The best outdoor solar lamps in the UK 2023

In recent years, solar lamps have become a trendy item for gardens. These accessories are not only decorative elements. They can light up the outdoors without having to make complicated electrical connections. To help you find the best outdoor lighting for your home, we have compiled this guide.

Outdoor Solar Lamp - 6 Pack 150 Led 1000 Lumens - IPosible 1

Editor's Choice

Outdoor Solar Lamp - 6 Pack 150 Led 1000 Lumens - IPosible

The best outdoor solar lamp

The IPosible outdoor solar lamp illuminates and secures your home with its pack of 6. Each lamp has a battery of 2000mAh, a lighting of 1000 Lumens, a motion detector around 120° and on 5m.

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With its 2000mAh battery, a powerful 1000 Lumens brightness, the IPosible outdoor solar lamp illuminates around your home with its 6-pack. It has a motion sensor with a 20% sensitivity compared to other solar lamps. The sensor detects any movement up to 5 meters and over 120°, quickly and efficiently. The device works in all seasons and is weather resistant. Its sealed ABS plastic material allows it to be used continuously. The lamp can be mounted on a wall or a vertical wall with the included screws. The ideal is to install it on a height between 1.7m to 2 m. It will also be easier to make the desired modes if needed. A solar lamp is a little less than 1kg, or 980 grams and has the following dimensions: 28.45 x 11.18 x 9.91 cm. Light and not cumbersome, it illuminates and secures your home.

Outdoor solar light - Stillcool 2

Best cheapest

Outdoor solar light - Stillcool

The best entry-level outdoor solar lamp

The Stillcool outdoor solar lamp creates a friendly atmosphere in your garden with its flame effect. It works a full night of 10h after a charging time of 7h.

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The Stillcool outdoor solar lamp creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in your garden. Its flame effect gives the illusion that you are facing the real thing unless you get really close. For a total charge of 7 to 8 hours during the day, the lamp has an autonomy of 10 hours. With an IP = 66, the solar torch can withstand the elements. The light emitted is not powerful enough, but it allows you to find yourself. The lamp is perfect for alleys, lanes, or to give character to your terrace the edges of pool. The lamp is 51cm high and weighs only 20 grams, very easy to assemble: you just have to push it in to stand on the edge of your garden for example. The Stillcool outdoor solar lamp is equipped with a 1.4V / 400mAh lithium-ion battery, and designed in ABS plastic to be used continuously. With its on/off button, the lamp is not forced to work every time it starts to get dark.

Outdoor solar lamp - TAKE ME 3

Best high end

Outdoor solar lamp - TAKE ME

The best high-end outdoor solar lamp

The Take Me Solar Flower Lamp is made of metal and gives off 7 lumens of light to illuminate your garden.

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The Take Me solar lamp not only illuminates your garden, but also adds an aesthetic touch to your exterior with its design. This flower-shaped lamp reflects light with a spectacular visual effect. Designed in metal, it will add a modern and industrial decoration to your green space. The built-in 1 AA batteries are charged during the day by the solar energy they capture. Make sure that the button is set to "on" when charging under the sun. The lamp activates automatically at night for an autonomy of 8 hours. It features a 7 lumen lantern that will create the ambiance in your garden. Measuring 98.5 x 27.9 cm and weighing just under 600 grams, it has the perfect size, not too big and not too small, to bring chic to your home. The lamp is waterproof enough to withstand the outdoor climate.

Remote controlled Solar Led ball - Albrillo RGB 4

Solar mood lamp

Remote controlled Solar Led ball - Albrillo RGB

Ambient solar lamp

The remote-controlled solar LED ball can be adjusted up to a distance of 5 meters. It has 8 ambient colors and 3 lighting modes. The lamp is charged by solar energy and USB cable.

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Create a colorful atmosphere at home with the Albrillo LGB remote controlled solar LED ball. The ball has 2 charging modes: solar and USB. You can use it in any season, even in rainy and cloudy weather. With its 8 colors: yellow, pink, purple, cyan, blue, green, red and white, it brings a certain allure to your garden. With its 3 lighting modes: gradient, jump and flash, you can play on the effect. You will be able to make the adjustment remotely. The remote control reaches the ball up to 5m. The ball of 25cm also gives aesthetics to your pool. With an IP68 rating, it can float on water and can work even in rainy weather. The Albrillo LGB solar lamp can be used both outdoors and indoors (night light, lighting lamp). Its ground stake allows it to be fixed on the ground. The luminous ball resists to shocks and corrosions thanks to its rigid, thick and quality surface.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best outdoor solar lamp

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The best outdoor solar lamp

The best entry-level outdoor solar lamp

The best high-end outdoor solar lamp

Ambient solar lamp

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Comparison table of the best outdoor solar lamps

Outdoor Solar Lamp - 6 Pack 150 Led 1000 Lumens - IPosible 5
Outdoor solar light - Stillcool 6
Outdoor solar lamp - TAKE ME 7
Remote controlled Solar Led ball - Albrillo RGB 8
Outdoor Solar Lamp - 6 Pack 150 Led 1000 Lumens - IPosible
Outdoor solar light - Stillcool
Outdoor solar lamp - TAKE ME
Remote controlled Solar Led ball - Albrillo RGB
The IPosible outdoor solar lamp illuminates and secures your home with its pack of 6. Each lamp has a battery of 2000mAh, a lighting of 1000 Lumens, a motion detector around 120° and on 5m.
The Stillcool outdoor solar lamp creates a friendly atmosphere in your garden with its flame effect. It works a full night of 10h after a charging time of 7h.
The Take Me Solar Flower Lamp is made of metal and gives off 7 lumens of light to illuminate your garden.
The remote-controlled solar LED ball can be adjusted up to a distance of 5 meters. It has 8 ambient colors and 3 lighting modes. The lamp is charged by solar energy and USB cable.
27.9 x 10.7 x 10.4 cm
51.5 cm
98.5 x 27.9 cm
25 x 25 x 25 cm
990 grams
500 grams
550 g
920 grams
sealed ABS plastic
ABS and silicone
1000 lumens
1.2V - 400mAh
2 volts
220 Volts - 1 W
1 AA battery
Solar - battery
Motion sensor
1 AA battery
Remote control - 8 colors - 3 lighting modes
10 h
6h to 8h

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How to choose your outdoor solar lamp

Solar outdoor lights can personalize the garden while providing additional security. But they must be chosen with care. Here are our selection criteria.

#1 - The quality of the battery

In order to be able to illuminate your outside for several hours, the solar lamps must have a great autonomy. In this area, a minimum of 8 hours of autonomy is required. In terms of power supply, if you want to get enough light, you don't need to invest in solar lamps that don't exceed 12W.

Some manufacturers sell solar LED lights and floodlights with non-rechargeable batteries. Checking before buying largely avoids unpleasant surprises. It is also important to understand its components. The market also offers batteries with polluting components, especially metals that discharge quickly.

#2 - Weather resistance


weather presents itself as the main enemy of external equipment. Therefore, we need to prioritize the use of stainless steel solar garden lights. It can withstand moisture, wind and hail. Despite the effects of these phenomena, there is no risk of rust. For use in greenhouses, a lamp with high weather resistance is not necessary. The solar LED light is protected by walls.

You can check the IP or protection rating of the device. It is the level of protection against dust and moisture. The first number in general refers to the safety against dust, dirt... And the second number refers to the protection against water infiltration.

For your information:

  • IP1: against solid elements > 50mm diameter and vertically flowing liquid
  • IP2 : against solid elements > 12mm diameter and a liquid flowing < 15° vertically
  • IP3 : against solid elements > 2.5mm diameter and liquid flowing < 60° vertically
  • IP4 : against solid elements > 1mm diameter and a liquid that projects whatever its direction for the IP from 4 for the 2nd number
  • IP5 and IP6: against dust

#3 - The comfort of use and the needs

Motion sensors make solar lights more efficient and convenient. This type of outdoor lighting only works during human activity. Therefore, it avoids light pollution and unnecessary energy consumption. This type of device is especially suitable for areas you want to protect: in front of the front door, a garage ...

In the industry, there are many outdoor solar projectors. The most efficient models are those with UV protection. This type of solar garden lighting is more resistant than others. For places where there is more shade, the ideal is to turn to devices that have a solar panel to store the maximum rays of light.

To create a certain atmosphere, there are outdoor solar lamps that emit several colors and to which you can vary the speeds of change from one color to another as well as the effects.

#4 - Design and aesthetics


addition to outdoor LED lighting, solar garden lights also have other functions. It is an excellent outdoor decoration. Therefore, it seems important to find a model that can be combined with all the objects that make up the garden. We must consider the furniture and the material of the solar lamps, which must be of the same quality. Please note that although the importance of aesthetics is very important, you must demand its robustness.

#5 - The light power


volume and density of the light that reaches a specific point determines the intensity. Its measurement is done in lux or lumen. We receive an average of 100,000 lux during a sunny day. At night, we receive barely 0.0001 lux. In your home, there should be an average of 500 lux compared to 50 in the hallway. This can guide you in the choice of the luminosity for your outside.

For the exterior, it is advisable to take between 8 and 20 lumens to illuminate the areas of passage (alleys, lanes ...) and between 1 and 5 lumens for decorative lighting, to create a certain atmosphere.

The different types of outdoor solar lamps

The solar lamp can be presented in different forms. It is up to you to choose according to your tastes and your objectives. In general, we identify 3 families of outdoor solar lamps:

Solar wall lamp

The solar wall lamp is installed on the wall or on any vertical wall. It is very suitable for lighting the driveway or the garage. It is powered by photovoltaic energy: the sunlight is transformed into energy stored in a battery during the day and used at night for lighting. However, it is more of an ambient lighting than a direct lighting.

Its twilight sensor automatically turns on the device as soon as it begins to darken. The solar wall lamp has the advantage of being ultra economical with a relatively low energy consumption compared to the power of the light emitted. It is advisable to place it at an area that receives the sun's rays perfectly.

Solar projector

Thanks to

its more powerful lighting function, solar floodlights can illuminate entrances and other passages. Thanks to its motion detector, it can also provide security by avoiding the risk of falling and intrusion. A solar floodlight is equipped with a photovoltaic panel that stores solar energy during the day to activate at night to emit light.

Like any solar device, the solar projector respects the environment without carbon dioxide emissions and is very economical. Indeed, the sun's rays are their natural energy source.

Solar lamp with motion detector


is a solar light with presence or motion detector. It limits energy consumption. The mere presence of this sensor can make the bulb turn on automatically when it detects a movement or presence. Energy consumption is thus considerably reduced.

The motion sensor solar light alone combines safety, efficiency and convenience. The operation is simple: when a presence arrives on the determined field, a variation of temperature is felt on the zone to be supervised. Its infrared radiation signals the presence and then emits light.

Solar or electric lighting

Whether solar or electric, the purpose of the lamps is to secure your space, decorate your exterior and improve its visibility. You have the choice between two sources of lighting: solar or electric. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. This part will give you a better view to guide you in your choice.

Solar lighting

As the name implies, solar lights are powered and charged by the sun's rays. However, they are only used for certain functions. But thanks to the latest innovations, they are now versatile. They are also ultra convenient when you want to have lighting on a remote area where it is not possible to install an electric cable. Solar lamps are also easy to install. They also help out in case of a power failure. Even if you can't use them full time, they are easy to transport and can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Electric lighting

The electric lamp unlike the solar lamp works with the help of electrical energy or current. The latter is supplied from electricity. It must be attached to an electric cable, which is quite restrictive. On the other hand, the electric lamp is more powerful. For energy saving, you can use a low consumption lamp. The electric lamp can be operated at any time and in any season. However, in case of a power failure, you will have to use another alternative because it depends on electrical energy.


Between the solar lamp and the electric lamp, the choice depends on your needs and where you would like to place it. Both are excellent and provide good luminosity. With the solar lamp, the energy source is totally free. With the electric lamp, on the other hand, you are forced to pay for the energy source that activates it.


Find the right location

Solar LED lights should have a good placement for their aesthetic function. In order to produce a harmonious overall light, it is better to place each LED light in a line. After the sun sets, a beam of light appears and decorates the plants. Technically speaking, the solar panels should be placed in a well-lit area, but away from artificial light sources.

Don't neglect maintenance!


durable, solar garden lights require long-term maintenance. The weather experienced every day can accelerate its degradation. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check its waterproofness. The overall protection level of outdoor solar floodlight is IP65, which can prevent external solid elements and water splashes.
In order to maintain its performance, the system should also be cleaned.

Follow the installation process


installation of solar garden lights is very simple. First, you need to plant markers underground. Does the garden have a pool? It is necessary to embed the paver on its edge. In order to complete the installation of solar outdoor lighting, it is better to choose a series installation. After properly installing the outdoor solar light, the next step is to turn it on. It has an ignition button which should be pressed. Repeat the operation several times until the desired result is achieved. If necessary, check the installation again.

Charge the solar outdoor lamp without the sun!


may be unimaginable, but it is possible! You can use a light bulb as a power source. Sure, it will take longer to charge, but it will allow your lamp to light up. Otherwise, opt for solar lamps that have a USB port. You can also remove the battery and charge it with a battery charger. In fact, usually the battery comes in the form of a large battery that can be compatible with the charger.

Use a non-abrasive cloth to clean the panel


the panel with a damp, non-abrasive cloth. Finally, it is important to check the battery level as often as possible. It is the most fragile part of outdoor solar lights, and its degradation rate is faster than other parts. In order to ensure the life of the bulb, it is best to remove it in winter when it is fully charged. Remember to replace the batteries and charge your lamp every quarter.


What is the best outdoor solar lamp?

The best outdoor lamp depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What should I do if my solar lamp doesn't work?

The first thing to do is to check that the device is switched on. For a new device that you have just acquired, the pull tab on the battery must be removed. Test the device by covering the solar panel to simulate darkness. Make sure the panel is clean to increase the amount of charge and make sure it is in the right position (receiving sunlight).

Why does my solar lamp always stay on?

In such cases, try switching off the power supply for a few moments and then switching it back on. This should reactivate the function of your sun lamp. Otherwise, the detector should be out of order. Also try adjusting the brightness of your device. There are usually 3 wires feeding the device. A neutral wire that feeds the detector wire. The latter controls the wire that goes to the lamp. Check that the connections are correct.

What are the best batteries for solar lamps?

The solar garden lamps work with adapted batteries (1 to 4). In general, they have 2 batteries. Choose batteries with a large capacity and respect the voltages.

How long does a solar lamp last?

A solar lamp lasts an average of 2 to 3 years, 5 years at the most. However, regular checking and maintenance is recommended. You can also choose LED lamps, which increase the life of your device, but provide a more pleasant light.


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Outdoor Solar Lamp - 6 Pack 150 Led 1000 Lumens - IPosible 9
Outdoor Solar Lamp - 6 Pack 150 Led 1000 Lumens - IPosible
Outdoor solar light - Stillcool 10
Outdoor solar light - Stillcool
Outdoor solar lamp - TAKE ME 11
Outdoor solar lamp - TAKE ME
Remote controlled Solar Led ball - Albrillo RGB 12
Remote controlled Solar Led ball - Albrillo RGB


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