The best LED lanterns in the UK 2023

Used in camping, hiking or as a decorative item, the LED lantern is a hit. It is energy efficient and much more durable than traditional lanterns, and it also offers better luminosity. For each of the above-mentioned uses, it is important to choose the right model. Check out our comparison of the best LED lanterns.

Lighting Ever 3300008 1

Best value for money

Lighting Ever 3300008

The best LED lantern in 2021

Despite a certain lack of power, we love this lantern for its 40 hours of autonomy. Used sparingly, it can even last up to 6 days!

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Tired of frequent lantern charging? The Lighting Ever 3300008 is for you. It can run for 40 hours without charging, even up to 6 days with moderate use. You can choose the brightness level from 250 lm to 500 lm, in normal or flashing mode. You will be able to see a lot.

At night, the flashing LED light can be used as a night marker. The ricochet allows you to hang or carry the lantern. Its weight of only 377 g is a plus for its lightness. Certified IPX 44, the contact of the device with water is no longer a problem. You can now bring your lamp with you in the rain, or why not during scuba diving, for example.

AGPtek Lantern 2

Best value for money

AGPtek Lantern

The best entry-level LED lantern

On this one, AGPtek has done very well. 36 LEDs, 5 charging modes, 2 light intensities and a battery life of up to 2 weeks. Too bad for the lack of power and the size.

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The advantage of this rechargeable lantern comes from its 5 charging modes. You can opt for the hand-cranked dynamo, the solar panel on top, the USB port, the cigarette lighter socket or the mains socket. Equipped with 36 LEDs, it is ideal for camping, fishing or DIY at night. The lighting power is sufficient for a table of 4 people for example.

The AGPtek lantern has 2 lighting levels and can be used in all circumstances. This allows to play on the brightness and the autonomy. We appreciate the clear light, but which does not dazzle, even at full power. In general, a recharge from the evening to the morning allows to use it intermittently during 2 weeks. Do not hesitate to expose it to the sun during the day to accumulate the load. We regret its size.

Lighting Ever 3300012-DW 3

A great choice

Lighting Ever 3300012-DW

A great value for money

The Lighting EVER 3300012-DW doesn't just light you up with 360° light. It is also equipped with 2 flashlights with 14 to 16 hours of autonomy each.

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This lantern differs from the others by the existence of flashlights in its pack, to light you anywhere. In fact, it has two detachable lamps, with an autonomy of 14 to 16 hours each, if you want to use something lighter. Its cylindrical shape offers a wide diffusion of the light of 360°.

Its design was made to be easily transportable anywhere. In case of a flat battery, you have two options: a USB charge or the option of a charger in the car. Equipped with a metal handle, you can easily carry it or hang it on a stand to enjoy the light. In short, it's made for all purposes.

Lighting Ever 280 lumens 4

Very good choice

Lighting Ever 280 lumens

The best hanging lantern

Designed to be hung or suspended, this lantern is equipped with 2 USB rechargeable batteries, for a battery life of 8 hours. It can also recharge smartphones.

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The Lighting Ever 280 lm lantern is recharged via a USB cable wrapped around it. With a power of 280 lumens, it has a design that leaves no room for doubt. In fact, this rechargeable lantern must be hung from a frame, tree branch or metal framework to light up. In addition, the magnets hold the lamp securely to a vertical or horizontal wall. See it on a moving vehicle or boat.

Well made and compact, the Lighting Ever 28 lm is suitable for the cellar, camping, bivouac, night fishing or even DIY. Another undeniable plus, it can be used as an external battery for various mobile devices, including 2 hours to recharge an iPhone. And for the duration of lighting, it takes a little more than 8 hours.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best LED lantern

Any specific needs?

The best LED lantern in 2021

The best entry-level LED lantern

A great value for money

The best hanging lantern

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Comparison table of the best LED lanterns

Lighting Ever 3300008 5
AGPtek Lantern 6
Lighting Ever 3300012-DW 7
Lighting Ever 280 lumens 8
Lighting Ever 3300008
AGPtek Lantern
Lighting Ever 3300012-DW
Lighting Ever 280 lumens
Despite a certain lack of power, we love this lantern for its 40 hours of autonomy. Used sparingly, it can even last up to 6 days!
On this one, AGPtek has done very well. 36 LEDs, 5 charging modes, 2 light intensities and a battery life of up to 2 weeks. Too bad for the lack of power and the size.
The Lighting EVER 3300012-DW doesn't just light you up with 360° light. It is also equipped with 2 flashlights with 14 to 16 hours of autonomy each.
Designed to be hung or suspended, this lantern is equipped with 2 USB rechargeable batteries, for a battery life of 8 hours. It can also recharge smartphones.
Adjustable brightness
5 charging modes
Existence of flashlights
2 built-in rechargeable batteries
Lack of power
Lack of power
Power limited to 600 lm
Cannot be installed unless turned over

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How to choose your LED lantern

The LED lantern is an object that can be practical in many situations. It is also a highly decorative object. As this object is declined in several types, dimensions and design on the current market, it is necessary to take time to choose well in order to find the adequate model.

#1 - Lighting power

The power of lighting is the main criterion to consider when choosing a LED lantern. Choose a model with the ability to modulate the power to avoid dazzling you every time you turn it on. Since this object will serve you in different situations such as camping, hiking or for domestic needs, it is absolutely necessary that you have different levels of power.

#2 - Power supply

The power supply of the lantern is an important detail, because, generally speaking, this object is designed for outdoor use. The classic battery-operated models are the most practical and common. You can also choose a more modern and environmentally friendly lantern that runs on solar or kinetic energy. This type of product is becoming more and more popular.

#3 - Easy to transport

In order to have a tool ready for camping or stays in unlit areas, it is better to choose a light and easily transportable LED lantern. Prefer compact models that do not have too many accessories. However, make sure that the product of your choice incorporates the necessary features and do not focus only on the weight.

#4 - Solidity

Given its likely use outdoors, especially during camping, an LED lantern must be sturdy. Indeed, this item will be subjected to harsh weather conditions and it is likely to fall down once or twice. So, consider this aspect of sturdiness carefully. Generally speaking, IPX4 rated devices can withstand downpours, but cannot withstand immersion.

#5 - Design

When not used for lighting, the LED lantern can proudly take pride of place in the living room and any room. So, consider choosing one that matches the decorative style of the room where it will be stored. Some models will give a rustic atmosphere of a mountain chalet, while others are designed for modern interiors.

How does a LED lantern work?

Very popular, practical and versatile, LED lantern is a type of lighting device designed for any use, whether it is in the home, camping or outdoor sports. Campers can use it comfortably and safely inside a tent, as it is not flammable and is safe for both adults and children. In addition, it does not give off heat.

Basically, it emits light using a special bulb called a light-emitting diode. LED light can be available in different colors. Compared with other types of bulbs such as a standard filament bulb, for example, the LED lantern is much brighter and more compact. In fact, it emits less heat, thus using less energy. Therefore, it can last much longer.

When grouped together, LEDs can give off a powerful beam of light. The light can be focused in one direction or in several directions. In general, an LED lantern focuses the light beams in several directions in order to project enough light to illuminate the immediate area well. The lighting power or brightness of a LED lantern depends on the number of LEDs in the lantern.

As for their operation modes, LED lanterns are usually powered by batteries. They can work with any size of batteries such as a single AAA battery or with many D batteries. But it depends, in fact, on the number of lights contained in the lanterns themselves.

LED lantern or halogen lantern?

LED Lantern

Ideal for lighting up in the forest, an LED lantern does not light up in the same way as other bulbs. Generally, it has a higher light output. Also, it will probably last longer than the average life indicated on the box. In addition, it only takes a six-watt LED lantern to produce a similar amount of light to a 40-watt halogen bulb. Apart from that, it is more environmentally friendly as it does not contain infrared in its spectrum or ultraviolet.

Despite its obvious advantages, the LED lantern does have its drawbacks. Its range of illumination remains small, unlike a halogen lantern. Generally, it illuminates only up to a few dozen meters. In addition, it emits blue light which can have a negative effect on your ability to fall asleep and on the quality of your sleep. Thus, using an LED lantern as a light source while hiking is not very cost effective.

Halogen lantern

A halogen lantern is made up of incandescent bulbs that use halogen gas to increase the life of the bulb. It does not require a warm-up time. Moreover, the brightness is adjustable. This means that you can save money on the cost of the bulb. Thus its main advantage is that it has a longer life.

In addition, the halogen lantern turns on instantly to reach its full brightness. On the other hand, the bulb of a halogen lantern can cause severe burns if you touch it while it is still hot or on. Finally, it can break easily compared to other bulbs that can get into a lantern.


Base your choice on the quality of light you want to achieve before making a decision. Halogen lanterns are very useful and practical for lighting up a room or area. However, it is better to choose an LED lantern with which you can be sure to protect the environment.

Why buy a LED lantern?


LED lanterns are portable, very convenient and lightweight for camping in the wilderness. Whether you are planning a long trip or a short weekend, they are an absolute must for your camping equipment. Plus, they are energy efficient and water resistant, so you can carry two in your backpack without really knowing they are there.


These devices come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and will do multiple uses for you. Some are made with a bulb that looks like a traditional flashlight, while others can be battery powered. Both types of lights are very useful and do the job just as well as a headlamp. For example, you can use it to light up your garden to enhance a hedge or shrub.


The batteries are rechargeable and come with a variety of different brightness settings. This allows you to set the light to work in different areas of the campsite, like on top of the tent or as a backlight in the center of the campfire.


If you're taking your camping gear with you, your best option would be to use a multi-purpose light that has a flashlight attached to it. This will allow you to use your headlamp, flashlight, solar lamp and a flashlight for different tasks at the same time. This is a great way to save weight on your packing list.

Small footprint

It has a small footprint and light weight, making it easy to carry with you. However, if you decide to do this, you need to make sure that the camping device you purchase has an AC adapter as well as a DC adapter. All three adapters require a plug, and it's best to have all three so you don't run into problems and to avoid the unexpected.


Choose a colour you like

With the many models of LED lanterns available on the market, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of color. However, you should still think about the color of your walls to match your interior decoration. On the other hand, if you are unsure, opt for black which is both a sober and universal color.

Do not exceed the charging time specified by the manufacturer

The majority of the current LED lantern models feature rechargeable batteries. Like any other battery, exceeding the charging time can lead to a loss of the initial power and you may find yourself in the dark in just a few hours. Therefore, read the user manual carefully to avoid damaging your device.

Clean your LED lantern regularly

Like any other lighting device, an LED lantern needs to be cleaned for it to function normally. Indeed, since it needs to be handled manually, your hands may leave sweat marks. The same goes for dust that easily settles on the glass. Do not hesitate to rub the device with a chamois soaked in a cleaning product.

Find the ideal location for your lantern

Whether you are at home or going camping, you should know that the distribution of light will vary depending on where the lantern is placed. Always make sure to place it in the center of the room or tent. However, if you are quite sensitive to the light output, avoid putting it near the bed so you can relax.

Check the condition of your batteries regularly

Since an LED lantern is most often used outdoors, battery operated models may not light up normally anymore. If they are disposable batteries, check them before going to camp. If they leak into the device, they could damage it.


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Lighting Ever 3300008
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