The best wall lights in the UK 2023

Wall sconces can be a stylish and very flexible addition to your decor: in addition to providing practical lighting, they can also help you produce beautiful ambient lighting, or highlight a great decorating idea. Classic wall sconces or spotlights? Indoor or outdoor? In a modern, art deco or other style? How to choose them? Read our guide to learn more.

Eglo - Pasteri wall lamp 1

Best value for money

Eglo - Pasteri wall lamp

The best wall sconce in 2021

Are you looking for a modern, elegant and discreet wall lamp to bring a touch of softness in your interior decoration? The Pasteri wall lamp from Ego is made for you.

31,62 £ on Amazon

The Eglo Pasteri wall lamp is a contemporary light with a very sober and elegant design. It will bring a bit of softness in your bedroom decoration, or in your living room. Featuring satin nickel details and a gray shade, the Pasteri has a classic style that will fit any home. It will be the ideal wall lamp for your bedside table, as the light it provides will be more than enough for those needs.

The Pasteri wall sconce is operated by a rocker switch and has built-in LED components for its extra light. This means that when turned on, the lamp produces a warm white light that creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere for reading or relaxing. Please note that this wall lamp does not come with a bulb, but it is compatible with any bulb with an E27 base (maximum power per socket: 60W). Note also that it can be dimmed, depending on the bulb you use.

Eglo - Planet Wall Light 2

Best value for money

Eglo - Planet Wall Light

The best cheap wall sconce in 2021

Eglo's Planet Wall Sconce is specifically designed to illuminate and enhance the most interesting detail in a room. This model is for indoor use and can change the lighting of an entire room.

7,12 £ on Amazon

The Eglo Planet 1 is styled in white steel with a white lacquered lid and clear glass. It offers a modern and very elegant design that will bring a touch of originality to your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and even your bathroom.

The Planet 1 wall lamp does not come with a bulb, but it is compatible with all bulbs equipped with an E27 base, for a maximum power of 60 watts per socket. Like the Pasteri wall lamp, it can be dimmed if you choose a bulb compatible with this feature. For an even better effect, this half-moon wall lamp can be used with the Planet series ceiling lamp (round).

Philips Hue - Appear 3

Best premium value for money

Philips Hue - Appear

The best high-end wall sconce in 2021

Appear is an Alexa compatible smart wall light. It is easy to use and can create a beautiful triangle of LED light above and below the fixture to illuminate and decorate your porch or deck.

112 £ on Amazon

Specifically designed for use in outdoor environments, the Philips Appear Wall Sconce has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its performance. It is made of high quality aluminum and synthetic materials, also IP44 certified, this wall light is protected from water splashes in all directions, and dust. With built-in LED and Hue technology, you can choose from bright, colorful light or warm white light to illuminate your outdoor space.

Appear is a connected wall light, but to be fully operational it needs the Hue Bridge (not included). Once connected, you'll discover the full potential of this smart lamp and can use the Philips Hue app to control it from your smartphone or tablet. This sconce comes with 16 million colors and all shades of white light so you can create the exact lighting effect you want.

Sebson - 15 W LED Wall Light 4

A great alternative

Sebson - 15 W LED Wall Light

The best outdoor wall sconce

If you are looking for stylish and modern outdoor wall lights, Sebson 15w LED wall lights are for you. They are equipped with motion sensor and provide high brightness.

43,99 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best wall light

Any specific needs?

The best wall sconce in 2021

The best cheap wall sconce in 2021

The best high-end wall sconce in 2021

The best outdoor wall sconce

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Comparison table of the best wall lights

Eglo - Pasteri wall lamp 5
Eglo - Planet Wall Light 6
Philips Hue - Appear 7
Sebson - 15 W LED Wall Light 8
Eglo - Pasteri wall lamp
Eglo - Planet Wall Light
Philips Hue - Appear
Sebson - 15 W LED Wall Light
Are you looking for a modern, elegant and discreet wall lamp to bring a touch of softness in your interior decoration? The Pasteri wall lamp from Ego is made for you.
Eglo's Planet Wall Sconce is specifically designed to illuminate and enhance the most interesting detail in a room. This model is for indoor use and can change the lighting of an entire room.
Appear is an Alexa compatible smart wall light. It is easy to use and can create a beautiful triangle of LED light above and below the fixture to illuminate and decorate your porch or deck.
If you are looking for stylish and modern outdoor wall lights, Sebson 15w LED wall lights are for you. They are equipped with motion sensor and provide high brightness.
Classic with shade
Wall uplight
Wall Washer
Wall downlight
Bulb type
Bulb not included
LED (up to 60W, not included)
LED (8 W)
LED (15 W, with motion sensor and not replaceable)
Indoor only
Indoor only
Outdoors only
Outdoors only

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Buying guide - wall light

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How to choose your wall light

#1 - The type of light you want

As with any lighting system, the first factor you need to consider is how much light you need and what you want to light. Do you want a sconce to light a hallway? A bedroom? A bathroom or bedroom? Or do you just want to light a particular spot or corner? The answer to these questions will help you determine if you need a very bright light, a well-focused light on one part of the room, or even just a wallwasher light. Then you'll just have to choose the type of sconce that can provide the intensity you need.

#2 - Room, location and desired effect

Another important consideration: the room and the effect you're creating with your wall sconce. For example, many homeowners choose wall sconces on either side of a mirror rather than a vanity in the bathroom. Overhead lighting can create shadows on the face, which is not ideal for applying makeup, for example, or for effectively removing any impurities. A wall light on either side of a mirror can solve the problem.

Are you looking for intense, bright lighting? Or do you want to create a special effect? Recessed, up-lit wall sconces can help make a small, dark room feel more open and airy, while recessed wall sconces can make an overly large room feel more comfortable. Taking this into consideration can help you narrow down your search.

#3 - The style

Once you've been able to determine the amount of light you need and the type of sconce that will work best in your chosen location, it's now a matter of determining which style will work best with your decor. Do you want a sconce in a more contemporary and modern style? Or will the Art Deco style fit better with your interior? Since there are so many different styles of wall sconces available on the market, asking yourself this question beforehand can save you a lot of time when buying.

#4 - The type of bulb

It's the bulb you choose for your sconce that will give the intensity of light you need, so choose wisely. There are three types of bulbs that are compatible with sconces:

  • Compact fluorescent bulbs or low consumption bulbs: this type of bulb is generally very durable and offers great energy savings.
  • Halogen bulbs: this type of bulb is still available on the market, but tends to be gradually replaced by LED lamps, more durable and much less energy consuming.
  • LED bulbs : this is the most common type of bulb on the market today. They have the reputation of being more durable and economical. They are also available in several colors and offer a different lighting atmosphere depending on the color (warm light, neutral, cold, etc.).

The power of the light provided by each bulb will be expressed in Watts: the higher this power will be, and the brighter your bulb will be, but the more energy it will consume as well.

#5 - The budget

And obviously your budget will count a lot as well in the choice. Depending on the sconce you choose, you can expect to pay between 10 and over a hundred euros. You will then have to take into account the price of the bulb. Not to mention the price of installation. If you have to have your wall sconce installed by a professional, you can expect to pay a few hundred more. So installation can add a considerable cost to the addition of a wall sconce and should be included in your budget.

What is the best material for wall sconces?

It's important to remember that the materials your sconces are made of will impact their appearance and overall performance. Most sconces are made of brass, iron and wood, although there are many types available today that are made of glass or even plastic.

The thing to remember is that once the wall sconce is installed, it won't suffer much wear and tear and will last a long time, regardless of the material it is made from. However, its location can affect its durability. For example, if you plan to install outdoor sconces, make sure they are made of materials that can withstand the elements.

How to position wall sconces

There's really no definitive rule on this, as it's mostly going to depend on the intended use: so you may want the lighting to be located high up in hallways or if you have high ceilings, as well as you may want to have them fairly low in certain rooms or to illuminate a particular setting. But in general, it is generally advisable to place wall sconces about 150 cm higher than floor level for most areas. Except in the bedroom, where they can double as bedside lighting.

If you have wall washer type sconces, it's best to place them above eye level: this will prevent you from getting light in your eyes every time, and only seeing the inside of the fixture. Regarding the spacing between consecutive sconces, we recommend between 2.5 and 3 meters as an appropriate spacing: this way, the light will be distributed evenly throughout the room. But this is of course always subject to your personal preferences and the suitability of the wiring.

The different types of wall lights

Uplight/downlight wall sconce

Almost every sconce you will come across will be a variation of the following designs: downlighting, uplighting or up/downlighting.

  • Down-lighting wall lamp: It is designed to direct the light from the fixture downwards towards the floor. When the light is channeled in this direction, it can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is the perfect sconce to make larger rooms a little more intimate. It will be suitable for formal indoor events.
  • Up-lighting sconce: It will be suitable if you need to light a large area or if you just prefer bright lighting. This design helps direct the light towards the ceiling, allowing the room to appear larger. This makes it perfect for small rooms, living spaces and apartments where brighter lighting is often preferred.

Swing arm wall sconce

Swing arm sconces are designed to mount to the wall, but adjust and "swivel" as needed. This allows you to move the fixture in multiple directions, giving you total control over where the light shines. When no longer needed, the sconce can easily be folded back to the wall.

Because of its unique, space-saving design, this type of sconce is perfect for small homes and apartments with minimal artificial or natural lighting. Swing arm lamps are ideal for the bedside (bedroom), as well as for cribs or nursery dressing rooms - or really anywhere that needs a concentrated amount of light for only short periods of time. However, they generally don't offer a wide spread of light, so they may not be the best choice for areas that need large amounts of illumination.

Chalkboard wall sconce

Indispensable for any art or photography enthusiast, picture wall sconces are designed to draw attention to and enhance the painting or photographs hanging on the wall. They direct a small amount of soft light towards a piece of art, making the painting or photograph look even better and attracting the attention of guests at the same time.

However, this type of wall lamp can also be used to light a reading corner for example. Placed above an armchair or sofa, it will also look great.

Wallwasher wall sconce

Similar to picture sconces, wall washers are designed to direct light through a wall and not throughout the room. However, where they differ from chalkboard sconces is that they are not intended to highlight a specific focal point, but to illuminate larger sections of the wall.

They can fit perfectly into almost any environment, they help create the illusion of larger walls or rooms and usually have an adjustable shade. This type of sconce tends to be best suited for indoor use, as they do not emit light over a large area, but there are many outdoor models available.

Wall or ceiling light

Wall light

The wall sconce is a light fixture that is designed to provide direct lighting to a specific area. This type of fixture works extremely well to provide lighting around a mirror, for example. Or to highlight a decorative piece or wall. However, it doesn't work very well for room lighting, as it is more directional and provides light at a lower level. This can lead to large parts of the room remaining in shadow. The ceiling of the room also tends to remain in shadow with wall lights.

Ceiling light

A ceiling light is a ceiling-mounted fixture designed primarily to provide general lighting. It works extremely well for this purpose, as it can illuminate a very large area. With this type of fixture, there's no need to multiply installations if you don't want to: just a ceiling light in the center of the room and you're done. Note, however, that this type of light will not be suitable for all rooms. The ceiling light is not a very wise choice for lighting a bathroom mirror, for example. Its position places the light directly on the head of the person looking in the mirror. It creates shadows around the face and body, which greatly limits the effectiveness of the mirror.


Generally speaking, the choice between a ceiling light or a wall light will depend entirely on the type of light you need. If you need bright light to illuminate an entire room, a ceiling fixture is the most logical choice. However, if you need a more directional light to illuminate a particular part of the room, a wall light is more advisable. Note that a combination of these two types of fixtures can be used to satisfy all your needs.

5 good reasons to install wall sconces in your home

1.Giveboring walls a makeover
Wall sconces are a great way to add design and functionality to boring walls or corners, showcasing your framed artwork, potted plants, shelf of porcelain figurines, or small bookcase.

2. Brighten up dark corners
Illuminate dark hallways, stairways, or walkways inside or outside your home. Weatherproof wall sconces can bring light and security to outdoor spaces. They can be activated by motion sensors to automatically turn on when you walk down a path or drive through your yard and can turn off on a timer, saving energy.

3. Make reading easier
Keep bedside tables clean and uncluttered by installing sconces with reading lights or extendable arms over the bed at just the right angle for you to enjoy your latest thriller. These types of sconces are even less cluttered than those usually found in a living room, etc.

4. They don't get in the way
Wall sconces are not cumbersome. Floor lamps have to be moved when cleaning and vacuuming, table lamps can be knocked over and can take up valuable space. You never walk very close to the walls so you don't bump into sconces. And since they are often smaller, they require less cleaning!

5. For the outdoors
An outdoor seating area, back porch or deck can be transformed by adding wall sconces, adding ambiance and extending the party into the night. Mounted on walls or garden posts, they can highlight plants and shrubs, or accent walkways.

The best brands of wall lights

In our opinion, the best brands of wall lights in 2022 are :


Philips was founded in 1891, and has since made it its mission to improve people's lives by designing products using high-quality, reliable and innovative technology. It is particularly well known for the quality of its lamps, lighting fixtures and other lighting products for professional and residential use. Its recent smart products (like the Hue-Appear wall lamp) only confirm this reputation.

Created in 1969, this Austrian brand has quickly become a reference in the field of lighting and luminaires. Its secret? Products at the cutting edge of technology and adapted to the needs of all its customers, professionals and individuals.

Sebson is a company that designs and distributes lighting fixtures for individuals since 2004. It is known for offering mid-range products of excellent quality. It offers ceiling lights, decorative outdoor wall lights, but also security equipment such as smoke detectors, alarms and heat detectors.

Hinkley is an American company founded in 1922. With a century of experience, this company now offers high-performance, durable and very aesthetic lighting fixtures. This brand offers mostly high-end products.

Artemide is an Italian company of design, manufacturing and distribution of lighting created in 1959. Known worldwide for its timeless lighting, Artemide stands out for its modern, design-oriented philosophy. Its products are among the most sought-after in the high-end lighting market.

What is the price for a wall light

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Calling in a professional can help you out of a lot of trouble

Most wall sconces have a common design and can be easily mounted, but if you're not sure of your ability to do the job properly, let a professional do it for you.

Choose the right material

And especially if you're planning to install outdoor wall sconces: make sure they're made of weather-resistant metals, plastic, and glass.

Be careful with the mounting

Make sure the back plate of the sconce can support the weight of the entire fixture.

Make sure the arm is long enough

If you choose a sconce with an arm, take the time to check that said arm is long enough to extend out from the wall. But also that it is long enough to go in any direction you want.

Add a shade to your sconce

A good wall sconce should have a shade designed to diffuse its direct light, especially when installed at eye level.


What is the right height for wall sconces?

Aim for about eye level, but consider your ceiling height, the size of the wall sconce, and features such as windows and decor. When in doubt, apply the "rule of thirds" and mount your lights two-thirds of the way up the wall.

Can I use wall sconces without other lighting sources?

Technically yes, but it will mostly depend on the effect you want to create and the type of room you want to light. For example, in a living room, you could create a cozy atmosphere, which will work if the room is bright with large windows. However, in an office, relying solely on wall sconces may not be enough when you need task lighting for your work.

Why do I need wall sconces?

More than just decorative items, wall sconces also serve a multitude of functions: for reading, appropriate task lighting and general safety. And wall sconces are important components of properly layered lighting, adding both beauty and utility to overall design schemes.

How many sconces do I need?

Wall sconces are commonly used in hallways, but the long, dark hallway can quickly look like a runway if too many lights are installed. One sconce every 2 to 3 meters should be sufficient. But it will depend mostly on your preferences and the style of decoration you want.


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Eglo - Pasteri wall lamp 9
Eglo - Pasteri wall lamp
Eglo - Planet Wall Light 10
Eglo - Planet Wall Light
Philips Hue - Appear 11
Philips Hue - Appear
Sebson - 15 W LED Wall Light 12
Sebson - 15 W LED Wall Light


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