The best tweezers in the UK 2023

For a woman, having well defined eyebrows and smooth skin is a priority. Indeed, it is part of the care required to highlight her beauty. This is why having a good pair of tweezers is essential. The choice of tweezers is therefore essential and should not be made at random. In this buying guide, we have selected the best tweezers to help you make the best purchase.

3 Claveles - Crab tweezers 1

Best value for money

3 Claveles - Crab tweezers

Best tweezers in 2021

Made of carbon steel, these pliers with crab jaws offer a better visibility of the hair for better removal.

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Very practical for removing hair with precision, these crab tweezers from 3 Claveles are a popular accessory for eyebrow, underarm and bikini waxing. Effective, it removes both the hair and the bulb, ensuring less rapid regrowth. Use it to create beautiful eyebrows or downy hair, and its inwardly curved arms remove even the finest hairs without breaking. The 3 Claveles tweezers guarantee very precise and painless hair removal. It is recommended for women who want to remove hair as soon as it starts to grow back.

Elite Models - Pince à épiler à mors biais 2

Best value for money

Elite Models - Pince à épiler à mors biais

Best entry-level tweezers

Designed for tweezing eyebrows, these tweezers have an angled jaw, very effective for gentle hair removal.

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The practicality of these tweezers is infallible. Its precision is acceptable considering the price. However, you must have a certain amount of control not to cut the hair instead of pulling it out during epilation. If you do, you may have to repeat the operation several times to get the best result. This is not at all pleasant. Nevertheless, it is perfect for short hairs. With well-balanced proportions, the Elite Models tweezers are easy to hold. Hair removal will be a breeze.

Tweezerman - Slanted tip tweezers 3

Best value for money

Tweezerman - Slanted tip tweezers

Best high-end tweezers

The Tweezerman tweezers are extremely effective at removing hair right down to the root.

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Practical and rustproof, the Tweezerman deserves your full attention. It can be used by both men and women. These tweezers fix eyebrows and get rid of hair in other areas. It is a product that has its place among the tools of beauty professionals. Respecting the standards of hygiene and quality, it promises a performance that meets all expectations. Its sharpened tip does the job. There is nothing to say about its handling. Its weight and size allow you to control it well.

Sanguine - Oblique tip tweezers 4


Sanguine - Oblique tip tweezers

Best slanted tweezers with carrying tube

Beveled, these tweezers precisely grip fine hairs. It adapts to the natural line of the eyebrows.

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Choose the Sanguine if you are looking for an efficient and precise tweezer. Indeed, it allows to remove efficiently even the finest hairs, without cutting or breaking them. It is suitable for both men and women. Very easy to handle, it does not require much effort. If you are a beginner, take the time to familiarize yourself with its sophisticated use. Its storage tube allows you to store it and take it anywhere and anytime. This way, you can make sure it's clean and maintains its quality.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best tweezers

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Best tweezers in 2021

Best entry-level tweezers

Best high-end tweezers

Best slanted tweezers with carrying tube

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Comparison table of the best tweezers

3 Claveles - Crab tweezers 5
Elite Models - Pince à épiler à mors biais 6
Tweezerman - Slanted tip tweezers 7
Sanguine - Oblique tip tweezers 8
3 Claveles - Crab tweezers
Elite Models - Pince à épiler à mors biais
Tweezerman - Slanted tip tweezers
Sanguine - Oblique tip tweezers
Made of carbon steel, these pliers with crab jaws offer a better visibility of the hair for better removal.
Designed for tweezing eyebrows, these tweezers have an angled jaw, very effective for gentle hair removal.
The Tweezerman tweezers are extremely effective at removing hair right down to the root.
Beveled, these tweezers precisely grip fine hairs. It adapts to the natural line of the eyebrows.
Highly effective crab bit
Painless operation
Pulls out very fine hairs well
Convenient carrying case
Solid material
Great precision
Comfortable to use
Does not rust
Finger rest
Removes short hairs well
Excellent calibration for weight and tension of the pliers
Gets the hair well

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Buying guide - tweezers

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How to choose your tweezers

Tweezers are a simple tool, in terms of design and function. But it is very effective. In order to choose the best tweezers, it is necessary to consider the following criteria: material, practicality, ergonomics and type.

#1 - The material

A quality tool lasts over time. Durability is a function of the material used to make it. Most often, hand-held tweezers are made of metal materials, although other models use non-metal materials. Stainless steel is the hardest and most durable of the tweezer materials. Opt for this material on the tip and handle of the tweezers, as it is both strong and water resistant.

#2 - Practicality

This tool is primarily intended for tweezing. To differentiate themselves, other models are equipped with other more or less practical features such as LED lights to remove hair effectively. Practicality can also be on the side of safety and transport. The tweezers can be accompanied by a case or also a cap to secure the tip. The pliers will then be protected from any external aggression during its storage. The user is also protected at the same time from the risk of injury.

#3 - Ergonomics

It is important to test the tweezers and also see a few points such as grip and handling. It is advisable to have tweezers with a medium length to have an ideal grip. The handle should have a non-slip part to hold the tweezers well without slipping. The more ergonomic the tweezers, the more precise they are.

#4 - The type


are several types

of tweezers.

One type of tweezers corresponds to a specific type of epilation. Angled tweezers are ideal for bikini and underarm hair removal. Pointed tweezers are designed for ingrown hairs. Men prefer square or straight tweezers for their precision. Crab tweezers are effective for removing eyebrows.

#5 - Clamp only or complete kit?

A pair of tweezers without other accessories is obviously less expensive. However, a kit is more practical in some cases. It often includes a storage device that guarantees the longevity of the product. It is made of different materials depending on the model. As for the rest of the kit's composition, most of the time you will have all types of pliers with a chisel to refine the rendering. In addition, there may be other accessories such as nail clippers and hair shaping tools.

Tweezers, a simple and versatile tool

Tweezers are small instruments, usually made of metal. As its name indicates, its function is to remove hair from certain parts of the body. We can mention the bikini line, the face, the eyebrows, the legs, etc.

There are many ways to remove body hair, but tweezing is a long-lasting solution because it removes hair to the root, unlike shaving. Using tweezers is also the most precise way.

Tweezers are the most popular instrument for removing hair from the face, upper lip and of course eyebrows. They are also a precious friend after waxing or using an electric epilator to perfect the finish.

The different types of tweezers

4 types of tweezers exist on the market: beveled tweezers, crab tweezers, pointed tweezers, and finally square tweezers. Each type of tweezers corresponds to a specific use.

The bevelled tweezers

These tweezers are very effective on delicate parts of the body. Its jaws are oblique and adapt perfectly to the hair removal area such as the face. These tweezers are precise enough to remove hair one by one without any problem. These tweezers are easy to handle. It is the ideal tool for eyebrows or even the upper lip. However, it is not suitable for removing very fine hairs, as it cuts them instead of plucking them.

Advantages :

  • Handy
  • Precise and clean
  • Suitable for hard to reach areas


  • Not suitable for very fine hair

Who is it for?

This tweezer is suitable for people who want to tweeze small, delicate areas.

The square tweezers

Square tweezers are absolutely suitable for removing stubborn hairs. It easily pulls out hairs to the root without cutting them. Its effectiveness is assured even on short hairs. It is not recommended for precision hair removal on the face, as there is a risk of unintentionally plucking other nearby hairs when using this type of tweezers.


  • Suitable for thick hair
  • Good grip and pulls out hair easily
  • Pulls out to the root without cutting the hair


  • Not suitable for precision hair removal
  • Pulls out surrounding hairs without meaning to

Who is it for?

These tweezers are ideal for people with thick, stubborn hair.

The crab tweezers


tweezers are ideal for hair removal from any area of the body. It is made to proceed to finish sessions with epilators or also waxing. It is pleasant to use and easy to handle. The tweezers allow the removal of any hair up to the root.


  • Handy and easy to hold
  • Pleasant to use
  • Suitable for all parts of the body


  • Sometimes tends to scratch

Who is it for?

The crab tweezers are suitable for people who are looking for a tweezer that can remove any area of their body.

The pointed tweezers


tweezers are most often used by professionals to remove the remnants of hair that are burned by the electrolysis performed in specialized salons. It is therefore effective for finishing touches. These tweezers have very sharp jaws and the use deserves some precautions.


  • Ideal for ingrown hairs
  • Practical for removing splinters


  • Very sharp and can cause minor injuries

Who is it for?

Crab tweezers are suitable for people who are looking for a tweezer that can remove hair from any area of their body, down to the smallest detail.

How to use tweezers

Start by disinfecting the area (with alcohol or antiseptic spray). Remove the hairs one by one for more precision. Each hair will be well removed and avoid making holes. Pull the hair in the direction of growth.

Classic tweezers or LED tweezers?

Classic tweezers

A classic pair of tweezers is a tool used to remove or pluck hairs from the skin down to the root with great precision. Whether it is long or short hair, tweezers are an effective and precise tool.

LED tweezers

An LED or lighted tweezer looks like a regular tweezer, but it has a light. Its design is ingenious. It is equipped with a white light when tweezing and thus allows for greater precision than when used without light. You have a clearer view even on hard-to-reach areas. This model of tweezers is battery operated.


The light tweezers are very useful and practical when the hair is almost invisible. They are precise in this case. But efficiency must always be put ahead of the gadgetry and aesthetics of tweezers.

Why buy tweezers?

To draw eyebrows well

Tweezers will always be the best tool to draw eyebrows efficiently.

Suitable for all types of hair

Tweezers can remove any type of hair, whether it is short, long, thick or thin.

Not harmful to your health

There are no harmful effects from using tweezers. It is therefore healthier than using other methods such as pulsed light epilators or depilatory creams.

Very precise hair removal solution

Tweezers are very precise, as you can remove the hairs to be removed one by one.

Convenient and portable

Thanks to its small size, the tweezers can be carried everywhere. It is practical for last minute touch-ups and takes up very little space in your bag.

The best brands of tweezers

In our opinion, the best brands of tweezers in 2022 are :

3 Claveles
Peggy Sage

3 Claveles is a brand that has existed since 1930 and is well known for its different types of knives, scissors, manicure nippers, kitchen accessories and beauty accessories.

Beauty and perfume are the sectors where Ealicere works best. It is also known for other products such as hair elastics, false nails, capsules and hair clips.

This brand is known for various products such as watches, clippers, tweezers and blood pressure monitors.

The Peggy Sage brand is a brand specializing in care and beauty products. The brand develops tweezers made of durable, high quality materials with a careful finish.

Sanguine is a brand dedicated to products for facial care and body wellness. Its tweezers are models with bevelled tips, very effective. Its products are quite affordable while being of good quality.

What is the price tweezers

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

3 £ to 5 £
5 £ to 10 £
more than 10 £
Price range diagram


Keep the tip sharp.

Tweezers with sharp tips should be sharp.

Epilate with more comfort.

Try to

relax your skin, so that the pores can open and make it easier to remove hair. Schedule your waxing sessions after a warm shower or bath, when your skin is relaxed and soft.

Equip yourself to have more visibility.


in a cosmetic mirror so you can better see what you are doing. You might also consider a lighted mirror.

Store properly.


your tweezers in a cup or other container, with the tips facing up to prevent them from becoming dull


Clean after use.


your tweezers after each use by wiping them with alcohol-soaked cotton



What are the best tweezers?

The best tweezers depend on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

How to use tweezers to remove eyebrows?

To pluck your eyebrows, you need 2 different types of tweezers, namely the bevelled tweezers for the delicate parts and the crab tweezers for the central parts. Before plucking, fix the eyebrows with a brush after bathing. Don't forget to use a moisturizer after the session.

How long does it take to remove hair with tweezers?

The time required to remove hair varies from person to person. In specialized salons, an epilation lasts between ten and thirty minutes. The duration also depends on the area to be waxed. Some areas take much longer than others. In addition, hair removal is not always a pleasure because of the pain. So if you find that the result suits you, you can stop.

How do you get rid of a tick with tweezers?

A tick is a parasite that burrows into the skin. It is responsible for Lyme disease. If you are bitten by this parasite, it is imperative to get rid of it as soon as possible. Tweezers will do the trick. Don't forget to sterilize the tweezers before using them. Hold the parasite firmly with the tweezers and make a counter-clockwise movement without letting go.

What are the ways to sharpen and sterilize tweezers?

To sharpen tweezers, nothing could be simpler, take a sheet of fine abrasive paper and pass the head of the tweezers several times over it while exerting a little pressure. To keep the tweezers clean, rinse them with soapy water at least once a week. Sterilization is done with a dedicated skin disinfectant. Use this product on the tweezers, before and after depilation.


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3 Claveles - Crab tweezers 9
3 Claveles - Crab tweezers
Elite Models - Pince à épiler à mors biais 10
Elite Models - Pince à épiler à mors biais
Tweezerman - Slanted tip tweezers 11
Tweezerman - Slanted tip tweezers
Sanguine - Oblique tip tweezers 12
Sanguine - Oblique tip tweezers


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