The best sports bras in the UK 2023

Wearing the right sports bra during your sports routines is essential: it can impact your comfort, but also your performance during exercise. A good sports bra can help you breathe easier, absorb sweat and even prevent rashes by allowing air to circulate properly. Read our guide to find out more.

Adidas Techfit Sports Bra 1

Editor's Choice

Adidas Techfit Sports Bra

The best sports bra in 2021

Featuring a scoop neckline and mesh swim back, this adidas Techfit sports bra offers medium support and a compression fit.

21,38 £ on Amazon

This bra's Climacool ventilation technology along with the ventilation inserts and mesh lining will keep you cool and dry. It also features Techfit technology that maximizes the power and endurance of your muscles while ensuring you never have to worry about comfort on your morning run.

When it comes to the materials that make up the fabric, there is 82% polyester and 18% elastane. This bra has a scoop neckline and a mesh back that is great for even the most energetic movements. This bra is available in size XL.

Nike - Med band sports bra white 2

The best cheapest

Nike - Med band sports bra white

The best entry-level sports bra

Move freely while you sweat in this comfortable, medium-weight sports bra with a stylish swim back and performance technology to keep you cool and dry.

15,96 £ on Amazon

The Nike Med band bra gives you classic coverage and medium support for activities like spin class, cardio and dance. The removable padding has been redesigned to stay reliably in place while you work out. The removable one-piece cushion is designed to resist shifting or bending for a reliable and comfortable fit. The cushion pocket opens from the top and can hold a phone.

This bra is very comfortable, giving you a special ease that will allow you to perform your most energetic movements. The fabric of this bra is made from 88% Polyester and 12% Elastane. It washes well in the washing machine, but if you want to keep it even longer, you can also wash it by hand. The bra doesn't trap sweat and lets air pass through to give you total comfort. Plus, it's available in all sizes.

Puma - Mid Impact 4Keeps Sports Bra 3

The best high-end

Puma - Mid Impact 4Keeps Sports Bra

The best high-end sports bra

You want to stay sexy while having a sporty figure? This bra from Puma is perfect for you. It offers comfort and ease of movement.

22,36 £ on Amazon

This bra is pretty, classic and has a swimmer's back to give you a dreamy, sporty silhouette and optimal support. It gives you a special ease that will allow you to perform your most energetic sessions. So when it's time for you to work out, this medium impact bra is what you need. It has a design that will support your full range of motion during training without compromising your comfort. Jogging, biking, working out in the gym, it will support you all the way. Basically, it's made to move.

This bra is made from the following components: 89% Polyester and 11% Elastane. This bra does not have a closure so you have to put it on to put it on. You should also take into account that this bra really combines support and style.

Calvin Klein - Modern Sports Bra 4

The best value for money

Calvin Klein - Modern Sports Bra

The excellent sports bra

Want a bra that serves well and supports your chest? This sports bra from Calvin Klein is perfect for you. Very good quality and easy to clean, this bra is available in all sizes.

17,80 £ on Amazon

Designed to move without limits. CK Performance offers function, style and superior comfort to help you get the most out of your workout. This sports bra features stylish flat seams and a swim back for total freedom of movement.

It offers you support, support, quality fabric and comfort. It is very practical for sports and people with a generous chest have nothing to worry about, because the bra has a very good fit and support. The fabric is made of 53% cotton, 35% modal and 12% elastane, which makes it very comfortable to wear and does not retain perspiration. The bra is perfectly machine and hand washable. In short, the quality of the fabric is great.

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Best sports bra

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The best sports bra in 2021

The best entry-level sports bra

The best high-end sports bra

The excellent sports bra

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Comparison table of the best sports bras

Adidas Techfit Sports Bra 5
Nike - Med band sports bra white 6
Puma - Mid Impact 4Keeps Sports Bra 7
Calvin Klein - Modern Sports Bra 8
Adidas Techfit Sports Bra
Nike - Med band sports bra white
Puma - Mid Impact 4Keeps Sports Bra
Calvin Klein - Modern Sports Bra
Featuring a scoop neckline and mesh swim back, this adidas Techfit sports bra offers medium support and a compression fit.
Move freely while you sweat in this comfortable, medium-weight sports bra with a stylish swim back and performance technology to keep you cool and dry.
You want to stay sexy while having a sporty figure? This bra from Puma is perfect for you. It offers comfort and ease of movement.
Want a bra that serves well and supports your chest? This sports bra from Calvin Klein is perfect for you. Very good quality and easy to clean, this bra is available in all sizes.
Material composition
82% polyester,18% elastane
88% Polyester, 12% Elastane
89% Polyester and 11% Elastane
53% Cotton, 35% Modal and 12% Elastane
Black with white pattern
Bra type
A compression
A compression
A compression
A compression

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How to choose your sports bra

First, you'll want to make sure you find a style that best suits your size and activity level. Here's what to keep in mind when shopping for sports bras:

#1 - The size

Always check the brand's size chart - every brand is a little different. Don't worry if your sports bra size is different from your normal bra or t-shirt size: a sports bra should be more compressed than a regular bra to give you optimal support, but it shouldn't be constricting or uncomfortable.

#2 - The fit

It's not enough to find the right bra size, you also need to check if it can give you the fit you'll need to keep your breasts well supported during exercise. Pay attention to the band and cup size.

  • Band size: make sure your bra is tight around the band, which provides the majority of support. The band should be slightly tighter than your everyday bras, but not so tight that it restricts deep breathing.
  • Cup size: to test for the right cup size, make sure the cup holds the entire breast. Spills on the top or sides don't provide proper support and could lead to painful chafing. Also, if you see wrinkles or folds, it may mean your cup size is too large. The fabric should be smooth and flush with your skin.

#3 - Moisture management

If you're going to be sweating, you'll need a bra that wicks moisture away from your skin and dries quickly so you don't stay soaked with sweat. If you want to check that a sports bra is up to your moisture-wicking standards, try placing a drop of water inside where the fabric touches your skin. It should expand quickly; if the water beads up, it's not an absorbent material.

#4 - Chafing and chafing

Common complaints about sports bras are caused by a combination of sweat and chafing. In addition to moisture-wicking fabric, you'll need a bra with minimal seams to help reduce friction during exercise, especially in activities like running where there's a lot of movement. Make sure your bra is not too big or too small.

#5 - The style

In addition to a perfect fit, you want a sports bra style that suits your purpose and physique.

  • Swim back styles are common in sports bras and offer incredible freedom of movement; they are perfect for twisting in yoga or running. The swim back connects the straps between your shoulder blades, which tightens the straps and anchors the bra closer to your body. This allows you to maintain full rotation of your arms and shoulders without losing frontal support.
  • Tank-style bras are also popular. The straps are wide to help distribute weight and often are padded for comfort. This type of strap is commonly seen on bras with a back closure, and they are usually adjustable so you can fine tune your fit.
  • Pull-on sports bras are the most common type. They are fully stretchy, which is great for pulling the bra over your top knot, but not so good for support.

How does it work?


When choosing a sports bra, ask yourself, "What kind of activities will I do with this bra?"

Does your exercise routine involve a lot of running or jumping? Do you primarily practice yoga? Are you looking for a little extra support while walking? Just as there are different types of exercise, there are different sports bras that offer different levels of support.

Most manufacturers specify whether a particular bra is for low, medium or high impact exercise.

  • Low-impact activities such as walking, yoga, Pilates and weight training often do not require intense support. Basic, stretchy sports bras and shelf bras tend to do the trick. Women with smaller cup sizes generally don't need more support than a low-impact bra provides.
  • Medium-impact sports such as hiking, skiing and cycling can lead to more bounce and discomfort without a proper sports bra. Some compression bras may suffice, but finding a bra with the right combination of encapsulation and compression is ideal.
  • High-impact sports such as tennis, basketball, aerobics and running require total bounce control. A rigid encapsulation bra with some compression eliminates movement and keeps you comfortable throughout a high-impact workout.

The making of a sports bra

You don't want to be distracted on your morning run by a scratchy seam or straps that dig into your shoulders. When it comes to getting the most out of a workout, comfort is key. And the fabric of your bra plays a key role in that comfort.

The different types of sports bras

There are two main types of sports bras: compression bras and encapsulation bras.

Compression sports bras

These bras press the breasts against the chest wall, minimizing movement. This is the most common form of sports bra on the market today. These bras bind your breasts and t are usually pulled over your head, allowing them to limit bounce. They usually look like a simple crop top.

Compression sports bras is a great option for women with small breasts, but they can be uncomfortable for women with larger breasts.If you opt for a compression bra, make sure the centerpiece lies flat against your sternum.

encapsulated sports bras

These sports bras have individual cups that surround the breasts to maintain their natural shape, while minimizing bounce during movement. Because each breast is individually supported, they offer a more natural overall breast shape compared to compression sports bras. Encapsulating sports bras can also reduce a greater overall range of motion of the breasts and protect Cooper's ligaments, helping to prevent breast pain and sagging.

Some incorporate an underwire to separate each breast, but with advances in design, this is no longer necessary and many sports bras can achieve the same results without an underwire. In any case, what is certain is that encapsulating bras often have rigid cups, bands and straps in the front to restrict movement, making them ideal for larger cup sizes.

5 benefits of wearing a sports bra

  1. Keeps discomfort at bay: the ability to minimize breast movement is one of the most popular benefits of wearing a sports bra. Especially for women who engage in any kind of physical activity, a sports bra offers relatively more support than a regular bra. Wearing one during a workout ensures that breasts don't jiggle and stay in place throughout the workout. Plus, sports bras are designed to provide maximum coverage without showing cleavage or spilling over. The wide underbust band and wider straps of sports bras evenly distribute breast tissue.
  2. Maintains breast shape: Because breasts have muscle ligaments that can eventually stretch and distort, this can lead to sagging or drooping breasts. In addition, ligament tears are irreversible damage and can cause premature shape problems in younger women. To avoid this kind of problem, a sports bra is not an unnecessary investment. It is designed to provide support and stability and help maintain the shape of the chest while you exercise, even if you have a large chest.
  3. Helps reduce breast pain: Intense movement during exercise also causes movement of the muscle ligaments in the breasts. This can often lead to breast pain. Unlike a traditional bra that does not provide enough strength and support, a sports bra holds the breasts firmly in place and restricts the movement of their muscle ligaments. So don't let breast pain affect your healthy lifestyle. Wear the right sports bra to exercise comfortably!
  4. Regulates blood circulation and absorbs sweat: various types of support systems like hooks and elastics in traditional bras often disrupt proper blood circulation. This is one of the reasons why even doctors and experts recommend the use of a sports bra over a regular bra. Due to technological advancements in fabrics, there are several sports bras that are moisture wicking and can absorb sweat from the body. In addition, such bras can increase airflow to the skin, keeping it cool and dry all day. They are also designed to improve mobility, restore body posture, relieve neck tension and reduce back and shoulder pain. Such bras can be useful in correcting slouching posture.
  5. Protect you from dirty looks and drooling faces: Unlike the regular bra, sports bras offer more coverage, which not only provides enough support to the breasts, but also the confidence to bend, jump or run around. Sports bras save you from nasty looks and drooling faces so you can fully focus on your routine without dealing with that kind of unpleasantness.

The best brands of sports bras

In our opinion, the best brands of sports bras in 2022 are :

Calvin Klein

Iconic style, classic design, and exceptional quality is how we know the Calvin Klein brand. It is very popular in the field of fashion and also sports. Among its range, you can see lingerie, sportswear and many more.

The Ultrabreathe Sports Bra range by Nike was designed using body sweat mapping as a guide. It offers exceptional support, a body-hugging fit and optimal comfort.

This brand is a leader in the design of sportswear and footwear. With its Don't Rest Alphaskin line, it has been able to offer its customers quality, support and comfort. The brand has created a garment that is well adapted to the most energetic sessions thanks to the Alphaskin technology.

This brand of sportswear and footwear is a German creation that promotes quality, performance and comfort through its products. Besides that, the brand displays and conveys an urban culture that makes it stay the course towards the evolution of clothing style.

Reebok is very well known for its very comfortable sportswear and outfits that respond perfectly to the most energetic sessions. It gives comfort to your body and makes it feel comfortable during workouts.

What is the price for a sports bra

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Don't wear the same bra for too long

If you train two to three times a week, try to replace your sports bra every four to six months. This is for obvious hygiene reasons, but also to ensure that you get optimal support. Even with precise care, sports bras stretch over time. If your bra loses its elastic quality, it won't do its job properly.

Beware of the heat

Heat breaks down spandex and other synthetic fibers, so plan to wash your sports bras in cold water with detergent. For the same reason, skip the dryer and let your sports bras air dry. This could help you extend the life of your bra by a few months.

Opt for sports bras with a clasp or adjustable bra

Opting for this type of bra can be very attractive. Pull-on sports bras are not ideal, as they cannot be adjusted if necessary and are much more stretched than other types. Choose a sports bra with adjustable straps or a clasp. With a band clasp, you'll be able to switch from the innermost hook to the outermost hook as your bra stretches.

Invest in a high-quality sports bra

While it may be tempting to buy that pack of bras that cost a peanut, they probably won't have the support and structure your chest needs. Finding a sports bra that fits you well is extremely important to keep your chest supported and your ligaments intact, so invest in a high-quality bra.

Wear a sports bra with wide straps for better weight distribution

If you have a larger chest or want your sports bra to be adjustable, choose one with wide straps. These straps help distribute the weight of your chest more evenly, and they're usually padded as well.


Why should I wear a sports bra?

The main benefit of this garment is that it limits the force applied to your breasts during high intensity workouts. Especially for women with larger breasts, this can be very uncomfortable and even painful. In addition, sports bras offer more comfort and freedom of movement than traditional bras. The materials used are often specially chosen for this purpose and ensure that your breasts stay in the right position at all times, no matter what exercise you do.

Are there different types of sports bras?

The answer is yes. Sports bras can be segmented into different categories, depending on the activity for which they are best suited and the support they provide. Before you choose the bra that's right for you, think about your sports preferences. Do you enjoy high-intensity workouts or is most of your physical activity related to light exercise, such as yoga?

How do I know if my sports bra fits properly?

Unlike traditional bras, choosing your sports bra size does not guarantee that the bra will fit properly. Depending on the design, type or support provided, the perfect size may vary slightly. However, in order to ensure maximum support, the sports bra must fit perfectly.

Will my breasts look good in a sports bra?

The uni-boob look can easily be compared to a nightmare. You certainly don't want to achieve this effect when you are working out or walking in the park. It's worth noting that there is a possibility of a uni-boob look when you wear sports bras and we can explain why. The purpose of the bra is to compress your breasts, which means it's natural to end up with a single breasted appearance. If this is certainly something you are afraid of, the best alternative is to find an underwire sports bra that will help you enhance your feminine figure.


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Our selection
Adidas Techfit Sports Bra 9
Adidas Techfit Sports Bra
Nike - Med band sports bra white 10
Nike - Med band sports bra white
Puma - Mid Impact 4Keeps Sports Bra 11
Puma - Mid Impact 4Keeps Sports Bra
Calvin Klein - Modern Sports Bra 12
Calvin Klein - Modern Sports Bra


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