The best backpacks for men in the UK 2023

Many men are picky when it comes to choosing a backpack. And they are right, because in addition to being functional, backpacks for men will have to meet certain requirements of these gentlemen. So how do you find your way around? In fact, you just have to find the right method and make your choice among well-defined criteria. Read our guide to finding the best backpack for men.

Della Gao 1810 1

Best value for money

Della Gao 1810

Best men's backpack

Personal belongings, 17" computer, documents... That's what this men's backpack can carry. Very practical for a hands-free travel, it opens to 180° allowing a control scanner at the customs without danger for your computer.

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The compartment for the laptop up to 17.3 inches is padded for maximum protection. At a customs check, for example, the compartment can be folded out 180° to lay the computer flat. In total, you will find twenty spacious pockets and compartments to place your personal belongings and work accessories. A very practical backpack for a business trip. Made from a soft, waterproof material and equipped with padded straps and back cushion, this backpack is equipped with USB charging equipment, as well as an anti-theft system.

Wind Took 2

Best value for money

Wind Took

Best entry-level men's backpack

It is a bag that combines elegance and functionality. Elegant, it can be worn at work as well as when hiking or traveling. Small, but with a large capacity, you can carry it by the handle or on the back by the adjustable shoulder strap.

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Made from a sturdy, high-quality canvas fabric, this bag can hold school supplies, as well as your favorite companions, such as a 9-inch tablet, smartphone, or power bank. The main compartment is two-way zipped for quicker handling. It is also spacious enough to hold notebooks. You'll love the leather embellishments on the closures and buckles. The pockets are designed so that items that need quick access can be stored in the front flap pocket. A great gift idea for all ages.

Millet - Ubic 3

Best value for money

Millet - Ubic

Best high-end men's backpack

Thanks to its multiple compartments, the Millet - Ubic 50+10 backpack has a large 50+10L expandable capacity. This makes it a must-have for outdoor activities. Carry all your gear in a single bag without having to pack a lot of stuff.

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Made of a very lightweight material and coated with a waterproof layer, this backpack has plenty of pockets and storage compartments for your personal belongings and gear. There is enough room for several days of trekking or hiking. The bag also features a strap and tie system for a snug fit. Versatile, this men's backpack can be used in summer and winter. For the comfort of the back that carries it and for a better freedom of movement, the bag has adjustable and padded straps. The bag is available in navy blue and green.

Della Gao 17 inches 4

Waterproof backpack

Della Gao 17 inches

Waterproof backpack

This computer backpack will never leave your side. It has enough room for all your everyday items. Sure, it has all the trappings of a backpack, but it also has those little things that make a difference.

31,99 £ on Amazon

This backpack has a padded compartment to store a 17" computer. The main compartment is large enough to hold clothes for 2-3 days or books or notebooks. You will also find a compartment that can hold an iPad. The special feature of this backpack is that you can charge your devices from a built-in USB charger, thanks to which you can charge your phone or tablet and listen to music freely. The backpack is cut from polyester lined with high-density nylon for added moisture resistance.

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Best backpack for men

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Best men's backpack

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Best high-end men's backpack

Waterproof backpack

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Comparison table of the best backpacks for men

Della Gao 1810 5
Wind Took 6
Millet - Ubic 7
Della Gao 17 inches 8
Della Gao 1810
Wind Took
Millet - Ubic
Della Gao 17 inches
Personal belongings, 17" computer, documents... That's what this men's backpack can carry. Very practical for a hands-free travel, it opens to 180° allowing a control scanner at the customs without danger for your computer.
It is a bag that combines elegance and functionality. Elegant, it can be worn at work as well as when hiking or traveling. Small, but with a large capacity, you can carry it by the handle or on the back by the adjustable shoulder strap.
Thanks to its multiple compartments, the Millet - Ubic 50+10 backpack has a large 50+10L expandable capacity. This makes it a must-have for outdoor activities. Carry all your gear in a single bag without having to pack a lot of stuff.
This computer backpack will never leave your side. It has enough room for all your everyday items. Sure, it has all the trappings of a backpack, but it also has those little things that make a difference.
Business Travel Backpack
Large Capacity
with USB Charging
with USB Charging Port
with Anti-Theft
with cable earphone hole
for Hiking, Ski touring and Trekking
with Combination Lock

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How to choose your backpack for men

Having integrated the men's fashion accessories, the backpack must be beautiful, practical and especially functional. Now a trend, discover the main criteria to choose a backpack for men.

#1 - The use

First of all, before choosing a backpack for men, it is necessary to define the use. This will help determine the size, since a backpack for laptop and a backpack for hiking have a very different shape. Indeed, an accessory intended for work is not at all similar to the one used for relaxation. Also, it is advisable to give great importance to this criterion to better choose the size and design.

#2 - The size

Size depends in particular on the use, hence the difference for a backpack for work and other uses. The dimensions of an accessory to go to work must be sufficient to hold a computer and / or documents and various accessories. For outdoor activities, the choice of size should take into account the duration and content.

#3 - The material and the closure


material should be appropriate for the use. A backpack intended for work should be made of leather or imitation leather. A hiking backpack may be made of waterproof canvas or sky, sturdy, and as much as possible waterproof to protect the contents.
It is preferable to use a zip closure for optimal protection of the contents.

#4 - The comfort of carrying


comfort of carrying is an important criterion. Indeed, the straps must be wide enough, whatever the type of backpack to optimize the carrying and balance the weight on both shoulders.

How to wear a man backpack?

Trend of the moment for the male gender, the backpack becomes a fashionable accessory, both among students, bureaucrats and travelers. In this case, to better adapt to the new fashion, discover how to wear a man backpack.

A backpack in two materials, fabric and leather

With such an accessory, adopting an urbancasual wear style will be more suitable. Also, to do this, it is advisable to favor in the city a skinny jean and T-shirt. At work, it is preferable to opt for a low-cut straight, a short-sleeved shirt and a knitted cardigan (medium or large) depending on the season. Smooth leather or cracked leather boots will be more suitable for this outfit.

A leather bag

An all-leather bag goes well with a rocker fashion look. Thus, it can be married with a ribbed tank top, plaid shirt and black leather perfecto on top. On the bottom, it will be a black jean (destroy or not) decorated with a rope belt. As for shoes, you can choose sneakers or derbies to be more chic and offbeat.

A luxury backpack

Some brands have created luxury backpack models to encourage men to follow the trend. Thus, there are luxury backpacks, to wear with chic outfits. These accessories are particularly suited to suits in Prince of Wales, white shirt and black derbies.
Otherwise, other models go perfectly with a slim suit, with a t-shirt very close to the body, as well as pairs of Richelieu or sneakers.
The association of the suit with a backpack may seem strange insofar as they belong to two completely different universes. Indeed, the suit has a professional vocation, and is intended for a more elegant, neat and framed use. On the other hand, the backpack is a utilitarian accessory based on the transport of objects. In the past, it was intended for carrying camping, hiking or other outdoor activities.
However, since the integration of the backpack in fashion, men can combine elegance and practicality at the same time, and this, whatever the type of travel.

The different types of backpacks for men

Trendy accessory of the current era, the backpack for men comes in several types depending on the use. Discover some types to better choose according to your activities.

Working man's backpack

An active man moves frequently, not to say always with his backpack on his shoulders. In this case, this accessory must combine several qualities, in addition to the transport of business with complete freedom of movement. The backpack for work has several compartments and interior pockets to put the work accessories. The material must be resistant and waterproof to ensure the watertightness of the contents while moving. Thus, the most common material for a backpack for men work would be rather leather or imitation leather, with a sober color.
The work men's backpack can be transformed into an urban and modern style, either with a shoulder strap.

Men's laptop backpack


backpack to carry a laptop is completely waterproof and other liquids. In addition to this, it has a reinforced and padded compartment to optimize the protection of the computer, and whose size perfectly matches the screen of the equipment. Storage pockets must integrate this accessory to better store the accessories of the computer. A secure opening and closing system often integrates this bag for sufficient strength against theft.

Backpack for men hiking

Technical type


, the hiking backpack has specific characteristics. Already, in terms of volume, the minimum for a large volume is 50 liters, to be able to contain both personal effects, documents, various materials and shoes. The accessory can also be used to store other items necessary for survival on a hike, such as food and drink, camping, sports or ski equipment, depending on the activity. It should have several compartments to better organize the contents. The straps must be strong enough to optimize the carrying.

Backpack or satchel


A backpack gives you complete freedom of movement for your hands at all times. It is also more comfortable to carry, especially because the weight is evenly distributed over both shoulders. This will prevent the wearer from having back or shoulder pain. A backpack is practical and versatile, but above all it comes in all sizes and styles.

Access to a backpack pocket is quite difficult when travelling. It is not so suitable for protecting a fragile object, unless it has a hard shell. For a business trip, it is not so practical for storing elegant clothes (suit, shirt). Organizing the contents of a backpack is more difficult. Finally, locking it is quite difficult as it contains many external pockets.


A satchel has a larger capacity than a handbag. It is practical for bringing things on the move (holidays or business trips). It is easier to keep an eye on in public transport. It can be carried by two people thanks to the two handles it has to lighten the load when travelling on foot.

A satchel does not contain too many pockets, which makes it difficult to store shoes and toiletries. It must be carried on one shoulder or on one side only, hence the undistributed weight in case of large volume. A bag is not necessarily waterproof, hence the possibility of seeing your things wet in case of rain.


A backpack is better equipped in terms of compartments. As for a satchel, it contains fewer compartments but is rather bulky, ideal for holidays and travel.


Taking care of your backpack

Taking care of your backpack consists in removing all traces of dust or other dirt after each use. Then, it is also necessary to clean it with water and soft soap regularly. Gentle brushing is allowed to remove stains. The drying cannot be done in the machine, but in the open air, in a place not exposed to the sun. It can't be ironed either, but a shot of waterproofing spray can give it a touch of new youth every quarter.

Consider the capacity of your backpack


your activities, it is imperative to always consider the capacity of your backpack to preserve its quality. Under no circumstances should the contents exceed the weight mentioned on the label. Also, it is better to opt for a larger bag or to choose to take two bags to put all your stuff when camping or hiking. This allows you to take care of the bag and your back at the same time.

Choosing the right type of fabric for your backpack


choice of fabric for your backpack is important to ensure the safety and waterproofing of the contents. Also, it is better to favor certain materials to preserve it. Leather is the best option, but it is also possible to opt for waxed canvas. Otherwise, imitation leather and sky are other possible options. Finally, Sprinkles, a PES fabric with coating can be used for the bag.

Always buy a quality backpack

Quality should always be the watchword when buying a backpack. It should combine lightness, strength and aesthetics at the same time. The material must be taken into account to define the quality. It can be leather, imitation leather, textile, waxed canvas or sky, but always of quality. The closure must take into consideration the waterproofness of the contents. Besides that, the availability of storage pockets and the possibility of adjusting the straps are also part of the quality.

A waterproof backpack is an asset


waterproof backpack is an asset in that adopting it gives more confidence that the contents will be waterproof in the rain. Whether you are going to work, traveling or hiking, a waterproof backpack confers more serenity so as to better enjoy your activities. It is practical, but above all, the contents are secure. The most reliable waterproof backpack materials are silicone and synthetic materials with the same characteristics. Besides that, the closure must also be waterproof.


What is the best backpack for men?

The best backpack for men depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

How to choose the quality of the closures of a backpack?

An important criterion for choosing a backpack, the quality of the closures guarantees the safety of the contents. Waterproofing also depends on it on certain models. So it's a good idea to choose zippers that are sturdy and have a fabric flap over the top to ensure that water doesn't get in. A sturdy zipper has a wide mesh, whether it is made of metal or synthetic material.

How do I know if the handles of a bag are solid?

Strong bag handles are primarily identified by the material. Leather and reinforced canvas are the best options for a strong bag of any type. In fact, the seam or rivet attaching the handles to the bag must be reinforced to prevent them from tearing when the bag is loaded.

How to protect your back from a backpack?

In order to protect your back from a backpack, it is imperative to adjust the straps to your size. Then, you must always carry the bag on both shoulders, especially when it is full. The organization must be done in such a way as to put the heaviest objects closer to the back. For a child, the weight of the backpack should not exceed 15% of his own weight. For adults, the weight of the backpack should not exceed 20% of their own weight.

How to clean a backpack?

The first step in cleaning a backpack is to empty the contents, open all the zippers and shake out any dust. A gentle brushing will remove any mud or dust residue from the fabric or canvas. Vacuuming can also be an alternative before cleaning with water and mild soap. Cleaning by hand is preferable to optimize the life of the backpack. Drying in the open air away from the sun is suitable for a backpack.


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