The best garden swings in the UK 2023

The garden swing invites itself on terraces, patios and gardens, as soon as the first beautiful days arrive. It never ceases to seduce, by its practical and decorative side. How to choose the model adapted to your desires of rest and relaxation? We have selected for you the best ranges of garden swing, to guide your choice.

Tectake garden swing on stand 1

Best value for money

Tectake garden swing on stand

The best garden swing in 2021

This family swing is ideal for relaxing in the sun. Its sturdy frame is designed for long term use.

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This comfortable swing is ideal for relaxing with friends and family. It is equipped with an adjustable canopy that protects you from the sun. Its wide seat is designed for 2 to 3 people. It comes with cushions that match the color of the canopy.

Easy to assemble, this swing was designed for outdoor use. Its tubular steel frame and rubber feet ensure perfect stability. Robust, it can support a load up to 200 kg.

Balancelle de jardin à toit réglable Outsunny 2

Best value for money

Balancelle de jardin à toit réglable Outsunny

The best entry-level swing

A swing with perfect dimensions for family use

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With its waterproof canvas roof, this swing is ideal for resting in a garden or on a terrace. For your meetings with friends, to read or simply to take a nap, it remains essential! Its wide seat can accommodate a maximum load of 200 kg.

We appreciate its ergonomic design, especially conceived to ensure you an optimal comfort. Its 160 g/m² high density polyester roof protects you from the sun and light rain. Thanks to the tilting roof, stay out of the sun at any time of the day. This swing is equipped with an epoxy steel frame and bench. Its non-skid feet ensure perfect stability.

Outsunny Convertible Garden Swing 3

A great choice

Outsunny Convertible Garden Swing

A perfect swing for resting

This convertible swing is perfect for napping and enjoying the beautiful days outside.

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This convertible swing can be used in bed or bench mode, as you wish. It is equipped with a waterproof roof made of high density polyester at 160 g/m². Its epoxy metal structure offers good resistance to bad weather. Its comfortable seat can support a maximum load of 340 kg.

Placed on a covered terrace, a patio or a corner of the garden, this swing fits harmoniously into your living spaces. Robust, it is designed for outdoor use.

Balancelle de jardin en résine 4

Very good choice

Balancelle de jardin en résine

A stylish and sturdy garden swing

This free-standing swing is perfect for a patio or deck. Its sophisticated design adds a modern touch to your decor.

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Ideal for reading or lounging in the sun, this swing pleases with its neat finish. Its resin texture is easy to maintain. Ideal for resting and relaxing, it is indispensable for the arrival of beautiful days. This real piece of furniture will find its place in your living room and even in the bedroom.

Perfectly stable, this swing is equipped with a thermo-lacquered steel frame. Its padded cushion offers a cosy comfort.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best garden swing

Any specific needs?

The best garden swing in 2021

The best entry-level swing

A perfect swing for resting

A stylish and sturdy garden swing

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Comparison table of the best garden swings

Tectake garden swing on stand 5
Balancelle de jardin à toit réglable Outsunny 6
Outsunny Convertible Garden Swing 7
Balancelle de jardin en résine 8
Tectake garden swing on stand
Balancelle de jardin à toit réglable Outsunny
Outsunny Convertible Garden Swing
Balancelle de jardin en résine
This family swing is ideal for relaxing in the sun. Its sturdy frame is designed for long term use.
A swing with perfect dimensions for family use
This convertible swing is perfect for napping and enjoying the beautiful days outside.
This free-standing swing is perfect for a patio or deck. Its sophisticated design adds a modern touch to your decor.
Removable and adjustable canopy
Corrosion-resistant steel frame
Perfect size
Elegant design
200 kg load capacity
Comfortable seat
Easy to assemble
Very stable support
Weather resistant
Very stable even when moving
Swivel top
Quality woven rooting
Easy to assemble
Slightly small for adults
Easy to care for
Non-slip feet
Mattress a little thin
Comfortable seat

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Buying guide - garden swing

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How to choose your garden swing

A real piece of decorative furniture, the garden swing deserves to be chosen with care. Here are some criteria to consider when buying one.

#1 - Type of material

The garden swings bring a beautiful aesthetic effect to your outdoor spaces. Choose a material that you like, and that will be in harmony with your decoration. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of models in metal, resin or wood. For a modern house, it may be wise to opt for a recycled plastic swing. On an open terrace, the metal swing is an excellent choice. It offers good weather resistance and can be placed outside all year round. Treated wood works well on patios, but needs regular maintenance to keep its original look.

#2 - The roof

The garden swing should be able to protect you from the sun, but also from the rain. Under a resin roof, you can enjoy natural light while remaining protected from UV rays. For an optimal opacifying effect, choose a high density polyester fabric. It will effectively protect you from light rain and sunlight. Some brands offer models with an adjustable roof, a very practical option that allows you to tilt the roof according to the sun.

#3 - The size

According to your needs, you can opt for a single-seater model or a larger version. Multi-seat swings can accommodate up to 4 people. The hanging egg is a perfect choice for a person living alone. It can be installed in a living room, under the veranda or in the living room, in the bedroom... Both comfortable and elegant, this piece of furniture brings an appreciable decorative effect.

#4 - Price range


price will mainly depend on the range but also on the size of the swing. Depending on the brand, prices can range from 60 to 1000 euros. Count between 200 and 400 euros for a mid-range model. To acquire a designer model, plan on a budget of at least 800 euros. Other criteria to consider: the type of materials and the options offered with the swing, which can make the prices vary upwards.

#5 - The climate of the region

In areas exposed to rain, plastic swings offer better moisture resistance. They are also easier to clean and require little maintenance. If you live in a very sunny area, choose a wicker swing. A wooden swing may also be suitable, but it is recommended that you coat it with a waterproofing product, especially if you live in a humid area. In very windy areas, an iron swing will be more resistant to snow and wind.

Change the accessories of your garden swing

To give your swing a second life, buying new accessories is a good investment. You will be able to renovate your garden furniture at a lower cost.

Replace the roof

First of all, check the measurements of the roof to be replaced. The dimensions of the new roof must match exactly those of the old one. Roofs are available in 2-seat, 3-seat or 4-seat.

Manufacturers offer different materials, such as polyester, cotton, acrylic or polyethylene. By choosing a waterproof and anti-UV treated fabric, you will be protected from the effects of the sun and the passing showers.

For a complete transformation of your swing, you can opt for a new color, preferably matching the seat.

Change the cushions

In order to keep your swing looking good, it needs the right accessories. Cushions should be replaced when the fabric begins to show signs of wear. For easy maintenance, choose models with removable covers. The fabric should be waterproofed to resist moisture.

Cushion size will depend on your swing model. Choose a color that matches the roof, to create a beautiful ensemble. To preserve the shine of the cushions, store them in a dry place during the winter.

Preserve the longevity of your garden furniture!

Put the swing under cover if you are not going to use it for a while. Protect it from frost and rain with a waterproof tarp.

The different types of garden swings

With the arrival of summer, the garden swing is a must in our living spaces. There are several versions of this garden furniture, to discover according to your desires!

The swing on resin stand

Ideal for reading or lounging in the sun, the resin foot swing offers a cozy comfort. Its egg-shaped frame provides a beautiful aesthetic effect. Perfectly in the air of time, it offers a modern note to your living spaces.

Available in woven or lacquered resin, it blends harmoniously with your decor. We appreciate its ease of maintenance and its refined appearance that resists well to bad weather. The woven resin is washable in soapy water. For your chair to keep its beautiful colors over the years, it must be treated against UV. Check this important criterion before buying!

Advantages :

  • Rot-proof
  • Resists well to bad weather
  • Easy to maintain
  • Aesthetic
  • Light weight

Disadvantages :

  • More expensive than PVC or steel versions
  • Can deform if the weight of the person is significant

Who is it for?

This beautiful decorative object is perfect to complete the design of a terrace. Its soft cushion is conducive to relaxation. Its structure is ideal for resting alone, for reading or lazing around at nap time

The convertible garden swing with arbour


convertible swing with an arbor displays a friendly side combined with an elegant design. The most spacious models have large dimensions, allowing you to lie down like on a real bed.

Placed in the garden, this convertible garden swing seduces by its comfort and its robust materials. Its steel texture guarantees optimal safety. It comes with a mosquito net that can be held in place by hooks. The legs can be screwed to the ground for greater stability.


  • Spacious comfort area
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Robust materials
  • Protects from insects


  • Must be placed on a large enough surface
  • Sensitive to scratches
  • Its weight is quite important

Who is it for?

The convertible swing with arbour is designed for large gardens or roof terraces. Place it next to a pool to create a discreet, shaded seating area. You will need enough space, given its rather large surface.

The wooden family swing


wooden swing is very popular for its natural look. It can be accompanied by an awning treated against UV, and allows you to enjoy the warmth of the outside. Most models are designed for 2 to 3 people.

Made of teak, larch or treated pine, it offers a beautiful aesthetic effect. However, it must be maintained on a regular basis to keep it in top condition. Depending on the model, you may need to invest in a seat cushion. Choose a color that matches the awning for a nice harmony.


  • Offers a beautiful natural look
  • Ideal on a deck with wood finishes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Blends in harmoniously with any decorating style


  • Must be covered with a waterproof sealant for use in humid areas
  • Some models are not equipped with cushions
  • It is necessary to invest in a protective cover

Who is it for?

Wooden swing sets are best suited to warm climates. If your area is very humid, place your swing on a covered patio. It will be more weather resistant if you coat it with a protective waterproof coating.

Why buy a garden swing?

Garden swings look cool

Granted, this shouldn't be the only reason you buy something, but you have to admit it, a swing is a cool edition to a garden. They add an aura of effortless chic to any outdoor space you install them in, and they're great for creating a relaxing environment with minimal effort.

They promote mindfulness

We all know that the nature of modern life means that we need to incorporate more mindfulness moments into our daily lives to help reduce our stress levels. A garden swing can offer you a peaceful solace to relax. Unwind with a good book, podcast or album and spend your summer evening relaxing outside.

More family time

If you install an outdoor swing on your property, it can serve as a focal point for family gatherings. Plus, they are especially more appealing to children. All family members will be able to stay disconnected from their electronic devices and enjoy each other's company.

Health benefits

Garden swings can help reduce anxiety and lead to mind calming activity. There are a handful of medical experts who believe that the back and forth movement can also stimulate the cerebral cortex, helping to focus more.

Increases the overall value of your property

If you install a nice garden swing on your property, you can increase the overall value of your property. A swing will help you to add more style to your exterior. Therefore, when the pressure is on and you need to sell your property, you will be able to sell it at a higher price.


The swinging kiosk, for more privacy

The swinging gazebo is a real garden pavilion. The closed curtains offer maximum privacy. The swing is convertible into a bed, ideal for napping and relaxing!

A functional garden swing


ease of maintenance, the cushions should have washable covers. For even more comfort, choose a model with a reclining back.

Choose a convertible swing to enjoy your garden!


convertible swing can switch to bed mode very easily. Very practical for napping at the bottom of the garden, it has a comfortable mattress and backrest.

Calculate the load supported by the swing


you finalize your purchase, check that the maximum load capacity of your swing is appropriate for your needs. The 3-seater models have a load capacity of about 350 kg. A great option if you have children!

Installing a footrest


a garden bench as a footrest, to take care of your back and legs!


Which garden swing to choose?

In our opinion, the best garden swing for most people is the Tectake stand up garden swing. To find out more, read our buying guide.

Choose a model that matches the decoration

The shape of the swing should ideally match the style of your garden or terrace. For a contemporary look, opt for a resin or steel swing. PVC versions are more economical, but should be protected in winter. For a romantic design, choose a wrought iron swing. Solid and elegant, it will not detract from your decorating style.

How to choose the type of fabric?

Pay attention to the density of the fabric, which should be at least 160g/m². A waterproof and UV-treated polyester roof canvas will protect you effectively from the sun, but also from light rain.

Choosing the right location for the swing

The swing should be placed in a location that is safe for children. The floor must be perfectly flat and clear. For installation on a terrace or balcony, take into account the dimensions of the surface that will accommodate your furniture. Depending on the type of model, the swing can occupy at least 1m².

How to make a resin garden swing look like new again?

The resin can be cleaned with water and black soap or Marseille soap. Avoid chemicals, solvents and high-pressure jets. You can also use a resin cleaner. Then apply a special wax for resin furniture.


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Tectake garden swing on stand 9
Tectake garden swing on stand
Balancelle de jardin à toit réglable Outsunny 10
Balancelle de jardin à toit réglable Outsunny
Outsunny Convertible Garden Swing 11
Outsunny Convertible Garden Swing
Balancelle de jardin en résine 12
Balancelle de jardin en résine


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