The best professional hair dryer in the UK 2023

Tired of the hair dryer that overheats and fails you a few weeks after purchase? Treat yourself to a professional hair dryer. After 20 hours of comparing the best models, we chose the Dyson Supersonic. It's powerful, ergonomic, compact and stylish, and will dry your hair in record time.

Dyson Supersonic 1

Best value for money

Dyson Supersonic

The best hair dryer in 2021

The Dyson Supersonic is worth every penny you spend on it. Lightweight and powerful, it offers gentle drying with intelligent blast and temperature control.

271 £ on Boulanger

Dyson has made a big splash in the world of hair dryers. The Dyson Supersonic's technical specifications are a big part of why. Its 1600W V9 digital motor spins at 100,000rpm with 13L/s of air propulsion for fast, but thorough drying. Aside from the 3 conventional temperatures, it also has a cool air mode to make the style last.

Equipped with ionic technology, this professional hair dryer distributes a constant temperature controlled by 3 speeds. And to satisfy the most demanding, Dyson has equipped its hair dryer with 4 different attachments for drying, blow-drying, concentrator and diffuser. No need to dwell on the design. The picture explains it all!

Panasonic EH-NA98-K825 2

Best value for money

Panasonic EH-NA98-K825

The best entry-level hair dryer

The technology used to design this Panasonic hair dryer makes it unique. The design remains classic, but no less effective. This model dries your hair while moisturizing its roots.

79,99 £ on Boulanger

Despite its simple appearance, this Panasonic hair dryer is equipped with a DC motor developing a power of 1800 W. It offers 4 drying modes that you can choose according to the type and texture of your hair. You can also choose between 2 temperature levels for drying.

But what really stands out is its Nanoe technology. This is a system patented by Panasonic, known to be much more efficient than the negative ion drying technology. As a result, the Panasonic EH-NA98-K825 does not dry out the hair and allows for easy styling after drying. In addition, this model comes with a nozzle and a concentrator. Its foldable body allows you to take it with you when you travel.

Velecta Paramount i-Flex 3

Best value for money

Velecta Paramount i-Flex

The best high-end hair dryer

A true work of art, this Velecta Paramount i-Flex hair dryer demonstrates the French know-how in this field. It embeds the best technologies of the moment for a perfect and personalized drying.

200 £ on Boulanger

Velecta has hit it big with its Paramount i-Flex model, a connected hairdryer that is iOS and Android compatible. Its particularity? It adapts to your hair profile! Its digital EC motor delivers a power of 2,300 W and a constant temperature, allowing a quick drying. This professional model is light and compact, making it easy to hold. 2 speeds allow you to regulate the drying mode. As for the blast, it can reach 180 km/h.

The ionic technology diffuses negative ions to bring a beautiful shine to your hair. Moreover, the Velecta Paramount i-Flex is rather quiet, with 68 dB of sound level at maximum power. Its anti-frizz property further beautifies the hair while drying. This device comes with various accessories such as the diffuser, tips and cool air flex, all in a nice fabric pouch.



An ultra-light professional hair dryer

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Best hair dryer

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The best hair dryer in 2021

The best entry-level hair dryer

The best high-end hair dryer

An ultra-light professional hair dryer

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Comparison table of the best professional hair dryer

Dyson Supersonic 4
Panasonic EH-NA98-K825 5
Velecta Paramount i-Flex 6
Dyson Supersonic
Panasonic EH-NA98-K825
Velecta Paramount i-Flex
The Dyson Supersonic is worth every penny you spend on it. Lightweight and powerful, it offers gentle drying with intelligent blast and temperature control.
The technology used to design this Panasonic hair dryer makes it unique. The design remains classic, but no less effective. This model dries your hair while moisturizing its roots.
A true work of art, this Velecta Paramount i-Flex hair dryer demonstrates the French know-how in this field. It embeds the best technologies of the moment for a perfect and personalized drying.
1,600 W
1,800 W
2,300 W
Speed number
Temperature number
Ionic function
V9 motor spinning up to 110,000 times/minMagnetic tipsFree carrying caseFresh air
Care diffuserPre-programmed speeds4 drying modes4Foldable
Connected iOS and Android compatibleRespect functionIP 20 ratingCool air flexStorage pouch

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How to choose your hair dryer

With so many models and brands of hair dryers available on the market, it is essential to establish a few criteria to choose one that will perform well and last over time.

#1 - The power

This is the first thing to consider, as it determines how much time you will spend in front of the mirror and with your appliance in your hand drying your hair. As a general rule, it should have a power of between 1,500 and 2,400 W. If you have thick hair, don't hesitate to buy a hair dryer with more than 2,000 W. However, if your hair is fine and straight, a model with a power of between 1,500 and 1,800 W is sufficient.

#2 - The temperature

Ideally, a hair dryer with 2 or 3 temperature settings with a "cold air" option is ideal. This will prevent your hair from having a dry texture when blow drying or straightening. Being able to control the heat is important so that your hair doesn't burn and looks natural and moisturized after drying.

#3 - Ergonomics

Prefer lightweight blow dryers since you will be holding it for several minutes. Also, make sure the control buttons are easy to reach. Also, choose a hair dryer with a thinner handle or non-slip handle for a good grip. But most importantly, make sure your dryer doesn't get in your way. You can choose between a fixed or corded hair dryer; and a folding or travel hair dryer model depending on your daily routine.

#4 - The technology


performance of a hair dryer also depends on the technology used. To date, the most popular are ceramic, ionic and tourmaline technology. The first one consists in accumulating heat and then diffusing it in a uniform and regular way. The ionic technology sends negative ions to the hair to eliminate the risk of static electricity that can damage the hair. The last one, tourmaline technology, is an innovation in the field because it protects the hair to the maximum. Thanks to the heated gemstone, water droplets that get stuck in deep areas are transformed into steam for a lightning dry.

#5 - Options and accessories

Always choose a hair dryer that offers at least the two must-have accessories that are the concentrator to bring more volume to your hair and a diffuser, the essential tool to keep a natural curl. Other models have additional accessories such as the silencer or the removable back filter.

The ionic technology sends negative ions to the hair. This eliminates static electricity and makes the hair shinier after drying.

What is an electric hair dryer and how does it work?

The best professional hair dryers 7

By its name, a hair dryer is a device that allows you to dry your hair with hot or cold air. It is more efficient and faster than natural air. Created in a very basic way by Léon Thouillet in the 20's, a French engineer who used it to "heal and dry wounds", it was only really commercialized in 1950 by another engineer of the famous brand Moulinex.

Philips took over in the 90's and released its famous "pistol", a revolutionary hair dryer with several temperature control buttons. Over time and until 2000, the hair dryer has continued to evolve, taking more space in homes.

But suppliers have innovated even more to produce high-tech appliances with even more efficient drying systems. The Dyson brand is proof of this with the introduction of its famous Dyson Supersonic. It has understood the needs of consumers by inventing a hair dryer with microprocessor capable of reducing noise and low energy consumption.

But how does it work? The simplest way is to plug it in and press the "on" button. However, this is more than a simple hand gesture. Generally, a hair dryer works with the Joule effect. Once the electric current passes through a wire, it starts to heat up.

If the wire is too thin, it will not support the intensity of the current if it is too high; which blocks the passage of the current. But this phenomenon is there to manage in a more optimal way the current, but also the light. Most electrical appliances work in the same way, with the daylight effect that transforms heat into light.

Hair dryer or blower brush?

Hair dryer

Far from being obsolete appliances, hair dryers have undergone a makeover in recent years. And you can now buy powerful and robust models with innovative technology. The advantage is that they save time compared to air dryers, which are sometimes slow to dry hair. Models with a diffuser and concentrator are also very practical for blow-drying.

However, the intensive use of a hair dryer can deteriorate the quality of the hair. If this is the case, drying at low temperature is highly recommended. As with any appliance that requires electricity, a hairdryer can use a lot of energy.

Blower brush

The blower brush allows you to quickly fix your hair. Recently released, this device heats up in just a few minutes to brush and straighten hair at the same time, whether it is dry or wet. Generally, it is designed with ionic technology that allows for a more even heat distribution.

The downside is that the heated brush is rather noisy and can sometimes be a nuisance when blow-drying. The grip is sometimes difficult because of the large handle, and of course it is not suitable for very thick hair.


So it all depends on the need and frequency of use. If you are looking for a multi-functional device that will give you a beautiful hairstyle in no time, the blow dryer is the best option. But beware, it may not last long enough. On the other hand, if you like to shake your long, shiny hair, the hair dryer is your best bet. Plus, it's more compact and sturdy than the blow dryer.


Before using a hair dryer

Ideally, you should air dry or towel dry your hair for about 10 minutes before using a hair dryer. Also consider prepping them by combing or rubbing the ends with towel to remove excess moisture.

Use styler to protect your hair from heat

Other than

the usual Shampoos and masks that are supposed to protect your hair from burning, you can apply a deep conditioning and protective product to it. This will nourish your hair and avoid exposing it to too much heat.

Remember to set the heat according to the type of hair

Breath dryers have several knobs to adjust the heat according to your preferences. But how you use them depends mainly on your hair texture and condition. The high setting for example should be operated if you have thick, oily hair. On the other hand, for straight or fine hair, the low setting is the most suitable to avoid damaging it.

Reduce drying time

Excessive use of this type of device can cause irreversible damage to the scalp. The best thing to do is to reduce the drying time as much as possible by drying the hair beforehand: expose it to the air or rub it with a towel. You should also dry them a little at a time.

Did you know that?


can use your hair dryer in other ways, like inflating an air mattress or removing dirt and stains from a wooden table. If you have trouble opening an envelope, heating with a hair dryer would help you open it easily. The device can also save you if your bandage sticks to the wound. To do this, you need to blow hot air on the compress to make it peel off.


What is the best hair dryer?

The best hair dryer depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How do I clean a hair dryer?

Most recently released models have a removable filter that makes cleaning easier and removes the hair that gets between the cooling system and the engine. If that's not enough, you can clean it with a small brush.

How to use the cold air of the hair dryer?

You should use the hair dryer at full power, i.e. on high temperature and turn on the cold air flow to cool it down quickly. This is the best practice for your hair to hold well after drying or blow-drying.

What is the role of the concentrator?

The concentrator is an accessory that may or may not be included and is used to dry a fraction of the hair. Remember to use the nozzle to guide the airflow to the part you want to dry. It is most commonly used to dry and style curly or wavy hair.

What is the purpose of a diffuser?

The diffuser, as its name suggests, diffuses the heat evenly and prevents the heat from coming into direct contact with the hair. It is an indispensable accessory for the care of stale hair. It is the ideal tool for forming curls.


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