The best travel wallets in the UK 2023

Traveling for a vacation can be stressful and keeping your essentials in order while traveling is a whole other challenge. Whereas with a good travel wallet, you can at least have the peace of mind that your important documents, cards and cash are safe. In this article, in our buying guide, we're going to show you the best travel wallets for safe travel.

FINTIE Passport Holder Cover 1

Editor's Choice

FINTIE Passport Holder Cover

The best travel portfolio in 2021

The Fintie travel wallet is a specially designed wallet with several functional pockets. It is the perfect companion to enjoy life while traveling.

11,99 £ on Amazon

This Fintie Passport Wallet is a wallet very well known for its lightness, you can store your credit card, passport, boarding pass or other in one place. Very protective, its exterior and interior are made of microfiber synthetic leather. It is very fashionable and with a simple elegance, it is suitable to accompany you in your various trips.

Moreover, it is equipped with RFID technology that has the role of protecting your personal documents and ensures your sensitive data with the folding case against unauthorized access. This means that with this wallet security is guaranteed. Finally, it has a dimension of 14.5 X 10.5 x 1.2 cm and is available in a variety of bright and fun colors. With all these options Fintie is the ideal wallet to spend a nice vacation.

SOOJET Dream Travel 2

The best cheapest

SOOJET Dream Travel

The best travel portfolio in 2021

The Dream Travel brand travel wallet from SOOJET is a multi-functional wallet. It is perfect to protect your essentials during your travels.

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This Dream Travel travel wallet is multi-functional and non-dirty. It features high density linen and cotton blend fabric passport holders with multiple pockets that fit your phone, boarding pass, credit cards, bills, coins, keys, money and more. Also, it has an exterior pocket to store your passport so you can always have it handy.

In addition, this travel wallet is waterproof as it has a waterproof design that ensures your accessories don't get wet if you travel in the rain. Durable, stylish, lightweight and washable, this is a must-have accessory for travel, business trips and also for everyday use.

Zero Grid passport holder 3

The best high end

Zero Grid passport holder

The best travel portfolio in 2021

Make your trip stress-free with this minimalist passport wallet designed by a team of seasoned travelers.

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Unlike most other travel wallets designed for form over function, the Zero Grid Travel Passport Wallet maximizes both. This wallet is TSA compliant which allows you to protect against theft and electronic scanning. So you can focus on your next adventure without worrying about your important travel documents.

Plus, it's a compact accessory with a roomy interior so you can organize all your import documents such as credit cards and IDs in one travel accessory. It's made from rip-stop nylon that is highly water resistant with reinforced double stitched seams. It also features RFID blocking materials. The mix of all these features ensures its durability. So this wallet can act as a passport cover and a document case while also functioning as a travel wallet.

Repuhand Portefeuille Passeport 4

The best of excellent choice

Repuhand Portefeuille Passeport

The best travel portfolio in 2021

The Repuhand travel organizer is a very practical wallet with large capacities. It is suitable for both men and women.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best travel wallet

Any specific needs?

The best travel portfolio in 2021

The best travel portfolio in 2021

The best travel portfolio in 2021

The best travel portfolio in 2021

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Comparison table of the best travel wallets

Editor's Choice Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent selection
FINTIE Passport Holder Cover 5
SOOJET Dream Travel 6
Zero Grid passport holder 7
Repuhand Portefeuille Passeport 8
FINTIE Passport Holder Cover
SOOJET Dream Travel
Zero Grid passport holder
Repuhand Portefeuille Passeport
The Fintie travel wallet is a specially designed wallet with several functional pockets. It is the perfect companion to enjoy life while traveling.
The Dream Travel brand travel wallet from SOOJET is a multi-functional wallet. It is perfect to protect your essentials during your travels.
Make your trip stress-free with this minimalist passport wallet designed by a team of seasoned travelers.
The Repuhand travel organizer is a very practical wallet with large capacities. It is suitable for both men and women.
made of synthetic microfiber leather
made of high-density linen and cotton blended fabric
Made from rip-stop nylon
designed in double polyester
featuring RFID technology
waterproof and water resistant
Featuring RFID blocking materials
a very moisture resistant design
very fashionable and with simple elegance
multifunctional and non-dirty
Superb TSA compatible wallet
very elegant and light

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Buying guide - travel wallet

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How to choose your travel wallet

You don't need to worry about any difficulties when choosing your new wallet, because overall, a product of this type is relatively simple to choose. However, you still need to take into account a few criteria that we will present to you below. For this, there are:

#1 - The dimension

This is a criterion not to be neglected, because the ideal travel wallet should be at least equal to or larger than the size of a passport so that you can store the latter without problems and without having to fold it. Unfortunately, some brands produce small wallets and still call them passport wallets even though they are not really passport wallets. So if you have to when you buy, take your passport with you to make the right choice.

#2 - The design

It's like choosing a travel cap or pants, when you go to buy a travel wallet, you will have a huge choice between the differences in patterns, material, size or color. To each his own taste and style.

#3 - The material

Infact, this is one of the important criteria to take into account because on the market there is something for every taste. And the real leather wallet is very elegant, but there are also those in synthetic leather, fabric or even PVC. However, to ensure optimal protection of your personal belongings, opt for a waterproof model. This will ensure the safety of the latter especially when you travel often in rainy periods.

#4 - The intended use

Thisis also very important, as your choice will have to be oriented towards a specific organization model, depending on the type of trip you plan to make. For example, if you're going on a business trip, a flat bill wallet with a card, passport, wallet and phone holder should suffice. For moms, there are a variety of baby travel wallets that offer large pockets so you can store baby essentials. And you are traveling with your family, a travel organizer luggage is ideal to be able to carry various accessories.

#5 - The price

Theprice can vary depending on the quality of the product and its material of manufacture. But a simpler travel wallet model such as a passport cover can cost less than 10 euros. On the other hand, for a real multifunction travel wallet, you will have to count between 15 euros to more than 30 euros for large and high-end models.

Travel wallet with RFID blocker

RFID or Radio Frequency IDentification technology has been used massively for more than 15 years in various industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, logistics, distribution and fintech. A malicious person can easily seize your bank details remotely if he has in his possession an RFID scanner. The malicious person simply has to approach you and scan the wallet in your back pocket without you noticing.

To protect yourself, you have to block the radio waves. How can you do this? You just have to equip yourself with a wallet blocking RFID. This way, the risk of having your wallet scanned is estimated at less than 1%. And of course, manufacturers have already thought of this eventuality and integrated a protection of the chip and a Pin code.

The different types of travel wallets

The choice of your travel wallet may depend on the intended use you have in mind. However, there are several kinds of travel wallets on the market but here we will mention 3 types which are:

The travel wallet belt

This wallet is actually a belt that has a secret compartment which is a zipped section to hold documents, folded bills, passport and anything small. With this wallet, because of its appearance and design, you can feel like a secret agent.It is an all-around type of wallet and very ideal for traveling.

The large portfolio

Alsoknown as long wallets or chest wallets, large wallets have many internal compartments and are specifically designed to fit in the inside pocket of your jacket. They don't hold as much space as you think, but they have pockets large enough to hold all sizes of currency. They are usually rectangular in size and are very long, as they are meant to hold a lot of items without being too bulky, perfect for your travel documents.

Neck wallet

Alsocalled neck pouches, neck wallets are synonymous with smart travel. If you wear it like a gun holster i.e. on your neck with a strap under one arm, it offers the most security and comfort. They are known to be safe and convenient wallets and although they are a bit larger than many other types of wallets, they can hold many more items than you think.

Travel wallet or passport case

Travel wallet

The travel wallet is a tool designed to gather the objects and documents needed during the trip. This is its first advantage, because you can insert your passport, boarding pass, transport tickets, identity papers, money, credit cards, pens, suitcase identification ticket, in short everything you need during your trip. Then, it avoids the dispersion of your personal effects, because it has a role to mitigate this kind of inconvenience. That said, you can travel in peace with your documents and objects in order.

The main disadvantage is that when you lose it, you lose all your documents, because it contains all the documents necessary for your trip. And often, some materials of these wallets can damage your object or passport for example because of the consistency of it.

passport holder

A passport case covers and protects your passport. Its advantage is first of all its aesthetics, with different models on the market, you can be creative when choosing it. Secondly, you can use it as an identifier. This means you can find your passport more easily in your bag, as the striking color or unique design of your passport cover should be enough to catch your eye to better locate it.

The downside is that it may just contain your passport and nothing else. Also, it can attract pickpockets, because if your passport cover is shiny and flashy it can attract thieves. And finally, it can be an added expense, because if you are vigilant, you don't need to have one.


If you have trouble storing all your documents and travel items, opt for a travel wallet. And if you often lose your passport during your various trips, opt for a passport cover so you can easily find it in your bag or elsewhere. However, the choice will depend on your habits.


Keep track of all your travel essentials

A list helps you identify which purses, security pouches or other travel organizers are best suited to your travel style. This means going through your wallet at home and eliminating what you don't need while traveling. You can leave personal checks and most loyalty and membership cards at home. The same goes for unnecessary identification documents such as a birth certificate or social security card.

Identify what you need

Toavoid having a very bulky travel wallet, you should identify everything you need while traveling such as passport, your itinerary, boarding passes, trusted traveler card, tickets, reservations. This allows you to better organize them in your wallet.

Choose the right type of portfolio for your needs

Whenyou buy a travel wallet, one very important thing to do is to compare these different types of wallets. It is essential that you buy the perfect wallet for travel so that you don't lose your money. Everything will be fine as long as the wallet you have will prevent a thief from taking your money.

Use a dummy wallet

Want to fool thieves when you travel? Fill a cheap wallet with a few bills and spare cards that might have appeared in your junk mail. This will lure pickpockets away from the real target and could save your life in the event of a hold-up. Don't look for where the real wallet is until you are in a safe place.

Carry an anti-theft bag

Toensure the protection of your travel wallet and everything inside, you can opt for bags designed for travel that come with features such as cut-resistant straps, and lockable zippers. These are ideal for storing your travel wallet, as they slow down thieves and deter them from grabbing it.


What is the best travel wallet?

The best travel wallet depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Is a travel wallet necessary?

The answer is yes, because a good wallet is essential when traveling. However, when you really break it down, your passport is the one thing that losing it can really derail your plans. Putting it in a safe place like a travel wallet is crucial.

How much does a travel wallet cost?

Like any product, there is a budget travel wallet and you can get one for less than 10 euros. And for the high-end ones, you can get them for 15 to 40 or even 50 euros.

What to put in a travel wallet?

You can put all the essential items for your trip such as your passport, ID card, boarding pass or tickets, wallet, bank cards, mobile phone and keys. And depending on your needs, other accessories can be added.

Where to buy a travel wallet?

The purchase of a travel wallet can be done on the internet if you don't have time to go to a shop. You can take advantage of many promotions, especially on But you can also find different models in supermarkets and airports.


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FINTIE Passport Holder Cover 9
FINTIE Passport Holder Cover
SOOJET Dream Travel 10
SOOJET Dream Travel
Zero Grid passport holder 11
Zero Grid passport holder
Repuhand Portefeuille Passeport 12
Repuhand Portefeuille Passeport


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