The best spell checkers in the UK 2023

Reduce the time it takes to proofread your editorial content, a professional document or an email by using an automatic proofreader. Spell checkers, grammar checkers, typography checkers, syntax checkers, or all of them at once, there are many tools available on the market. This guide will help you choose the right spell checker for your needs.

Antidote 10 1

Best value for money

Antidote 10

The best spelling checker in 2021

Antidote 10 is packed with features that make it an intelligent and powerful spell checker. It is the ideal assistant for writers and those who need to write without spelling mistakes.

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With Antidote 10, the publisher Druide offers a powerful and intuitive proofreader, with dictionaries and guides to perfect your writing. The corrector offers a multitude of possibilities, such as block correction, contextual links or detection of anglicisms. Spelling and grammatical errors, repetitions, conjugations, nothing escapes Antidote 10, regardless of the medium, including emails.

Antidote 10 works with your favorite office suite as well as with web browsers, compatible software and email services. The package includes a link to download the software and choose the language you want to use it in. Whether you work with Windows, Mac OS or Linux, this software is available for 3 workstations for family use, or for one PC for professional use.

Cordial 21 Reference 2

Best value for money

Cordial 21 Reference

The best entry-level spelling checker

Cordial 21 Reference stands out for its ability to be self-customizing and its ease of use. If you are looking for a powerful yet affordable tool, this is the spell checker for you.

50,91 £ on Cdiscount

Cordial 21 Référence has a powerful spelling correction engine that is enriched with 7000 new rules. These rules are based on the analysis of errors made by the numerous users of the software. Easy to use thanks to its intuitive correction window, Cordial 21 Référence easily detects mistakes and suggests the best replacements based on a semantic analysis of each sentence. It also includes a conjugation tool and several dictionaries.

Cordial 21 Reference is compatible with several office tools, web browsers, instant messaging services and email clients. Available for 3 computers, it works as well under Windows as under Mac OS. The download link will be sent to you by email, once your purchase is made.

Cordial 21 Pro 3

Best value for money

Cordial 21 Pro

The best high-end spelling checker

With a 90% correction rate, the Cordial 21 Pro version allows professionals to save time by optimizing their proofreading time.

102 £ on Cdiscount

Cordial 21 Pro detects 3 times more mistakes and faster than a classic office software. It identifies and indicates the location of errors in no time, and suggests the best correction. Beyond the vocabulary of professionals, Cordial 21 Pro also includes an editorial control feature to enhance your communication. It analyzes your correction habits and proposes self-customization.

The tool can also be used in parallel by several collaborators to allow them to correct writings without directly modifying the text. Finally, you should know that it is compatible with your usual office software, but also with your browser, email and mail client. The only reservation that can be made about Cordial 21 Pro is the installation difficulties sometimes encountered by some users.

Le Robert Correcteur 4

A great choice

Le Robert Correcteur

A great alternative

Robert Correcteur is a 3-in-1 tool for educators, individuals and professionals. In addition to its powerful correction engine, it also has many features.

75,99 £ on Cdiscount

To make your work easier and save time, Le Robert Correcteur is easy to use and efficient. You can make your corrections in 3 simple steps. After activating the correction in one click, the tool corrects the entire text, and all you have to do is validate the proposed corrections. Le Robert Correcteur is a complete tool including a spelling / syntax / grammar correction engine, 8 dictionaries, and 6 linguistic guides.

Beyond its simple and intuitive correction window, this spellchecker also shines by its extended compatibility. Indeed, it can be integrated into the most common office software and email clients. Finally, it is compatible with Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best spell check

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The best spelling checker in 2021

The best entry-level spelling checker

The best high-end spelling checker

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best spell checkers

Antidote 10 5
Cordial 21 Reference 6
Cordial 21 Pro 7
Le Robert Correcteur 8
Antidote 10
Cordial 21 Reference
Cordial 21 Pro
Le Robert Correcteur
Antidote 10 is packed with features that make it an intelligent and powerful spell checker. It is the ideal assistant for writers and those who need to write without spelling mistakes.
Cordial 21 Reference stands out for its ability to be self-customizing and its ease of use. If you are looking for a powerful yet affordable tool, this is the spell checker for you.
With a 90% correction rate, the Cordial 21 Pro version allows professionals to save time by optimizing their proofreading time.
Robert Correcteur is a 3-in-1 tool for educators, individuals and professionals. In addition to its powerful correction engine, it also has many features.
Support type
Office suites, email, browsers
Office suites, mail, email, browsers
Office suites, email, browsers
Office suites, email, messaging.
Windows, Mac, Linux
Windows, Mac
Windows, Mac
Windows, Mac
Number of stations

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How to choose your spell check

Because you will be using your spell checker regularly, this tool should be chosen according to your needs. Here are the most important criteria to consider.

#1 - Performance

A good spellchecker must have good performance, based on its ability to analyze and detect errors. It must be able to detect the simplest as well as the most complex mistakes, in order to improve the quality of correction. To do this, the tool must be able to analyze a sentence at the syntactic, grammatical and orthographic levels. The better it performs, the more it will also be able to detect repetitions and sentences that are too long. The performance of the tool can also be measured by its ability to correct as many errors as possible. A reference spelling checker should be able to correct 99% of the mistakes present in a document or text.

#2 - The simplicity of use

The quality of a spelling checker is also measured by its ease of use. First of all, it must be easy to install and to integrate in your office tools, messengers and email clients. Another expected quality is ergonomics with the availability of a correction window to facilitate your work. Easy access to the most important features is also a great asset. Check that you have quick access to features, including smart search.

#3 - The features

Beyond its correction engine, a spell checker can offer several other useful features in writing. Depending on your needs, check the different options offered by the tool you are interested in. For example, some spellcheckers have, in addition to error correction, language guides, a conjugator and several dictionaries.

#4 - Compatibility


spellchecker you are going to choose must naturally be compatible with your work environment. Check its compatibility with your operating system, by carefully reading its technical specifications. While some spell checkers are compatible with all systems, others can only work on Windows and Mac.

#5 - Software integration

You should of course be able to integrate your spell checker with your office tools, but also with your browser and your messengers. Indeed, beyond writing, you need to make sure that exchanges with your colleagues or clients are also free of spelling mistakes. When installed, the spell checker must therefore be able to integrate with the tools you currently use.

How does a spell checker work?

Using a spell checker while writing is very important so that you don't have to spend hours correcting spelling mistakes when proofreading. Spell checkers include guides to grammar, typology, lexicon, etc., to guide the user. Basically, they point out spelling errors and advise you on what to correct.

Some offer to correct the word, but also to redirect you to the corresponding spelling rule. There are also spell checkers that can spot awkward turns of phrase, repetitions and the use of colloquial vocabulary.

To satisfy the user, they offer the possibility of setting correction methods such as testing the length of sentences, testing the complexity of sentences, distinguishing upper and lower case letters, detecting consecutive identical words or duplicates, checking words containing numbers, etc.

Apart from that, some programs have interesting features. We take Antidote as an example. This correction software offers three levels of information such as the "alert", in the form of a short message, which appears directly above the detected error; the "contextual explanation", which is explained in detail in a window; the "grammar", which shows the applied rule, and is often already included in the contextual explanation.

The "Help" function also plays an essential role. It comes in the form of a manual and/or as online help, which is most often accessible through a more or less complete, more or less meaningful index.

Free or paid spell checker?

Paid spelling checker

Like other types of software, paid spellcheckers are much more comprehensive and, therefore, more effective. By choosing a paid spell checker, you get many features that are not necessarily available in a free version. In addition, you have access to updates that allow you to optimize the performance of your spell checker.

The major disadvantage of paid spell checkers is their high price, but this is justified by the power of their correction engine and their many linguistic tools.

Free Spell Checker

Specialized sites offer free access to spell checkers. These offer basic features that will suit many users. However, they are not as powerful and enriched as their paid counterparts. For example, some of them are unable to correct grammatical errors. Although from an economic point of view, opting for a free computer corrector is a good option, the tool does not allow you to obtain high correction performance.


The choice between a paid and a free spell checker will mainly depend on your needs. If you are looking for a powerful and complete tool to create long and error-free texts, it is recommended to choose the paid version. A paid spell checker is a more powerful, fast and intelligent tool, ideally suited for professionals and companies.

The free version can be a good alternative if you only use it rarely. Be aware, however, that it may miss mistakes and that you will need more time to correct long texts.

Why use a spell checker?

Large amounts of email, editorial content and written documents are exchanged or posted daily. Spelling and syntax errors can creep in, given the various constraints that can be imposed. Although a proofreading is necessary after each writing, it is not always easy to detect all the mistakes in a short period of time. This is where a spell checker comes into its own.

An automatic and intelligent correction tool helps you speed up your proofreading process before sending or integrating. It saves you valuable time while improving the quality of your writing. On the other hand, if you create large amounts of written content, a spell checker is even more important as it is able to correct mistakes on many pages.

In fact, some tools are capable of detecting errors spread over a hundred pages in just one second, thanks to their high analysis speed. Others include additional tools that are useful for professionals, such as typographic dictionaries, linguistic guides or typographic charts.

There are many other advantages that make spelling correction tools indispensable:

  • They are designed to integrate with office software, browsers, email clients, and even technical software.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They can be updated to optimize their performance and adapt them to the latest editorial requirements.
  • They are intended for all professionals without exception as well as for private users.

System version

Remember to check that the spell checker is compatible with the version of your operating system. Indeed, there are limitations, as some tools are only compatible with a few versions of the same operating system.


Choose a spellchecker with maximum functionality

By choosing a spell checker that is as complete as possible, you will have a powerful and versatile tool. You will be able to create quality messages, texts and documents that will impress your correspondents and readers.

Choose a spell checker that meets your real needs


you are a professional, prefer a spell checker dedicated to professionals. They are designed to make your daily tasks easier and save you time. If you need a spell checker for home use, look at the classic versions.

Think of the updates

Make sure

that your proofreader can be upgraded in the future so that you don't miss out on anything new, and to further improve its analysis and correction capacity


Take a multi-purpose concealer

Make sure

that the proofreader you are interested in can be integrated into your office suite, email service, web browser and email client. This way, all your writings, regardless of their length and nature, can be corrected if they contain mistakes.

Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection for downloading


you have chosen a downloadable spell checker, you need to have an Internet connection with sufficient speed to ensure a safe and smooth download



What is the best spell checker?

The best spelling checker depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How much does a spell checker cost?

The price of a spelling checker ranges from 64 euros for the most affordable tool to over 200 euros for the professional one. Tools on DVD-ROM are more expensive, with some publishers charging up to 400 euros for the pro version.

Do I need a special configuration for my computer?

All you need is enough storage space for the software. However, check for compatibility with your operating system.

How do I install my spell checker?

Once you have downloaded your tool, follow the instructions on the screen and proceed step by step.

Can I receive installation assistance?

Yes, some spell checkers offer real-time support to help you with installation difficulties.


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Antidote 10
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