The best hair dryer in the UK 2023

A must-have accessory for hair beauty, the hair dryer is very popular. It allows a delicate drying while giving volume, texture and shape after each blow-dry. It's normal that 70% of French homes are equipped with one. But it's hard to find your way around ionic technology, cold air diffusers, turbo functions, professional hair dryers and brands (Babyliss, Dyson, Philips, GHD Air, Remington...). So, which hairdryer should you choose?

Babyliss 6714E 1

Editor's Choice

Babyliss 6714E

The best hair dryer in 2021

Very handy, the Babyliss 6714E offers 3 speeds and 2 temperature levels. This will ensure a very fast drying and shaping, with cold air diffusion for finalization and fixation.

47,99 £ on Amazon

This ionic hair dryer is equipped with a robust and durable AC motor. Its power reaches 2,300 W, no wonder professionals use it. You can choose between 3 drying speeds that can go up to 120 km/h. The device also offers 2 temperature settings and comes with 2 interchangeable tips.

The major advantages of the Babyliss 6714E are the very fast drying and shaping. In addition, the hairstyle is guaranteed long-lasting, with real cold air diffusion for fixing and finalizing. Made in Italy, this hair dryer weighs only 550g and has a 2.8m cord. Finally, the coating is made of ceramic and tourmaline.

Philips DryCare Advanced 2

Best value

Philips DryCare Advanced

The best entry-level hair dryer

With 6 temperature and speed settings, the Philips HP8232/00 DryCare Advanced ensures easy, fast and customized drying. It has a cold air function and an ionic function.

14,87 £ on Amazon

Produced by Philips, this 2,200 W hair dryer produces a powerful airflow for exceptional, flawless results. Thanks to its Thermoprotect function, it guarantees fast drying even at low temperatures. The 6 different speed and temperature settings make it easy to create the style you want. In addition, its cold air function helps to finalize and fix the style.

The negative ions released strengthen the hair and intensify its shine. Your hair will become smooth, shiny and frizz-free. As for accessories, this hair dryer provides an ultra-precise fine concentrator and a volume diffuser. The removable air filter makes cleaning easier and faster. Plus, thanks to the power cord, you can comfortably enjoy excellent maneuverability.

Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition 3

Best premium

Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition

The best high-end hair dryer

Despite their similar appearance, the Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition is quite different from the classic version in one technical respect. For those who want to get things done quickly and efficiently, this hair dryer is a must.

319 £ on Dyson

Dyson is offering an exclusive rate for professionals to get easier access to this hair dryer. Given its many qualities, it's no surprise that this device is popular with celebrity hairdressers. The grip is enough to give confidence to produce the best possible results. A longer cable is provided so as not to hinder the professional while working. Then, it is a remarkable feature for a busy salon.

Apart from that, hairdressers will be able to enjoy one more tip with this Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition, the soft drying tip, compared to individuals who buy the classic Dyson Supersonic. The English brand makes life easier by offering a replacement filter that can cope with the pace at which the appliance is used.

Remington AC8820 Keratin Protect 4

Safe value

Remington AC8820 Keratin Protect

A great value in entry-level hair dryers

With a ceramic grid that diffuses a micromolecular care with keratin and almond oil, the Remington AC8820 Keratin Protect will protect your scalp for natural and shiny hair.

30,39 £ on Amazon

As its name suggests, the Remington AC8820 Keratin Protect treats your hair with keratin and almond oil to make it natural, strong and shiny at the same time. All this thanks to its ceramic grid that diffuses this micromolecular care. With this hair dryer, you can of course take care of your hair despite the heat. The 2,200 W motor offers a cold air function that fixes the style and allows a long-lasting hold.

You can choose from 3 temperature levels and 2 blowing speeds. As for accessories, this hair dryer has 2 concentrators and 1 volume diffuser. Ultra resistant and light, it gives results worthy of hair salons. Compared to the competition, this hair dryer is incredibly sturdy. Unless you work hard on it, you won't break it down so easily!


A great choice

A great value for the money

£ on
GHD Helios 5

Ultra powerful and powerful

GHD Helios

A very good high-end choice

The GHD Helios keeps all its promises to honor its world-renowned manufacturer. Thanks to its incredible drying speed of 120 km/h, it gives you a perfect blow-dry, worthy of the greatest hair salons in record time.

151 £ on GHD

It is a technological jewel available in four colors that is equipped with a powerful brushless motor. Thanks to this brushless motor, Helios is much more powerful than the GHD Air (2200 watts against 2100 watts) while limiting the risk of overheating the device. The noise it emits is also reduced. This hairdryer also comes with a new patented technology called "Aeroprecis" which ensures a better concentration of air flow for a more precise drying.

The aerodynamic interior design of the GHD Helios, coupled with the presence of an ergonomic concentrator tip, only increases its incredible drying speed. The evenly distributed weight (510g excluding tip and cord) of the GHD Helios, its easy grip and ergonomic shape are simply a match for its innovative design. With this model, say goodbye to frizz and get hair that's 30% shinier than what you'd get with a conventional hair dryer on the market. Helios is truly an exceptional hair dryer!

Buying guide • November 2023

Best hair dryer

Any specific needs?

The best hair dryer in 2021

The best entry-level hair dryer

The best high-end hair dryer

A great value in entry-level hair dryers

A great value for the money

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Comparison table of the best hair dryer

TOP OF THE TOP NOT EXPENSIVE UPPER RANGE EXCELLENT Excellent A very good high-end choice
Babyliss 6714E 6
Philips DryCare Advanced 7
Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition 8
Remington AC8820 Keratin Protect 9
GHD Helios 10
Babyliss 6714E
Philips DryCare Advanced
Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition
Remington AC8820 Keratin Protect
GHD Helios
Very handy, the Babyliss 6714E offers 3 speeds and 2 temperature levels. This will ensure a very fast drying and shaping, with cold air diffusion for finalization and fixation.
With 6 temperature and speed settings, the Philips HP8232/00 DryCare Advanced ensures easy, fast and customized drying. It has a cold air function and an ionic function.
Despite their similar appearance, the Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition is quite different from the classic version in one technical respect. For those who want to get things done quickly and efficiently, this hair dryer is a must.
With a ceramic grid that diffuses a micromolecular care with keratin and almond oil, the Remington AC8820 Keratin Protect will protect your scalp for natural and shiny hair.
The GHD Helios keeps all its promises to honor its world-renowned manufacturer. Thanks to its incredible drying speed of 120 km/h, it gives you a perfect blow-dry, worthy of the greatest hair salons in record time.
Cord length
2.8 m
1.8 m
3.3 m
3 m
3 m
550 g
600 g
650 g
1 kg
510 g
2,300 W
2,200 W
1,600 W
2 200 W
2,200 W
Ionic technology
Accessories included
Concentrator, diffuser, color protection tip
12 mm air concentrator, diffuser
Professional concentrator, diffuser, gentle drying tip, smoothing tip
2 concentrators, 1 diffuser
Air concentrator tip

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How to choose your hair dryer

The first hair dryer was invented in the UK in 1890 by a hairdresser named Alexandre-Ferdinand Godefroy. It was a hooded model for use in his salon. Since then, the device has evolved. But the criteria for choosing one remain more or less the same.

#1 - The power

The more power a hair dryer has, the less time you'll spend drying your hair. Powerful models are also less likely to burn out than those with smaller motors.

Basically, if you have fine hair, you're better off with an 1800W dryer or even a little less. If your hair is thick or coarse, a hair dryer between 2,000 and 3,000 W is ideal.

#2 - Heating temperature


good hair dryer should have at least 2 temperature settings, namely low and high

. If possible, choose a hair dryer that offers a middle level between the 2 extremes. This will allow you to better control the heat your hair will be exposed to.

Another good idea is to choose a dryer with a cold air nozzle

. Once your hair is dry, this will help seal the cuticle for added shine. The cool air diffusion also helps set mouths and waves.

#3 - Speed


addition to 2 or 3 levels of heat settings, most hair dryers come with various speed settings. This allows you to adjust the heat and airflow levels separately for better control of the device.

Look for a hair dryer that has at least 2 speeds

: low and high. For added versatility, however, it can be helpful to have a third speed setting. And don't forget the turbo function, which allows you to go faster.

#4 - The technology used by the heating element


material that covers the heating element of a hair dryer impacts its performance. Ceramic technology

will work for most hair types. It helps keep moisture in your hair and distributes heat as evenly as possible. This makes it an especially good fit for fine or dry hair.

Tourmaline technology coats the heating elements with these semi-precious stones. It helps trap moisture and attract negative ions to prevent positively charged ions from saturating your hair and causing frizz. Hence the name ionic hair dryer

, a great choice for frizzy, thick, curly and hard to dry hair.

The titanium technology

distributes heat evenly and consistently. It is also hotter than ceramic and tourmaline. So it's not suitable for fragile or already damaged hair. But if you have very thick hair, it is a good choice. Finally, you should know that the famous ionic hair dryers can also be made of ceramic or titanium.

#5 - Weight and ergonomics


should choose a hair dryer that is light and easy to hold, especially if you have long, thick hair or hair that takes a while to dry. This is also important if you use your dryer with a round brush for styling.

Be aware that professional hair dryers often weigh more than regular ones, although many users find them more comfortable to hold because the weight is more evenly distributed. And make sure the power cord is at least 2 meters long.

#6 - Accessories


added versatility, consider the accessories that come with a hair dryer before you buy it. A diffuser

is an important tool if you have curly or wavy hair, as it helps distribute heat over a wider area to help maintain your hair's natural texture.

A concentrator nozzle or concentrator

directs heat to specific areas of your hair.

How long does a hair dryer last?

Les meilleurs sèche-cheveux 13

Most hair dryers have a life span of800 hours, which is between 2 and 7 years. Manufacturers guarantee their models for 2 or 3 years. However, you should know that the life span will depend greatly on the quality of manufacture, which is why you should choose a recognized brand

The different types of hair dryer

It would have been easy to classify hair dryers into 3 types: professional, travel and classic. But the line between these 3 designations is now very thin. For example, some professional hair dryers weigh as little as 500g. They are therefore as light and compact as the so-called travel models.

That's why we had to rethink the way we distinguish between hair dryers. To do this, we based ourselves on the main and secondary functions of dozens of models as well as the hair types that suit them best. The result is a more relevant classification.

Ionic hair dryer

It's the new cash cow for brands. As explained above, the ionic technology releases a large amount of negative ions to counteract the emission of positive ions naturally present in the hair. With this type of hair dryer, no more static electricity and frizz. A must if you have frizzy hair.


  • Less aggressive than other technologies used on hair dryer heating elements
  • Fights frizz and static electricity
  • Softens hair and makes it more pliable


  • Not necessary if you dry your hair occasionally

Who is it for?

If your hair is already damaged or brittle, treat yourself to an ionic hair dryer. It is also suitable for everyday use, as it is more gentle on the hair and scalp. The ionic hair dryer also eliminates frizz.

The silent hair dryer


well known that hair dryers make noise. However, there is a category that is quieter than all the rest, hence the term silent hair dryer. With this type of device, you can dry your hair without disturbing other family members. And now, silent hair dryers are not lacking in power.


  • Can find 2,000W models for only 60dB
  • The best ones are just as effective as noisy hair dryers


  • Like the Dyson Supersonic, they are expensive
  • Not necessary if noise is not a problem

Who is it for?

Silent hair dryers have the distinction of emitting a maximum sound level of 64 dB at 60 cm distance. This is equivalent to the noise made by two people talking without raising their voices. If you like silence, you need a hair dryer like this.

The smoothing hair dryer


buy a straightening iron when you can dry your hair and straighten it at the same time? The straightening hair dryer combines the straightening iron and the hair dryer in the same device to limit clutter. But 2-in-1 devices don't mean faster. In fact, expect to spend a lot of time in the bathroom drying and straightening.


  • Dries and smoothes hair with a specially designed nozzle
  • Less aggressive than the metal plates of straightening irons
  • Removable straightening tip for when you don't need it

Disadvantages :

  • For straightening, it takes almost as long as a straightening iron

Who is it for?

The straightening hair dryer has the reputation of being less aggressive to the hair than the straightening iron. In fact, Babyliss was a pioneer in this type of device. Plus, you can remove the straightening tip so you don't have to use it every time.

Hair dryer with diffuser

Have you

ever seen that rather strange tip that sometimes comes with hair dryers? Too big to be a brush, it's a diffuser. This accessory allows you to change your hairstyle at will and is suitable for all hair types: fine, curly, frizzy... Unfairly overlooked, the hair dryer with diffuser helps create beautiful mouths and give volume to the hair.


  • Perfect for drying hair gently
  • Defines mouths and adds volume
  • Great for wavy finishes


  • Not easy to use

Who is it for?

Many women think that blow dryers with diffusers are only for professionals. Not so!

You can use it both in the salon and at home to define beautiful curls or gently dry your hair.

Hair dryer with comb or brush

It's also known as a blow dryer or heated brush. It's the hair dryer for those in a hurry since it saves a lot of time. No more straightening your hair with your fingers, the nozzle will do it for you. However, avoid this type of device if you have fragile, brittle or already damaged hair. Indeed, their power will only accentuate the damage.


  • Saves time
  • No need to straighten hair with fingers

Disadvantages :

  • Fragile, brittle and already damaged hair should not be used

Who is it for?

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the comb and brush hair dryer is designed to keep you out of the bathroom. If you have thick or long hair and want to get it done quickly, this is the way to go. But avoid if your hair is fragile or already damaged.

Developments, what developments?


thousands of patents have been filed for hair dryers since their inception, only the aesthetics have seen any real change. The heating element mechanism hasn't changed much since the 1920s.

Hair dryer or blower brush?

The hair dryer

As the name suggests, the hair dryer is used to dry your hair after a shower. The hair dryer is one of the most popular hair accessories and bathroom appliances. It is considered to be the most famous in the hair world. This device has many advantages and offers a perfect result. One of the advantages of the hair dryer is its ease of use. The designers have developed it well for regular use by the whole family.

Handy and practical, the hair dryer is a simple, versatile machine that everyone can use. What's more, this product can be adapted to all hair types, even the most fragile. Its diffuser tips play an important role in dispersing the heat without damaging the hair. You can choose between the different types and models of hair dryers on the market.

The blower brush

The blow dryer is another styling tool that performs multiple functions for a perfect blow dry in no time. An all-in-one device, it can dry, straighten and add volume to curls. Unlike heated brushes that should only be used on dry hair, it can be used perfectly even on wet hair.

This means that you can easily achieve your brushings with its many accessories. This is a great advantage of the blow dryer brush compared to other brushes. It is an excellent solution for women who are often in a hurry because of the daily routine. They can save a lot of time to finish their errands and still have their hair well groomed and styled.


It's up to you to make the choice because it depends totally on your needs. But I'll give you a little advice: if you want to keep your hair natural, it's better to go for a blow dryer. If you want to style your hair in different ways, the blow dryer is the one for you.


Use your hair dryer wisely

Even if you're late for work, don't rush to calibrate the unit to its hottest mode. This can weaken or even damage your hair. Instead, set it to its lowest mode to blow out cool air. As your hair warms up due to friction with the air, gradually increase the temperature.

Pamper your hair

After you wash your hair, use a fairly large, thick towel to start drying. Wrap it around the entire surface of your hair for a few minutes. Then remove the towel and apply a hair product to protect your hair from the heat. Finally, start your hair dryer and finish drying.

Clean the filter of the appliance from time to time

It's true that a hair dryer works to blow air, either cold or hot, through the hair. But that doesn't stop dust and any other dirt that gets sucked in from the back from getting stuck. So, first, turn off the unit and remove the motor cage. Use a brush to gently clean the blades. Ditto for the filter, which traps bits of hair and sheep.

Adopt the right technique to store your hair dryer

Turn off the unit, unplug the plug, and give it time to cool completely. Handle the power cord gently, making sure not to wrap it around the hair dryer. Do not tie any knots in the cable as this could damage it. Finally, place it in its original box or hang it on the wall (on a hair dryer holder) out of the reach of children.

Use your hair dryer differently

When you have just given your dog a bath, wipe him off with a towel. Afterwards, if you want his hair to be as silky as your hair after a blow-dry, feel free to use your hair dryer. It's a rather unusual practice, but effective. However, keep a distance of about 10 cm between the animal and the dryer so as not to scare it.


What type of hairdryer does not damage hair?

Ceramic hair dryers are often considered the safest for hair, but purchasing a hair dryer with tourmaline technology can be even more convenient, as it helps prevent damage by throwing water droplets instead of just applying hot air. It's also a safe way to protect dry hair.

Is it better to use a hair dryer or let your hair dry naturally?

Letting your hair dry naturally exposes it to moisture for too long. This is not very beneficial during the winter. On the other hand, wet hair can lead to a headache or even dandruff. It can also make your hair more fragile. Therefore, it is best to use a hair dryer.

How to dry your hair as quickly as possible?

The best ways to dry your hair quickly are

  1. Let them air dry a little.
  2. Scrub on a hair straightener.
  3. Change brushes.
  4. Increase the power of your hair dryer.
  5. Turn up the temperature of the hair dryer to make it even more effective.

How to use a hair dryer yourself?

After wiping wet hair, set your hair dryer to medium heat and high air speed. Dry your hair until it is almost dry (80%). Gather the hair and secure it with a clip. Start drying the lower layers with a brush, using more heat. You can repeat the same process to straighten the hair and make it shine.


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Babyliss 6714E 11
Babyliss 6714E
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Philips DryCare Advanced
Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition 13
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