The best deported parasols in the UK 2023

Would you like to spend pleasant moments of relaxation at the beach, by your pool, in your garden or on the terrace while avoiding sunburn? Treat yourself to a deported parasol! In addition to an optimal level of protection, it will also offer originality to your outdoor decoration. For those who hesitate between the square, round and hexagonal format, here is our best selection.

TecTake 800684

Best value for money

TecTake 800684

The best deported parasol in 2021

Spend long days under the cool shade of the TecTake 800684. Easy to use, it will find a place of choice on a balcony or in your garden, even at the beach.

107 £ on Amazon

Summer is coming and you are getting ready to spend some nice days in the sun? Don't forget your deported parasol. Thanks to its configuration, it can keep you under its shade, whatever the position of the sun. Its pole adjusts in height and allows it to rotate 360° with a simple foot pedal. A crank makes it easy to adjust the tilt of the parasol.

The four-legged base of the TecTake 800684 provides excellent stability. A skylight at the top of the sunshade reduces the wind load. A water-repellent fabric with UV 50+ protection is used for its manufacture. Your skin will be better protected from the effects of sun exposure.

Vounot 3M Gris foncé

Best value for money

Vounot 3M

The best entry-level deported parasol

In addition to its practicality, this hexagonal deported parasol will protect you from the sun when you are at the beach or at home in your garden. It is easy to adjust and deploy.

66,39 £ on Amazon

At the beach, in your garden or on your terrace, you will enjoy the cool and pleasant shade of the Vounot 3M Dark Grey. It is a 3 m diameter deported parasol, big enough to protect your whole body from the sun. You can adjust its position very easily. A crank is used to open it and the adjustment of the height and the inclination of the parasol is done in some gestures.

To prevent the parasol from falling, it has been equipped with a wide base and a very strong steel pole. You can place it on a hard surface, sand or grass without any problem. The polyester fabric with UV protection ensures its robustness. The same goes for the steel structure with an epoxy coating.

Purple Leaf Bleu Marin

Best value for money

Purple Leaf Sea Blue

The best high-end deported parasol

More than a simple deported parasol, the Purple Leaf Bleu Marin is a real asset that will embellish your garden or your terrace and will protect you from the sun all summer long.

463 £ on Amazon

The Navy Blue Purple Leaf is primarily intended for commercial use. However, by installing it in your garden or on your terrace, you will benefit from an excellent shading equipment under which you could spend good moments in summer. The covered surface is relatively large since this deported parasol has a square shape with 3 m sides.

Although it is quite heavy and imposing, you should not encounter any great difficulty in adjusting it. The deployment of the parasol is done with a crank. You can adjust its tilt and height in 6 positions. The high quality polyester fabric is treated against fading. It is UV resistant, which will extend its life and limit the degradation of its aesthetics over time.

Alice’s Garden Hardelot

A great choice

Alice's Garden Hardelot

A very aesthetic deported parasol

The Alice's Garden Hardelot, with its 350 cm diameter, will blend in with the aesthetics of your garden or terrace while being very easy to deploy.

71,92 £ on Cdiscount

Are you looking for protection from the sun while enjoying the beautiful weather in your garden or on your terrace? Why not install the Alice's Garden Hardelot? This deported parasol has a diameter of 350 cm. You will be wrong to ignore this large cover made of waterproof fabric since it will only provide a nice space protected from the sun and small showers.

Admittedly, the Alice's Garden Hardelot is a masterful size. Yet it is easy to deploy. A non-return crank allows you to open it calmly and effortlessly. You can also adjust its height and inclination. Its reinforced steel base guarantees a better stability even in case of a light breeze. A choice of colors is available so that you can adapt the look of the parasol to your taste and the style of decoration of your garden or your terrace.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best deported parasol

Any specific needs?

The best deported parasol in 2021

The best entry-level deported parasol

The best high-end deported parasol

A very aesthetic deported parasol

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Comparison table of the best deported parasols

TecTake 800684
Vounot 3M Gris foncé
Purple Leaf Bleu Marin
Alice’s Garden Hardelot
TecTake 800684
Vounot 3M
Purple Leaf Sea Blue
Alice's Garden Hardelot
Spend long days under the cool shade of the TecTake 800684. Easy to use, it will find a place of choice on a balcony or in your garden, even at the beach.
In addition to its practicality, this hexagonal deported parasol will protect you from the sun when you are at the beach or at home in your garden. It is easy to adjust and deploy.
More than a simple deported parasol, the Purple Leaf Bleu Marin is a real asset that will embellish your garden or your terrace and will protect you from the sun all summer long.
The Alice's Garden Hardelot, with its 350 cm diameter, will blend in with the aesthetics of your garden or terrace while being very easy to deploy.
372 x 300 x 250 cm
300 x 300 x 250 cm
300 x 300 cm
350 x 350 x 258 cm
Aluminum, steel, polyester 180 g/m²
180 gsm canvas, steel, polyester
Alloy steel, aluminum powder, 240 g/m² polyester pole
Treated steel, 180 g/m² polyester fabric
15.8 kg
11.5 kg
32.2 kg
15 kg

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Buying guide - deported parasol

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How to choose your deported parasol

Just like the straight sunshade, the offset sunshade is uniquely effective in protecting you from the sun's rays. Its tilting and offset profile optimizes shading, whether you install a deckchair, a sun lounger, a garden lounge, a table... next to it. Here are the criteria to consider to make the right choice.

#1 - The web

It is the central element of any parasol. It protects from the sun, especially from UV rays, and eventually from the rain. It is advisable to choose a water-repellent 230 g/m² polyester fabric, as it is more opaque and more durable. The material of the fabric is also very important. Cotton is both thick and elegant. But colors don't last on this material.

Polyester offers the best value for money. Acrylic is more expensive, but it is also stain, water and flame resistant. Finally, you need to consider the area that needs shade. If the canvas is too small, it won't help. If the canvas is too large, it will cause space problems. Also, make sure that the surface of the canvas slightly exceeds the area that needs to be covered.

#2 - The shape

Hexagonal shaped offset umbrellas are the most common on the market. They are also known for their elegance. If you are looking for something different, you should know that there are rectangular, square and circular parasols. Remember to choose the shape of the umbrella according to the furniture to be covered: table, lounge, barbecue, deck chairs... Be aware that round umbrellas are the smallest. The biggest ones are square or rectangular. There are some up to 4 x 4 m.

#3 - The foot

A plastic, wooden or resin stand will do if the deported parasol you are interested in is small. But for a parasol of 3 m or more, i.e. XXL deported, it is better to opt for cast iron, aluminum, steel, stone or concrete legs. This will ensure greater stability. In general, the legs are cross-shaped. A large parasol must have a heavy base to reinforce the foot. Otherwise, it will fall down at the slightest gust of wind and will have difficulty standing on its own. For a 3 m diameter offset umbrella, use an 80 kg base.

#4 - The mast

Classic umbrellas have a pole placed in the center. In contrast, the pole of an offset parasol is articulated and mobile. And it is placed on the side, which avoids obstructing the guests. Indeed, the central space under the canvas is no longer occupied by the pole. You can rotate the pole 360°, tilt it, adjust its height or fold the fabric vertically . To do this, make sure there is an anti-return crank, a tilt handle and a rotation control.

When choosing the pole, also consider the material used. Aluminum poles are affordable, lightweight and rust resistant. But you'll need to attach them securely. Wooden poles are elegant. However, they can rot or warp. Finally, avoid fiberglass poles.

#5 - Ease of use

Before you make a purchase, consider a model that will make your life easier. Generally, the deported parasol does not come with any support. However, some models come with weights. Choose a model with an easy opening system, as well as an easy assembly and disassembly. If it has a removable cover for easy maintenance, it will be better. Moreover, the included protective cover allows you to store your off-center parasol in the best possible way.

How to properly maintain an offset parasol?

Disassembling a parasol

First of all, it is important to completely dismantle the parasol before cleaning it. It includes 3 essential elements: the canvas, the mast and the parasol base. You must therefore separate them and place the parasol on the ground or on a sheet in order to remove each of these components.

Cleaning the pole

Whether it is made of steel, aluminum or wood, the pole is mainly used to hold all the parts that are essential to the deployment of the parasol cloth. The system remains the same regardless of its size or shape. Indeed, the central support helps support the ribs thanks to a sliding ring. The cleaning procedure depends on the material it is made of. Soapy water, a cloth and a sponge are all you need to rid your mast of dust and cobwebs. Use an anti-rust product in the case of a metal mast.

The traditional cleaning of the parasol canvas

A mixture of white vinegar (0.5 L) and baking soda (3 tablespoons) will allow you to effectively clean the canvas of your parasol. Let the solution work for 15 minutes, then rinse and dry.

You can also use a little hot water mixed with a cup of coffee of soda crystals to get rid of the stains. No need to rest as you can immediately rinse it with a damp sponge and a jet of water. When drying, open the parasol. This will prevent the development of mold and bad odors.

And to protect the parasol ?

Although important, cleaning should not be done too frequently at the risk of completely damaging the components. However, you can protect it simply by using potassium silicate. To do this, sprinkle it on the fabric. In addition, you can also use a special canvas protection mixture, often used in spray form. To create this solution, you will need hair spray, alum stone and waterproofing stain remover.

It is highly recommended that you store the parasol in a protective cover or airtight tarp after each cleaning. Do not hesitate to place it in a dry place. Be careful not to use it in rainy or snowy weather.

The different types of deported parasols

Depending on the shape of the canvas, we distinguish between round, square, hexagonal and rectangular off-set parasols.

Offset round umbrella

This type of umbrella is designed for small areas. It is ideal for a terrace or a balcony, places that are by nature small. This type of parasol is quite rare in offset parasols, because of the difficulty of efficiently stretching and folding the fabric.

On the other hand, it is mainly used to cover a small round table and is ineffective against a wall or in a corner. If you have a small space to shade or a round table, the round offset umbrella is a must. Avoid it otherwise.

Offset hexagonal umbrella

This is the most common shape for an offset umbrella. Generally having 2 to 4 m in diameter, the canvas can cover different furniture such as tables, deck chairs, garden furniture. There is an octagonal variant, more aesthetic but often more expensive. It is distinguished by its large covered surface.

Moreover, it is adapted to different types of outdoor furniture. More stable in windy conditions, it is more difficult to place along a wall. If you want to combine elegance and efficiency, it is better to choose a hexagonal deported parasol. Its octagon variant is more aesthetic but also more expensive.

Offset rectangular umbrella

Rectangular canvases cover more surface than any other. Rectangular canvases cover more surface area than any other type of canvases, which is why they are used to cover large garden furniture. Square canvases are a more stable variant of this type of parasol.

It has the advantage of being easy to install along a wall or in a corner. Unsuitable for very windy areas, it is not suitable for small gardens. If you want to shade as much space as possible, choose a square or rectangular umbrella. You can easily install it against a wall.

How to clean the cover?

Soapy water is enough to clean the fabric of your parasol. For thin canvas, use a sponge. If the fabric is thicker, especially cotton and acrylic, use a soft brush. Then rinse with clean water. And don't close the umbrella until it's completely dry.

Offset or straight umbrella?

Offset umbrella

Generally, the deported parasol has an articulated, rotating or eccentric arm, offering the possibility of varying the position of the canvas according to that of the sun. This saves you from having to move it entirely. Because of its large size, this device offers a spacious shade compared to a straight parasol. It is also very easy to handle. Opening and closing is made easier by the crank handle.

On average, the dimensions of an eccentric parasol model can reach 2.5 m in diameter or 3 x 4 m. This type of parasol is available in various shapes: rectangular, square or round. It can be tilted 360° and protect you from the sun at any time of the day.

Straight umbrella

As the most classic parasol model, the straight parasol is available in various shapes, sizes and colours. With or without a tilting pole, it is available in small or large sizes (up to 4 m in diameter). It is often placed in the middle of a table with a central hole, near the swimming pool (between 2 deckchairs) or on the beach, although it is not very adaptable, unlike a deported model.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that the straight parasol is less mobile. You will not be able to move it as much as you wish. Of course, the models that are not tiltable will certainly not be able to follow the rhythm of the sun.


If you have a small terrace, a relaxation area with little exposure to the wind or a table with a central hole, the straight parasol will adapt perfectly to your needs. Otherwise, if you want to create a large shaded area and modulate the angle of your parasol according to the sun, opt for an offset model.

Why buy a remote sunshade?

A long-term investment

The first, and most important, advantage of an offset parasol is its price. Indeed, it is largely less expensive than a straight parasol. With a budget of less than 100 €, you can get a quality parasol, both robust and durable.

Easy to use

The detached parasol is very easy to move and transport. In general, it weighs around 10 to 15 kg. Moving becomes even easier if the parasol stand is equipped with wheels. Its simplicity of use lies in its design. It should be placed next to the garden furniture, which will allow you to easily follow the course of the sun. Some models are even tiltable. In addition, you will benefit from a type of parasol that folds and unfolds with a crank.

The quality of the fabric and the finish

The size of the fabric of the deported parasol can reach 5 m, but varies according to the type of model chosen. In addition to protection against UV rays, it is also available in different materials such as polyester (easy to clean, easy to handle and inexpensive), coated cotton (resistant and elegant) and acrylic (quick drying, resistant to humidity, water-repellent treatment, anti-UV...).

Robust and resistant materials

The structure, the mast and the ribs, must be robust and solid. In this sense, you can find models with a wooden structure (ecological, natural and easily integrated into the decoration) or aluminium (light, solid, reliable and very resistant to bad weather).

A very aesthetic element

Although the canvas is large and the structure is quite solid, the deported parasol offers among other things a certain aestheticism to your garden. With its contemporary and modern look, its wide choice of colours, you will be able to choose a model that will perfectly match your decoration style. If you want more naturalness, choose a parasol with a wooden or bamboo structure. On the other hand, if your garden furniture is made of metal, steel models are also available.

The best brands of deported parasols

In our opinion, the best brands of deported parasols in 2022 are :

Alice's Garden
Happy Garden

You want to equip your garden with excellent products at reasonable prices? Alices's Garden will make you happy. It offers a wide range of garden furniture, garden tables, trampolines, pergolas, umbrellas, barbecues, garden sheds, outdoor decorations and many others. A true value, this brand rarely disappoints users.

The German brand Deuba specializes in garden furniture. Among its offerings are garden benches, lounge chairs, folding tables, outdoor lounges or even garden chests. Recently, Deuba has also been manufacturing indoor furniture, including fireplaces, cabinets and bedside tables.

Also based in Germany, Tectake works in various fields. This includes pet supplies, garden furniture, office furniture, gardening tools, interior design products and workshop tools. You should know that Tectake also manufactures children's items such as high chairs, umbrella beds, car seats and changing tables.

Founded in 2012, the Happy Garden brand works with different materials: woven resin, aluminum, textilene... It uses them to create barbecues, garden furniture, parasols, party tents, hammocks, indoor furniture, trampolines and other inflatable spas. And given the price, there is something for everyone.

Vounot deserves more notoriety. It must be said that with its products, you will rarely make a bad deal. In addition, it offers a rather heterogeneous range: shopping cart, greenhouse, garden shed, carport, safety gate for children, chicken coop, parasol, deck chair, arbor and many others. The prices are very reasonable.

What is the price for a deported parasol

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 90 £
90 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Make sure you choose a good location

It is necessary to carry out tests in order to better choose. To do this, place your deported parasol in different places and at different times of the day. This will allow you to find the right place, namely the one that will keep you in the shade for most of the day.

Remember to weight your parasol

The deported parasol is an excellent ally during the summer, and you wouldn't want it to blow away at the slightest gust of wind. You can maintain it with concrete or steel slabs. For more aesthetics, you can also use flower boxes.

Fix your parasol permanently

This option will guarantee your safety once and for all. For this, some work is required. They consist in burying the fixings of your offset parasol, or covering its base with concrete. To proceed with its installation, you can of course call a professional.

Wear sunscreen even under your detached parasol

Even if the parasol manages to block most of the UV rays, some rays can pass through the fabric. To be completely safe from sunburn, combine a deported umbrella and sun cream. The latter will protect you from the indirect rays that the pool water can reflect towards you. If you have very sensitive skin, it is even recommended to apply the sun cream regularly after each swim.

Avoid putting the fabric in the washing machine

To properly maintain the cover of your deported parasol, do not put it in the washing machine. This may damage the anti-UV treatment film of the fabric, which will leave you exposed to UV rays during the next uses. Instead, wash it by hand with a mild detergent, such as Marseille soap, and a simple brush.


How can you tell the degree of UV protection of a sunshade?

The UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor is the factor or index that shows the protection against UV rays. The protection is quite low when it is between 10 and 19. From 20 to 29, the protection is high. Between 30 and 40, you have very high protection. And with a UPF of 50 and above, the protection is maximum.

What is the best colour for a parasol?

The choice of color for a parasol depends on your taste, the style of decoration you want to create and the comfort you are looking for. A light colored umbrella provides more light while a dark colored umbrella provides more shade. White or unbleached is more chic and sleek. Dark colours such as grey, navy blue, taupe... offer a warmer atmosphere.

What is the difference between a parasol with an offset pole and a parasol with a central pole?

The location of the pole makes the difference between the parasol with an offset pole and one with a central pole. As the name suggests, the pole is located underneath and in the centre of the canvas for the central pole parasol. For the offset pole, it is placed on one of the ends. It can therefore be directed to provide permanent shade. It is therefore more comfortable than the parasol with a central pole which remains fixed.

How do I maintain a parasol cover?

Dust the fabric and apply a mixture of 50 cl of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Leave for a quarter of an hour. Brush without aggressing the fabric and rinse. Avoid washing it too much to avoid tarnishing it. And make it dry well in the open air, not too much under the sun to fight against moisture and mold.


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Our selection
TecTake 800684
TecTake 800684
Vounot 3M Gris foncé
Vounot 3M
Purple Leaf Bleu Marin
Purple Leaf Sea Blue
Alice’s Garden Hardelot
Alice's Garden Hardelot


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