The best massage seats in the UK 2023

Massage chairs are specially designed to provide massages, but they have many benefits, especially when you come to work out. The massaging seats will help you to relax. But how to choose it? In this article, we are going to present you the best massaging seats so that you can fully enjoy the comfort of such a device after the workout.

HoMedics CBS-1000 1

Editor's Choice

HoMedics CBS-1000

The best massaging seat

Homedics CBS-1000 is the massage device that offers many advantages in everyday life, including the possibility to really relax both physically and morally and all that whatever your pain.

148 £ on Amazon

The Homedics CBS-1000 massage chair is very comfortable and immediately makes you want to relax. Visually, it is pretty and very elegant. You can actually leave it installed in your home without any problem and without it diminishing the quality of your decoration. The edges of the seat of this chair are slightly raised in order to provide you with an optimal support. It also has an excellent thickness and relatively firm padding, so you can enjoy your massages for many hours without any discomfort.

The raised side of this seat is an exceptional support for your back so that it can fully relax without any tension appearing. Then, the padded side makes your back well supported. The seat offers 12 different functions such as classic shiatsu massage, heated massage, thigh massage, 4-hand massage, vibration massage and many more.


Best Cheap


The best entry-level massaging seat

This COMFIER massaging seat is the seat that can be installed anywhere you want, whether it's on your chair, sofa or car seat. It is versatile to relieve you from anywhere.

46,08 £ on Amazon

This COMFIER massage chair is suitable for people who suffer from back, shoulder and lower back pain. It can help relieve stress, aches and pains, tension and knots, and soothe your muscles, which is very ideal after your workout. With its 10 vibrating motors and heat function, it provides a gentle and soothing massage for the back, thighs. It also helps relieve stress and tension. It is equipped with a massage cushion that allows you to choose the massage area and also equipped with 5 programmed modes and 3 variable massage intensities to give you the best massage that you can customize.

This seat is safe and reliable because the heater is equipped with a thermostat to protect against overheating. With its auto shut-off function, it ensures safe use so you don't have to worry about it being too hot. But this seat is only a vibrating massager seat but not a Shiatsu massager.


Best High End


The best high-end massaging seat

The RENPHO massaging seat is an ideal massaging seat for all. For women, men and children, it will relieve aches and pains and offer optimal comfort to the whole family.

160 £ on Amazon

This RENPHO massage chair is equipped with a pillow that fits perfectly behind your neck and is adjustable in height. This pillow fits most family members, regardless of their size. This massage chair can also provide a personalized Shiatsu Dorsal massage, as with 8 deep kneading massage nodes which is really perfect compared to others that only have 4 nodes that move up and down relaxing your entire back, with 3 back massage zones to choose from such as the entire back, or just the upper or just the lower back.

This chair can provide you with soothing heat therapy and vibration. The heat on the neck and back warms your neck and back while relaxing tense muscles throughout. The vibration of the seat with 3 adjustable intensities, gives you a comfortable massage of the hips and thighs. In addition to being well equipped, this seat will provide you with the most relaxing massage you have ever had.




The best excellent choice massaging seat.

The SNAILAX massaging chair is the one that will not disappoint you as it is ideal for getting rid of tension or muscular pains accumulated for a long time in your body.

118 £ on Amazon

The SNAILAX massage chair is equipped with two Shiatsu intensities. With this massage seat you can adjust the position of the massage nodes to your specific needs. It has a soothing feature to ease aches and pains and improve blood circulation. But also, this seat has a removable and washable cover that allows you to choose a softer or more intense massage. It has 4 rotating shiatsu nodes that move and allow you to relax your entire back. It also has 3 massage zones to choose from like full back, upper back and lower back.

This SNAILAX chair also has a Spot massage function that allows you to focus the massage nodes on a specific area to relax you with precision. So goodbye to aches and pains that were hard to reach before. Soothing heat therapy is also one of the features of this chair that provides your body with gentle heat and relaxes aches and pains and tight muscles at the same time.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best massage seat

Any specific needs?

The best massaging seat

The best entry-level massaging seat

The best high-end massaging seat

The best excellent choice massaging seat.

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Comparison table of the best massage seats

THE BEST LESS EXPENSIVE Top of the line Excellent
HoMedics CBS-1000 5
HoMedics CBS-1000
Homedics CBS-1000 is the massage device that offers many advantages in everyday life, including the possibility to really relax both physically and morally and all that whatever your pain.
This COMFIER massaging seat is the seat that can be installed anywhere you want, whether it's on your chair, sofa or car seat. It is versatile to relieve you from anywhere.
The RENPHO massaging seat is an ideal massaging seat for all. For women, men and children, it will relieve aches and pains and offer optimal comfort to the whole family.
The SNAILAX massaging chair is the one that will not disappoint you as it is ideal for getting rid of tension or muscular pains accumulated for a long time in your body.
Features 12 different functions
Equipped with a thermostat to protect against overheating
Provides a personalized Shiatsu back massage
Features a Spot massage function
With excellent thickness and relatively firm padding
Features 10 vibrating motors
seat vibration with 3 adjustable intensities
Equipped with two Shiatsu intensities
Very comfortable and stylish
Suitable for people with back, shoulder and lumbar pain
equipped with a height adjustable pillow
Equipped with a removable and washable cover

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Buying guide - massage seat

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How to choose your massage seat

One thing is certain, to choose the right massage chair, it must be comfortable and also adapted to your needs because fatigue, overwork and stress are realities that we would gladly do without. And the consequences can be numerous. For this reason, it is necessary to take into account these criteria of choice.

#1 - The massage

On a chair, there can be different types of massage. There is the Shiatsu massage which is a massage inspired by Japanese therapy and stimulates acupuncture points. This type of massage is very useful to relieve muscle tension. There is also the vibration massage which is used to eliminate stiffness and finally the rolling massage which is a fairly gentle and very effective massage to relax the muscles.

#2 - The type


buying, if there is one thing you need to keep in mind it is the use you are going to make of the seat because there are different kinds of massage seats with various options and features. So you have to determine whether it is for your car, for the office or for the home. Depending on that, you will opt for a seat that is more or less transportable or adjustable to different supports. And you also need to consider the size of the seat generally suitable for people between 5'10" and 5'10" but if you are taller, try to find a seat that fits your height.

#3 - The features

Massaging seats have several features and these features can make a big difference when using them. Like for example, the heating feature, is it available on the model you are looking for, if so how does it spread? And on which part of the body? Because some seats only offer one vibration mode during the massage, which can be unpleasant for you if the vibrations are too intense or not enough. Therefore, you should choose a model that offers several massage modes.

#4 - The dimensions


is an important criterion, because not all seats are suitable for all body types. As a general rule, if you are between 1m65 and 1m80 tall for a normal build, then you will have no problem and almost all seats will adapt to you. Because a seat that massages from the lower back to the shoulders or neck will not be as satisfactory for a person of 1m60 as for a giant of 1m90. But if it is adjustable, all morphologies will find their account there. So opt for a massaging seat with more adjustment options than a simple standard seat if you want your whole family to benefit.

#5 - Comfort and simplicity


are important criteria since some massage lovers will have trouble adapting to devices that offer very hard massage heads. And some manufacturers actually choose heads equipped with gel to make the massage softer and often more pleasant. With massaging seats, you should know that it generally takes a period of adaptation of a few massages to finally take much pleasure. For this reason, it is necessary to suffer slightly at the beginning to finally receive the pleasant and relaxing massages so much hoped for.

For a use as simple as possible, it is preferable to privilege a seat equipped with a remote control with a sufficiently long cord. This way, you can make the various adjustments and launch a program while already perfectly installed.

Massage seat, precautions for use

As with all electronic devices that have a physical impact on you, it is important to be careful when using them. Because if you have a deformed back, sciatica, inflammation of the joints or acute localized pain, you should preferably consult a doctor before using your seat so as not to make things worse. It is better to take extra precautions if the user is an elderly person or a child, by lowering the intensity of the vibrations for example.

Shiatsu massage seat or heated massage seat

Shiatsu massage seat

The shiatsu massage of a massage chair is a particularly targeted massage. Balls are located in the back of the seat, moving back and forth, and reproduce the pressure that a physiotherapist can exert with his or her thumbs, the palms of his or her hands or elbows on a part of the body.

Its advantage is that it is a therapy that can reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression. So you will be more relaxed and calm. Its disadvantage is that it can be too vigorous for children, the elderly and anyone who is rather small. The percussion and pressure movements can be a bit painful, especially when first used.

heated massage seat

This type of massage seat has an internal device that produces heat once it is activated. Its advantage is that it has a strong capacity to relieve the tensions that are exerted on the muscles and the joints in everyday life. The heat provided by this seat is very beneficial as it allows a deep relaxation of the muscles. Its disadvantage is that it does not allow for neck massage and only offers one type of massage.


If you want to enjoy and take pleasure in massage, the shiatsu massage seat is made for you because it brings you much more satisfaction because it is especially therapeutic. On the other hand if you simply want to have a simple massage the heated massage seat is made for you it allows you to relax completely.


Light cleaning

If you've opted for a leather model, invest in gentle cleaning agents that won't damage the upholstery.Synthetic fabrics and leatherette finishes can handle slightly harsher agents, but in general, your model will respond best to a gentle wipe down with milder diluted solutions made with a mild detergent.

Protect yourself from animals

Do you know

who will love your massage chair almost as much, if not more than yourself? Your pets. If you're the proud owner of a dog or cat, be sure to leave your chair covered with the materials unattended to avoid surface scratches or unwanted hair. This means keeping it out of reach of your pets at home. Most importantly, you also need to be careful of pet hair that can get into the mechanical parts of your chair, it is worth dusting them gently to avoid any obstruction or potential pet-induced malfunction.

Monitor the weight capacity of your model


may find several children or grandchildren wanting to get on board with you as they relax on your massager, so be careful not to overload your seat. Too much weight can lead to tension and inferior performance for mechanics.

Target specific areas


need to thoroughly clean every square inch of your seat to keep things fresh. This means paying special attention to the areas of your seat that frequently come into contact with exposed skin. Your top three target areas should be your arms, neck and head. Many models have removable padding, so you can clean sections of your seat individually without much hassle.

To be used frequently


probably won't need much convincing for frequent use, but it's worth noting that long periods of inactivity can promote slightly sluggish performance. If it's been a while since you've used your seat, you may want to oil the internal parts. If you have any concerns about your chair's performance, contact the experts to find out how to resolve these issues.


What is the best massage seat?

The best massage chair depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

How do I maintain a massage chair?

It cannot be washed under water, to avoid damaging it, it is recommended to cover it with a protective cover or a towel before using it.

What is the main purpose of a massage seat?

The main purpose of the massaging chair is to improve the health and well-being of users by relieving them of their muscular tensions.

Can I install my massage seat in my car?

Yes, this is possible as long as the seat is not too heavy and fits the car seat.

What are the different types of massage offered by the massage chair?

In theory, a massage chair offers a shiatsu massage, a vibrating massage and a heated massage or all three at the same time.


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