The best induction cookers in the UK 2023

When it comes to stoves, induction technology has everything to seduce. An induction cooker consumes little energy and allows precise temperature control. According to our research, the models selected for our comparison have strong arguments to make.

Electrolux induction stove EKI54952OW 1

Best value for your money

Electrolux induction stove EKI54952OW

The best induction stove in 2021

The Electrolux EKI54952OW induction stove is a must-have appliance for your daily kitchen with its 3 independent burners with a power of up to 3300 W.

479 £ on Darty

On a modern and sophisticated note, the Electrolux EKI54952OW induction stove has 3 independent fireplaces with a power of up to 3300 W for fast cooking. With its small width of 50 cm, it can very well equip a spacious or narrow kitchen. Easy to handle, it offers touch-sensitive buttons, as well as 9 different settings that correspond to different temperatures and cooking modes to meet various needs.

In addition to the electronic timer, users especially appreciate the storage drawer of this stove. In addition, the PlusSteam function and the dehydration function have made it a hit with many French and European households. As for the 54L multifunction oven, it provides pulsating heat and has a 1650W grill. Given these features and its price, this appliance represents an excellent deal.


Best value for your money


The best entry-level induction cooker

With its 4 fireplaces, its 65 l oven and its 9 programs, the induction stove CONTINENTAL EDISON CECI50604ZDB offers maximum performance for a minimum price.

313 £ on Cdiscount

Continental Edison offers us here an induction tabletop stove at a contained price, but with maximum performance. Its glass-ceramic hob has two burners with a maximum power of 3,000 W each, and two smaller ones with a maximum power of 1,400 W each. All of them have a booster to speed up cooking if necessary, and they are controlled by touch buttons located on the front panel of the table.

The electric oven has a volume of 65 l. It also has a grill function and catalytic cleaning. Despite its 4 burners, oven and grill, this CONTINENTAL EDISON induction stove consumes little energy, as it has an A energy label. And, to top it all off, the power cable is included!

De Dietrich DCI1583X 3

Best value for your money

De Dietrich DCI1583X

The best high-end induction cooker

Cook in the best conditions with this induction stove equipped with 3 ultra powerful induction hearths. It is a product made in the UK and guaranteed for 2 years.

879 £ on Boulanger

Excellent selection


A great alternative

If you're looking for an efficient, stylish stove with the necessary safety guarantees, the Electrolux EKI66700OK 600 series has these features and more.

415 £ on Cdiscount

Give yourself the means to succeed in all your dishes thanks to the homogeneous cooking allowed by this induction stove. Signed by Electrolux, one of the major references in terms of household appliances, it has a plate with 3 independent hearths. The oven is spacious and works with pulsed heat, a feature that ensures uniformity of cooking at all levels, without mixing odors or flavors.

In order to better manage your time and cooking method, you will appreciate the presence of individual electronic controls with touch-sensitive buttons and 3 boosters. When it comes to cleaning, there's nothing too complicated. A cloth and soapy water will get rid of the stains on the induction plate. Finally, the oven is equipped with the pyrolysis self-cleaning system. A little wet swap at the end of the operation and your oven will be like new.

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Best induction stove

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The best induction stove in 2021

The best entry-level induction cooker

The best high-end induction cooker

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best induction cookers

Electrolux induction stove EKI54952OW 5
De Dietrich DCI1583X 7
Electrolux induction stove EKI54952OW
De Dietrich DCI1583X
The Electrolux EKI54952OW induction stove is a must-have appliance for your daily kitchen with its 3 independent burners with a power of up to 3300 W.
With its 4 fireplaces, its 65 l oven and its 9 programs, the induction stove CONTINENTAL EDISON CECI50604ZDB offers maximum performance for a minimum price.
Cook in the best conditions with this induction stove equipped with 3 ultra powerful induction hearths. It is a product made in the UK and guaranteed for 2 years.
If you're looking for an efficient, stylish stove with the necessary safety guarantees, the Electrolux EKI66700OK 600 series has these features and more.
Energy performance
46 kg
39 kg
57 kg
56 kg
50 x 85.8 x 60 cm
50 x 85 x 60 cm
59.51 x 59.99 x 84.99 cm
60x85.5x60 cm
Oven volume
54 l
65 l
55 L
54 l
Number of fireplaces

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How to choose your induction stove

The induction cooker you choose must both fit your budget and offer you optimal comfort of use. Here are the most important criteria to consider.

#1 - The dimensions

Determine the location of your future induction stove beforehand, then measure the dimensions of the available space. You can then refer to the measurements obtained to know what size of stove to get. Existing models are between 50 and 60 cm wide and 60 cm deep. Also check that the height corresponds to your needs. Ideally, the stove should be at the same height as your worktop.

#2 - The number of households

According to their size, induction stoves do not all have the same number of hearths. While some models have 4 hearths, others have only 3. Nevertheless, the dimensions of the hearths themselves vary depending on the appliance. If you need to cook for a large family and prepare different dishes, a stove with a 4-burner induction hob may be necessary. But a model with 3 large burners may also be suitable if you use large containers. Note that some high-end induction stoves offer adjustable cooking zones to enlarge the cooking surface. This is handy if you have large compatible pots or pans.

#3 - Ease of cleaning

The cleaning method is not the same for the cooktop and oven of your induction range. A sponge soaked in a recommended cleaner or liquid soap may be sufficient to remove dirt from the ceramic hob, but the oven requires more tedious cleaning because of its large volume. Make sure the induction stove model you choose has a self-cleaning feature. There are two types of self-cleaning: pyrolysis and catalysis. Pyrolysis burns impurities at high temperatures - up to 500°C - turning them into ash, which you can simply remove with a damp cloth or sponge. In a catalytic cleaning oven, the walls are covered with a microporous enamel whose role is to destroy grease by oxidation as soon as the temperature reaches 220 °C.


Do you often run out of time to find an oven-safe recipe? Consider choosing an induction stove with a programmer. By using this function, you have access to a list of pre-programmed recipes. The stove adapts the cooking to the type and quantity of food you put in the oven.

#4 - The energy label


regulatory indication of the energy label also concerns induction stoves. Check that the model of your choice includes this label which indicates the electrical consumption of the appliance. Fortunately, most induction stoves carry the A energy label, which means they are energy efficient.

#5 - The proposed options

To ensure maximum safety and convenience of use, consider checking the options available with your induction stove. The presence of a cold door prevents the risk of burns when using the oven. If you like to roast poultry, consider checking if the oven has a spit. To prevent your child from accidentally turning on the induction cooker, consider choosing a model with a control lock. Finally, you should also know that models with a modular cooking zone or surface allow you to use large pots and pans, ideal for preparing family meals.

How does an induction stove work?

An induction stove consists of an electric oven and a glass-ceramic induction cooktop. The latter has three or four induction hobs, located under the glass plate.

Each hearth consists of a copper coil and electromagnets. When an electric current flows through an induction heater, it produces an electromagnetic field. This magnetic field generates and transmits what is known as an induced current, which heats the bottom of a pan or other compatible container thanks to the Joule effect.

The most important point of an induction stove is the safety it provides. The cooking process does not begin until a compatible pot, pan or saucepan is placed on the hob. Also, the induction cooker turns off automatically when you remove the pan. The surface of the induction hob remains cool even if you touch it.

Thanks to the rapid heating up of the hobs - using boosters in particular - an induction stove consumes little electricity. It saves between 30 and 60% of energy compared to other types of stoves. In addition, it is capable of cooking at very low temperatures, ideal for simmering dishes or melting butter.

An induction stove has a multitude of advantages that make it the ultimate stove:

  • Low energy consumption.
  • High precision of the cooking.
  • Fast heating and cooling.
  • Maximum operating safety, as only the surface in contact with the pan heats up.
  • Unsurpassed ease of use, with touch-sensitive buttons and programs.
  • Additional safety features such as control lock and cold oven door.


It's important to make sure your cookware is induction compatible. Pots and pans with ferromagnetic bottoms, as well as steel and cast iron, can be used. Copper or aluminum pots and pans, as well as glass dishes, are not compatible with induction.

The advantages of using an induction cooker


One of the most commonly mentioned benefits of induction cooking is speed. It is much faster to cook with this method because the stove does not need to heat the burner, which in turn heats the pan. It moves directly to heat the pan and the food. Bypassing the surface means faster cooking speeds.

Low power consumption

When you cook, you not only need energy from the appliance you're using like the cooktop, but you're also using extra energy from others, like your air conditioner. If you find yourself in the kitchen cooking a lot, you'll notice that your kitchen seems to get a little hot and foggy. This can happen despite the hood or other ventilation system. By cooking in a way that doesn't cause overheating, you reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the kitchen. In addition, induction ranges are more energy efficient than other cooktop choices for another reason. They simply take less time to cook because you heat the pan directly, rather than heating a burner and then the pan. And, of course, the less time you spend using your appliance, the less energy you'll use. So it's a win-win.


If you're like most people, you're probably pretty comfortable in a cooking environment despite the dangers of working with fire, grease and oil. Induction stoves strive to reduce the risk of personal injury, which is especially helpful if you have curious little hands around the kitchen. For this reason, induction stoves are perfect for families with children.

Temperature control

How many times have you tried to follow a recipe that said to bring ingredients to a boil, then let it simmer? It's in the number of recipes, but it's not always that simple. As soon as you simmer it, the food in the pot continues to boil. Why does this happen? Because the burner needs to cool down. After all, you just went from burning to a low temperature. This is not a problem with induction stoves. You can even adjust the temperature slightly and it will change the temperature immediately.

Easy cleaning

Induction stoves offer the possibility to clean them simply by wiping them with a soft sponge. With this appliance, there is no baked or burned food, as it does not heat up enough to allow this problem to occur. Plus, you don't have to worry about waiting for it to cool down before you can clean it. You can simply take a soft cloth or sponge, wipe it down with it and you're done. It's as quick to clean as it is to cook.


Clean with a suitable product

Only use a cleaning product that is specially designed for cleaning an induction cooktop. An unsuitable cleaner, especially one containing bleach, may damage the surface of the glass-ceramic table that covers the induction hobs.

Avoid scratching the induction table


you remove or move your pan on your induction stove, be sure to lift it up to avoid scratching the glass-ceramic table surface.

Use a compatible kitchen thermometer


you need to use a kitchen thermometer to monitor the temperature of your food or liquids, choose a non-digital model. A digital thermometer is likely to be disturbed by the magnetic field of the induction hob, and may not work properly.

Test your kitchen utensils


find out if your pots, pans or pans are induction compatible, test them with a magnet. If the pan attracts the magnet, it means it can be used with your induction stove.

Cold door

Make sure

your induction stove's oven has a cool door. With multiple layers of glass often spaced with an air pocket for better ventilation, the oven door does not heat up and never exceeds 70°C even during pyrolysis cleaning.


What is the best induction cooker?

The best induction cooker depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How much does an induction cooker cost?

The price of an induction cooker varies according to the number of burners, the comfort features offered, and also the volume of the oven. Entry-level models start at €350, while mid-range models can be bought for between €450 and €750. Top of the range induction cookers are available from €900, with some models costing up to €1,500 or €2,000.

Do I risk burning myself with an induction cooker?

The hotplate of an induction hob never stays hot for long, and only the surface in contact with the container heats up. There is therefore no risk of burning.

Does an induction cooker use a lot of electricity?

Even with a cumulative power rating of around 10,000 W, an induction cooker consumes much less energy than other types of cookers.

Does my induction cooker have insulated walls?

Yes, the walls of an induction cooker are insulated and allow for optimal air circulation. So you can safely integrate it into your kitchen furniture.


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Electrolux induction stove EKI54952OW
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De Dietrich DCI1583X


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