The best cooking pianos in the UK 2023

The pretty stove of yesteryear has had its day and you're looking for a more advanced model? Adopt a cooking piano. This appliance offers new features that will optimize your cooking sessions. There are induction, gas and combination cookers. In short, there is something for everyone. That's why we've put together this guide to help you find the model best suited to your needs.

Smeg SCB91MFX9 1

Best value for money

Smeg SCB91MFX9

The best cooking piano in 2021

With this Smeg combi-cooker, you'll be able to satisfy your friends and family by making their favorite recipes in record time and without too much trouble.

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This cooking piano from Smeg has 5 gas fires, the central one has a power of 4000 watts. This one rises very quickly in temperature. You should know that the appliance is equipped with a safety device provided by the thermocouple. This system cuts off the gas supply as soon as the flames are extinguished.

On the oven side, you will have a space of 151 liters. It is an electric oven with rotating heat on several levels. The interior features dual LED lighting that will give you an excellent view of your dishes. Neither odor nor flavor mixes, this appliance is exceptional. Finally, it is equipped with Vapor Clean technology, which will make cleaning easier for you.


Best value for money


The best entry-level cooking piano

Opt for comfort, flexibility and safety with this large Germania stove. Its 5 gas burners and high capacity oven are perfectly adapted to the needs of a large family.

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With this wide cooking piano, you will have a solution to succeed all your dishes in the best conditions. The triple crown central fire has a power of 3500 W, which ensures the fast and medium cooking of your meats. Your grills and gratins will be perfectly successful thanks to the 1500 W electric grill.

If you plan to roast poultry or game, you will have a natural convection oven equipped with the vault+sole function. Reliability and precision of the cooking time are ensured by a high-performance electronic programmer. Finally, if you're tired of the chore of cleaning up after cooking, you should know that this appliance has a catalyst that destroys any deposited grease.

Falcon KITCHENER 90 3

Best value for money


The best high-end cooking piano

To enhance your culinary preparations while optimizing cooking times at home, nothing beats a semi-professional cooking piano like this model designed by Falcon.

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Make wonderful dishes with this combination cooktop with chrome finish. Its gas cooktop has 5 burners to allow you to cook 3 to 4 dishes simultaneously. The main hob offers a maximum power of 3000 watts to ensure fast cooking, especially of meats.

The main advantage of this product is the presence of 3 ovens, the first of which has a hearth mode and rotating heat, as well as a fan to better distribute the heat. The second is a classic 53-liter model, while the third is a grill. This cooking piano is suitable for all modern kitchen designs.

Cookmaster 100F324X de Leisure 4

A great choice

Cookmaster 100F324X de Leisure

A great alternative

With 5 burners and 3 multifunctional ovens, the Leisure Cookmaster 100F324X is a semi-professional model that will help you accomplish anything you want in the kitchen.

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Cook with peace of mind with this appliance equipped with 5 cooking hobs and a glass-ceramic heating zone. The power of the hobs varies from 1000 to 4000 W, with a special central wok fire equipped with a double corolla.

This cooking piano is equipped with three ovens and a large storage space. The one on the left is a small grill equipped with a drip pan and a grid. Its interior walls are made of enamel. The second oven is a programmable multifunctional device of 58 liters. This one is cleaned by catalysis. Finally, the third oven of 60 liters is a model with natural convection.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cooking piano

Any specific needs?

The best cooking piano in 2021

The best entry-level cooking piano

The best high-end cooking piano

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best cooking pianos

Smeg SCB91MFX9 5
Falcon KITCHENER 90 7
Cookmaster 100F324X de Leisure 8
Smeg SCB91MFX9
Cookmaster 100F324X de Leisure
With this Smeg combi-cooker, you'll be able to satisfy your friends and family by making their favorite recipes in record time and without too much trouble.
Opt for comfort, flexibility and safety with this large Germania stove. Its 5 gas burners and high capacity oven are perfectly adapted to the needs of a large family.
To enhance your culinary preparations while optimizing cooking times at home, nothing beats a semi-professional cooking piano like this model designed by Falcon.
With 5 burners and 3 multifunctional ovens, the Leisure Cookmaster 100F324X is a semi-professional model that will help you accomplish anything you want in the kitchen.
5 gas fireplaces
Triple-crowned centerfire
2 ovens + grill
5 gas fires with thermocouple
Optimum safety thanks to the thermocouple
Automatic oven shutoff with timer
Safety : Anti overheating, Anti overflow, Control lock, Thermocouple safety device
Ceramic glass zone for heating dishes
Large capacity oven of 151 liters
Catalytic cleaning
Catalytic cleaning
3 ovens

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Buying guide - cooking piano

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How to choose your cooking piano

The last few years have seen a significant increase in the number of cooking pianos on offer. So, if you are looking for one, take into account the following criteria in order to find the rare pearl that will meet all your expectations:

#1 - The cooking table

As a first criterion to evaluate a cooking piano, pay attention to the width and the elements that make up the top table. Indeed, it is mainly the width of the appliance that distinguishes the cooking piano from a standard stove. This should be at least 80 cm. This type of appliance also has several fireplaces (5 minimum), including a central fireplace with a power of 2000 to 5000 watts. It would be a real plus if this table included an induction plate.

#2 - The lower part

The cooking piano has an upper part that includes, either a large capacity oven, or several each with their own functions. As it is an advanced appliance, it is essential that these are equipped with technologies that facilitate and secure cooking. In addition to the ovens, it would also be nice to have a storage space to put your pans and other accessories.

#3 - Consumption

Also think about studying the energy expenses induced by the use of your cooking center. The more powerful it is, the more energy it will consume. Also, before you buy, try to calculate your daily needs and habits. Generally speaking, all-gas cooktops are the least energy intensive on the market today.

#4 - Security systems

Safety is essential on this type of appliance. If you choose a gas stove, check for the presence of the thermocouple safety device that automatically cuts off the gas supply when the stove goes out. You should also consider an appliance equipped with an electronic timer to secure your cooking. Finally, if you can find a model equipped with a cold door, you will ensure the safety of your family members, especially children.

#5 - The design

Aside from its role as a cooking center, this appliance also helps beautify your kitchen. Generally speaking, the models currently sold enjoy finishes that allow them to fit the design of a modern kitchen. However, some of these models will make a better match with your decor. Therefore, give yourself a few minutes to choose between the many designs, even if this criterion is secondary compared to the others.

How to take care of a cooking piano?

The maintenance of a cooking piano consists in cleaning it regularly. This depends mainly on the cleaning system in place, especially in the oven. If it is a pyrolysis oven, you must activate it and collect the pieces of ashes with a sponge. If you have chosen a catalytic oven, you should have much less trouble cleaning it thanks to the catalytic walls that absorb grease during cooking.

For the cooktop, a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to get your appliance looking its best. For a gas stove, take a sponge and use hot water and neutral detergent, you will get rid of the stains with ease. Avoid abrasive products and use soft cloths instead. Proceed in the same way with the elements of the table such as the caps and the burners. Always remember to remove them before cleaning.

The different types of cooking pianos

The cooking stations currently available fall into the following two main families: mixed models and single-fuel models. Zoom on these two types of appliances.

Mixed cooking pianos

Combination cooktops consist of a gas or induction cooktop and one or more electric ovens. This type of appliance is appreciated for its versatility, as it offers many more cooking possibilities than single-fuel models.

Mixed cooking stations are the most common at the moment. Users appreciate them for their multifunctionality. Indeed, the possibility of alternating the cooking modes allows to better manage consumption. In our selection, the Smeg SCB91MFX9, the Falcon KITCHENER 90 and the Leisure Cookmaster 100F324X belong to this first category.

Single-fuel cookers


indicated with their name, this type of appliance works with a single fuel. It can be either an electric or gas cooking piano. Generally speaking, these cooking centers are efficient and will satisfy all your cooking needs, whether it is the oven or the cooktop.

The gas models are more economical and the electric ones more energy consuming. So, you'll have to take this into account when making your choice. In our selection of products, we have included the GERMANIA TU85C21DX INOX which is a gas only cooktop.

Cooking piano or standard cooker?

Cooking piano

The cooking piano is, in a way, an evolution of standard cookers. Larger and with additional features, they help to expand the range of possibilities in terms of food preparation and kitchen design. The concern with this type of appliance is that it is less affordable and more energy consuming.

Standard cooker

Standard cookers have been used in the vast majority of homes for decades. They are less equipped in terms of functionality, but include all the necessary devices to prepare your dishes perfectly. In addition, they consume less energy. On the other hand, this type of stove is somewhat outdated and may not be suitable for a large family.


You must choose according to your needs and especially the number of people to feed. If you are cooking for a large family, a cooking piano is a must. Otherwise, if you're looking for an appliance suitable for a couple, a nice stove will do the trick.


Clean while it's still warm

If your appliance is not equipped with pyrolysis or catalysis, remember to clean it while the appliance is still hot, as grease and other dirt will not have time to stick.

Insulate unused fireplaces

Think about

covering the fire pits you're not using with foil. That way, you'll have less to clean.

Use an in-house solution

You don't

have to scour supermarket shelves for industrial detergent. Baking soda diluted in water will be more than enough to clean your cooktop and piano walls.

Wash after each use


prevent waste from building up and complicating your cleaning task, wash the grill and oven walls after each use. Grease that builds up is very difficult to remove, especially if you wait months to do so.

Watch the cooking on the tables


a modern piano, cooking is often well controlled, but when we use the fire pits at full power, it goes very fast and we risk burning our dishes. Also, we always have to be careful with the fire.


What is the best cooking piano?

The best cooking piano depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What are the best brands of cooktops?

Smeg, Leisure and Electrolux are the leading brands in this field.

What budget should I plan to have a good camera?

For a good quality cooking piano, it is better to spend a budget of 1000 euros.

Can I install my stove myself?

It depends on the model. If you have a standard piano, there is nothing very complicated. On the other hand, if it is a built-in piano, it would be better to use the services of a professional, unless you have a good knowledge of work and DIY.

Where can I buy a good cooking piano?

Go to an appliance store to find what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can order online and enjoy many benefits such as free delivery and a wider choice.


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Smeg SCB91MFX9
Falcon KITCHENER 90 11
Cookmaster 100F324X de Leisure 12
Cookmaster 100F324X de Leisure


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