hydraulic discs with dual-bore front and rear calipers. Tilt steering, a reinforced sliding driver's seat and adjustable seat belt height keep everyone more comfortable over miles of rough terrain.

Masai - X300 2

The best cheap

Masai - X300

The best cheap road-legal buggy in 2021

If you are looking for a solid buggy, capable of tackling difficult terrain at a low price, the Masai X300 SSV is recommended. It is a reliable machine at all times, regardless of the type of terrain.

4 392 £ on Masai

The new Masai X300 off-road SSV is a vehicle for people who like sporty driving. This road-approved buggy is reliable and will be able to accompany you without difficulty on all terrains in all weathers: in the mud or under a beautiful sun, you will enjoy yourself. The X300 has a 4-stroke 250cc liquid-cooled engine with a capacity of 255cc that will respond to all your requests with flexibility.

The X300 weighs 290 kg, has an automatic transmission and electric ignition. With a tank capacity of 13 l, it will allow you to make long rides for two (2 seats). Finally, the X300 has a ground clearance of 210 mm and is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes which will offer you a safety at any time, especially since it is equipped with solid safety hoops.

Yamaha - YXZ1000R SS SE 3

The best high-end

Yamaha - YXZ1000R SS SE

The best high-end road-legal buggy in 2021

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line performance SSV for sporty riding, the Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE is what you need. With fully adjustable FOX twin-spring shocks, 29-inch Big Horn tires and more, it's sure to please.

From €30,999 on Yamaha

The YXZ1000R™ SS SE is one of the most capable buggies available today. The systems on board allow the YXZ to bring this level of performance to every ride, no matter the terrain (from dunes and deserts to rough woods and muddy trails). It features a compact, ultra-powerful 998cc three-cylinder engine coupled with Yamaha's Sport Shift, a five-speed sequential manual transmission with Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift (YCC-S) technology. The result is a Pure Sport riding experience that is unmatched on the market.

To ensure optimal performance, the YXZ1000R SS SE features a rear-mounted vented radiator. This system not only reduces heat in the cabin, but also protects the radiator from mud and debris and is designed to channel cool air through the radiator at both low and high speeds. Finally, to ensure your comfort, this SSV is equipped with fully adjustable FOX® dual-spring shocks, and for added comfort, soft high-back seats with extra lateral support and exterior shoulder bolsters in the cab.

SECMA - Fun buggy 4

A great alternative

SECMA - Fun buggy

The best fun buggy

If you're looking for a nice, easy to drive, road-legal buggy that combines elegance and performance, try the Fun buggy from SECMA, the 100% French brand.

From 22 640 € on Secma Performance

If you like "made in the UK", this road approved buggy from SECMA will not disappoint you. The Fun buggy has a definitely sporty look, although much less aggressive than the SSV's (with their big tires and the suspensions and shocks that go with them). The Fun buggy is more reminiscent of the Manx buggies of the early years, with a definite seventies style, but with a modern touch. And it is also robust: without being as versatile as the SSVs, this buggy will be able to take you anywhere you want, in the city or in the country, on the road or on the tracks, and at the speed you want.

The Fun buggy weighs 593 kg, it has a power of 105 CV which allows it to pass from 0 to 100 in only 5,9 s. This little marvel offers all the driving comfort of a car, but without the constraints: the Fun buggy is powerful while allowing you to face the most tortuous roads or some rough terrain with ease. It will also offer you safety, thanks to the roll bar, the 3-point belts and the one-piece polyethylene interior. It is equipped with a heater, a roof that can be opened + gullwing doors, or a soft top. It is accessible from 18 years old with a B license (car).

Buying guide • November 2023

Best road approved buggy

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The best road-legal buggy in 2021

The best cheap road-legal buggy in 2021

The best high-end road-legal buggy in 2021

The best fun buggy

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Comparison table of the best road approved buggies

The best Inexpensive High-end The alternative
Polaris - General 1000 EPS Deluxe ABS 5
Masai - X300 6
Yamaha - YXZ1000R SS SE 7
SECMA - Fun buggy 8
Polaris - General 1000 EPS Deluxe ABS
Masai - X300
Yamaha - YXZ1000R SS SE
SECMA - Fun buggy
Are you looking for a versatile and all-round buggy? The General 1000 EPS Deluxe ABS is for you. Its power will suit the ultimate off-road adventure and it can handle any type of terrain.
If you are looking for a solid buggy, capable of tackling difficult terrain at a low price, the Masai X300 SSV is recommended. It is a reliable machine at all times, regardless of the type of terrain.
If you're looking for a top-of-the-line performance SSV for sporty riding, the Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE is what you need. With fully adjustable FOX twin-spring shocks, 29-inch Big Horn tires and more, it's sure to please.
If you're looking for a nice, easy to drive, road-legal buggy that combines elegance and performance, try the Fun buggy from SECMA, the 100% French brand.
4-cycle thermal
4-stroke 3-cylinder
Cylinder capacity
999cc twin-cylinder
69.8 x 109 x 29.5 cm
2260 x 1262 x 1500 mm
3.121 x 1.626 x 1.834 m
2757 x 1690 x 1205 mm
272 kg
290 kg
685 kg
593 kg
Space capacity
Tank capacity
35.9 l
130 L
34 L
26 L
Ground clearance
30.5 cm
21 cm
33 cm
22 cm
car (accessible from 18 years old - B license)

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Buying guide - road approved buggy

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How to choose your road approved buggy

#1 - Displacement

That is to say the power capacity of the buggy. The handling of your buggy once on the ground will depend on this power. Choose this displacement carefully, according to your level, to the use you want to make of your buggy, as well as to your tastes.

If you are a beginner and like quiet driving and coastal rides, you should rather choose a small displacement buggy, easy to drive and easy to handle. On the other hand, if you like sportier driving, rides with obstacles to overcome and requiring power, look for buggies with engine sizes of 300 cc and more.

Similarly, for professional use (in the agricultural field, in particular), a 400 cc engine will be necessary if you want to be able to easily tow equipment with your buggy.

#2 - 2 or 4 wheel drive?

It will all depend on the type of terrain you want to tackle with your buggy, the activities you want to do, but also on your driving style. If you like to drive smoothly or if you are a fan of sporty driving that involves slipping and sliding or cross-country mode, in this case a buggy with 2 wheel drive will suit you.

But if you need a buggy to cross ruts, mud or to face rocks and sandy grounds, in this case you will need grip. So you will need a 4 wheel drive buggy.

#3 - Type of approval

L7E or T3? That will depend on what you want to use it for. The L7E approval will allow you to drive a buggy with a maximum speed of 90 km/h. On the other hand, it would have to be equipped with a rear differential axle for more stability on the road when turning. It should also be equipped with fuel injection to reduce noise and environmental pollution (Euro4 standards). An L7E approved buggy could cost you more than a T3 approved buggy.

A T3 homologation will allow you to drive a buggy with a maximum speed of 60 km/h (T3b) or 40 km/h (T3a), it will mainly be buggies considered as agricultural vehicles. A T3-approved buggy must be equipped with a front hitch or winch and a rear hitch with a 50 mm ball with beam.

#4 - The brand

As with any motorized vehicle, the brand matters, as it guarantees the robustness and performance of your buggy. Choose manufacturers that have already proven themselves, whether in two-wheelers or cars. For example, for pleasure buggies, Volkswagen is particularly appreciated. While for sportier buggies, you'll get brands like Yamaha or Kimco that are very popular.

#5 - The budget

Budget is one of the first things you'll need to consider when buying a road-legal buggy. Ask yourself how much you are willing to put into a buggy. Such a vehicle usually costs between 5,000 and 30,000 euros or more. The performance and features available on the vehicle will depend a lot on this price. To avoid wasting your time in vain research, define your budget from the start and check what options are available within that budget.

Road approved buggy, what is it?

Can I drive my licensed buggy anywhere?

The answer is yes..., but under certain conditions. Unlike unlicensed buggies, which can only be driven on private land or the owner's private property, road-licensed buggies can be driven on public roads, i.e., highways, roads open to traffic, logging roads, or even dirt roads.

There are then two types of buggy (and quad) homologation: the L7E homologation for all types of off-road practice and the T3 homologation for buggies assimilated to agricultural tractors (which must otherwise be equipped with a hitch or winch).


Highway-approved does absolutely not mean approved for highways and expressways, or forest roads not open to traffic. Approved buggies also cannot be driven on non-traffic roads (neither paved nor stone). Remember, if you violate the current regulations, you risk a ticket, a category 5 fine, up to the seizure of your buggy.

Do I need a license to drive my licensed buggy?

If you have a buggy with a displacement of less than 50cc, and you are 16 years of age or older, you will not need a license to drive it, unless you were born after 1990. In this case, you must have the ASSR license to be able to drive your buggy.

As for buggies over 50 cm³ and less than 20 horsepower, you will need to be 18 years old and have an A (motorcycle) or B (car) license. You will then be able to circulate freely on the road. If you are not yet 18, you can still use an A1 or B1 license (from 16 years old).

Who should do the certification of a buggy?

If you customize your buggy yourself, you will have to do all the legwork to get it certified. On the other hand, if you buy it new, you will buy it homologated, because the manufacturer will have already done all the steps to get his products homologated. Homologated buggies can only be driven on public roads if they have a registration on the back.

The different types of road approved buggies

There are mainly 2 types of buggies on the market today: the road legal pleasure buggies and the road legal utility buggies (SSV).

Buggy approved for road pleasure (Meyer Manx style)

This type of buggy is a recreational motor vehicle with large wheels and wide tires, designed for use on sand dunes, beaches, roads or for desert recreation. It is usually a small vehicle inspired by a Volkswagen Beetle. Indeed, the first Meyers Mank "Old Red" buggy was modeled and built in a shortened VW Beetle with a monocoque, fiberglass hull (less prone to rust) and a Chevy pickup truck suspension.

Lightweight, easy to handle, today's fun road-rated buggies are no longer exclusively for the sand and beaches. They can also tackle asphalt, especially very twisty roads: its low-slung cockpit and low-profile construction offer plenty of room to maneuver. These types of buggies are usually powered by 250 to 2,000 cc engines, have a tubular, unibody or welded center beam chassis, and often have two seats.

Off-road approved buggy (or SSV)

Side-by-side vehicles (SSVs), on the other hand, are multipurpose utility vehicles with four to six wheels and a bench seat or seat with seat belts for up to six passengers. The SSV cab is protected by a roll bar or cage, with options to add front and rear windshields, or even to completely enclose the cab for added protection.

This type of buggy is perfect for tackling difficult terrain that is inaccessible to regular 4x4 style vehicles. Hunting enthusiasts, for example, appreciate both the SSV's ability to tackle primitive trails and rough terrain as well as its carrying capacity. Transport capacity is also particularly appreciated by many farmers, ranchers, and others who need a vehicle that can handle rough driving and has a large cargo and payload capacity.

Buggy or Quad ?

Quad bikes

Quads are off-road vehicles, but smaller than buggies. They are mainly designed for a single driver. Much more agile, they weigh between 250 and 350 kg. Buggies, on the other hand, can weigh up to 300 kg (for recreational buggies) and 700 kg and more (for SSVs). Quads are driven in much the same way as motorcycles and bicycles: by riding them, which can make them quite difficult to manoeuvre and uncomfortable for long journeys.

The buggies

Buggies are also all-terrain vehicles, but can accommodate between 2 and 6 people depending on the model. They are designed for rougher terrain and for transporting materials (for the utility vehicles). They are very easy to drive, a bit like a car, with the steering wheel and pedals. They are also safer and more comfortable with their complete safety cages to which the windshields and roofs can be attached, and their bench seats.


Both vehicles are perfect for tackling difficult terrain. However, if you're looking for an exclusively recreational vehicle for sporty driving, a quad will suit you. However, if you're looking for a safe recreational vehicle for quiet family outings, look to the buggies. Even if you're looking for a vehicle that is both utilitarian and recreational for sporty driving, they'll fit the bill (SSVs).

5 good reasons to buy a road legal buggy

  1. The buggies are very functional: whether it is for pleasure buggies or utility buggies. Indeed, they can easily face very winding and narrow roads (for pleasure buggies), as well as the most uneven and narrow terrains (for SSV).
  2. They can carry several passengers: and this is particularly useful when travelling with the family to the beach, camping or even to work. Unlike the quad, this type of vehicle offers more convivial moments.
  3. They are safe: not only are buggies easier to drive than some vehicles (like quads), but they are also safer. Unlike any other powersports unit, buggies are equipped with seat belts that protect all occupants as well as a roll bar in case of a rollover. They are specifically designed to withstand almost anything they run over: sand, rocks, tree branches/logs, etc. Just keep in mind that a simple utility buggy doesn't have the same capabilities as an SSV.
  4. They're comfortable: roomy enough for you to get comfortable, offering a fairly easy ride, buggies are actually more comfortable than quads, etc.
  5. They are durable: buggies can withstand external aggression quite well. For example, the carbon fiber chassis can resist rust caused by salt air. It also prevents objects like stones from entering the vehicle, ensuring everyone's safety when riding on any surface.

The best brands of road approved buggies

In our opinion, the best brands of road approved buggies in 2022 are :


Polaris is a very famous brand in the manufacture of snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. It is an American brand created in 1954 and its off-road buggies are particularly appreciated for their performance, durability and handling.

The Société d'Étude et de Construction Automobile (SECMA) is a French car manufacturing company specialising in vehicles on the fringes of large series. It is renowned for the quality of its leisure vehicles, both powerful and aesthetic. Its road-approved Fun buggy is no exception.

Yamaha is a well-known brand in many fields, including automotive engineering. The brand is especially known for its powerful motorcycles, quads and buggies. Its vehicles are perfectly safe and robust: they can go beyond any challenge.

Kwang Yang Motor Co (KYMCO) is a Taiwanese company that produces some of the best known and most popular motorized vehicles on the market today. From motorcycles to quads to buggies, its vehicles are powerful, efficient and durable.

Masai is another French brand specialized in motorized vehicles. Founded in 1964, this brand is known for its high-performance vehicles that are accessible at low prices. Its road-approved buggies are offered with unbeatable quality/price ratios.

What is the price for a road approved buggy

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5000 £ to 15000 £
15000 £ to 30000 £
more than 30000 £
Price range diagram


Wear appropriate safety equipment

Most buggies come with standard safety features such as 3-point seat belts, headlights, brake lights, etc. However, if you plan to go fast and tackle terrain with bumps and turns, you may want to add a few things, such as a helmet and goggles. It's also a good idea to wear long sleeves, pants, and appropriate footwear.

Don't forget your tools

As with the car and motorcycle, remember to always take your tools with you whenever you go out, especially if it's to go hiking. You need to be able to fix a flat tire, change a belt, or at least get a tow in case of major problems. Remember to bring spare parts and also a first aid kit.

Spend money on safety before speed or bling

Don't be that person who equips his buggy with a stereo system, a noisy exhaust, accessories out of noise... while his tires are worn out. Think first of equipping yourself according to your driving conditions: good tires then, strong seat belts, a roof and doors if necessary, without forgetting helmets and protective glasses. Always prioritize safety.

Be prepared to get a little dirty

This is especially true if you plan to go out on a ride with an SSV over rough and muddy terrain. Remember to dress accordingly to avoid discomfort. Put on off-road clothes that handle rough conditions well and clean up easily.

In a group, it's better!

Go out in a group, whether it's to the beach, for a ride, or to go hiking. It's more fun and much safer. And if you need a little solitude, let your loved ones know and point them in your direction, you can never be too careful!


What is the difference between a road-approved buggy and a non-approved buggy?

Road legal buggies can be used on public roads, unlike non-approved buggies. To get approved, a buggy must go through a rigorous testing process to get approval and ensure it is road legal. This process is usually carried out by the manufacturers.

If I buy a buggy or a quad approved for the road, can I drive it immediately on the road?

No. As with cars and motorcycles, you must first meet a few requirements before you can drive your buggy (or quad) on the road: have obtained the vehicle registration, have all the necessary insurance, and in some cases, have a driver's license.

What safety equipment do I need?

For buggies, there is nolegal requirement to wear safety equipment. However, we still advise you to always equip yourself with a helmet and goggles for the driver and passenger when using the buggy on public roads.

Can I take a passenger in my buggy ?

Yes, unlike quads, buggies usually have at least two seats, for a driver and a passenger. Some buggies have a capacity of up to 6 seats.


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Polaris - General 1000 EPS Deluxe ABS 9
Polaris - General 1000 EPS Deluxe ABS
Masai - X300 10
Masai - X300
Yamaha - YXZ1000R SS SE 11
Yamaha - YXZ1000R SS SE
SECMA - Fun buggy 12
SECMA - Fun buggy


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