The best mascaras in the UK 2023

After lipstick, mascara is the must-have makeup kit. It is able to illuminate the eyes and face in one touch, even without eye shadow and eyeliner. While there is no shortage of quality mascaras, we fell for Yves Saint Laurent's Volume Effet Faux Cils Noir Radical, a product that offers a unique black in terms of intensity.

Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Faux Lashes Radical Black 1

Best value for money

Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Faux Lashes Radical Black

The best mascara in 2021

Do you want a mascara that offers a unique black in terms of intensity? Well, that's exactly what Yves Saint Laurent offers with its false lash effect mascara.

28,40 £ on Marionnaud

For years, Yves Saint Laurent's competitors have tried to copy this mascara without results. In fact, when it comes to volume and intense black, Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Noir Radical mascara remains the reference thanks to a care formula to nourish the lashes. It applies a new formula saturated in Carbon Black for a radical false lash effect result with a spectacular black.

This mascara comes with a voluminous effect brush designed to store more formula. It is a totally waterproof product. Finally, to sublimate the whole, the YSL mascara is contained in a case with the colors Black and GOLD, a chromatic heritage characteristic of the brand.

My Curvylash mascara 2

Best value for money

My Curvylash mascara

The best entry-level mascara

With My CurvyLash Mascara, you'll get a big look for very little money. This product is the perfect combination of a shaping formula and an intuitive curved-edge brush.

5,59 £ on Marionnaud

Mon mascara Curvylash signed Marionnaud contains mainly carnauba wax, known for its sheathing properties. Thanks to its shaping formula, Mon mascara curvylash succeeds in fleshing out the fringe of the lashes to produce a pronounced voluminous effect.

But beyond its very aggressive price, it is its curved brush that really distinguishes this mascara. The curved edge of the brush easily and perfectly follows the natural shape of the lashes to shape them along their entire length and curl them intensely.

Sisley So Curl 3

Best high end

Sisley So Curl

The best high-end mascara

Sisley So Curl is a thickening mascara that coats each of your lashes with intense black pigments for a dramatic matte finish.

41,59 £ on Marionnaud
Lancôme Mr. Big 4

A great choice

Lancôme Mr. Big

The best mid-range alternative

Lancôme is a must in terms of beauty products and this waterproof mascara is no exception to the rule. On the contrary! Note its durability which can reach 24 hours.

23,99 £ on marionnaud

Choose a faithful ally that will give you complete satisfaction in terms of makeup. This 24-hour mascara is the perfect way to make your lashes look their best in no time. With Lancôme's Monsieur Big, you'll have a stunning look with clump-free lashes and blackened edges.

If you were to cry from laughter or sadness, no worries. This mascara is totally waterproof. So, you can totally trust this Lancôme brand product to buy with your eyes closed.

Givenchy Volume Disturbia 5

Intense black

Givenchy Volume Disturbia

A particularly intense black

Givenchy is not to be outdone when it comes to mascara, especially with its Volume Disturbia. Treat yourself to an exceptional product with this mascara signed Nicolas Degennes himself.

26,39 £ on Marionnaud

With a slippery texture and intensely black pigments, this mascara offers instantly visible lash volume from the first application. The product is guaranteed to be clump-free and will create an ultra volumizing effect. Among other things, the Disturbia protects your lashes thanks to the Vitamin E it contains.

The lash brush made of silicone is a Givenchy exclusive. Since its creation by Nicolas Degennes, the brand's artistic director, Volume Disturbia has delighted thousands of women. Why not you?

Buying guide • November 2023

Best mascara

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The best mascara in 2021

The best entry-level mascara

The best high-end mascara

The best mid-range alternative

A particularly intense black

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Comparison table of the best mascaras

Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Faux Lashes Radical Black 6
My Curvylash mascara 7
Sisley So Curl 8
Lancôme Mr. Big 9
Givenchy Volume Disturbia 10
Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Faux Lashes Radical Black
My Curvylash mascara
Sisley So Curl
Lancôme Mr. Big
Givenchy Volume Disturbia
Do you want a mascara that offers a unique black in terms of intensity? Well, that's exactly what Yves Saint Laurent offers with its false lash effect mascara.
With My CurvyLash Mascara, you'll get a big look for very little money. This product is the perfect combination of a shaping formula and an intuitive curved-edge brush.
Sisley So Curl is a thickening mascara that coats each of your lashes with intense black pigments for a dramatic matte finish.
Lancôme is a must in terms of beauty products and this waterproof mascara is no exception to the rule. On the contrary! Note its durability which can reach 24 hours.
Givenchy is not to be outdone when it comes to mascara, especially with its Volume Disturbia. Treat yourself to an exceptional product with this mascara signed Nicolas Degennes himself.
7.5 mL
8 mL
7.5 mL
10 mL
7.5 mL
Waterproof ?
24 h
24 h
24 h
24 h
Easy to apply

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How to choose your mascara

It can be quite difficult to find the right cosmetic that will perfectly suit your needs. Mascara is no exception to this rule, and while you won't necessarily stumble upon the perfect product, here are at least a few qualities that a good mascara should display.

#1 - Evaluate your needs

Most mascaras focus on lengthening your lashes or adding fullness and volume.

  • If you have thin lashes that need to be plumped up, look for brushes with wide, bushy bristles to deposit more mascara.
  • Want more length? Go for a mascara with a long brush with fine, sparse bristles to reach the roots better.

#2 - Well-formed brush

One of the most important parts of a good mascara is its brush. If it's not shaped correctly and is made from poor quality materials, it won't cover your lashes well. In general, applicators with tapered tips and bristles arranged in different lengths are supposed to easily reach the shorter ones growing in the corners of the eyes.

#3 - The material that makes up the brush

This also matters. The best mascaras have more flexible silicone brushes, conform to the shape of the eyes and don't scratch. They are safe for allergy sufferers and don't trigger irritation.

#4 - Consider the color


colors that, when paired with your skin tone, will look natural. In general, if you have pale skin and light blonde or red hair, a soft brown color will work best with your skin tone. If your hair is darker, even if your skin tone is light, a black option will look more natural.

#5 - Pay attention to the ingredients

Note the ingredients, but don't worry too much. Mascara formulas have changed very little over the past 50 years. They still have three basic parts:

  • Pigments: Tint the formula black or brown (or more adventurous shades). Typical ingredients include titanium dioxide and iron oxide, chemical compounds that work together to create deep hues.
  • Waxes, often kerosene, carnauba or beeswax, thicken the formula, allowing it to cling to the lashes.
  • Oils are water resistant and allow the mascara to stay in place after application. Common oils include linseed, castor, lanolin, eucalyptus and turpentine oil.

#6 - Water resistant rather than waterproof)

A waterproof mascara doesn't always offer the best solution: for the pool - yes perfect; for everyday use - not so much. It's best to look for mascaras that offer great water resistance without being waterproof. Such products are easier to remove at the end of the day and don't need to be treated with strong makeup removers, which could actually contribute to skin irritation. The soft, long-wearing formula is the quality you should look for in a mascara if you don't want to damage your lashes.

#7 - Light, velvety consistency

A perfect mascara should be easy to spread evenly on the lashes. In most cases, it's the applicator that makes this task easier, however, even the best mascara brush won't help if the formula is too thick, sticky and heavy. The velvety consistency that facilitates application without leaving lashes clumpy as well as that which prevents smudging and flaking is a typical quality of good quality mascaras.

Ingredients to avoid

When it comes to choosing a product for your makeup collection, there are certain ingredients you may want to avoid. They include:

  • Propylene Glycol: Petroleum-based formulas, such as propylene glycol, should be watched. It can trigger an allergic reaction and slow down the growth of your lashes.
  • Retinyl acetate (vitamin A acetate): This ingredient can cause biochemical and cellular changes related to problems such asgene mutation. The use of this ingredient is restricted or banned in some countries, such as Canada.
  • Aluminum powder: Used to add color to mascara, this ingredient is considered a neurotoxin that is thought to be even more dangerous than mercury, as it can interfere with a variety of cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system and other tissues.
  • Parabens: They are often used in mascaras to prevent the formation of bacteria. This is a good thing - but the additive can be dangerous. High levels of parabens have been linked to breast cancer tumors. While more research needs to be done to fully understand this link, it may be wise to look for mascaras that are paraben-free.

Natural mascara: a safe alternative

If you have fragile skin, or are sensitive to the ingredients in mascaras typically found on the market, consider trying natural mascara. To achieve fuller, longer lashes without exposing your skin to products you're intolerant to, natural mascara offers a safe and healthy alternative for your skin.

As an added bonus, the ingredients in these natural mascaras smell like dessert and even nourish your lashes by preventing them from falling out.

The different types of mascaras

There are mainly 3 types of mascaras: lengthening, volume and waterproof.

Lengthening mascara

If you have short lashes, a lengthening mascara will make them appear much longer than they are naturally. Brushes often have comb-like bristles that allow you to apply the mascara formula to your lashes, gliding it from root to tip, coating the tips of each lash.

Benefits :

  • Lengthens short lashes: The fine brush of the mascara allows to reach the root of the lashes. The wide spikes allow to spread and stretch the mascara formula to the end of the lashes and to separate them.
  • Gives a more glamorous look: The lengthening mascara allows to enlarge the look, to make it sparkling and fresh. Therefore, it can be worn both day and night.

Disadvantages :

  • Will not give thicker lashes: Lengthening mascara will not give volume to thin and short lashes. If you need to lengthen your lashes while giving them volume, you should consider the 2-in-1 solution (volume and lengthening mascara).

Who is it for?

Lengthening mascara is for people who have short lashes and want to enlarge their eyes. This type of mascara is suitable for both thin and thick lashes.

Volumizing mascara


type of mascara has a thicker formula that helps "build" the lashes better. The brushes are often denser to effectively hold the formula and plump each lash.


  • Adds volume: With its thicker, full-bristled brush, volumizing mascara applies a good amount of material between long, but sparse lashes. This will make rows of lashes look denser, seamless and elegantly thick.
  • A seductive look: This type of mascara allows you to have a deep and mysterious look.


  • Can be quite tricky to apply: With this type of mascara, you necessarily have to have a lot of material on the brush to get the volume you need. Unfortunately, this can leave unsightly clumps on the lashes. The application requires a certain dexterity and may require the use of a tissue.

Who is it for?

Ideal for women who want to have an intense and mysterious look despite thin lashes. With this mascara, they can triple the volume of their lashes if they want to.

Waterproof mascara

Waterproof or "smudge-free" mascaras contain special synthetic formulas designed to repel moisture so you don't end up with black tears running down your cheeks



  • Doesn't run easily: so you can wear it even when playing sports or going to the pool.
  • Very long-lasting: with a waterproof mascara, you no longer need to make regular trips to the bathroom to check the condition of your eyes. Its formula is very resistant to sweat.


  • Difficult to remove: the formula of waterproof mascara makes it difficult to remove at the end of the day. Therefore, it requires special care to be removed properly: try a cleansing balm or an oil-based cleanser and gently massage it onto the eyes before rinsing it off.
  • Premature skin aging: This formula is more aggressive than other formulas for the skin, it may age faster. It also weakens the eyelashes if used excessively.

Who is it for?

Waterproof mascara is suitable for people who do a lot of physical activity during the day (so they sweat a lot), or who are often in humid places. Or just for women who don't like to refresh their makeup too often.

Mascara or false lashes?


Mascara is a product that allows you to sublimate your look according to your tastes. Lashes more or less intense, voluminous or not, you have the possibility of making up according to the needs and the circumstances.

In case of worries, the makeup kit fits in the bag and you can arrange as you wish. The only drawback is that compared to false eyelashes, you will have a lesser choice.

False Eyelashes

By opting for false eyelashes, you will have more varieties to choose from. There are monochromatic, two-tone and multi-colored models. Plus, they're safe in case your eyes get wet. The worry with false eyelashes is that as soon as you don't wear them, you will look totally different.


If you have long, full lashes, opt for a good mascara that will allow you to enhance them to your heart's content. Otherwise, choose false eyelashes that will give you a totally different look. But if you like to vary your look, opt for both types of products.

Why buy a mascara?

Ideal for working the eyes

If women could only apply one makeup product per day, the majority would choose mascara without hesitation. Indeed, thanks to it, you can have beautiful eyes and be sublime in no time. It offers several possibilities for your lashes or eyebrows: more length and volume, more suppleness and naturalness, or a curled effect.

An easy-to-apply make-up tool

A mascara is a quick and easy beauty product to use, whether it is liquid or solid. You don't have to be a pro to apply it and get the best results. It has a small brush that is very easy to hold. The right gesture is to pass it from left to right from the roots to the tips of your lashes or eyebrows.

Organic components

There are certified organic mascaras that allow you to make up your eyes in a glamorous and natural way. Composed of beeswax and vegetable oils, they benefit from a gentle formula tested under ophthalmological control. They are perfectly suitable for sensitive eyes. And unlike their chemical competitors, they are long-lasting, have a pleasant fragrance, and are also easier to remove.

Care for your eyelashes or eyebrows

In some cases, mascara can also take care of your eyes, especially if you choose an organic makeup. Indeed, it contains natural active ingredients such as vegetable glycerin or Aloe vera gel. Having nourishing properties, they effectively strengthen your lashes, giving them volume and substance.

A wide variety according to your beauty desires

Not all mascaras have the same use. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a volumizing mascara or one that gives length to your lashes. Their color is not limited to black or brown, it also exists in flashy or bright colors. This allows you to give an original effect to your makeup.

The best brands of mascaras

In our opinion, the best brands of mascaras in 2022 are :

Yves Saint Laurent
Lancôme Paris
Estée Lauder

Yves Saint Laurent is a brand that needs no introduction. Apart from the luxury bags, shoes and accessories that made its reputation, it is also known for its perfumes, mascaras and other beauty products that are appreciated worldwide.

Sisley is a French brand specialized in phytocosmetology. It designs and distributes high-end beauty products since its creation in 1976 by Hubert D'Ornano.

Created in 1915 in New York, Maybelline has become one of the best known and most appreciated cosmetic brands in the world. It especially revolutionized the world of cosmetics in 1971 with the Great Lash mascara whose pink tube became cult.

This French brand is part of the L'Oreal group within its division dedicated to perfumes and cosmetics in selective distribution. It is very well known thanks to its cosmetic products like "Génifique facial care" or Lancôme foundation. It is a very popular luxury brand.

Estée Lauder is one of the most prestigious cosmetics companies in the world. Founded in 1946 in the USA by Estée Lauder and her husband Joseph, the company now owns some of the most famous cosmetic brands such as Clinique, MAC Cosmetics, Origins, Jo Malone, etc .

What is the price for a mascara

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 35 £
more than 35 £
Price range diagram


Combine mascara with talcum powder

Between coats of mascara, dust your lashes with baby powder using an eyeshadow brush. This will help your mascara stay on, and make your lashes thicker at the same time. You can also apply a clear mascara before the colored mascara for an ultra voluminous effect.

Protect your mascara from drying out

To make sure your mascara doesn't dry too quickly, avoid going back and forth to coat the brush, and also make sure you don't leave the tube open too long. Also remember to close the tube tightly once the product has been applied.

Restore your dry mascara to its original texture

Has your mascara dried out? Don't worry, it can be fixed. Heat some water without it coming to a boil, then pour it into a bowl. Then take your mascara and swirl the reservoir part in the hot water for a few minutes. This will allow the texture to soften.

Respect your mascara's expiration date

Like every beauty product, mascara also has a shelf life date. As it is applied as close to the mucous membranes as possible, it is imperative to respect this date, at the risk of seriously contaminating the eyes.

Make good use of your old mascara brush

When your mascara can no longer be used and you buy a new one, definitely do not throw away the old brush. Clean it well and use it to brush your eyebrows or even apply castor oil to your lashes.


What is the best mascara?

The best mascara depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to know the best products of the moment.

Is mascara safe?

Mascaras have an expiration date, using them beyond this date can be harmful. Also, even if the expiration date hasn't passed yet, you should dispose of your already opened mascara bottle after 4 or 5 months to avoid the risk of bacterial infection. Apart from these two precautions, using mascara normally does not pose a health hazard.

Is it appropriate to use waterproof mascara every day?

While waterproof mascara can be very useful, there are some formulas that can dry out hair follicles, making it easier for them to fall out. This is even more of a risk, since the purpose of a waterproof formula is to ensure that the product stays in place even after being exposed to water or sweat. Therefore, it is recommended to use waterproof mascaras for shorter periods of time and only when absolutely necessary.

What are the risks if I use mascara?

Mascara can be difficult to remove and can cause premature aging. This is a long-term result of using mascara, even the excellent ones. Because of its higher holding power, it can be quite difficult to remove. And the leftover mascara can get embedded under the skin and make our eyes look puffy.


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Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Faux Lashes Radical Black
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