30 fantastic books to read once in a lifetime

Fantasy literature is one of the most popular genres among readers. This success is mainly due to the very blurred boundaries between the sub-genres it includes. Thus, works from this literary style reach a particularly wide age range. From children who are just starting to read to senior citizens who want to relax with a good book, there is something for everyone. To prove to you that fantasy literature offers one or more works that will not fail to surprise you, we invite you to look at our selection of 30 books to read once or more in your life.

10 must-read fantasy books

The Lord of the Rings 1

The Lord of the Rings

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Enter the fantastic world of the Hobbits and their peaceful life soon threatened by Sauron and his black riders. They are ready to destroy everything in their path to recover a magical ring that Frodo, a young Hobbit, possesses against his will. This book was written by J.R.R. Tolkien, translated by Daniel Lauzon.

The Hobbit (Pocket) 2

The Hobbit (Pocket)

5,52 £ on Amazon

The Hobbit is one of the most popular fantasy books of the 21st century. Tolkien's book, translated by Daniel Lauzon, tells the story of Bilbo, a peaceful being who finds himself drawn into an epic adventure by Gandalf the wizard and thirteen bearded dwarves. They set out to reclaim the lonely mountain and its treasures, fiercely guarded by the dragon Smaug.

The Royal Assassin (Tome 1-First period) 3

The Royal Assassin (Tome 1-First period)

14,64 £ on Amazon

Fitz is chosen by the king to become his personal assassin. The young man grows up in the shadows of the fortress of Castelcerf and must make his way through the most hostile circles of politics in order to survive and be allowed to wield a sword. This book was written by Robin Hobb and translated into French by Arnaud Mousnier-Lompré.

Le Trône de fer l'Intégrale, Tome 1 4

Le Trône de fer l'Intégrale, Tome 1

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Harry Potter Coffret 5

Harry Potter Coffret

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Midnight Sun - Saga Twilight 6

Midnight Sun - Saga Twilight

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The World of Narnia - The Complete Collection (Paperback) 7

The World of Narnia - The Complete Collection (Paperback)

19,92 £ on Amazon

This book gathers the 7 volumes of the world of Narnia, an extraordinary country created by the noble lion Aslan who fell into the hands of the beautiful, but no less wicked white witch. Hope is reborn among the inhabitants of this land when four young children enter it through a secret entrance found in a magical closet.

American Gods (Pocket) 8

American Gods (Pocket)

7,12 £ on Amazon

Upon his release from prison, Shadow meets Traveler, an ancient God who asks him to enter his service. He finds himself in a conflict between mythological heroes and the new profane idols of America. In this book by Neil Gayman, translated by Michel Pagel, the legendary Saxon entities are opposed to American consumerism and technology. A book to consume without moderation.

L'Indien du placard (Broché) 9

L'Indien du placard (Broché)

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La saga Autre-Monde (Broché) 10

La saga Autre-Monde (Broché)

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10 classics of fantasy literature

Frankenstein (Pocket) 11

Frankenstein (Pocket)

4,72 £ on Amazon

In this book, Mary W. Shelley tells the story of Victor Frankenstein who, in his laboratory, works tirelessly to discover the secrets of life. Following a series of experiments as atrocious as they are unbelievable, he succeeds in his goal, but creates a monster that he will abandon. This being now has only one goal, to take revenge on its creator.

The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 12

The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

3,96 £ on Amazon

In 1883 Robert Louis Stevenson was successful with Treasure Island and then did it again with this book telling the story of Doctor Jekyll, a virtuous man who welcomes in his home Mr Hyde, an individual capable of committing the most atrocious crimes. Why does Jekyll write his will in favor of Mr. Hyde and let him come to his house as he pleases? Discover the answer by reading this book translated by Jean Muray.

Dracula (Pocket) 13

Dracula (Pocket)

3,76 £ on Amazon

Count Dracula lives in a huge castle in the Carpathian Mountains. He is thoughtful with Jonathan Harker, a notary clerk who puts himself at the service of the Count. As he discovers the castle, he discovers an incredible reality that he does not fail to describe through letters sent every day to his wife in London.

Manuscript found in Zaragoza 14

Manuscript found in Zaragoza

7,12 £ on Amazon

If you want to enjoy a fantastic tale that belongs to the masterpieces of French literature, choose this work written in 1801 by Jean Potocki, one of the precursors of romanticism. It tells the story of the young Alphonse Van Worden, who left for Spain to become captain of the Walloon guards. He will live an adventure strewn with terror and delights alternating during an initiatory quest.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Paperback) 15

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Paperback)

7,99 £ on Amazon

Also known as "The Legend of the Headless Horseman" or "The Legend of the Sleeping Valley", this work is set in the 18th century and tells a story set in a peaceful Dutch community on the Hudson River. The legend of a ghostly horseman comes to disturb the peace of the inhabitants. He is said to be beheading anyone who gets in his way.

La Peau de chagrin (Paperback) 16

La Peau de chagrin (Paperback)

4,56 £ on Amazon

Through the pen of Balzac, an author best known for his role in realist literature, discover a fantastic portrait of the 14th century through the story of Raphael de Valentin, a ruined and lonely young man who acquires a "peau de chagrin", a fabulous animal from oriental legends. This skin is said to be able to grant the wildest wishes. The young man will quickly understand that every good thing has its reverse side.

The Phantom of the Opera (Pocket) 17

The Phantom of the Opera (Pocket)

5,36 £ on Amazon

Through the book "The Phantom of the Opera", Gaston Leroux transports us into an extraordinary adventure taking place at the Paris Opera. A hideous ghost is in love with a young and tender opera singer promised to a prosperous future. This book will not fail to hold you in suspense from the first lines.

Extraordinary Stories, complete edition (Paperback) 18

Extraordinary Stories, complete edition (Paperback)

12,41 £ on Amazon

In this edition, you will discover 36 short stories gathered in a single book. Written by Edgard Allan Poe, a central figure in American literature who contributed to the emergence of detective, fantasy and science fiction literature, this collection was translated by Charles Baudelaire who saw in this author a person who resembled him.

The Castle of Eppstein (Pocket) 19

The Castle of Eppstein (Pocket)

6,48 £ on Amazon

Alexandre Dumas tells us the legends of the castle of Eppstein, where the chatelaines, who died on Christmas night, would come to haunt the living. Combining perfectly the fantastic story with the novel of love and formation, the author of the 3 musketeers offers an example of expression of European romanticism through a fantastic novel filled with poetry.

The War of the Worlds (Pocket) 20

The War of the Worlds (Pocket)

6,48 £ on Amazon

H.G.Wells is one of the pioneers of science fiction and a major reference in the world of fantasy literature. In this book, the author of "The Invisible Man", "The Time Machine" and "The Island of Doctor Moreau" tells the story of an alien invasion. It is a masterpiece of fantasy and anticipation novel, a must read.

10 other fantasy books to discover or rediscover

L'Homme invisible (Poche) 21

L'Homme invisible (Poche)

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At the Crossroads of the Worlds: The Complete Story (Paperback) 22

At the Crossroads of the Worlds: The Complete Story (Paperback)

23,92 £ on Amazon

Written by Philip Pullman and translated by Jean Esch, this trilogy takes the reader through three different universes but with many similarities to our own. With its powerful breath and dazzling imagination, this book will thrill fans of all ages. It has received the most prestigious literary awards and has been acclaimed by critics around the world.

Magical Threats Volume 3 (Paperback) 23

Magical Threats Volume 3 (Paperback)

9,60 £ on Amazon

Erica is tasked with bringing order to a town where humans have become supernaturals, paving the way for some unscrupulous wizards to take advantage of the situation to sell themselves without regard for the consequences. Will Erica be able to cope with this chaotic situation and forces beyond her understanding?

The Prophecy of the Bees (Paperback) 24

The Prophecy of the Bees (Paperback)

18,32 £ on Amazon

A Templar knight writes announces a prophecy written 1000 years ago. Over the centuries, the secret is lost and the quest to find it involves going back in time, crossing eras and continents and facing all dangers. An incredible story that testifies to the prolific imagination of its author: Bernard Weber.

Briséïs : Tome 1, La Citadelle Intemporelle (Paperback) 25

Briséïs : Tome 1, La Citadelle Intemporelle (Paperback)

17,59 £ on Amazon

Seven chosen ones find themselves in the middle of the desert. They don't know each other but will have to leave together for an epic journey. Their mission: to free humanity from the greatest secret in history by solving the great mystery. The Timeless Citadel is the first novel in the fantasy series. Extra-dimensional adventures, mysteries, supernatural phenomena, plunge into the universe of Tiphaine Siovel with this book.

Rain on the Ashes (Paperback) 26

Rain on the Ashes (Paperback)

13,52 £ on Amazon

Tristan and Nova do not know each other but are destined to unite for the good of their respective clans. A drama interferes with their romance when Nova wakes up alone, her memories gone, while Tristan is forced into exile. Fate forces them to meet again, but the budding love soon gives way to desire, hatred, coldness and passion.

The Whispers of the Shar : Volume 1 27

The Whispers of the Shar : Volume 1

12,79 £ on Amazon

This book takes place in the completely underground world of Khrone where a powerful crystal is the source of life. Many civilizations are developing there. The daily life of a gladiator named Asia is about to change when the Lady of the North, ruler of the Dark Elf people, takes a keen interest in her. What could she possibly want with her?

Prince Alexander: Vampires and Other Creatures (Paperback) 28

Prince Alexander: Vampires and Other Creatures (Paperback)

12 £ on Amazon

This novel is the result of a challenge launched on Youtube. It tells the story of Fanny, who goes on a road trip with friends. Caught in a conflict where she finds herself without means, she escapes and wanders for two days, waiting for death in a thousand-year-old forest near the Carpathians. Reassured, feeling safe by discovering a home, she will soon realize that the remedies can be worse than the evil.

The Four Places: I. The Exiled Lands (Paperback) 29

The Four Places: I. The Exiled Lands (Paperback)

14,32 £ on Amazon

With her fluid and quickly addictive pen, Laura Bettini transports us into the world of Lina who discovers a wolf with big green eyes in her kitchen. The young teenager will quickly discover her mission which is to take back the throne of her ancestors in the Kingdom of Glene, occupied by the black mages. This book will transport you into a magical world that is a testament to the author's impressive imagination.

The Horde of the Wind (Pocket) 30

The Horde of the Wind (Pocket)

9,20 £ on Amazon

The 23 members of an elite group set out into the far reaches of a fierce land: the horde. They cross the world on foot in search of the origin of the wind. You want to live a unique literary experience where adventure and poetry are the key words. Devour the pages of this fantastic book written by Damasio.


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