The best parasols in the UK 2023

The parasol is an essential tool during the beautiful summer days. As an effective solution against ultraviolet rays, it also provides pleasant moments, whether you are alone, in couple, with friends or family. It can be presented in different types, shapes and models. So that you can find the ideal sunshade for your needs and know all the essential information, we have prepared for you this buying guide.

Offset umbrella - TECTAKE 1

Best value for money

Offset umbrella - TECTAKE

Best umbrella in 2021

This model of TECTAKE parasol has a diameter of 3 m with a stable base and a polyester fabric.

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This parasol is equipped with a circular polyester fabric that is washable and waterproof. The sunshade can be adjusted to 6 positions and is even able to stand vertically. It provides ultraviolet protection with a UV 50+ index and a weight of 180g /m². Its metal parts are designed with aluminum and steel of excellent bills. The tube is solid and powder coated.

The sunshade is easy to unfold with a crank and the pole has a 360° freedom of movement. To keep it closed, the manufacturer has equipped it with a Velcro strap. A cover is provided for its storage or transport.

Round umbrella with stripes - SEKEY 2

Best value for money

Round umbrella with stripes - SEKEY

Best entry-level umbrella

This Sekey umbrella is a circular tilting umbrella with a 160 cm diameter striped fabric. It is very light and easy to install.

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This parasol is an ideal model for moments at the beach or during pool sessions because of its lightness and its simple installation. However, you can also use it on your terrace or balcony.

With its 160 cm diameter, it is perfect for small areas. Tiltable, this parasol can protect you from the sun's intense rays all day long. Its weak point is that its frames are not very strong and can twist in strong winds.

Offset umbrella - OUTSUNNY 3

A great choice

Offset umbrella - OUTSUNNY

Best all-around umbrella

This OUTSUNNY tiltable parasol covers a large area with a 3m diameter waterproof polyester fabric. It has a 5-position, 360-degree tilt.

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This parasol has a height of 260 cm, so it is high enough not to interfere with even the tallest of people. Its structure is made of both aluminum and anti-corrosion metal. Its struts are of high quality and have a great solidity. This model of parasol is at the same time, resistant, robust and does not fear corrosion.

The pole can rotate 360° to provide effective shade. This action can be performed by means of a foot pedal.

The fabric is made of waterproof polyester and a crank is used to unfold it. To support the whole system, it is equipped with a very stable cross-shaped foot.

Parasol mural déporté - CASORIA 4

Very good

Parasol mural déporté - CASORIA

Best tilting umbrella

The Casoria wall parasol is a quality parasol. It takes up little space and provides substantial shade.

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This parasol has a diameter of 3 m to cover a large area. It has the advantage of not hindering its owners in their movements, while providing perfect shade. It occupies little space and is foldable when not needed.

The sunshade can be tilted and therefore protects effectively against sunburn during the day. Its steel frames give it extra strength and resistance. The parasol is equipped with a practical removable crank handle.

Buying guide • November 2023

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Best umbrella in 2021

Best entry-level umbrella

Best all-around umbrella

Best tilting umbrella

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Comparison table of the best parasols

Offset umbrella - TECTAKE 5
Round umbrella with stripes - SEKEY 6
Offset umbrella - OUTSUNNY 7
Parasol mural déporté - CASORIA 8
Offset umbrella - TECTAKE
Round umbrella with stripes - SEKEY
Offset umbrella - OUTSUNNY
Parasol mural déporté - CASORIA
This model of TECTAKE parasol has a diameter of 3 m with a stable base and a polyester fabric.
This Sekey umbrella is a circular tilting umbrella with a 160 cm diameter striped fabric. It is very light and easy to install.
This OUTSUNNY tiltable parasol covers a large area with a 3m diameter waterproof polyester fabric. It has a 5-position, 360-degree tilt.
The Casoria wall parasol is a quality parasol. It takes up little space and provides substantial shade.
Excellent value for money
Effective shading
Easy to install
Robust and strong
Easy to install
5 levels of tilt
Simple to handle
Large coverage area
Lightweight and portable
Easy to use and convenient
Weather resistant
Practical and easy to handle
Suitable for small spaces
Requires counterweights
Medium quality wall mounts
Delivered without ballast
Low strength frames in high winds

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Buying guide - parasol

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How to choose your parasol

In order to better choose the ideal parasol, it is necessary to pay attention to these criteria of choice.

#1 - The shape

There are several shapes of parasols: square, rectangular or circular. The shape of the umbrella is a key factor in how well it will protect you from the sun. Indeed, square or rectangular parasols have a larger coverage area and therefore a significant shade. Therefore, these shapes correspond to large surfaces. On the other hand, circular shaped umbrellas are more suitable for small areas such as the balcony, or to shade guests around a table.

#2 - The size

It is logical that the larger the size of the canvas, the more considerable the protection. This size also depends on the type of umbrella. To be stable, the diameter of the pole will be proportional to the size of the canvas to be well solid and stable.

#3 - The color of the canvas

Aside from matters of taste, the colors play an important role on the life and protection provided by the parasol. Dark colors fade quickly compared to light colors. You should use covers to protect the canvas from the sun but also at night. Darker colors allow less light to pass through, so they are more suitable for places with sufficient sun exposure and allow for more shade. On the other hand, lighter colors are intended for places with little sun exposure to let the light through better.

#4 - The material of the canvas


canvas is the essential element providing protection from the sun and winds. It must be made with a solid material and resistant to the weather and the vagaries of the weather. There are mainly 2 types of materials for the manufacture of the canvas, namely the polyester canvas which is less protective against ultraviolet and the acrylic canvas more resistant and more effective against ultraviolet. The grammage is a necessary index to know. The more important it is, the denser the fabric is. 200 to 230 g/cm3 is the common weight. A parasol of a very effective protection against the ultraviolet presents a minimal grammage of 250g/cm3. The UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor is an index of protection in Ultraviolet according to international standards. It indicates the protection of your skin against UV. An index between 10 to 19 indicates a weak protection. 20 to 29 for a high protection, 30 to 49 for a very high protection and more than 50 for an optimal protection.

The parasol in a few words

During heat waves and sunburns, the parasol is the ideal tool to enjoy the nice weather while being protected. It guarantees both protection against ultraviolet rays and also provides a very pleasant shade.

Generally speaking, a parasol consists of a protective fabric, a pole, a base and a folding system.

A parasol can be found in different shapes, sizes and colors to blend in with the environment and also for more efficiency. It can be seen on beaches, gardens, swimming pools, in the forest and also balconies and terraces.

The different types of parasols

There are 3 types of parasols: the deported parasol, the straight parasol and the wall parasol.

The deported parasol

This type of parasol is very trendy and aesthetic. It offers effective protection against sunburn. Moreover, it is easy to use. As its name indicates, this parasol is composed of an offset pole. No need to move the whole umbrella to get an ideal shade. You just have to change the position of the canvas. This kind of parasol has a great stability and has a rather consequent weight. It is able to cover a large area.

The deported parasol requires a fairly large space. Its inclination and adjustments are usually made with a crank. The coverage area of a deported parasol can be up to 9m².


  • No need to move the whole
  • parasolEasy adjustmentLarge
  • coverageDisadvantages


  • Not always suitable for small spaces.


is it


The offset umbrella is suitable for users with a large space such as a garden, a well-cleared balcony or also a pool.

The straight sunshade

The straight parasol is the traditional model of parasols. It can be found in different sizes. For gardens, they are of a large size and on beaches, it is seen with moderate sizes. Their use is very simple. It opens like an umbrella and is planted directly in the soil, sand or on a suitable base.

They are also often found in the middle of tables, with holes made for this function. Although easy to handle, this type of umbrella has a weak point because it must be constantly moved to benefit from effective shading due to the movement of the sun.


  • Easy to handle
  • Various formats

Disadvantages :

  • Need to be moved constantly

Who is it for?

The straight umbrella is ideal for relaxing at the beach or on a picnic because the smaller models can be carried. They are also suitable for covering a table with a few guests outside.

The wall parasol


wall umbrella is a very strong, solid and stable umbrella. It is fixed on the wall. This feature allows it to offer more space and does not invade any space while offering protection and pleasant and practical shade.

This kind of parasol is suitable for small spaces, small balconies or also small garden sheds...


  • Not cumbersome
  • Suitable for places with limited space

Disadvantages :

  • Fixed

Who is it for?

Wall-mounted parasols are recommended for owners of small spaces such as small balconies, garden sheds,...


Opt for a parasol with a changeable cover

Choosing a model with a changeable cover is essential for a longer life of your parasol. With this model, you only need to replace the cover when the time comes, instead of buying a complete new parasol. This is a very economical solution.

Store umbrellas properly in winter


prevent parasols from developing mold during winter, it is necessary to place the parasol in a well ventilated place, without humidity and protect it with an appropriate cover


Clean your parasol well


a good cleaning of your parasol, use a soft brush and brush it dry. Then take a mild soap and apply it. Then rinse the parasol with plenty of water. Protect it from ultraviolet light while it dries.

Use a protective cover


case you don't use your parasol, it is imperative to keep it in a protective cover. This action is to protect it from external aggressions and will also preserve its initial color.

Maintain your parasol properly


maintenance of a parasol differs according to its manufacturing materials. If you have a parasol with an aluminum pole, its maintenance will be done just with a simple passage of a sponge. On the other hand, for wooden pole models, it will need to be treated with appropriate products every six months.


What is the best parasol?

The best sunshade depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

What are the safety measures to follow when using a parasol?

Be careful with fingers when opening or closing the fingers as they may get caught in the mechanism. Close or stabilize the sunshade in case of heavy weather. Keep heat sources away from the parasol to avoid accidental fire.

What are the best accessories for a parasol?

Accessories vary depending on the model of parasol. There is a multitude of accessories for parasols. We can mention for example bases, LED lights for parasols and also covers to protect them.

What is the best windproof parasol?

Parasols made of acrylic fabric, with flexible poles and a sturdy base are the most windproof.

Why choose a tiltable parasol?

A tilting sunshade is ideal for enjoying effective shade and protection at all times. This is due to its ability to be oriented according to the position of the sun just by tilting it. It is recommended for use on terraces, balconies or on the beach.

For a better resistance of your parasol to the wind

To prevent the parasol from being blown away or moved by the wind, add loads to the base. Use more or less weight depending on the strength of the wind.


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