Football streaming: the best free sites to watch live matches

Streaming tends to supplant television, especially with platforms like Netflix. Soccer is no exception with free streaming sites. Thanks to free streaming soccer websites, you will have access to friendly matches as well as to the most prestigious competitions (Euro, Copa America, Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, Champions League...) from your smartphone, tablet or computer. And all this without paying! Read this guide to know everything.

Live TV 1

Editor's Choice

Live TV

The best free streaming soccer site in 2021

Live TV is a famous site to broadcast free soccer streaming. And unlike its competitors, it allows the replay of some games and live commentary!

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LiveTV is a free soccer streaming site for live sports streams. It broadcasts live soccer matches, hence the name, but also replays for some games! It shares the live score as well as video archives to enjoy the highlights of a match. It also offers the possibility to follow many competitions, including UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, our good old Ligue 1, La Liga and Serie A matches.

For those interested in US sports, LiveTV also broadcasts major NHL and NBA events. The site uses P2P technology, allowing you to watch medium to high quality streams for free. In addition, an almost unlimited number of visitors can access these streams at the same time. And you can discuss the game live with fans from all over the world via comments.


Best free streaming soccer site across the Atlantic


The best free streaming soccer site across the Atlantic

With ATDHE, access easily and free of charge to many soccer matches and competitions. It is a sports feed aggregator, so you will have more links added for the same match.

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ATDHE is an American free streaming site that broadcasts a large number of sports matches, including soccer. It is a minimalist streaming website. This means that from the home page, you are only one click away from the flash stream. Due to its free nature and conflicts over broadcast rights, this site has been banned in the US and UK. However, it is still available in many countries in the EU.

ATDHE's delivery method is not based on direct streaming. And it is not an independent soccer streaming site. Be careful, no stream is hosted on this site. Once the match is over, the viewing link disappears. Moreover, the site only provides links to third party streaming platforms for live streaming. Once on the site, all you have to do is choose the stream you want to watch and click on it. If that doesn't work, try another one.

RojaDirecta 3

Best European


The best free streaming soccer site in Europe

Rojadirecta is one of the most consulted sports indexing platforms in the world. In addition to the matches, this site is full of useful information and adjusts its clock to your location.

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If you want to know more about the match schedules and scores of the games you missed, visit the free soccer streaming site RojaDirecta. Chances are you won't just find broadcast details, but more importantly, valid links to watch streaming soccer matches. In addition, the site does not offer unwanted ads, unlike many free soccer streaming sites.

In addition, RojaDirecta offers real-time updates. You don't have to adjust your time or search on Google anymore since RojaDirecta adjusts its clock according to your location and you will find matches with precise timing! Note, however, that it does not include past or upcoming matches in the main directory. That said, it does allow you to download complete matches.

SportLemon 4



The best alternative

Sportlemon allows you to share your own links for sports events! You can also find many others. You can even choose the language of the comments.

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On its website, SportLemon defines itself as the 2.0 tool able to offer live streaming for all sports. This free streaming soccer site also allows you to share links for free for sports events. We like the format of the homepage, which is simple and direct: you can see all the scheduled sports matches divided by section. Each of the sections corresponds to a given sport, including soccer.

Note that SportLemon broadcasts live most of the major championships. In addition, users are allowed to set their preferences on types of sports, which will allow the site to easily suggest videos and streams that may interest you (the same algorithm as YouTube). In addition, SportLemon provides real-time updates of all matches, although sometimes the links provided take you to some third-party sites that are not always reliable. 5

Best French site

The best free streaming soccer site in French

With this free soccer streaming website, enjoy the live broadcast of the matches. Thanks to its intuitive interface, allows you to follow different competitions live.

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Thanks to, watch the best soccer games in streaming! Live thrills by following your stars in Ligue 1 or Premier League. The free soccer streaming site offers you sports streaming in French. Follow the matches directly and for free on the site. You will not need to commit or subscribe to enjoy the magic of sports.

All the major soccer competitions, including the Champions League, the Europa League or the 5 major championships are available on The programs of the major soccer championships will be presented to you so that you can organize yourself according to your preference and your availability. In some cases, the replay of a match is possible.

HahaSport 6

Best English site


The best free streaming soccer site in English

Follow the soccer matches and the highlights of your favorite sport on HahaSport! Thanks to this platform, you have the chance to enjoy live sports events throughout the day.

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HahaSport offers you the opportunity to follow the biggest soccer games on its platform for free. Many videos of different types of sports are available in very good quality and without restrictions. This is an opportunity to support your favorite team in League 1. With the arrival of megastars like Sergio Ramos or Lionel Messi, the French first division (Ligue 1) is followed by many soccer fans in the four corners of the globe.

Apart from free soccer streaming, you can also find other sports events on HahaSport. You can follow tennis tournaments like Wimbledon or the London Masters. You can even follow regular season games and NBA play-offs! Don't miss to follow the news and the live scores on this sports streaming platform.

FC Stream 7

Very interesting

FC Stream

A very interesting free streaming soccer site

Are you a big sports fan? FC Stream accompanies you to live your passion for free. Enjoy your favorite sports, especially soccer games, in a way that is different from watching them on TV.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best free streaming football site

Any specific needs?

The best free streaming soccer site in 2021

The best free streaming soccer site across the Atlantic

The best free streaming soccer site in Europe

The best alternative

The best free streaming soccer site in French

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Comparison table of the best free soccer streaming sites

Live TV 8
RojaDirecta 10
SportLemon 11
8/10 12
HahaSport 13
FC Stream 14
Live TV
FC Stream
Live TV is a famous site to broadcast free soccer streaming. And unlike its competitors, it allows the replay of some games and live commentary!
With ATDHE, access easily and free of charge to many soccer matches and competitions. It is a sports feed aggregator, so you will have more links added for the same match.
Rojadirecta is one of the most consulted sports indexing platforms in the world. In addition to the matches, this site is full of useful information and adjusts its clock to your location.
Sportlemon allows you to share your own links for sports events! You can also find many others. You can even choose the language of the comments.
With this free soccer streaming website, enjoy the live broadcast of the matches. Thanks to its intuitive interface, allows you to follow different competitions live.
Follow the soccer matches and the highlights of your favorite sport on HahaSport! Thanks to this platform, you have the chance to enjoy live sports events throughout the day.
Are you a big sports fan? FC Stream accompanies you to live your passion for free. Enjoy your favorite sports, especially soccer games, in a way that is different from watching them on TV.
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Main language of the site

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How to choose your free streaming football site

#1 - By detecting legal sites

Fortunately, there is a trick to checking the authenticity of a website. It consists in watching the legal notices. Indeed, to make a streaming site legal, the publisher of the site has to mention his identity to the viewers. By this, he puts a link at the bottom of the page and mentions his name and address. The absence of this information generally indicates an illegal website.

#2 - By choosing reliable streaming sites

The first element that attests to the authenticity and reliability of a site is its legality, but also the fact that the site does not provide viruses to Internet users who visit it. Indeed, the presence of malicious viruses can affect your computer and its contents. Avoid sites that bombard you with advertisements and dubious links before and during the broadcast of your game. There is a technique used by hackers, known as "malvertising", whereby they inject malicious code into banner ads. As a result, while you are busy watching your game replay, your computer silently downloads malware that could be ransomware that encrypts and locks all your data.

#3 - Considering the appearance of the site

If a site looks poorly designed and amateurish, chances are it was created by amateurs. Poor sound reception and poor video quality show this quite well. Also, if the site doesn't allow you to access a French translation of the games it broadcasts, even though you chose it specifically for that, there may be a reason. Stay away. But be careful: just because a website is professionally designed doesn't mean it's reliable.

Things to know

Streaming services offer you all the sports coverage you want on your terms. However, there are so many choices that it can be a little difficult to decide which one is right for you. When making your choice, keep in mind which sports are most important to you.

#4 - Considering the sites that give more details about football

To know that a free streaming soccer site is more interesting than another one look at the way the site gives information about the soccer in question for its audience. Normally you can find free streaming proposals of soccer matches, replays of tournaments, or even real time sports news, soccer tournaments like Champions League, live score with results of live soccer matches, etc.

An excellent internet connection is essential

If you don't have a stable and high speed internet connection, you won't have a smooth streaming. Your game may stop or buffer, which can interfere with your viewing or listening and is very unpleasant. Also, depending on the streaming service you use, the quality may not match.

If your internet connection fails, your video will also stop, be blurry or there will be a delay between the picture and the sound. If you are used to high quality Blu-ray, you will notice poor quality. The better your connection, the better you will be able to enjoy your soccer game streaming.


Broadcasting or watching a game on sites or channels that do not comply with the law is prohibited. It will be taken as an offence and liable to a fine.

The different types of free soccer streaming sites

To enjoy the best soccer games online, fans look for sites that offer free content. Apart from the sites of famous channels, some broadcast legally and others do not. In any case, they all allow you to follow important events in this sport.

Free legal soccer streaming site

Legal streaming sites have broadcast rights for both small and large events. It should be noted that you can't always choose which games to watch on these sites if it's totally free. On the other hand, some sites offer affordable subscription rates so that users can access unlimited programs. In any case, the matches are streamed live on the said platforms and they offer different languages for commentaries.

Football channels website

The big sports channels nowadays have a website on which they launch streaming some soccer matches. There you can see quality content with a good connection speed. These broadcasts are also free. There are other programs and broadcasts whose purpose is to present the highlights of the week or day. These bonuses usually only concern European leagues.

Free illegal soccer streaming site

The other sites that publish soccer matches in streaming do not have broadcasting rights. Thus, they use the contents presented by the legal companies. If the videos are of good quality, the broadcasting is often interrupted by ads or pop-ups. On other sites, the image and sound quality can also be very poor. In both cases, these soccer streaming sites are illegal.

Free streaming soccer site or IPTV subscription?

Free streaming football site

Free streaming football sites allow free cloud transcoding. Therefore, discoverability is superior. Since these sites want to reach the most audience possible (like Facebook live and YouTube), then they are forced to offer higher quality video with multiple options so that the audience can make multiple choices. The goals of these sites are often as much sharing as possible and social engagement. To achieve this, they use high-level edge servers.

Thus, choosing a free streaming site is beneficial, as you can receive the stream from the nearest server at the best speeds with satisfactory image quality without having to pay anything. However, you may be disturbed by "commercial breaks" or have little control over the ads being played. In addition, your copyrighted content will be limited and even parts of the live streams may be disabled if copyrighted music is detected.

IP TV subscription

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) subscription is a service through which you can access TV channels on your computer, tablet or even smartphone via an internet connection. These services are very popular with those who want to access the sports channels offered by Bein or Canal +. It is also suitable for users who want to access all other free channels and DTT.

In order to use these IPTV services on your TV, you must first have a device with Internet access, such as a computer, Samsung or LG Smart TV. If you don't have a Smart TV, but want to access IPTV on your TV, you must first get an IPTV Box or Android Box. Simply connect it to the TV to access various IPTV applications.


So it's up to you to choose the best option for your needs. If with IPTV you have to pay a subscription fee, the downside is that network operators can define the quality of service and control its security. With streaming on the other hand, everything is free, but unfortunately the signal can be used to cross different networks so the network operators don't have the same control over the bandwidth. So streaming is more interesting for those who can't afford the IP TV subscription or for those who already have a high speed internet connection.

5 reasons to choose a free streaming soccer site to watch soccer games

1. a new way to watch the games

Before, you needed to download your soccer games to watch them. Now, you can support your favorite team directly online, via a streaming soccer site. Thanks to the technology, you can watch the game as many times as you want.

2. the legal character

Unlike movie and series streaming sites, sports sites are completely legal. You don't risk any prosecution or banishment by going on these platforms. All you have to do is fill in some information and you can enjoy your game in peace. storage space

You don't risk clogging up your computer's storage space by opting for a free streaming soccer site. This mode of viewing dispenses with the need to download the matches and thus saturate your hard drive. It's as if the footage never existed on your device.

4.instant playback

As if you were there! The goal of a streaming soccer site is to offer you real-time viewing. You can follow the comments live, especially if you have a good connection. A whole new experience if you didn't have the chance to buy your ticket to the stadium.

5. free streaming

A free soccer streaming site, as the name suggests, allows you to watch your favorite games at no cost. You are not obliged to subscribe to the site either. Of course, the site offers viewing or recording optimization options, but you can access the video link freely. With cable, you still have to pay for the subscription, while you can perfectly access the entire game on a free streaming site, if you have an internet connection at home or on your mobile device.

The best brands of free soccer streaming sites

In our opinion, the best brands of free soccer streaming sites in 2022 are :

Live Tv

Live Tv is a free website that offers live sports events, sports videos and live results. The broadcasts of these events are mostly done in P2P mode which has a major role in the retransmission of events on the Internet. Live Tv offers excellent image and sound quality to its large audience.

Rojadirecta tv is free and will always be. You will find the sports stream you want to watch, just click on the link and voila, you can watch your favorite game. Good streaming sites are hard to find these days, so enjoy the convenience and leave the hard work to the Rojadirecta team. is a minimalist sports streaming website, which means that from its homepage, subscribers are only one click away from the flash stream. The site is available worldwide except for the United States and Great Britain. is a sports stream aggregator, so usually more links are added for the same event. This means that no streams are hosted on this website.

This streaming site allows you to follow league 2 soccer matches as well as the league cup in streaming. From the European cup opposing the French clubs to the foreign clubs as well as the matches of the French team. This site offers more than tens of matches in streaming.

This site is the site which ensures to broadcast live the matches without delay of update. It is a live streaming site and also offers videos of old matches. These videos are accessible via the video gallery option.


Avoid sites that encourage you to install programs

Indeed, there are streaming soccer sites that ask you to install programs on your computer. However, you might end up on the wrong sites. These software downloads may expose you to files with malware and other viruses that can damage your computer.

Do not leave your exact contacts


a streaming site requires you to sign up, it is suggested that you do not leave an email address that you use frequently. This is because it can be immediately resold and used for other lucrative purposes, and you may find yourself overwhelmed by emails.

Favour legal platforms


platforms are most likely to give you HD quality, no cuts, no ads, no lag with real time, in short, a good viewing experience what. Moreover, you will not face any security problems on your computer, no virus, no firewell, no fishing. And for foreign games, you will be sure to get comments in French.

Inquire at


yes! this is very very important. To avoid wasting time looking for the best site, find out about the site you want to access from other internet users who have already used the site in question. This will also help you to check that the site does not offer too much advertising (it does when it is totally free) or to make sure that the site offers better audio and video quality.


What is the best free streaming football site?

The best free football streaming site depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Are these sites safe and 100% virus free?

All free sports streaming sites have to win somewhere, which is why they allow ads and redirect them to their pages. These ads can be safe or contain malware that can harm you or your system. Thus, no free site is completely free, so to maintain your security and privacy while streaming live sports, it is advisable to use a VPN or virtual private network that will move your IP address to another country. VPNs protect you from identity theft, among other things. You can also use ad blockers (like adblock), but some sites may not allow this. In addition to these measures, you can also use appropriate anti-virus software to protect your system from viruses and malware.

Is it legal to stream live sports online?

Not all jurisdictions in the world operate in the same way, but it is relatively legal to stream live sports. You may be breaking laws when you upload or post copyrighted content. This is the main reason streaming sites are shut down.

Can I stream live sports on my mobile?

Not all of us are comfortable using laptops or desktops while traveling or in other situations. For your convenience, many of these free sports streaming sites offer a good interface for their sites on mobile or even apps for Android or iOS phones. Mobile compatibilities of each site have been listed so you can find the one that works best for you.

What is the risk of watching a football match illegally?

Broadcasting a football match on a streaming site without the authorisation of the authors is a fraud and criminal sanctions can go up to three years in prison and a fine of €300,000 for the broadcaster. For the internet user, watching an illegally broadcast football match can be considered as receiving stolen goods, i.e. the conscious use of the proceeds of a crime or misdemeanour, as long as the copyright is not deliberately respected. Most football streaming sites broadcast a pay-per-view programme.


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