The best women's running shoes in the UK 2023

That's it, it's decided! You are going to run and join the 2 million women who run at least once a week. But to do it in the best conditions, you need the right shoes. Our guide to the best running shoes for women is here to help you.

Puma St Runner V2 NL size 37 1

Best value

Puma St Runner V2 NL size 37

The best women's running shoe in 2021

Puma's St Runner V2 NL women's running shoes are not a bestseller for nothing. Versatile and unisex, they have impressive technical specifications.

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Based on Puma's legendary ST running shoes, the ST Runner V2 NL is a versatile update designed for women, although some sizes are more suitable for men. These running shoes come in 16 colors, so there's something for every woman!

Coming with an updated full rubber outsole, these Puma shoes offer total grip and durability. Inside, there is an ethylene vinyl acetate midsole. In addition, there is a stabilizing heel clip. Finally, the elegance of these running shoes makes them easy to combine with a wide variety of outfits.

Axcone Running Baskets pointure 36 2

Best cheap

Axcone Running Baskets pointure 36

The best entry-level women's running shoe

For less than thirty euros, you could afford these very well-made running shoes called Running Baskets Axcone. In addition, they are all-purpose!

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Despite their entry-level positioning, Axcone's Running Baskets manage to offer a very pleasant mix of casual design and running specifications. Available in 5 colors, these models stand out with a heel height of 2.5 cm, ideal to absorb the roughness of the road.

In terms of comfort, these women's running shoes can withstand prolonged use. This is thanks to the high elasticity of the structure and the presence of a breathable fabric upper. In addition, you will be entitled to a built-in superior cushioning that reinforces the comfort. A godsend with these ultra-light shoes.

Brooks Bedlam pointure 37,5 3

Best high end

Brooks Bedlam pointure 37,5

The best high-end women's running shoe

Want the ultimate in women's running shoes? Turn to the Brooks Beldam. You'll get support, stability and performance.

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The Brooks Beldam are well worth the price you'll pay for them. Built for running, these women's shoes feature a rubber sole and a breathable upper and lining. Plus, they have energized cushioning via Brooks' own DNA AMP system.

The midsole does more than cushioning: it controls, captures and releases your energy to reduce your effort while running! You'll also benefit from Brooks' innovative GuideRails technology. This integrated support system proactively guides your feet to ensure proper alignment.

Saucony Ride Iso 2 pointure 36,5 4

Running shoes

Saucony Ride Iso 2 pointure 36,5

The best pronator running shoe for women

Designed for those who experience strong pronation of the feet, the Sauccony Ride Iso 2 are suitable for all levels of practice and all body types.

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Pronator running shoes are the most expensive and hard to find. So we were delighted to come across this pair of Saucony Ride Iso 2. Designed for both women and men, they provide reliable cushioning through its EverRun technology that works throughout the foot.

The Saucony Ride Iso 2 also features a Tri-Flex outsole that allows the wearer to have a smooth and flexible ride. Primarily intended for road running, the Saucony Ride Iso 2 shoes benefit from a design made entirely of synthetic materials.

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Best women's running shoes

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The best women's running shoe in 2021

The best entry-level women's running shoe

The best high-end women's running shoe

The best pronator running shoe for women

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Comparison table of the best women's running shoes

Puma St Runner V2 NL size 37 5
Axcone Running Baskets pointure 36 6
Brooks Bedlam pointure 37,5 7
Saucony Ride Iso 2 pointure 36,5 8
Puma St Runner V2 NL size 37
Axcone Running Baskets pointure 36
Brooks Bedlam pointure 37,5
Saucony Ride Iso 2 pointure 36,5
Puma's St Runner V2 NL women's running shoes are not a bestseller for nothing. Versatile and unisex, they have impressive technical specifications.
For less than thirty euros, you could afford these very well-made running shoes called Running Baskets Axcone. In addition, they are all-purpose!
Want the ultimate in women's running shoes? Turn to the Brooks Beldam. You'll get support, stability and performance.
Designed for those who experience strong pronation of the feet, the Sauccony Ride Iso 2 are suitable for all levels of practice and all body types.

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Buying guide - women's running shoes

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How to choose your women's running shoes

The many women's running shoe models available are designed to meet every need. To find the right pair of shoes for you, consider these few criteria.

#1 - The running surface

If most of your running session is on sidewalk, road shoes are for you. With more cushioning than trail or lightweight running shoes, they will provide better shock absorption to minimize the risk of injury. If you're running on rough trails, it's best to wear a pair of trail shoes with a deep tread that provides better traction and ankle support. On sidewalk, however, these shoes will be uncomfortable, as the lugs will dig into the soles of your feet and wear out quickly.If you do a little of both, you should consider a hybrid running shoe. These shoes work well in urban environments and on rough terrain. They have a balanced mix of grip and cushioning.

#2 - The pronation of your feet

The second piece of information you need to know before choosing your women's running shoe is your pronation level. Pronation is the natural movement of your foot when your foot lands on the ground and your arch naturally collapses to absorb the impact. Runners who have the correct level of arch collapse are called normal pronators. Runners who have too much arch collapse are overpronators. Finally, runners with too little arch collapse are known as overpronators or underpronators. Your choice of women's running shoe should be based on your level of pronation.

#3 - The height of the arch of the foot

The height of your arch determines how much support your feet may need. High arches or flat feet may need extra support. The running shoe you choose should take this into account. The best way to identify arch height is to perform a wet test. Simply wet both feet in a pan of water and step on a piece of paper. A brown paper bag or a piece of cardboard also works well.

#4 - The level of depreciation

Cushioning will be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right running shoe for you. The level of cushioning in the shoe will dictate your comfort level, the amount of shock absorption, and the mileage of the shoe.Most women's running shoe models range from minimum to maximum. The shoe manufacturer will often use the level of cushioning as a selling point for a particular model. Cushioned shoes offer the highest level of shock absorption. They work best for runners who are looking for the highest level of comfort. Minimal cushioning provides a thin layer of protection under the foot, but allows the runner to feel the ground surface perfectly.

#5 - The adjustment

If you only consider one factor when selecting a women's running shoe, it should be its fit. A running shoe that is too tight or too big will not only make your running experience painful, but it could also lead to potential injuries. Feet tend to increase in size when you run. They also tend to swell a bit throughout the day, so trying on your shoes in the afternoon or evening helps to get a more accurate fit.

How to determine your pronation level?

The best running shoes for women 9

You need to know your running gait and your pronation level before you buy your first pair of running shoes. In the store, you can perform a simple treadmill test where your running gait will be observed and recommendations will be made.

Of course, you could also buy your shoes online and you can do one of the following tests to find out your pronation level.

Pronation analysis using your smartphone camera

Simply ask someone to videotape you while you run at a comfortable pace on a treadmill. Ask them to take video footage from behind and in front, then use a mobile app like Hudl to slow down the video so you can observe your natural gait. The Hudl app is available as a free download from the Android App Store or the Apple Store.

Pronation analysis using the wear test

The easiest way to determine your level of pronation is to look at a pair of running shoes you've used for a long time. When you look at the bottom of your running shoes, you should be able to see a wear pattern if the shoes are old enough.

The different types of women's running shoes

While many runners like to choose a running shoe based on brand loyalty or internet reviews, the reality is that you should choose running shoes based on the particular problem a shoe model solves or complements your anatomy and gait.

Neutral running shoes

Neutral running shoes are for runners who are normal pronators and underpronators. Underpronators or those with high arches need a neutral running shoe with special features.

The most important feature for high arches is to add more cushioning. For underpronators, choose a neutral shoe with a more flexible upper and midsole to promote pronation.

Stability running shoes

Stability shoes are designed for mild to moderate overpronators. Stability shoes offer different levels of arch support or cushioning depending on the model and are designed to correct overpronation.

Stability shoes are not as heavy or stiff as motion controlled shoes, as their primary purpose is to not completely control overpronation.

Controlled movement running shoes

Motion controlled running shoes are for heavy to extreme overpronators. This type of shoe has a more structured platform to prevent the foot from overpronating or rolling inward.

Because of their focus on guiding the foot, motion control shoes are often heavier and often feel stiffer.

Lightweight running shoes or stability running shoes?

Lightweight running shoes

These running shoes are ultra light and flexible. They feel like you're not wearing shoes with cushioning to protect your feet. Lightweight shoes will reduce your fatigue and pain after a running session, while remaining super comfortable.

Stability running shoes

Stability shoes offer cushioning, medial support and greater durability. They are designed to stop excessive movement of your foot and ankle without restricting movement too much. They are also relatively lightweight.


Lightweight shoes are ideal for long runs in urban areas. Their lightness will reduce your fatigue considerably. On the other hand, stability shoes are much more versatile and offer the best compromise between motion control running shoes and cushioned running shoes.

The best brands of women's running shoes

In our opinion, the best brands of women's running shoes in 2022 are :


Puma is one of the leading brands in the sportswear industry. When it comes to women's running shoes, Puma offers models with a casual look, with a wide range of colors

Axcone is known around the world for its versatile, stylish and comfortable running shoes. When it comes to women's running shoes, you're spoiled for choice.

Brooks is a brand that specializes in making running shoes for both women and men. The brand has become known for the excellent quality of manufacture and finish of its women's running shoes.

The Saucony brand is starting to make a name for itself in the running shoe sector. Its main strength is to succeed in offering niche products that meet specific needs of women and men.

The Asics brand is best known for its trial shoes. In addition, the brand has a large catalog of women's running shoes for asphalt and relatively flat courses.

What is the price women's running shoes

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 35 £
35 £ to 80 £
more than 80 £
Price range diagram


Don't buy your running shoes for the look.

When buying running shoes, the look should be the last thing on your mind. Think first about the comfort of your feet, the impact of a bad pair on your health, the shape of the shoes, etc. Pay more attention to practicality than aesthetics.

Do not buy shoes that are too small.

Overfitting shoes cause blisters, black toenails and that sort of thing. Women are used to wearing their shoes too tight, as they are often more self-conscious about the size of their feet, but even men sometimes buy running shoes that are too small for them. If you care about the health of your feet, if you don't want to damage them, don't make this mistake.

Try to buy your shoes at the end of the day.

Most people tend to have swollen feet during the day because of the different activities they have to perform. To avoid getting the wrong size, if you've been moving around a lot during the day, buy your running shoes at the end of the day, after you've rested (and therefore de-swollen) your feet.

Do not wear your running shoes for too long.

Most running shoes on foot have a lifespan of 400 to 600 kilometers. Don't forget to change your shoes when that time is up. This is because shoes that are too worn out can lead to injury.

Buy your new pair before you get rid of the old one.

This way

, you can start to get used to your new pair gradually. They will already be quite soft and comfortable when your old pair has finally given up the ghost.


What is the best running shoe for women?

The best running shoe for women depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best.

How often should I change my running shoes?

Runners generally need to replace their shoes every 600 km. However, this number can vary depending on a number of factors, including the number of miles you run each week, the surfaces you run on and your personal comfort preferences.

How do I know if my running shoes are worn out?

Usually your body will tell you when your shoes are worn out. If you are a regular runner and suddenly feel pain in your shins, feet, arches, knees, your shoes may be the cause. Here are some markers of worn out shoes.

When I run, should I breathe through my nose or mouth?

Both of them. It is normal and natural to breathe through your nose and mouth at the same time. Keep your mouth slightly open and relax your jaw muscles. But generally, you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Where should I run?

You can run anywhere as long as it is safe and enjoyable. The best running routes are scenic, well-lit, free of traffic and with enough other runners. Think of running as a way to explore new territory.


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Puma St Runner V2 NL size 37 10
Puma St Runner V2 NL size 37
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Axcone Running Baskets pointure 36
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Brooks Bedlam pointure 37,5
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