The best styli for tablets in the UK 2023

For a more user-friendly use of your tablet, smartphone or laptop, with a touch screen, the stylus is a good option. The problem is that manufacturers are flooding the market with models with attractive designs, but often of varying quality. To help you choose the right model, we've put together this buying guide to the best touchscreen pens.

MEKO BaseTronics-EU 1

Best value for money

MEKO BaseTronics-EU

The best touchscreen stylus in 2021

The MEKO BaseTronics-EU is a capacitive stylus with a disk and fiber tip. It is suitable for smartphones, e-readers and tablets of all brands.

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We fell in love with this dual-material stylus: stainless steel and aluminum. We like its real pen look, with two functional ends. The weight of this pen provides a pleasant feel and ease of use. Its elegance makes it ideal for professional use. It is compatible with all your phones, tablets and computers with touch screens.

The MEKO BaseTronics-EU is a high quality pen. Its eraser-like tip is covered with a textile layer. This makes it easy to slide across the screen without scratching. The other end has a clear disc for precise writing or drawing. Keep an eye on the cleanliness of your screens, because the disc is sensitive to it.

Set of 10 Mavi's Diary 1 pens 2

Best value for money

Set of 10 Mavi's Diary 1 pens

The best entry-level touchscreen stylus

For the price and universal compatibility, the Mavis's Diary 10 Touch Pens are a great choice. Plus, they come with a cleaning wipe.

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Mavis's Diary offers these 10 capacitive touch screen pens. Each of them has a different color and universal compatibility. So you can use them with iPhone, iPad, various smartphones and tablets, even e-readers like Kindle. Made in China, these pens are perfectly suited to their purpose. Note the poor quality of the fasteners, which fall off frequently.

Also note that the touch tip wears out quickly and becomes less effective. But for the price, you can't ask for the impossible either! Lightweight, convenient, and discreet, these great Mavis's Diary touch pens are effective. A small wipe is included to clean them.

B & D P-BD018 3

A great choice

B & D P-BD018

A great value for money

To use your smartphones, tablets and e-readers more easily, try the B & D P-BD018 stylus. Be careful because the tip wears out quickly.

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The B&D Pen has all the makings of a fine pen for smartphones and tablets. Designed without plastic, its aluminum and stainless steel construction makes it look like a real luxury pen. So be sure it's sturdy without being heavy. You can take it anywhere and enjoy its ease of use at all times.

Its length adds a touch of elegance and makes it one of the most functional. The two ends are 4.5 mm and 6 mm. They are all perfectly sensitive as well as precise. Unfortunately, they are not the most durable, but replacement is easy. In addition, 20 replacement tips are already included in the package.

Hahakee HHK-Stylus-UK-001 4

Very good

Hahakee HHK-Stylus-UK-001

The best fine-tip touchscreen stylus

Especially dedicated to iPad tablets, the Hahakee touch pen can work 40 hours without interruption. Too bad it is not compatible with tablets or smartphones.

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If you have an Apple smartphone or tablet, we can only recommend this stylus. With a powerful battery, you can use it for 40 hours at a time. Just press the small button to turn it on. It turns off automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity. Its body is made of a strong aluminum alloy. This also gives it a good presentation.

The stylus from Hahakee will make you happy by being very precise. Moreover, it is subject to almost no latency. Its extremely fine tip allows you to make perfect drawings or a quick signature without smudging. Three replacement tips are included with the pen.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best tablet stylus

Any specific needs?

The best touchscreen stylus in 2021

The best entry-level touchscreen stylus

A great value for money

The best fine-tip touchscreen stylus

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Comparison table of the best styli for tablets

MEKO BaseTronics-EU 5
Set of 10 Mavi's Diary 1 pens 6
B & D P-BD018 7
Hahakee HHK-Stylus-UK-001 8
MEKO BaseTronics-EU
Set of 10 Mavi's Diary 1 pens
B & D P-BD018
Hahakee HHK-Stylus-UK-001
The MEKO BaseTronics-EU is a capacitive stylus with a disk and fiber tip. It is suitable for smartphones, e-readers and tablets of all brands.
For the price and universal compatibility, the Mavis's Diary 10 Touch Pens are a great choice. Plus, they come with a cleaning wipe.
To use your smartphones, tablets and e-readers more easily, try the B & D P-BD018 stylus. Be careful because the tip wears out quickly.
Especially dedicated to iPad tablets, the Hahakee touch pen can work 40 hours without interruption. Too bad it is not compatible with tablets or smartphones.
High end
Pack of 10 capacitive screen pens
Remarkable elegance
Very good autonomy
Clean sensitive disc
Smaller than standard size pens
Fast wearing tips
Limited compatibility

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Buying guide - tablet stylus

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How to choose your tablet stylus

#1 - Compatibility

Before jumping into the purchase of touch screen pens, make sure the product is compatible with your devices. To be on the safe side, it's best to opt for standard pens that work with all phones and tablets. These are the styli to buy separately, not the ones that come with the hardware and brand. In addition, you should a priori check that the screen of your equipment is touchscreen first.

#2 - The size

The length and diameter of the tube reflect on the weight of the stylus and its lightness. The material of manufacture is also to be taken into account (rubber tip or plastic disc). Finally, the attachment system of the pen is also an important point. Sometimes, the touch pen can be covered with a cap, sometimes a magnetic attachment system allows you to hang it anywhere.

#3 - Battery capacity

To avoid being caught unprepared in full use, take note of the autonomy of the stylus. Although it's rechargeable via USB, you should know how long it takes to charge and how long the pen will be in use until its next charge. On the market, the battery life of pens generally varies between 18 and 40 hours. On standby, the battery of some pens can last up to 30 days.

#4 - Integrated technology

The built-in technology of pens can vary from one hardware to another. It may have a sensing system to make work easier and improve writing speed. Also check whether it is connected or not. This is so you can save your handwritten notes in digital format.

#5 - Color

Sometimes, pen manufacturers offer several pens in a pack. Good idea if you like to work with pens of different design. On the other hand, the barrel of some pens may not stand up to wear and tear. That's another reason to be safe with other styli.

How do you use your tablet pen?

Since you have chosen to stop using your fingers, you need to know how to use your pen properly. First, you need to hold your pen the same way you would a pen or pencil. To use it, simply press the option of your choice without exerting strong pressure.

If you want to make a drawing or a signature, do it with the tip of the pen directly on the surface of the device. Then, to open a file or an application, double-click with the stylus tip. To do this, briefly press twice in succession on the desired point on the screen. If you want to select an item, simply press lightly on the screen, again with the tip of the pen.

To move an item, you select it and drag the tip across the screen. Then, if you want to move the cursor, you just have to move the pen by holding it slightly above the device. Please make sure that it does not touch its active surface. Apart from that, to erase an item, you need to turn the pen over so that the eraser takes the place of the tip. Then pass the eraser over the area to be erased.

As for the pen buttons, you use them as shortcuts for functions. If your pen button is for Floating Click, you hold the pen tip slightly above the surface of your device and press the button. And if it is Click and Press, touch the surface of the device and press the pen button.

Capacitive tablet pen or active tablet pen?

Capacitive tablet stylus

As a finger-like device, the capacitive stylus is versatile. It is compatible with all capacitive touch screen tablets (Android, iOS, Windows). Very economical, it does not require a battery to fully function. Moreover, it is very beneficial to avoid sweat marks while having almost accurate pointing.

On the other hand, the capacitive tablet pen cannot be used on an iPad. It also lacks pressure sensitivity, due to a generally too large tip. In addition, it does not have any extra functionality.

Active stylus for a tablet

Often associated with graphics tablets, the active tablet pen offers more precision than the capacitive pen. In fact, it offers more additional features to suit your needs. It also has more interesting options such as eraser, right click, etc. In fact, if you point the pen at your screen, a cursor appears.

However, the active tablet pen has a few drawbacks to consider. The first is that it requires a particular application support for full functionality. Second, its operation is particularly dependent on the presence of a battery. But all this is still manageable.


If you want to minimize the contact of your finger with your tablet screen, the capacitive pen will fit your needs perfectly. On the other hand, opt for an active pen for a wide range of compatibility options.

Why buy a touch screen pen?

Working directly on the screen

With a touch pen, you can dispense with keyboards and work directly on the screen. Easier than typing, using a stylus will give you gains in processing speed and writing time. You'll feel like you're working manually, just like you would on paper.

Bring a touch of technology to your work

Why spare yourself the luxury of digital work if you have the ability to do it? When attending meetings or class sessions, just bring your stylus and mobile device. Gone are the days of clutter with lots of papers and pens everywhere. In short, welcome to the digital world.

Better than using your hands

If you have touchscreen equipment, it is better to use a stylus than to touch the screen with your hands. Indeed, the size of the pen tip and the size of your fingers are not the same. So if you use a stylus, you will be more precise in your gestures on the screen. Ideal if you make drawings or sketches on a tablet.

Easy to use

Pens are not difficult to use at all. They are totally appropriate for your note taking or drawing. For kids, they can teach them how to write and have fun on a tablet. To do this, all you have to do is open a sheet on the device and point the pen head to start writing. As an added bonus, you can use different colors to add a touch of beauty to your work.

Reach all points of the screen easily

Easy to handle, the styli help the user to reach every corner of the screen without any difficulty. For both games and work, it gives you a lot of precision on which areas to select. All this to give you the maximum ease in using computer tools.


Put your stylus away if you're not using it

With a size similar to a ballpoint pen, the pen is so thin that it can get lost at any time. So if your tablet doesn't have an opening for it, put it in its original case. If you don't have one anymore, make one with the means at hand. To do this, cut a piece of polystyrene and put it in the case of a fountain pen. All that's left to do is put your stylus in it.

Always clean your stylus

When you use your touchscreen stylus, remember that your fingers will tend to produce sweat. And yet, the sebum that comes out not only fouls the stylus, but also your screen. That's why you should always have a piece of microfiber cloth to wipe both regularly.

Make your stylus more sensitive

To optimize your pen's interaction with your tablet's touchscreen, make adjustments in the style/touch configuration settings. To do this, simply change the default settings and select other modes if there are any. Otherwise, the sensitivity of the tip can be calibrated by going directly to the application that supports the pen and following the instructions.

Customize your tablet pen to your image

The color of most tablet pens is sometimes dull and monotonous. To make a big difference and express your personality, put your own personal touch on it. However, avoid applying any product to it as this can damage it. You can consult professionals in the field to put your signature or your name on it.

Make your own homemade stylus

You have misplaced your stylus and yet you need it urgently? Don't worry! Take a ballpoint pen and remove the tube containing the ink. Then replace it with half of a cotton swab. Wrap the device in aluminum foil without hiding the cotton at the end. Bind the whole thing with tape to hold it in place. Finally, put a drop of water on the tip to draw static electricity from your fingers.


Can I use a stylus on all tablets?

Capacitive pens are indiscriminate and work on all tablets, smartphones and e-readers with a touch screen. In fact, most of the tablet pens suggested in this comparison enjoy this universality; however, we offer a model compatible with iPads. The latter, which can only work with pens, require models designed specifically for them.

How do I choose a pen to draw on my tablet?

If you use applications to draw on your tablet, you need a pen with a sensitivity level higher than 3000 pressure points. By the way, this is another item on the list of criteria for choosing a tablet pen if you insist on drawing. To get colors, go to the "drawing" tab of your application and choose from the palette of tones offered.

What can you replace a tablet pen with?

You can replace your tablet pen with an empty pen with a tapered sponge at the end. If you don't have a pen, use a chopstick, pencil or even a wooden dowel. Just make your fingers graze the sponge end of the improvised pen to pass the electromagnetic current. You can use this tablet pen just like any other conventional pen.

How to make a tablet pen?

Working directly on the screen and reaching the corners easily; this justifies buying a good tablet pen. However, if you're a fan of DIY, you can make your own by sharpening a pencil to have a closed, but flat corner at the end. Cover it with aluminum foil, hold it together with adhesive, and you have a functional pen.


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MEKO BaseTronics-EU 9
MEKO BaseTronics-EU
Set of 10 Mavi's Diary 1 pens 10
Set of 10 Mavi's Diary 1 pens
B & D P-BD018 11
B & D P-BD018
Hahakee HHK-Stylus-UK-001 12
Hahakee HHK-Stylus-UK-001


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