The best lawn fertilizer in the UK 2023

If you want your lawn to be thick and healthy all summer, you need to apply the best lawn fertilizer for spring. This will give it the nutrient boost it needs to grow strong, disease-resistant roots and blades. With so many different fertilizer products on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. In this guide, we explain the criteria you should consider when choosing your lawn fertilizer. We also list the best fertilizers available today.

Solabiol - SOGAZMOU80 Double Action Lawn Fertilizer 80m2 1

Editor's Choice

Solabiol - SOGAZMOU80 Double Action Lawn Fertilizer 80m2

Best lawn fertilizer in 2021

To get a green lawn with the moss eliminated, look no further, opt for Solabiol anti-moss lawn fertilizer. It is practically year-round, but with the recommended instructions and quantities. But beware, this is a product that must be handled with care.

27,29 £ on Amazon

This fertilizer is part of the synthetic fertilizers, it is composed of Iron (II) Sulfate monohydrate 152 g/kg (15,2 %) with FERTILIZER NF U 42-001 - organo-mineral fertilizer NPK 6-4,5-4. Guaranteed contents on raw material : 6 % of total nitrogen (N) of which 5 % of organic nitrogen (N) coming from meat powder, extracts of vinasse and beet vinasse, 4,5 % of total phosphoric anhydride (P2O5), 4 % of total potassium oxide (K2O) of which 4 % of potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water It is a product that you must handle with care to avoid accidents: it is imperative to respect the doses indicated during use.

Nevertheless, the use of this fertilizer gives a second life to your lawn, and the result is felt very quickly. You can use it all year round, but generally two applications are sufficient: one in the fall and the other in the spring. However, you must follow some application advice: avoid spreading the granules towards neighbouring plants, broadcasting is prohibited. Do not treat in the presence of wind. To limit the risk of eutrophication, avoid applying the product near water. And always wash your hands after use.

Fuxtec - Granular lawn fertilizer 2

The best cheapest

Fuxtec - Granular lawn fertilizer

Best entry-level lawn fertilizer

If you are looking for a long lasting lawn fertilizer, this product from Fuxtec is for you. It is suitable for golf courses, sports fields, but also for ornamental lawns. This German brand product is of superior quality.

23,92 £ on Amazon

Fuctex Lawn Fertilizer is designed to give you three times the results with less effort. It is composed of magnesium, sulfur and 0.02% chelated iron to make your lawn green and healthy. In addition, because the product has a low nitrate content and the interaction of organic and mineral components, it has a long-lasting effect that improves root development and leads to a more optimal use of nutrients.

The advantages of using this fertilizer are that it reduces the formation of mosses and weeds, stimulates the soil life by active conversion of nitrogen and makes the green color of the lawn even more intense for the pleasure of the eyes. In addition, with this product, you can store it for at least 3 years in the unopened package to save you money.

Fertiligene - 4 action lawn fertilizer 3

The best high-end

Fertiligene - 4 action lawn fertilizer

Best premium lawn fertilizer

This is a high performance, high quality lawn fertilizer. It is classified as a four-way action by the fact that it prevents weed growth, limits moss, greens up and nourishes progressively.

37,52 £ on Amazon

This fertilizer is perfect for the preservation of the environment and the soil, it is practically safe for children. Classified as an organic fertilizer, this product is composed of nitrogen and iron. It is also designed according to the standard "Fertilizer NF U 42-002-2//UAB". This fertilizer is effective in strengthening the lawn and in fighting moss.

Moreover, this product will act against the emergence of weeds and not on the weeds already present. The optimal result is obtained after 2 to 4 weeks after its application. The application of the fertilizer must be done in good weather when the soil is moist, because the grass dries and is not frozen. Remember this fertilizer should not be applied during periods of frost, drought or during heavy rainfall. And the grass must be watered during the 2 days following the application of fertilizer if it does not rain.

KB - Anti-foaming lawn fertilizer 4

A great alternative

KB - Anti-foaming lawn fertilizer

Best alternative lawn fertilizer

If you want a green lawn, KB Moss Control Lawn Fertilizer is a treatment that blackens and kills moss to strengthen the root system and make the grass more resistant to drought.

24,58 £ on Cdiscount

KB Anti-Moss Lawn Fertilizer is a fast acting product, after one week of use you will have a satisfactory result such as a greened lawn and eliminated moss. Its immediate effects are due to the components of the fertilizer which are: iron sulfate, nitrogen, potassium oxide and NK fertilizer. This fertilizer promises a lawn resistant to trampling and drought.

During the moss growth period, spring and fall, apply the fertilizer with a minimum of three months between treatments. The dosage should not exceed 35g/ m2. It should be noted that the use of this fertilizer is forbidden on young lawns under six months old. Be careful, protect your eyes and wear gloves during the application.

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Best lawn fertilizer

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Best lawn fertilizer in 2021

Best entry-level lawn fertilizer

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Best alternative lawn fertilizer

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Comparison table of the best lawn fertilizer

Solabiol - SOGAZMOU80 Double Action Lawn Fertilizer 80m2 5
Fuxtec - Granular lawn fertilizer 6
Fertiligene - 4 action lawn fertilizer 7
KB - Anti-foaming lawn fertilizer 8
Solabiol - SOGAZMOU80 Double Action Lawn Fertilizer 80m2
Fuxtec - Granular lawn fertilizer
Fertiligene - 4 action lawn fertilizer
KB - Anti-foaming lawn fertilizer
To get a green lawn with the moss eliminated, look no further, opt for Solabiol anti-moss lawn fertilizer. It is practically year-round, but with the recommended instructions and quantities. But beware, this is a product that must be handled with care.
If you are looking for a long lasting lawn fertilizer, this product from Fuxtec is for you. It is suitable for golf courses, sports fields, but also for ornamental lawns. This German brand product is of superior quality.
This is a high performance, high quality lawn fertilizer. It is classified as a four-way action by the fact that it prevents weed growth, limits moss, greens up and nourishes progressively.
If you want a green lawn, KB Moss Control Lawn Fertilizer is a treatment that blackens and kills moss to strengthen the root system and make the grass more resistant to drought.
14 Kg
15 Kg
10,5 Kg
3,5 Kg
Period of use
All year round
From late March to mid-August
March to June
March, April, May, June, August, September, October
Coverage area
80 m2
375 m2
160 m2
100 m2
Iron sulfate, organo-mineral fertilizer NPK 6-4.5-4
Magnesium, sulfur and 0.02% chelated iron
Organic nitrogen and iron (Fe) fertilizer : 7,7-0-0 (3)
Iron sulfate, nitrogen, potassium oxide, NK fertilizer
Reduces grass and eliminates moss
Improves root development
Prevents weed germination ,limits moss growth
Kills mosses efficiently and quickly

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How to choose your lawn fertilizer

#1 - The type of grass

Knowing what type of grass is planted in your yard can help you choose the right fertilizer for your lawn. That's because grasses come in warm- and cool-season varieties. And a warm-season grass that thrives in a southern state needs different amounts of nutrients than a cool-season grass that grows better in the north and vice versa.

#2 - The soil properties

Your soil has one of the most important effects on your fertilizer needs. It is generally recommended to perform a soil test to determine what nutrients your soil is lacking and the pH level. These simple tests give you a detailed breakdown of your lawn's soil by taking a sample and mailing it to a lab.

#3 - The type of fertilizer

It's important to consider the pros and cons of each type of fertilizer when choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn. Often, the best choice for a lawn is a combination of fast-acting inorganic fertilizers and slow, steady nutrients from an organic fertilizer. Nevertheless, you need to check the pros and cons of these organic and inorganic fertilizers.

#4 - The recommended time to use the lawn fertilizer

As there are different types of grass, different types of fertilizers and different seasons. You also have to consider the right time to apply your fertilizer. That's why on the fertilizer packages you will find indications about the ideal time to apply them. On these directions you will see cool season, warm season, etc.

#5 - The fertilizer application instructions

The way you fertilize your lawn depends greatly on the type of fertilizer you use and the size of your garden. There are several types of lawn fertilizer applicators that spread an even layer of fertilizer on your lawn. All application directions are usually listed on the fertilizer labels, which you should read carefully to help or enlighten you in your tasks.

When and how to apply lawn fertilizer?

Applying lawn fertilizer is an important lawn care chore. Properly fertilized lawns are healthier, out-compete weeds and recover from stress more easily than unfertilized lawns. But how and when to apply that fertilizer is pretty much everyone's dilemma.

When to fertilize? That's the question. Fertilizing your lawn is done every season, but you have to take into account your type of lawn. If your lawn is at the beginning of its active growth period, it is necessary to apply lawn fertilizer once or twice a year and that is more than enough. This is a good time to apply fertilizer because it is when the grass is starting to grow and is greener. For cool season grasses, spring and fall are the peak growth periods. For warm season grasses, which usually grow in the south, you can fertilize in late spring or early summer and again in late summer.


Never fertilize during droughts. Lawns naturally go dormant during droughts and do not need fertilizer because they are not actively growing.

How to apply fertilizer? Another good question. Fertilizer should be applied to dry grass with a spreader or other tools and watered in afterwards. If you are using organic fertilizer, don't worry about applying enough of it, as it is not dangerous if you have exceeded the required dose. However, if you use chemical fertilizer, it is necessary to read the dosage prescribed on the label.

The different types of lawn fertilizer

Starter lawn fertilizer

This type of fertilizer promotes the growth of the lawn, as it has a high nitrogen content. Its use is recommended after seeding, because it is quickly absorbed by the plants, but with a short term effectiveness. By this, the fertilizer helps the roots of the grass to anchor in the soil to give a green and healthy lawn. This type of fertilizer should be applied every 6 to 8 weeks during the first season that the grass will grow.

Slow release lawn fertilizer

Fertilizers of this type have a short to medium term effectiveness (about 10 weeks). It is a good choice of fertilizer if you want your lawn to grow faster and denser. It is very convenient to use. Made of granules, it diffuses nutrients into the soil over a long period of time, without the gardener having to come back to it.

Synthetic lawn fertilizers or Organic lawn fertilizers?

Synthetic fertilizers for lawns

Synthetic fertilizers are the standard product traditionally used in commercial lawn care programs to prevent weeds and disease, and to help grass grow green and healthy. Synthetic fertilizers have been used for years on lawns, and they typically involve up to six applications of product throughout the season that covers the lawn with weeds, diseases and pest control. An emerald green lawn is the hallmark of synthetic fertilizers or at least what the companies selling these products promote.

Organic fertilizers for lawns

Organic fertilizers are made from ingredients found in nature and not produced in a laboratory. Quality organic fertilizers are made from bionutrients and act as probiotics that improve the soil's ability to digest fertilizer and absorb nutrients. Not all organic fertilizers are created equal.


Both organic and synthetic lawn fertilizers provide life, health and greenness to your lawn. However, organic fertilizers are more likely to preserve your soil longer and provide better grass health. So, for the sake of the environment, it's best to opt for organic fertilizers.

Benefits of using lawn fertilizer

Landscaping a commercial property often requires significant investments. Specifically, your lawn, which is why it is important to fertilize it and keep it in good condition. For this, lawn fertilizer is essential because:

1- It allows the lawn to produce more oxygen:

We all like to breathe fresh and pure air. Having a lush green lawn can help produce more oxygen. In addition to that, a healthy grass helps to keep the area fresh and pure.

2- It allows the grass to protect the properties of the soil:

When plants, specifically grass grows, they absorb nutrients from the soil to keep them alive. At the same time, when the roots cling to the soil, they hold the soil and prevent soil runoff. So when you use fertilizer, the grass is more alive than ever and holds the soil even more. In addition to this, it will replenish the nutrients ensuring that your lawn is healthy and lush. Thus, using fertilizer is an excellent lawn care solution.

3- It makes your lawn more resistant to disease:

Your lawn needs fertilizer as much as it needs water and sunlight. It needs essential nutrients such as nitrate, potassium and phosphorus to thrive and survive. When your plants and turf receive the right nutrients, they are well protected from disease, develop better stress tolerance and are less prone to disease.

4- It allows for improved overall turf growth:

Sometimes you may find that the grass grows lush and healthy in one area, but is thin and sparse in another. This is mainly due to lack of nutrients. The soil may not have evenly distributed nutrients, which is why it is helpful to fertilize using the best lawn fertilizers. This will not only ensure better health for your garden, but will also ensure uniform growth.

5- It provides better pest resistance:

A healthy and well-fertilized lawn is more resistant to pest damage. Proper fertilization ensures that your garden is thick, vibrant and healthy, making it difficult for pests and insects to settle in. Even if your lawn has been affected by pests, disease or other external factors, following a regular fertilization program can ensure a quick recovery.

The best brands of lawn fertilizer

In our opinion, the best brands of lawn fertilizer in 2022 are :


When it comes to lawn fertilizer, Fertiligene is the brand to go to. The brand offers a range of products that help you maintain your garden such as lawn fertilizer, weed killers, etc.

Solabiol is the French brand that has been accompanying French gardeners for over 20 years. It offers lawn fertilizers, weed killers, crop protection products that can be used in Organic Agriculture, etc. This brand is professional in its trade and is among the best in lawn care products.

This brand is very well known by all French gardeners. It is efficient and easy to use and produces products like potting soils, fertilizers and plant protection products. The brand is reliable.

Milorganite is a leader in providing slow release nitrogen fertilizers for residential and professional use. It has been around since 1926. This brand is known for recycling wastewater nutrients into a form of fertilizer that can be safely used to grow vigorous lawns and gardens.

This brand is the work of "the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company", it offers indoor and hydroponic growing products. The company operates through three segments: U.S. Consumer, Hawthorne and Other.

What is the price lawn fertilizer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Mow your lawn only when it's dry

Dry grass blades stand upright and are less likely to clump when mowed. Whenever possible, mow the lawn when it is dry, as wet grass is harder to mow and is more likely to clump, which can make cutting the lawn take longer. Wet grass can slow down your blades and your lawn mower will not be able to cut at its optimum speed. As grass builds up in the deck, the blades slow down, leading the mower to tear rather than cut the grass.

Add fertilizer to your lawn care routine

To achieve that "grass is greener on the other side of the fence" look, you'll also need to add fertilizer to your lawn care routine. Fertilizing a lawn is an easy do-it-yourself project for homeowners, the only supplies you'll need are a lawn spreader and a high quality fertilizer that meets the requirements of your grass variety. There are two types of spreaders, a drip spreader and a broadcast spreader. Drip spreaders are best for small lawns and broadcast spreaders are ideal for large areas.

Don't forget to dethatch your lawn

Thatch, or the buildup of organic debris between the grass blades and roots can cause dead spots in the lawn and open spaces for weeds to grow. Inspect the lawn for a one-inch layer of thatch. Use a thatch rake or electric dethatcher to remove the thatch. Afterward, the lawn will look terrible, but it will recover in about three to four weeks.

Allow your grass to breathe a little

Sometimes after heavy rains, the cold has solidified the soil under your lawn, making it difficult for water to pass through. Using a garden fork, go around your lawn and poke holes about 1-2 inches deep, about a foot apart. This will help break up the soil a bit. This allows your grass to breathe a little.

Apply your fertilizer in the right place

Keep as much fertilizer on your lawn as possible. If excess fertilizer ends up in your walkways, driveways, or even on the sidewalks, sweep it back into its bag or sweep it back into your lawn. Fertilizer left on hard surfaces can be dumped into streams or other water bodies, or into storm drains that lead to the same areas. Protect the water by keeping the fertilizer in its place. If your fertilizer does not contain herbicides or insecticides, you can fertilize your shrubs and other plants while you fertilize your lawn.


When to apply lawn fertilizer?

The main growth period for turf is usually around mid-April. This is when the nutrient requirements of the grass are highest. The roots of the grass draw their resources from the soil before the soil is depleted during the summer.

What type of lawn fertilizer?

It is important to know that there are different types of grass and different soil properties. Therefore, the lawn fertilizer to use depends on the type of grass you have in your garden and the property of the soil on which your lawn is planted. This will vary depending on where you are located. So before you buy your fertilizer, you really need to find out about the type of soil and the type of grass you have.

How to apply lawn fertilizer?

There are different ways to spreadlawn fertilizer, namely, spreading it by hand and spreading it with a spreader. To get an even way of spreading the fertilizer, you need to spread the first half of the recommended amount in the length of the lawn and the second half in the width.

Why use lawn fertilizer?

Lawn fertilizer is useful to give life, health and greenery to your lawn. Therefore, it is crucial that it be fed with fertilizer according to the time period specified by the gardening professional. All the instructions regarding the usefulness of lawn fertilizer are mentioned above in this buying guide.


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Our selection
Solabiol - SOGAZMOU80 Double Action Lawn Fertilizer 80m2 9
Solabiol - SOGAZMOU80 Double Action Lawn Fertilizer 80m2
Fuxtec - Granular lawn fertilizer 10
Fuxtec - Granular lawn fertilizer
Fertiligene - 4 action lawn fertilizer 11
Fertiligene - 4 action lawn fertilizer
KB - Anti-foaming lawn fertilizer 12
KB - Anti-foaming lawn fertilizer


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