The best punching balls in the UK 2023

More than a bodybuilding or training accessory for martial arts enthusiasts, the punching ball is also a good way to relieve stress. It is not only reserved for the initiated and the golgoths populating the boxing rooms. Anybody who wants to do cardio-training or keep in shape can use it as well. But which model to choose? Find the right one for you with this guide.

Punching ball pour boxe et kickboxing Brace Master 1

Editor's Choice

Punching ball pour boxe et kickboxing Brace Master

The best punching ball in 2021

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Punching ball de bureau Tec Tools 2


Punching ball de bureau Tec Tools

The best entry-level punching ball in 2021

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Punching ball POWRX 3

Top of the line

Punching ball POWRX

The best high-end punching ball in 2021

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Punching ball Costway 4

A great choice

Punching ball Costway

A very good kid's model

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Punching ball RDX 5

A very good choice

Punching ball RDX

A great speed pear

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best punching bag

Any specific needs?

The best punching ball in 2021

The best entry-level punching ball in 2021

The best high-end punching ball in 2021

A very good kid's model

A great speed pear

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Comparison table of the best punching balls

The best Inexpensive High end Excellent Very good
Punching ball pour boxe et kickboxing Brace Master 6
Punching ball de bureau Tec Tools 7
Punching ball POWRX 8
Punching ball Costway 9
Punching ball RDX 10
Punching ball pour boxe et kickboxing Brace Master
Punching ball de bureau Tec Tools
Punching ball POWRX
Punching ball Costway
Punching ball RDX

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Buying guide - punching bag

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How to choose your punching bag

Let's review the parameters to consider before buying a punching ball.

#1 - The material

Nothing beats a punching ball made of sturdy material that will last you for years. To this end, this parameter will depend mainly on the frequency and intensity of your workouts. For a more intensive use, choose a solid and easy to maintain material like leather or polyurethane. On the other hand, if you are still a beginner, opt for leatherette or plastic.

#2 - Stability

If you plan to move your punching ball often, a model on a stand will therefore be ideal. Just make sure that it is stable enough to easily return to its initial position after each of your punches. To ensure the stability of the punching ball, most of the free-standing models offer bases to be filled with water. There are also versions with a base equipped with weights.

#3 - Inflatable or not ?

An inflatable punching ball is easier to store when not in use. It is also easy to carry when you plan to take it with you on vacation or when you travel.

#4 - The age of the user

Be aware that punching balls come in all kinds of models. There are some for adults as well as for children.

#5 - Adjustable in height or not ?

To be able to let you enjoy a wide variety of movements, it is essential that your punching ball is adjustable in height. This is especially true of the standing models. Therefore, make sure that your punching ball once adjusted in height, can help you to exercise your kicks in the best conditions.

#6 - The padding

It is true that when you are going to punch your punching ball, you will wear boxing gloves or bandages. However, it is better to opt for a punching ball with cotton or foam padding. This will prevent you from hurting yourself during your workouts, especially for those who use the punching ball to relieve tension at the office.

Train well with a punching bag

Learn to dodge

After each punch or kick, the punching ball will bounce. This is just perfect for practicing the angled dodge. This technique consists of stepping back at an angle to the sides without jumping to dodge the punching ball's returns. Not only will you be doing your body good, but you will also be working your mind. Your intelligence, concentration and composure will be called upon.

Boost your endurance

Whether you want to lose weight or simply stay in shape, a punching bag will help you work on your breath and your endurance. The principle is simple: just hit the punching ball as long as possible. The important thing is to concentrate on the number of punches you throw. This will help your muscles gradually get used to the movements and repeated contractions.

Work on your striking speed

To work on your punching speed, hit the punching ball in short bursts for a very short time (15 seconds). Stroke after stroke, work on your breathing by inhaling and exhaling intensely but briefly. When the time for the bursts is up, take a 15 second break.

Work on hitting accuracy

If you want to improve your hitting accuracy, first mark the areas you want to hit with your punching ball before you start your workout. Try to hit each area a little at a time. Don't force it. You'll find that as you practice, your punches will become more and more accurate and well placed.

Good to Know

During your training sessions, treat your punching bag like a real opponent. Always move even during breaks. This will only improve your endurance.

The different types of punching balls

There are all kinds of punching balls but the most common ones on the market are the standing version and the speed pear.

The speedball

The speed pear is a type of punching ball fixed in height thanks to a support. This equipment mainly allows martial arts enthusiasts to work on their technique and speed. Basically, it is not really suitable for beginners because its use requires a certain time of adaptation and a certain technique. This punching ball is very appreciated for its great stability. However, if you plan to move your sports equipment often, this is not the one for you. To this end, be sure to determine where you plan to place your speed pear. Once you've got it set up properly, it's best not to move it again.

The standing punching bag

As the name suggests, it's a hitting accessory whose support is made up of a foot. There are all kinds of models dedicated to adults and children. Contrary to the speed pear, the punching ball on foot is easier to use and you will have no trouble moving it either. This device offers different heights thanks to its adjustable side. Once it is properly weighted, it will be able to withstand any of your powerful blows without tipping over. However, some people do not appreciate this type of punching ball for its instability because some of them do not support too powerful blows and end up tipping over.

Punching ball or punching bag?

Punching ball

It is a full-fledged punching accessory that we often tend to confuse with the punching bag. Unlike the latter which is fixed to the ceiling, the punching ball has a metal rod on which it is mounted. This rod is equipped with a spring which is repositioned in the center after each of your blows. There are also punching balls that are fixed on a support or on the ceiling, but they are rather difficult to find.

The advantage with the punching ball is that it is light and not very bulky. Therefore, it will have no problem to find its place in a small apartment or in your office. It can be hung from the ceiling or on a pole if you doubt the sturdiness of your ceiling. The punching ball is also perfect for training with fists and feet but only at height.

Punching bag

The punching bag is a training accessory that allows you to work on the power of your shots rather than their precision. Because of its length, it allows you to work on strikes with your feet and hands.

However, the punching bag is heavy and cumbersome. Therefore, it does not fit in a small apartment or a small space. In addition, in order to use it in good conditions, you need to have a good ceiling height. The ceiling must also be able to support the weight of the bag. Finally, the use of a punching bag is quite delicate since it can cause fractures of the metacarpals or scaphoids. Hence the importance of wearing appropriate gloves and being careful about filling the bag.


Punching ball or punching bag? The choice is yours. It all depends on your objectives, your needs and your desires. If you do Thai boxing or kick-boxing, opt for the punching bag. On the other hand, if you practice a martial art that forbids hitting below the belt, turn to the punching bag. You can also install a punching bag in your office to relieve your stress whenever you feel the need.

Why buy a punching bag?

1-To be able to de-stress (especially at the office)

The punching ball is a striking accessory that allows you to evacuate tension and stress, especially at the office. It's a great way to let off steam when you're overwhelmed by negative emotions or anger. Simply put on your boxing gloves and punch the punching bag until you feel relief. As you hit the accessory, you will gradually feel the physical and mental well being of your body.

2-To be able to do cardio-training

As effective as jogging, the treadmill or the exercise bike, the punching ball offers you the possibility to do cardio-training at home or at the office. This allows you to perform regular workouts to improve your cardiovascular system, your breath and your endurance. A few minutes with your punching bag will be more than enough to strengthen your heart muscle and regulate your heart rate to help you stay in shape in general.

3-To build muscle

For those who want to build up their lower body as well as their upper body, the punching ball is an excellent way to do so. Indeed, hitting this device allows the shoulders and pectoral muscles to gain resistance. Just as effective as the rowing machine, which uses all the muscles of the body, the punching ball is also an excellent bodybuilding accessory. It is true that it is more effective on the upper body, but martial arts enthusiasts know very well that it is also possible to build up the lower body with it.

4-To get the family into sports

By installing a punching bag in your home, you also encourage your family to get into sports. Once everyone in the house gets involved, you will be more motivated and therefore more assiduous during your training sessions. General motivation has a considerable positive impact on individual motivation. In the end, those who are more assiduous will always persuade those who are less so. This will contribute to the overall health of the family.

5-To be able to exercise anywhere without hindrance

By having your own sports accessory at home, you won't waste time going to the fitness or weight room. Moreover, the punching ball is a sports accessory that requires very little time to set up. As such, you can start your workouts quickly and anywhere whether it is at the office, at home or even on vacation.

6-To help children develop their reflexes

Besides the evacuation of negative emotions and stress, the punching ball also allows to improve the functioning and the capacity of the brain. This will contribute to optimize the hand-eye coordination of children, but also the balance and minimize the risks of falls in everyday life.

The best brands of punching balls

In our opinion, the best brands of punching balls in 2022 are :

Brace Master
RDX Sport

Brace Master is a brand that offers a wide range of sports accessories. The punching balls of the brand, it's undoubtedly good equipment for a very attractive price.

Leading brand of contact sports clothing, RDX Sport offers a wide range of sports equipment and accessories. These include mouth guards, jump ropes, shin guards, boxing gloves and helmets, weight training equipment, punching bags and punching bags. And the list goes on. In short, the brand is able to offer beginners, casual and professional athletes everything they need to be able to train in better conditions.

Everlast is a brand that started in the Bronx in 1910 as a swimwear manufacturer. In 1917, young boxer Jack Dempsey asked the brand to make him a head protector that could last more than 15 rounds. In 1919, Dempsey won the world heavyweight championship. This boosted the popularity of Everlast, which soon became a worldwide reference in boxing equipment. Today, Everlast has 88 licenses in the world and is present in more than 101 countries.

It is a brand of French origin that was born in 2004. Venum is one of the best references specialized in combat sports and martial arts equipment. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will find at Venum the punching ball that will meet your expectations.

Founded in 2013, Costway is a French multinational company that offers a wide range of products, from home decoration items, toys for children, to sports items such as punching balls. The high quality of Costway's products combined with the very attractive price at which they are offered testify to the brand's seriousness as well as its commitment to prioritize customer satisfaction.

What is the price for a punching bag

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

26 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Never forget to warm up and stretch

The warm-up stage is essential before using your muscles and joints during a sports session. This will avoid rushing your body and promote blood flow and synovial fluid distribution in your joints. Finally, close your workouts with stretching.

Strengthen your muscle endurance

Lift and then lower your legs in turn after each stroke by bending and unfolding your knee to strengthen certain muscles.

Strengthen your shoulders

To do this, always make sure your fists are aimed at face level. This will also ensure more effective exercises.

Work together for a better workout

If you are a beginner, have someone hold the punching ball to limit its bounce. Do this until you are agile enough to practice your dodging skills.

The perfect height to set up a punching bag

The ideal height to place a punching ball is about 20 cm from your waist.


How to inflate a punching ball? How to fix a punching ball? What are the benefits of punching ball? How to make a punching ball?

To inflate a punching ball, you just have to do it with a hand pump that comes with it. In case the package does not contain a pump, you just need to get one with a small nozzle. You can just as easily use a bicycle pump if you already have one at home.

Locate the hook on the ceiling. Once that's done, position the pivot that will support the punching ball and mark the mounting holes with a pencil. Using a drill, drill into the ceiling and screw in the hook with which you will hang the punching ball. If the product comes with a gallows, just follow the instructions in the manual to properly attach the punching ball.

In addition to being a punching accessory to release stress and frustration, the punching ball also teaches young people to excel, better handle bullying and threats and develop a taste for challenge. Similarly, hyperactive people will also be delighted to be able to channel their excess energy by regularly punching a punching ball.

To begin with, know that the ideal dimensions of a punching ball is 100 cm x 35 cm. Based on these dimensions, get a canvas or other synthetic material thick enough to be able to withstand your workouts. You will also need to sew with upholstery thread or fishing line. Once you have all your materials, make a circle base. Then join this base to another piece of fabric in a tube shape. For the top part, make gathers where you will cross the rope (not a chain) to hang the punching ball. Fill your punching ball with foam to avoid any risk of hand injury.


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Punching ball pour boxe et kickboxing Brace Master
Punching ball de bureau Tec Tools 12
Punching ball de bureau Tec Tools
Punching ball POWRX 13
Punching ball POWRX
Punching ball Costway 14
Punching ball Costway
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Punching ball RDX


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