The best deodorants for men in the UK 2023

During hot weather or sports sessions, the body releases perspiration, producing a strong unwanted body odor. Opting for an excellent deodorant will keep your body fresh all day long. Find the best men's deodorant for you through our buying guide.

AXE Excite - 150 ml - Set of 3 1

Best value for money

AXE Excite - 150 ml - Set of 3

The best men's deodorant in 2021

Aluminium salt free, AXE Excite deodorant provides effective protection against body odour. With a woody fragrance, it develops a formula for exciting moments with a subtle, gentle touch.

11,84 £ on Amazon

AXE Excite deodorant offers one of the best and most effective body odor protection with one of the most exciting fragrances. Formulated by top fragrance experts, this men's deodorant defines an exciting composition that stimulates the wearer's senses with a compelling and appealing fragrance that demonstrates a powerful masculine presence.

To make its mark, AXE Excite develops a woody main note with a fresh combination of coconut, hazelnut and caramel. Completely devoid of aluminum salts, the deodorant provides freshness and effective protection for up to 48 hours. Delivered in 3 batches of 150 ml, it is presented in spray format for an ease of use.

L'Oréal Paris - Men Expert - Black Mineral 2

Best value for money

L'Oréal Paris - Men Expert - Black Mineral

The best entry-level men's deodorant

L'Oréal Paris Black Mineral - Men Expert is a deodorant spray for foolproof body odor protection. This deodorant provides both long-lasting anti-odour and anti-humidity action.

3,04 £ on Amazon

Black Mineral deodorant develops a spray-on look with ultra-absorbent technology to give you double the effectiveness for up to 48 hours of body odor protection. Dermatologically tested, this deodorant for men establishes a formula enriched with black clay of natural origin from Brazil with absorbent minerals for clean and dry underarms all day.

Both anti-odor and anti-moisture, Black Mineral is completely alcohol and aluminum salt free. It offers a woody coconut oil fragrance with natural purifying care to fight blemishes and protect against synthetic antiperspirant formulas. Contained in a 200 ml bottle, this atomizer or spray format allows a precise and fast diffusion for an immediate sensation of freshness.

Dove Men Economic Pack Deodorant Clean Comfort 3

Best value for money

Dove Men Economic Pack Deodorant Clean Comfort

The best high-end men's deodorant

Get a fresh feeling with Dove Clean Comfort Deodorant Economy Pack. It's a powerful antiperspirant deodorant spray designed to fight sweat and odor while caring for your skin.

23,01 £ on Amazon

Specially developed for the needs of men's skin, the Clean Comfort Deodorant Dove Economic Pack was designed to fight against perspiration while neutralizing odors. Offering immediate and long-lasting freshness, it helps you feel comfortable and clean for up to 48 hours.

Being a powerful antiperspirant deodorant, Dove clean comfort incorporates a formula with ¼ moisturizer to protect your skin from irritation. It provides a sweet linen scent to keep you fresh and confident throughout your day. In fact, this men's deodorant in a spray format stands out with its triple action formula, including moisturizing, anti-perspirant and anti-odor.

Schmidt's - Charcoal and Magnesium Stick 4


Schmidt's - Charcoal and Magnesium Stick

A great natural and organic deodorant for men

Certified vegan and 100% natural, this deodorant was designed to neutralize the acids in perspiration while leaving underarms moisturized. It offers a light and subtle vaporous fragrance for 24 hours of freshness.

13,11 £ on Amazon

Schmidt's deodorant formulated with charcoal and magnesium has been designed to provide 24 hours of freshness and effectiveness. These two minerals are well known for their action to neutralize the acids of perspiration leaving the armpits fresh and moisturized. 100% natural and certified vegan, the deodorant also embeds a composition enriched with maranta root, coconut oil and jojoba for softness effects for the skin.

Dermatologically tested, this deodorant for men is without alcohol and aluminum salts to take care of your delicate armpits. It adopts a balm texture packaged in stick format for easy application and a more economical look. Made from plants and minerals, it provides a fragrance reminiscent of a gentle summer rain, light and fresh as well as vaporous and subtle. But be careful, this deodorant is not recommended after shaving or on damaged skin. In case of skin irritations, it is imperative to stop its use.

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Best men's deodorant

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The best men's deodorant in 2021

The best entry-level men's deodorant

The best high-end men's deodorant

A great natural and organic deodorant for men

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Comparison table of the best deodorants for men

AXE Excite - 150 ml - Set of 3 5
L'Oréal Paris - Men Expert - Black Mineral 6
Dove Men Economic Pack Deodorant Clean Comfort 7
Schmidt's - Charcoal and Magnesium Stick 8
AXE Excite - 150 ml - Set of 3
L'Oréal Paris - Men Expert - Black Mineral
Dove Men Economic Pack Deodorant Clean Comfort
Schmidt's - Charcoal and Magnesium Stick
Aluminium salt free, AXE Excite deodorant provides effective protection against body odour. With a woody fragrance, it develops a formula for exciting moments with a subtle, gentle touch.
L'Oréal Paris Black Mineral - Men Expert is a deodorant spray for foolproof body odor protection. This deodorant provides both long-lasting anti-odour and anti-humidity action.
Get a fresh feeling with Dove Clean Comfort Deodorant Economy Pack. It's a powerful antiperspirant deodorant spray designed to fight sweat and odor while caring for your skin.
Certified vegan and 100% natural, this deodorant was designed to neutralize the acids in perspiration while leaving underarms moisturized. It offers a light and subtle vaporous fragrance for 24 hours of freshness.
Effectiveness duration
48 hours
48 hours
48 hours
24 hours
Black pepper & tropical coconut
Black clay
Antiperspirant + ¼ moisturizer
Baking soda & magnesium, maranta root, coconut & jojoba oil
Coconut, hazelnut, caramel
Woody fragrance
Linen scent
Vaporous and subtle
3 x 150 ml
200 ml
2 x 200 ml
58 ml / 75 g

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How to choose your men's deodorant

Using a deodorant allows you to feel fresh and comfortable. But finding the right one among the multitude of products on the market is not easy. So, to find a good quality deodorant for men, it is important to consider certain criteria that characterize it.

#1 - The level of perspiration

A deodorant is basically a composition of perfume and antibacterial agents favorable to the skin flora. Its objectives are to mask perspiration odors and reduce the bacterial effects responsible for bad odors. Using a deodorant means staying dry throughout the day and avoiding uncomfortable odors.

But be aware that some deodorants are limited to masking bad odors with a fresh and persistent fragrance while others will adopt formulas and ingredients that will both offer fragrance and at the same time develop antibacterial actives against bad odors.

Thus, the choice of your deodorant will depend on your perspiration. So if perspiration is not too much of a problem, a classic deodorant will be enough to mask perspiration odors while limiting the proliferation of bacteria responsible for these odors. But if you suffer from excessive sweating, it's better to opt for an antiperspirant deodorant that will help regulate perspiration while masking unwanted odors.

#2 - The formula and ingredients

A priori, a deodorant for men is designed with respect for male skin. As men perspire much more than women, a deodorant for men will have to constitute antibacterial actives neutralizing perspiration and odors.

Indeed, most cheap deodorants are formulated with irritating and unhealthy chemical ingredients. When choosing your deodorant, consider the safety of its ingredients. According to some users, aluminum, paraben and phthalate components have negative and contradictory effects on dermatological health.

For your deodorant, look for safe ingredients of natural origin from plants, trees, fruits, flowers or inert materials such as minerals. Regarding the problem of perspiration, the best known formulas to neutralize humidity and bad odors are: baking soda also well known to limit the proliferation of bacteria causing bad odors. It allows to regulate humidity without disturbing the natural process of perspiration. Clay is also a favorable component for its absorbing and moisture-reducing actions with purifying virtues. And finally essential oils which are mostly used for their natural fragrance and for their powerful antibacterial actions.

#3 - The scent of your deodorant

In general, a men's deodorant allows to fight against perspiration while neutralizing unwanted odors with imposing effects of freshness linked to a powerful and masculine fragrance. Indeed, the choice of a deodorant is also determined from its perfume where some give off perfumes rather tenacious or even bewitching. For men, the choice of deodorant is mainly based on taste and personality, a fragrance with woody, slightly spicy, fresh or natural notes.

It should also be noted that perfumes may be intended only to neutralize body odor and will not be able to control bacterial proliferation. At this level, it is advisable to define one's priorities because some scented deodorants can offer an excellent fragrance on the skin but will be quite limited in protective action.

#4 - The duration of the outfit and the protection

When buying a deodorant for men, you will surely be faced with a diversity of products with actions of varying duration ranging from 12 to 72 hours. It should be noted that the mentions of the duration of action on the deodorants will only be given as a reference on the intensity of the protective actives against the different types of sweating. Indeed, deodorants with long-lasting actions will define active agents much more concentrated against excessive sweating.

#5 - The quantity

The quantity of your deodorant will depend on your needs and the frequency of application. This will be defined according to the shape and texture of the product. The atomizer or spray formats will adopt measurements in milliliters (ml). Note that the size of a spray deodorant bottle does not necessarily define the quantity, as there are also formats compressed into a more compact bottle with the same quantities of a large bottle. Roll-on formats and balm or stick formats will determine quantities in grams (g) because of their densities.

How does a deodorant for men work?

As the name suggests, the first function of a deodorant is to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors caused by perspiration. But most deodorants available on the market also diffuse a fragrance to create a good feeling of freshness.

Antiperspirant deodorants, on the other hand, have a more elaborate formula to fight against body odor by acting on perspiration.

How does a deodorant work?

A classic deodorant acts either by absorbing bad odors, or by destroying the bacteria that are responsible or by regulating their proliferation. The formula of a deodorant contains substances capable of neutralizing bacteria, such as alcohol. These substances are associated with essential oils of vegetable origin, intended to mask odors and to perfume the skin. These essential oils sometimes also have an antibacterial action and replace alcohol in deodorants for sensitive skin. A deodorant can however be odorless, we speak then of neutral deodorant, but we rarely find it in the trade.

How does an antiperspirant work?

An antiperspirant deodorant acts at the source, by reducing perspiration. Its formula contains agents capable of partially tightening the pores to regulate sweating. With an antiperspirant, you sweat less even during your sports sessions. The principal active agent against perspiration is the aluminium salt.


Some ingredients can have more or less annoying effects on the skin, such as allergies in the form of redness or itching. Do not hesitate to choose a deodorant adapted to your skin type, especially if you have sensitive skin. In the latter case, choose an alcohol-free formula.

The different types of deodorants for men

Deodorants for men are characterized by their textures and formulas. Each type of deodorant has its own advantages and disadvantages. What they have in common is that they neutralize body odor and perspiration. The choice of the type of deodorant will depend on your sensitivity and preferences. On the market, there are three main types of deodorants for men.

The deodorant spray

The deodorant spray diffuses a dry and fresh powder in the form of an aerosol can with a spray system. Easy to use and quick to apply, this type of deodorant stops the secretion of sweat while giving a sensation of freshness. When applied, it has the advantage of always being dry once diffused under the armpits.

It must be said that deodorant sprays are very popular in the field of sports thanks to its formula very practical and perfect to get a feeling of freshness immediately after sports sessions. To use it, you have to shake it lightly and then remove the cap and spray it under the armpits at a distance of about 15 cm with a thin and uniform layer.

Indeed, the deodorant spray has the advantage of being dry to the touch and does not transfer to clothing while giving off a refreshing scent. It is even practical for hairy armpits. However, the diffusion system is ensured with the help of flammable gas contained in the bottle. Its formula can be irritating to sensitive skin and after waxing or shaving.

Roll-on deodorant

The roll-on deodorant is mostly the smallest format of deodorant types. It adopts a bottle with a ball at the opening for easy gliding that follows the contours of the armpits. This type of deodorant is defined by a liquid formula similar to a gel. It is recommended for sensitive skin and tends to last longer than spray formats.

When applied, the roll-on emits a certain amount of moisture that fights against the bacteria that cause bad odors from perspiration. It is mainly recommended for those who suffer from heavy perspiration and is applied to dry, clean skin. In short, it is a deodorant that delivers a moist, quick-drying emulsion.

However, the roll-on deodorant is less convenient than the spray format since it will be slightly slower to apply. It has the advantage of being less irritating and is environmentally friendly. It should also be noted that the roll-on will be less effective and not practical on hairy skin.

The deodorant stick

In the form of a solid stick, stick deodorants are well known for their soft and dry textures offering a generally discreet fragrance. This type of deodorant is especially recommended for people who suffer from excessive sweating. In general, the deodorant stick is characterized by a composition of ingredients oriented to soothe the skin.

It develops a less greasy and nourishing aspect to fight against body odor and perspiration. This deodorant formulates effective antiperspirant actions and is easily applied to hairy or shaved armpits.

To use it, deodorant sticks are commonly equipped with a knob that is used to take out and put in the solid stick to apply it. Easy to use, the deodorant stick is very appreciated for its light, non-sticky character and especially for its ability to reduce excessive sweating.

Deodorant or antiperspirant?


A deodorant is formulated to neutralize body odour caused by perspiration. It is usually based on antiseptic actives that create a more acidic environment on your underarms to fight the proliferation of bacteria responsible for perspiration odours. Most deodorants are commonly formulated with fragrance to mask and limit odour and provide a fresh feeling. Note that deodorant is recommended for those who want to smell fresh and for whom the problem of perspiration is not too much of a problem.

Indeed, a deodorant is limited to inhibiting the bacteria responsible for the odors of perspiration while impregnating itself with a perfume to mask these last and offering an immediate freshness. So if you don't sweat excessively and just want to limit body odour, deodorant would be your best bet.


An antiperspirant also known as antiperspirant adopts formulas with active ingredients that reduce underarm wetness and heavy sweating. It is primarily designed to limit and temporarily block sweat pores while reducing the amount of perspiration that reaches the skin. Antiperspirant is mostly formulated with aluminum or similar ingredients such as baking soda or others. Thus, it helps to control perspiration and moisture to stay dry. It also offers protection against bad odours from perspiration while neutralising the moisture from it.

The only drawback is that its formula causes some irritation to sensitive skin and often creates inflammation at the application area. To avoid this problem, try to choose organic and natural antiperspirants that are less aggressive when applied.


A deodorant and an antiperspirant are both cosmetic products that help control body odour and perspiration. Deodorant helps reduce body odour associated with sweating while an antiperspirant will help reduce and regulate the amount of sweating. However, if you want to control both body odour and excessive sweating, there are products available that combine the effects of deodorants and antiperspirants.

Why choose a deodorant for men?

Feeling fresh and comfortable sets a standard for healthy hygiene and also helps to determine social relationships. In this respect, using a deodorant has several advantages.

Formula with active ingredients that neutralize bad odours caused by perspiration

On the one hand, deodorants contain active ingredients that have a specific action on the sweat components and on the other hand, active ingredients that have a more general action. These active ingredients are combined to neutralize and fight against bad odours, whatever their origin. Deodorants also tend to adopt antiseptic active ingredients combined with perfumes that mask bad body odour.

Multiple actions against body odour

In fact, in the face of the body's sanitary system, it is much more preferable to act on body odour than on the natural phenomenon of perspiration. Therefore, a deodorant has the advantage of masking bad odours behind a certain fragrance based on perfume, essential oils and many others. It also has sweat-absorbing and antibacterial components that block the proliferation of malodorous molecules resulting from sweating.

Factor of comfort in daily life

The deodorant is part of the hygiene and comfort products that are used daily to act against perspiration and humidity in the armpits. It has effective and uncompromising actions to neutralize bad odors while providing a feeling of freshness during your day.

Immediate effectiveness

The main purpose of a deodorant is to cover up body odour and keep your underarms dry. This makes you less vulnerable to unwanted odours and helps control your sweat glands. Be aware that sweating can accumulate bacteria in your armpits, which in turn will lead to skin rashes. It will act before the sweating and smelly odours start.

The simplicity

Deodorants are known to be easy to apply and carry, whether they are roll-on, stick or spray. As a nomadic product, a deodorant does not require as much effort to apply. You only need to apply it under your armpits to see its effectiveness. It is a quick and clean application.

The best brands of deodorants for men

In our opinion, the best brands of deodorants for men in 2022 are :

L'Oréal Paris - Men Expert

Belonging to the Unilever group, the AXE brand started in 1983 while specializing in cosmetics and hygiene products mainly for men. Over time, the brand has evolved in the cosmetic world while also offering shower gels, shampoos, hair gels, etc. Its concept is based on masculine values determining the surpassing of oneself, performance and control of one's existence. Its deodorants reflect highly effective active ingredients with affordable prices and excellent value for money.

Created in 1909, L'Oréal is a French industrial group of cosmetic products. L'Oréal Paris is one of the world's best cosmetic references within reach of everyone. The brand is well known for offering a full range of advanced products that are clinically proven and dermatologically tested for effectiveness and safety. L'Oréal Paris - Men Expert is dedicated to accompanying men's beauty in their personal fulfillment. Its deodorants are known for their combination of anti-odour and long-lasting anti-perspirant formulas while respecting the skin.

Dove is a commercial brand of the Unilever group which was founded in 1955. The brand is mainly oriented in the sale of hygiene and cosmetic products including moisturizing milk, oils and various creams, deodorants and shampoos, etc. In 2010, the brand develops the men's product range with Dove Men+Care, which is renowned for its effectiveness and its moisturizing formulas.

Of American origin, the Schmidt's brand is a company that was founded in 2010 and oriented in the field of personal care. It is worth noting that in 2015, the brand formalized the firm Schmidt's Deodorant Company, LLC. In 2017, it was sold to the Unilever Group to take the name Schmidt's Naturals. The brand is mostly known for producing and selling plant and mineral based cosmetic products especially for deodorants, soaps as well as toothpastes. Schmidt's deodorants are renowned for their anti-odour performance based on plants and minerals, offering great comfort in everyday life.

Created around the 1990s, Sanex is a brand of personal care products belonging to the Colgate-Palmolive group. On sale in almost every major European country, the brand was also acquired by the Unilever Group in 2011. Sanex evolves with a passion to develop advanced products designed to keep the skin healthy. Its deodorants are well known for their ability to neutralize body odor and perspiration with formulas that are free of skin-harming additives.

What is the price for a men's deodorant

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2.5 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Wear breathable clothing to reduce sweating

Wear a shirt or t-shirt that leaves enough room under the arms to ventilate the armpits and reduce sweating.

Use a deodorant for every activity and occasion

For best odor control, consider using a specific type of deodorant for each occasion and activity. Opt for an antiperspirant deodorant during your sports sessions and use a regular deodorant for the rest of your activities that generate less perspiration.

Adopt a balanced diet for better regulation of perspiration

Eating more fruits and vegetables can help you sweat less and lead to better body temperature regulation. Be aware that spicy, fatty, or very salty foods can increase your heart rate and raise your internal body temperature. This will lead to excessive sweating and unpleasant odors as well as uncomfortable daily life.

Shave or wax your armpits for greater effectiveness

Since bacteria like warm, moist areas, they thrive best under the armpits. But there will be less moisture there if there is less hair. So think about shaving or waxing to enhance the effectiveness of your deodorant for men.

Optimize the effectiveness and scent of your deodorant with a simple routine

It is worth informing you that not all deodorants are equal and there is no need to apply more to make them more effective. It will be much more convenient to apply it strategically to enjoy the fresh feeling. Therefore, it is recommended to use your deodorant after a shower and on carefully dried underarms. Cleaning will allow the deodorant to act directly at the source of bacteria from perspiration.


Why do we need to mask body odour from sweat?

Note that smell is the first indication of a person's hygienic state. Thus, good odour equals good hygiene, vice versa, bad odour defines dirtiness and uncleanliness. Adopting a deodorant to mask perspiration odours will keep you confident and offer a feeling of freshness and comfort during your day.

Can the effectiveness of a deodorant vary from one user to another?

It is important to know that the natural process of perspiration of each person depends on their lifestyle and that each person is unique. Thus, the performance of a deodorant to control body odour will vary depending on the condition of the subject. The effectiveness of the deodorant on one person may last up to 24 hours while on others, it may last only 12 hours. This is a completely normal and natural phenomenon.

Is it normal for perspiration to give off unpleasant odours?

Sweating is a natural system of the human body that can occur when exposed to heat, exertion, stress, anxiety or fever. It is a process that serves to regulate body temperature. It should be noted that the sweat produced by perspiration is basically odourless or neutral. The unpleasant smell of sweat is due to the decomposition and proliferation of bacteria composed in the sweat. This decomposition will produce malodorous chemical compounds.

Can a deodorant be applied while sweating?

A deodorant will be less effective if applied during perspiration. Here, applying more deodorant will not block the bacterial breakdown of sweat. At the same time, it's also not going to help regulate sweating. So, for your deodorant to be effective, you need to apply it on dry skin. For added protection, apply your deodorant after your shower.


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AXE Excite - 150 ml - Set of 3 9
AXE Excite - 150 ml - Set of 3
L'Oréal Paris - Men Expert - Black Mineral 10
L'Oréal Paris - Men Expert - Black Mineral
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Dove Men Economic Pack Deodorant Clean Comfort
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