The best headboards with storage

It's always nice to have a bed magnified by a headboard. And if you don't have enough space to store your things, a headboard with storage can be useful. Decorative and practical at the same time, it comes in many styles (design, upholstered, minimalist, industrial...). To find what you need, browse our selection of 10 headboards with storage.

Headboard with storage Tempo 1 1

Headboard with storage Tempo 1

128 £ on Conforama

Characterized by a rustic design, this headboard with storage should enhance your bedroom. Ultra practical, you can put your decorative items on top, your books, and the things you don't like to show off in its sliding door niches. It is adapted to a 190 cm wide bed base.

Belem headboard with storage 2

Belem headboard with storage

90,40 £ on Conforama

Each side of this headboard with storage has 2 visible niches and 2 other niches hidden behind a small door. But the real strength of the Belem in white color is that there is already a numbering on its elements. So you don't risk to make mistakes during its assembly. It is suitable for a 140 cm wide bed.

Ekko headboard with storage 3

Ekko headboard with storage

104 £ on BUT

The Ekko headboard with storage is covered with decorative papers imitation oak. It is suitable for beds of 140 or 160 cm wide. Its front part includes 2 large niches with a sliding door, you can choose which side to open or close. On the other hand, each of its side parts has two niches.

Tête de lit avec rangement Switch 4

Tête de lit avec rangement Switch

55,99 £ on Conforama

This is a headboard with reversible storage for cribs. It stands out from the others with its quality and its decorative aspect. Composed of a hinged door concealing 2 shelves, it is also covered in decorative paper. You can place it in a little boy or girl's room.

Tête de lit avec rangement Gavin 5

Tête de lit avec rangement Gavin

151 £ on Camif

A contemporary storage solution and accent piece with clean, elegant lines, the Gavin headboard with storage is a great complement to your traditional aesthetic. It features open shelves that allow you to store alarm clocks and other decorative items.

Headboard with storage Paris 6

Headboard with storage Paris

255 £ on Camif

With its many compartments and shelves, this headboard with storage is both practical and aesthetic. It also includes 2 bedside cabinets with drawers on each side. Its surface is easy to clean since a soft cloth is enough. It is suitable for bed bases measuring 140 or 160 cm wide.

Headboard with Nidra storage 7

Headboard with Nidra storage

160 £ on BUT

For a more natural look, the Nidra headboard with storage is made of lightly waxed solid pine. It will match well with light wood or oak colored beds. Industrial and contemporary style, each side has only 2 shelves to display your items. It is ideal for beds of 160 cm.

Headboard with storage Best Lak 8

Headboard with storage Best Lak

104 £ on BUT

The 2 sides of the Best Lak headboard storage spaces are mobile. They have wheels and can be folded into their structure when not in use. Each part has 3 niches separated by shelves. This anti-fingerprint furniture is suitable for 140 cm wide bed bases.

Headboard with storage Tempo Junior 9

Headboard with storage Tempo Junior

36,12 £ on Conforama

Equipped with wheels, the Tempo Junior is practical to build a custom bedroom. You can leave it unfolded to act as a bedside table. This headboard with storage is made for bedsprings with a width of 90 cm. Thanks to its neutral color, it can be easily integrated into the decor of a room.

Headboard with storage Dream/Galy 10

Headboard with storage Dream/Galy

160 £ on BUT

The Dream/Galy headboard with storage has built-in USB ports. It is very practical, as its 2 shelves can be used to put your night light, phone, alarm clock, and so many other objects. Very sturdy, it should fit most 140 cm wide beds.

Buying guide - headboard with storage

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How to choose your headboard with storage

In a bedroom, a headboard with storage is both decorative and functional. The following criteria will help you avoid mistakes and find the right model:

Criterion n°1 : The dimensions

If you plan to use the headboard with storage to hold a lot of stuff, choose a large model. However, if you just need a place to put your alarm clock or watch near the bed, a headboard with small storage shelves should suffice. Therefore, it is important to determine the width, height and depth of the headboard in advance so that you do not regret your choice:

The width of your headboard with storage should therefore be equal to that of your bed base (90, 120, 140, 160 or 180 cm). Of course, you can also choose a larger size to gain more storage space. The height is a point not to be neglected, because you may have to change the location of your bed. So check if the height is too high for the under-slope or even the ceiling of your house.

The depth of the niches, lockers or shelves varies according to the models. It can range from 10 to 36 cm or more. It also differs from one model to another. Some headboards with storage can accommodate large objects such as vases, large books, sheets, etc.. Others can even be used as bedside tables. It's up to you to see which one best fits your expectations.

Criterion n°2 : The material of construction

As far as headboards with storage are concerned, you can choose between 2 materials: wood (solid, MDF...) and metal. There are obviously headboards composed by wood combined with metal. If you choose the one made of wood, keep in mind that you will have to maintain it regularly and protect it by using the appropriate products.

In addition, you should know that it is imperative to protect the headboard with metal storage from rust. This material must also be maintained regularly with less aggressive products. Also, be aware that your head may accidentally bump into a metal headboard with storage. So be careful and avoid installing this type of material on a child's bed.

Criterion n°3 : The number of storage units

Choosing a headboard with lots of niches is a good idea if you want to save space in your bedroom or hide as many items as possible (books, small flower pots, travel souvenirs, etc.). Headboards with multiple storage units can also put an end to the clutter in your bedroom. Thus, the most practical is to choose the headboard that offers at least 2 storage units.

Criterion n°4 : The fastenings

Presumably all headboards with storage are generally designed to be attached to the box spring. However, the floor-standing models are much more robust. While those intended to be attached to the walls are more decorative and much less bulky. In any case, you should choose the one that best suits your taste as well as the decoration of your room.

Criterion n°5 : The style

To harmonize your headboard with storage with the rest of your room, choose a style that best suits a room. You're bound to find the one that fits it thanks to the multitudes of models that exist on the market. The gray or black ones usually fit in any room. You can also mix styles to create an original atmosphere that is unique to you. The style is mostly a matter of personal taste.

How do I clean a headboard with storage?

Because we tend to lean against the headboard with storage, it can easily become stained. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned regularly. The following techniques can help.


Headboard with wood storage

For headboards with wood storage,you will need a damp microfiber cloth to remove dirt. However, you don't want the water to stay on the wood, so you need to wipe it with another dry microfiber cloth right away.

As far as dusting is concerned, this step should be done regularly. A simple wipe down with a microfiber cloth each morning will do the trick. If your headboard with storage has sticky residue, put a few drops of liquid soap on the microfiber cloth and test it on a small area of the furniture, to make sure the finish doesn't come off. If this is suitable for your furniture, place a few drops of liquid soap in a bowl of water and work gently to remove any unwanted stains.

Depending on the quality of your headboard with wooden storage,you can apply wax to give it more shine and keep its shine as well. Spread a semi-solid, silicone-free wax paste on its surface. Leave the wax paste on for a few minutes and take a clean microfiber cloth to polish it. However, avoid spray waxes to avoid leaving residue on your furniture.

Headboard with metal storage

Headboards with metal storage are generally easy to clean. In fact, you just need to wipe it regularly with a damp cloth. When the metal has oil stains or is dirtier, you can wash it. To do this, you need to mix liquid dish soap in warm water. Soak the cloth in the sponge, then wring it out before using it to remove the dirt. Clean up any remaining water spots with a cloth or paper towel.


You can also opt to clean with a metal cleaner. But you need to check the product's label to make sure it's for the type of metal you're cleaning. You should also check the label on the headboard with storage. Some metal finishes should not be cleaned with commercial cleaners.

The different types of headboards with storage

We can distinguish 3 types of headboards with storage. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each type to better choose before buying:

Headboard with bookcase storage

As the name suggests, this type of headboard with storage has shelves like bookcases. So, it allows you to store and put down the books you can read before going to bed. This way, you don't have to move to the bookcase to put the book down when you finish reading.


  • Very elegant
  • Perfect for small bedrooms
  • Gives a nice look to a room


  • Weighs quite a bit
  • Can become cumbersome
  • Only suitable for rooms with a higher ceiling

Headboard with drawer storage

This is a headboard with storage equipped with drawers or else sliding doors. This model is very convenient to store several items. For example, you can place your personal belongings like jewelry, glasses, etc. Moreover, this model allows you to keep your room even more tidy.


  • Allows for a more streamlined decor.
  • More robust and practical to use
  • Provides much more storage space


  • Few styles available on the market
  • Requires frequent maintenance
  • Can wear out quickly

Headboard with modular storage

The headboard with modular storage can be built from storage cubes, shelves, even pallet wood. In short, you can decorate it according to your taste and needs. This makes this style can be adapted to all types of beds.


  • Easy to move
  • Gives a more traditional look.
  • Generally affordable


  • Must be maintained regularly
  • Less decorative
  • Not very durable

Headboard with storage or bedside table?

Headboard with storage

A headboard with storage stays against the wall. It helps to decorate the bed and adds an aesthetic touch to your room. This furniture also protects your wall. Thanks to its presence, your body will no longer be in contact with the paint or wallpaper, which always guarantees their cleanliness. But the biggest advantage of this side furniture, remains its ability to limit the mess and clutter in a room, because it can accommodate many objects. In addition, some models can even replace bedside tables. Nevertheless, it is often impossible to lean on it comfortably unlike the classic headboard models. Its maintenance is also more complicated than that of a bedside table. In addition, it is generally more difficult to move.

Bedside table

The bedside table or night table is an essential piece of furniture in a bedroom. It allows you to keep your things within reach. You can display them on it or hide them in its drawers to avoid clutter. One of the interesting features of this piece of furniture is that it makes it easy to grab the items that are on it. It fits in the corner of your bed and can be the same height as your bed. This small chest of drawers is usually sturdy and capable of holding a heavy load. Because it can have up to 3 drawers and has a large depth, its capacity is very satisfactory. But it cannot compete with a headboard with storage.


These two types of furniture are all essential for placing or displaying your items to keep your bedroom in order at all times. However, a headboard with storage is very practical, as it has more storage capacity. In addition, some models may already include small bedside tables to offer you more convenience.

Why buy a headboard with storage?

For functionality

Functionality is one of the great advantages of a headboard with storage. All its models are indeed versatile. You can use it to put your books for your nightly reading. You can even use it to keep your personal belongings close by or charge your phone near the bed without needing a nightstand.

To provide more back support

If you prefer to read or surf the internet on your phone or watch videos on your tablet before bed. A headboard with storage can bring you more comfort during this time. Indeed, it prevents you from slumping directly against the wall. In addition, it can also help you keep a good posture.

For more style in the bedroom

It is more than obvious that a headboard with storage presents more elegance in your room. It is practical for decorating small rooms. For a room that looks bigger, it will be useful to complete the more empty look.

To cover small imperfections on the wall

Whether it's stains or small holes that seem impossible to get rid of, a headboard with storage will do the trick. This is especially useful if you live in a rented home and can't paint the wall.

To prevent some wear and tear

Sleeping without a headboard with storage can stain your wall (sweat, oil stains on hair, etc.). This can create marks that are difficult to remove. The installation of this bed element is therefore very useful to avoid all this.

The best brands of headboards with storage

In our opinion, the best brands of headboards with storage in 2022 are :

Alfred & Compagnie

Parisot is the great reference in the manufacture and design of particleboard furniture kits. With 80 years of experience, the quality of the furniture of this French brand cannot be questioned.

Founded in 1909 in Pérenchies (outskirts of Lille), Demeyere is well known in the world of furniture manufacturing. The quality of its products testifies to its know-how in the field.

Gami can boast 40 years of experience and is among the best manufacturers of contemporary furniture. Specializing in bedrooms and living rooms, this French brand offers elegant and high-end furniture.

Pegane is a French company based in Lyon. This furniture specialist designs is renowned for its elegant and often trendy furniture. A recent but interesting brand!

This company is very well known in the manufacture of children's furniture. It also produces furniture for adults. These headboards with storage are beautiful, reliable and high quality.

What is the price for a headboard with storage

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 60 £
60 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Place your headboard with storage in the right place.

Since it's a part of the bed, your bed should be placed in a well-ventilated room with more than two windows. But definitely don't put your headboard with storage under an opening. For aesthetics, avoid placing it on a walkway.

Stabilize your headboard with storage.

When the bolts that hold the headboard with storage attached to the bed frame loosen, it can start to wobble. To help with this, you can add one or two domed doorstops. Also, get in the habit of pushing the bed frame and headboard against the wall.

You can add a headboard with storage to any bed!

A headboard with storage can fit very well on any bed frame as long as the dimensions and style are compatible. To find out if your bed frame is a good fit for the headboard you choose, you need to take a close look at the headboard as well as the brackets. Almost all bed frames have four bolt holes. These pre-drilled holes fit many types of headboards with storage and allow you to adjust the height of the headboard.

If you can't add a headboard with storage to your bed, try other methods.

In lieu of a headboard with storage, you can put :

  • A pretty wall tapestry
  • Vintage window frames.
  • A large mirror.
  • Shelves.

Prevent your pillows from falling between the mattress and the headboard with storage.

To make your pillow stop sliding between the mattress and the headboard, adopt wedge pillows to stabilize it. Indeed, the wedge pillow will fill the space between your headboard with storage and your bed. It will also alleviate the pressure on your back.


How to make a headboard with storage?

You can build it easily by following these methods:

  1. Draw a plan of the headboard you want to have.
  2. Place a bed front on the two bed posts.
  3. Place side boards on the headboard box.
  4. Then attach the top board of the headboard.
  5. Make the storage compartments separately.
  6. Finally, attach the racks to the box and you have a headboard with custom storage.

What are the ideal dimensions for a headboard with storage placed on the floor?

For a mattress placed at 75 cm above the bed, the ideal headboard height with storage is 35 cm. That is, for a standard 65 cm high bed, a headboard with storage placed on the floor should be at least 105 cm.

How to effectively fix a headboard with storage without drilling the wall?

The best way to attach a headboard with storage if you don't want to drill the wall is to use Velcro strips. Indeed, they are reusable adhesive strips, practical and not likely to mark your wall.

What color to choose for a headboard with storage?

The color of a headboard should match your room well. You can opt for several varieties of color if the color of the room is white. The color of headboard with storage can come in pastel, light green, if the most dominant color is green.


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